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A Werewolf Initiation

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Summary: AU, Oz is in a band called 'Black Horizon' and his latest gig is in santa carla. Little do they know that it'll be the last gig together. No pairing, Star and Laddie not in this. R'n'R COMPLETE

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Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I dont own anything -_- Although I wish that I owned David and Marko.

Chapter 5

Oz opened his eyes, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The night had already begun, the Lost Boys seated in the main cave. All was silent as he stood, David however, had his usual casual smirk on his lips.

Oz raised an eyebrow, striding the short distance to the older vampire. David smirk grew, "Are you ready to fight, Oz?" He asked, cerulean eyes gleaming.

Oz returned the gesture, with an uncharacteristic smirk of his own. "As ready as I'm gonna be." He murmured, noticing the silence of the other boys.

Paul stood up, stretching his arms and cricking his neck. "Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s get those copy cats." He said eyes filled with anticipation. Marko placed a hand on his shoulder, giving his pack-brother a grin.

"Patience Paul, we have all night to make them suffer."

Paul nodded, looking to their leader for conformation. David gave a nod in affirmation, slipping an arm around Oz's shoulder. "Okay boys, let’s go." He murmured, leading the pack outside to their motorbikes, Oz in tow.


The Boardwalk was packed with people, people that were completely oblivious to the creatures that walked among them. It didn't take long to find the doppelgangers, the scent clearly visible to the were-wolf and to the pack of vampires present.

The scent was strong and the five followed the clones to a secluded part of the beach, the waves crashing against the sandy shore.

David stood frowning, watching his clone with disdain. His boys stood beside him, Oz on the other. Their senses were sharp, and it was the clones that attacked first, using techniques that the Lost Boys knew all too well.

The clone of David attacked first picking Marko up by the throat. Marko struggled, but he couldn't get free, even the clone of David was stronger than he was. With a roar Paul attacked the clone, slashing the doppelganger vampire across the back.

Doppelganger David snarled, turning around to meet his attacker. But came face to face with a wooden stake. The doppelganger exploded into dust, an extremely pissed off look on its face.

Once they found out their weakness it was easy to kill off the remaining few. But disaster struck.

Dwayne's clone, which was close to being killed, led a sneak attack against Oz, Oz being busy helping Marko and David kill Pauls clone, didn't feel the doppelgangers strong aura before it was too late.

With a roar the doppelganger charged, slashing him across the throat. Oz stood for a moment, a look of pure shock on his face, before dropping to the ground. Blood poured from his throat, his eyes becoming dull. The doppelganger laughed in triumph, but didn't get very far, as David in a fit of rage, shoved a large stake through its heart. With a cry it exploded into dust, spraying the lost boys with ash.

David knelt beside Oz's body, his hand resting on his shoulder. he could feel the were-wolfs heart failing, his life’s blood having been washed away.

He was vaguely aware of Dwayne, Paul and Marko behind him, their auras a sad blue. He gently lifted Oz's head up, cradling his body. He closed his eyes, knowing that a decision like this would last forever.

Dwayne rested his hand on David’s shoulder, feeling partly responsible as it was his doppelganger that had done this. He nodded, his dark eyes soulful, and David made his decision.

He bit into his wrist, watching the blood flow over his pale skin. Placing it over Oz's mouth he murmured softly to drink.

He didn't respond at first, but soon his body reacted on instinct, drinking the life giving blood hungrily. David removed his hand after a while, watching as the wound healed shut.

He was planning to do this later. They had felt that he was Pack from the beginning, the reason why they were at the concert in the first place was to hear his band play. But then the Doppelgangers had struck, killing two of the band members.

They had seen Oz's grief and had wanted to help him. But the destruction of the Doppelgangers came first.

And here he was, the latest pack-brother, now waking up after the first change. His dark expressive eyes wide. "Why? Why did you do it?" He whispered voice husky.

"Because your one of us. Dont you feel it? Don't you feel it running through your veins?" David repled, eyes never leaving the dark haired guitarists'.

Oz closed his eyes, focusing on the light that flickered before him. There,it was there, light a small web connecting them all. And there he was, his aura joined with theirs. He opened his eyes, no longer feeling the loneliness, and he frowned. He no longer felt the beast within. Maybe because I am the beast now, Oz thought grimly.

He stood, silently thanking the help he received to steady himself. He looked at the boys, a smile growing on his lips. He felt like he belonged. He was the beast now, and he was controlled by no one.

He embraced them all, one by one, David last. "Welcome to the pack, Oz." Marko murmured, grinning at him. David slipped an arm around his shoulder, pulling his pack-brother closer.

"I think we need to get you a bike, Oz." Davis said, a true smile on his lips.
Oz grinned, his eyes flashing feral yellow.

"But first," he said with a grin, "I'll need a snack, I am a little hungry if you know what I mean."

Paul whooped and David's usual casual smirk was in place. He grinned, his eyes also flashing feral yellow. He turned to his lost boys, the newest one included, his grin widened as they all gave each other a knowing look.

"Okay boys, let’s go."


The End

You have reached the end of "A Werewolf Initiation". This story is complete.

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