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Summary: A re-imagining of the world's war with the Goa'uld. Faith & Wesley centred.

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FIC SG-Campaign (5/?)

“We’ve all read Teal’c’s report,” Daniel ignored the exceedingly high probability that neither the Colonel or Faith had even opened it, “where he mentioned the Asgard.”

Faith raised her hand. “As in Thor, Odin, that sorta thing?” The Slayer grinned at the others’ surprised looks. “Hey, Marvel comics make learning fun.”

“Yesss,” Daniel shot the brunette teen a doubtful look. As much as he liked the dark-eyed beauty, she was precisely the sort of girl that his nerdy teen self would have had no idea how to relate to.

Mind you, his adult self was still befuddled by her now. “It’s my theory that if the Goa’uld set themselves up as Middle Eastern gods, then maybe, the Asgard also set themselves up as Norse gods. And maybe, they’re potential allies.”

“I know of a planet protected by the Asgard,” Teal’c said. “All Jaffa are taught the sequence of Stargate symbols to that world.”

“Why is that, Teal'c?” Hammond asked.

“To ensure that no Goa'uld goes there. It is forbidden. Something transpired on Cimmeria that no Goa'uld will speak of.”

“Ooooh, sounds fun,” O’Neill said.

Hammond’s reply was rather more professional. “Teal’c, if you’d be so kind as to furnish us with this address?” The alien nodded. “Then SG-1 you have a go.”

* * *

Jack stared at the rippling event horizon. “Colonel, we'd like you to take this along with you. It's a gift.” Jack glanced down and took a small metallic box offered by the General.

“Sir, if you ever wanna get me presents, try for concert tickets or chocolates.”

Jack’s lips quirked up at Faith’s smart-assery. “Oooh!” Daniel let out a most unmanly squeal. “Oh, you had it made. It's great.” Daniel looked at him. “SGC asked the Sagan Institute to imagine a sort of greeting from Earth, if they could somehow hypothetically get it to a distant world. Uh, it's all about who we are. It explains various Earth cultures, religions, the histories.”

“You should have sent them Simpson DVDs, they’d be friends for life,” Jack looked towards the General. “We have a go sir?”

* * *

Faith blinked as she came through the other side of the Stargate to find a ten foot stone hammer fixed in the ground opposite the Stargate, Nordic-like runes sculpted into the towering monument. Several men with a cart to the right of the Stargate were stood staring at their entry. The moment Teal’c appeared the men began chanting ‘THOR! THOR! THOR!’ and the hammer began humming.

“Sir!” Carter let out a cry. “It sounds like it’s building up a charge!”

“Figured that,” O’Neill retorted. “Daniel, dial home, we're going back. Now.” Daniel looked towards the Colonel, mouth opening. “Just do it. That's an order.” Suddenly a blue light shot out of the hammer’s top, hitting each of them in turn before settling on Teal’c, the Jaffa doubling up in agony, hands clawing at his belly.

“Teal’c!” Faith leapt to her alien friend, hands grabbing at his waist. Her arms pulled with all her considerable might, lithe thews rippling in her shoulders and arms, but she couldn’t shift the alien an inch, and then the light began to encompass her.

“Get outta there!” O’Neill leapt at them, one hand slamming into Teal’c’s shoulder, one to hers, but not shifting either of them in the slightest. And then the light encompassed all three of them, teleporting them away.

* * *

“I think that this is Thor’s Hammer,” stuttered Daniel.

“Then surely they’re all dead,” Wesley gasped.

“No!” Carter exclaimed. “That’s not acceptable. You said Thor liked humans, that he used his weapon to protect them. We go back, we bring another SG team through, and we start a search.”

“Wait,” Daniel glanced to his right as group on horses led by a woman raced up to the Stargate.

The woman leapt off. “You're a little short for gods. But you came through the portal unharmed, so you must be from Thrudvang, Thor's home in the stars. Hail and welcome.”

“Actually, we’re not gods,” Wesley interrupted. “My name is Wesley, this is Daniel, and the lady is a mighty soldier in our world, Captain Samantha Carter.”

“Then it is good for us to meet you, I am Gairwyn,” the woman introduced herself.

“Thank you,” Wesley nodded. “However we have a problem. Half of our team have been taken by the portal.”

Gairwyn nodded and smiled. “Yes. I heard there were Etins in your company.”

Carter stared blankly at the woman. “Etins?”

