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A Werewolf Initiation

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Summary: AU, Oz is in a band called 'Black Horizon' and his latest gig is in santa carla. Little do they know that it'll be the last gig together. No pairing, Star and Laddie not in this. R'n'R COMPLETE

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A Werewolf Initiation

Warning, set after season four when Oz leaves. After his training in the monastry in Tibet he joins a gothic/punk band call 'Black Horizon' the have a gig in Santa Carla. The movie never happened. No pairing as i dnt like slash. Star and Laddie not in this. I do not own either, if i did Marko wud not be dead!

Chapter 1

Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne was staring at his new guitar intently. It was a good make, and was definitely in good condition, in actuality, it was perfect. Perfect for their next gig in a place called Santa Carla. Otherwise known as 'The Murder Capitol of the World'.

Pretty intense title really.

Joel McHymer,was their lead singer in the band. He was a tall slender man, around nineteen and had long blond hair pulled into a ponytail at then nape of his neck. His eyes were a startling blue and his chiselled features caught many an admiring look from the girls.

Black Horizon's drummer was a bit of a brooder. Zeke Latena was quiet, never disturbed anyone and was Oz's closest friend because of it. They could communicate without words.

And last but not least, the only female of the group, and girlfriend to Zeke. Rayne Orrico wore her pink hair long and braided, and she was on keyboard.

They all knew about Oz's 'condition'. Really, he had to tell them eventually. And once they'd gotten over the fact that their guitarist was a werewolf, they had warmed up to him. And their was the fact about his training and meditation in Tibet. He couldn't turn into a werewolf at full moon now, unless he got angry.

They had travelled far, had gotten a recording deal in New York. Done a few gigs here and there. Made a couple a hundred bucks. Nothing fantastic.

The gig after the Santa Carla debut would be their big hit. They were going on MTV. Pretty big news really, considering the band had only been formed round about a year ago.

Oz raked a hand through his short, dyed, blue-black hair with a sigh. He did enjoy the shows, just needed a break. And hell, being trapped on a tour bus for three hours, on their way to the murder capitol of the world, was taking its toll. Already Zeke and Joel had had an argument. They weren't talking now.

He knew they would later, as those two fought like two brothers. Rayne sat in the corner, violet eyes closed, pink hair down, for once. She hadn't gotten involved in the argument, and had stayed out of it completely.

With a jolt, the tour bus stopped and the driver called to them saying that they had arrived. They were all pretty much excited, like they always were before a gig.

Little did they know it would be their last gig together.

Authors Note: So, how's that? Is it okay? there will be no pairing as the only girl is Starr, and shes not in this fic, and i dont like slash. Any way, please Read and Review. I'll try and get the next chapter of A Werewolf Initiation up soon
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