“Troll?” Daniel’s brow furrowed. “You think our companions were trolls?”

“Yes,” Gairwyn nodded. “You tricked them here to be rid of them, yes?”

“No!” Carter exclaimed. “They’re our friends, we need to find them.”

“You're humans, like us,” Gairwyn said.

“Yes,” Wesley nodded. “We may even share some of the same ancestors.”

“Midgard,” Daniel added. “The ancient world we all came from.”

“Yes,” Gairwyn agreed excitedly. “Thor brought our people here and
made his hammer to keep us safe.”

“Yes,” Daniel’s smile was forced. “Do you, do you know how it works? Are they dead?”

“This is a magic beyond our ken.” Gairwyn smiled and shook her head. “Legends say that Thor will come back one day and teach us when we are older.”

Carter licked her lips, wild hope flaring in her chest. “Would Thor kill a human being in order to kill an Etin?”

“Never!” Gairwyn declared. “Our gods are powerful warriors, but just and merciful.”

“Is there anyone who might know where they are?” Carter pressed on.

“Just one, Kendra. Ten seasons ago she walked through the portal and was taken.”

Carter was struggling to keep up. “Taken? Where?”

Gairwyn shrugged. “Some hunters found her wandering in the mountains.”

Carter looked towards her companions. “Perhaps the beam transported them somewhere else on the planet.”

“Is there any way we could find Kendra?” Daniel asked.

“O….our people have shunned her, forcing her into a hermit’s existence. I take her things now and then,” Gairwyn replied. “I’ll take you to her.”

* * *

“Uhhh,” Faith groaned as she awoke, blurred vision to reveal a darkened cave with water dripping from its ceiling, O’Neill and Teal’c lying beside her. Faith forced her legs under control to rise even as her companions awoke, Teal’c rolling to his knees to rip open his shirt, Faith grimacing as the symboite shot halfway out of the pouch and screeched.

“Uh,” O’Neill sounded as grossed out as she felt. “is Junior okay?”

Teal’c nodded. “Yes…But the beam caused the Goa'uld I carry great pain..”

Faith and O’Neill exchanged worried glances. “But you’re -.” The Colonel joined her in spinning around as a gigantic man with long brown hair and beard clad in a woolly black jerkin and cloak, iron helmet and silver arm guards, holding a steel war hammer. “Hello-.”

“I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet,” boomed the Asgard. “The High Council of the Asgard has designated Cimmeria a safe world for developing sentient species by unanimous decree, Era 40.73.29. The Goa'uld System Lords were so informed.”

“Mmm,” Faith raised a tentative hand. “I don’t suppose you’ve got a complaints department?”

“He,” O’Neill pointed at Teal’c, “carries one in him, but he doesn’t have much choice in the matter.”

“You were warned not to come here,” Thor continued over them. “Under pain of death.”

The Colonel sighed. “Look, I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill from Earth. I happen to know you spent some time there in our past.”

“For crimes against the living host and all those you have murdered and enslaved, the sentence is death.”

“As in the permanent kind?” Faith looked towards Teal’c. “This isn’t the sort of trouble I’d hoped you’d get me in!”

O’Neill stepped forward and ran his MP5 through Thor, Faith gasping. Guy was a freakin’ hologram. “This is your prison,” Thor continued unabated. Your technology will not function. There are no luxuries, no worshippers, no slaves to do your bidding, only basic sustenance. And time.”

“Guy’s a lousy host,” Faith groused.

“When you tire of this existence, go to the Hall of Mjolnir and face my Hammer.” Thor held his hammer out. There is no escape. Only the host can leave this place. Alive.” The recording shut off.

“Well we’re screwed,” Faith groaned.

“You must leave without me. If I stay, I will remain safe,” Teal’c said.

“We don’t leave anyone behind, that’s not how we work,” O’Neill replied.

“Yeah, you’re one of us now,” Faith declared.

Teal’c bowed silently to each of them in turn.

* * *

“This is Kendra’s hut,” Gairwyn said as they reached the top of a steep hill with a rounded stone hut topped off with a thatched roof and a tall, slender woman with tanned flesh.

“Great,” Daniel enthused. He started forward only for Carter to grab his bicep and pull him back.

“Be careful,” the Captain warned. “When a Goa'uld takes over a human host, it's permanent.”

“Not her,” Gairwyn said. “Thor’s Hammer drove the demon from Kendra and restored her body to her.”

“The demon?” Daniel realised the native woman must mean the symboite. “Thor's Hammer, the stone by the Gate?”

Gairwyn shook her head. “No, Kendra can explain best, but it is deep underground
inside the mountain. As long as I have known her, Kendra has harmed no one.”

“We came here for this woman’s help,” Wesley looked towards to Sam. “To get it, we have to at least introduce ourselves.”

* * *

“You should not have attempted to rescue me from the beam. If you had not done so, you would not be here now.”

“You’re welcome by the way,” Faith grunted as they came out of a narrow passageway into a wider area with a small pool. Faith winced as she noticed bones littered between the rocks.

“These Goa'uld died with their human hosts. The marks on these bones—they are from a cutting instrument. But not metal.” Teal’c paused. “I believe they were made by large powerful teeth. These bodies did not die of natural causes. They were killed, and then eaten.”

“Oh that’s comforting,” Faith muttered.

“On the up-side it's obvious some wild animal found its way in,” O’Neill said. “There's got to be a way out. We find it. We're gone.”

* * *

“You seek the place where the Goa'uld was destroyed,” Kendra stated as she poured drinks for her guests.

“How is it done? Did you feel it?” Wesley queried.

Kendra smiled tightly. “It was nothing like the suffering I—watched myself inflict on others. For all those years. So many. Your human friends can walk out unharmed. All you need do is wait.”

“Teal'c is our friend too,” Carter commented. “He is Jaffa, not Goa'uld.”

Kendra’s smile turned to a scowl. “Jaffa? A friend? They are as guilty as those they serve.”

“This Jaffa gave up his rank, left his home so he could join us and fight the Goa'uld. His dream is to see his people free,” Carter defended.

“However,” Wesley cut in, “if the Goa'uld larva within him is removed, he will die. See, once a Jaffa caries larva, it acts as his immune system.”

Kendra’s eyes chilled. “I know all I want to know of Jaffa. If the Hammer drives the Goa'uld from him and he dies, so be it. It is his penance for serving the Goa'uld.”

“Teal'c did serve the Goa’uld, but saved our lives and he helped us escape, he is one of us now,” Wesley attempted a defence.

Kendra rose as the wind gusted and spoke as if to talking to the wind. “Did I ask your counsel?” The former Goa’uld turned to them. “The Valkyrie ride the wind. They want me to help you. They say you speak the truth. They tell me that I must take you there.”

Gairwyn smiled at Kendra “This is right. Go with Thor, my friend.” The woman rose and walked away.

* * *

“Sir,” Faith spoke up after they’d been walking through a passageway for what seemed an eternity, the Slayer’s voice unusually tentative, “mind if I ask you a question?” Jack shrugged, it wasn’t like he could stop the talkative Slayer. “I’ve noticed-,” the girl stopped then started again. “I’ve seen your locker door open, seen the photos inside, you have a kid, sir?”

“Had,” Jack missed a step as his heart tightened. “A few years ago, my son,” he licked his lips, they were his team, he wouldn’t lie to them, “Charlie got into my guns and shot himself.”

Teal’c bowed his head, expression unreadable. “I am sorry for your loss, O’Neill.”

“What happened was a lousy accident,” the Slayer spoke. “I guess you can’t help but blame yourself. But I bet Charlie never doubted you loved him. You shouldn’t ever doubt that you were a good parent and that Charlie was lucky to have a pop like you.” Faith cleared her throat, an uncomfortable look on her face. “I’ll go and scout ahead.”

Teal’c spoke the moment the brunette had disappeared around the corner. “Faith hides a perceptive mind beneath her brashness.”

“Yeah,” Jack cleared his throat, bittersweet memories clogging it.

Gradually the tunnel widened out into another cavern, lighted lamps hanging from the ceiling on the chains. Jack looked around, an idea flickering into life. “Teal'c, take a shot at that lamp with your staff weapon.”

Teal’c pointed and tried to fire his weapon. “It will not function.”

O’Neill nodded. “Yeah, that's what he said would happen as long as we were in here.” O’Neill raised his MP-5 and blew the lamp away.

“This race may have considered projectile weapons too primitive to be concerned about,” Teal’c commented.

“Our primitive projectiles still work,” Faith retorted with stuck-out tongue.

“Here,” O’Neill unfastened his M1911A1 and passed it to Teal’c, “take this.”

* * *

Kendra gazed up to the sky, a circle of stones surrounding her. “Mighty Thor, God of Thunder and Lightning, wield your Hammer and protect me.” The former Goa’uld rose and looked towards the three humans. “Now you must sit in the circle and wait with me.”

“For what?” Carter queried.

“A sign from Thor himself.” Kendra replied.

Carter’s mouth opened, but Wesley quickly whispered into her ear. “I’m as impatient as you are, but Kendra’s probably afraid to go back there, maybe if we offer her some moral support.”

Carter nodded reluctantly. She wanted to rush after her team-mates, but logic dictated she’d probably get nowhere without help, and nor was she in favour of forcing this obviously damaged woman to help them, no matter how much she might want to. “How did you end up here? Teal'c said the Goa'uld made this a forbidden planet ages ago.”

Kendra chuckled. “And so it is. But I knew my beast. She hungered for conquest. So I became the voice within. I taunted her and whispered of rumors that Cimmeria must hold a wealth of riches for one bold enough to take it.”

“Wait!” Daniel let out a gasp. “You actually influenced the Goa'uld that had taken you over?”

“Yes. She came to Cimmeria. And I hoped only for a quick death…escape. But we were taken into the Labyrinth, a dark and terrifying place. Until Thor's Hammer set me free. And I have honoured his ways and his people ever since, and will do onto death.” Kendra rose as thunder rumbled through the sky. “It is a sign from Thor. Now we can go.”

* * *

“What the hell is that?” Faith gasped.

O’Neill swallowed as a pair of seven foot plus beasts entered the cavern behind them, the creatures were both thickly muscled, but one noticeably slighter than the other, their flesh a light green. A pair of downward turned horns jutted out of their chins while a pair of serrated ridges ran up the sides of the top of their heads.

One of the beasts smiled. “Jaffa.” The creature looked towards Teal’c. “We are Unas. The First Ones.”

Teal’c began to step forward only to halt when he grabbed the alien’s broad shoulder and pulled him back. “You. Do not. Exist.”

“Kill the humans,” the smaller of the two hissed. “Let us feed on their soft flesh.”

“Oh hell no.” Jack’s eyes widened as the Slayer under-arm threw a grenade twenty-five feet to land between the creatures’ feet.

The explosion shook the walls, blowing the two creatures off their feet and back into the narrowed tunnel, rubble falling into the tunnel, blocking their path. “You!” Jack spun to face the Slayer even as he coughed up a cave’s worth of dust. “Do not break out ordinance without my instructions!”

“Worked didn’t it?” Faith stared unrepentantly at him.

Jack opened his mouth to argue, then realised how pointless that would be, so chose to look at an almost pole-axed Teal’c. “And you, what in the hell was that?”

“Unas are believed to have been the first host. They must have been have mated because otherwise they would have slain one another years ago,” Teal’c replied.

“Mr. and Mrs. Unas? Was that a relationship born on looks or personality?” Faith wondered. “Cause I’m thinkin’ neither of ‘em had much of either.”

Teal’c continued over the Slayer. “Born of the same primordial waters as the Goa'uld. It became a myth; much like your vampyr.”

“And meeting a vampyr Slayer didn’t clue you in that they might be real?”

O’Neill as always tried to ignore the Slayer while wondering if there was a more advanced model that came with an ‘off switch’. “That thing was a Goa'uld?” Teal’c nodded. “I thought they preferred human hosts.”

“They do,” Teal’c replied, “but there are other species far older that have been used as hosts. Some with immeasurable power and savagery.”

O’Neill’s brow furrowed. “I wonder how long it's been trapped down here.”

“Perhaps a thousand years. Unas can utilize long periods of sleep to survive.”

“But they’re dead right?” Faith queried. “I buried their asses under several tons of rubble.”

“The old stories say Unas had great regenerative powers. But those are tales told to frighten children. It is a myth.”

“Cool,” Faith let out a relieved gasp.

“I believe.”

“Say what?” Jack turned to his friend.

“I am certain.” Jack and Faith exchanged troubled looks.


Jack jumped. “That’s no myth.”

* * *

“On the plus side, it sounds like there’s just one of them now,” Faith commented.

“On the minus, YOU just killed its mate,” Jack replied. “So it’s really, really pissed.”

“Oh yeah,” Faith peered around a corner. “That’s right, blame the girl. Can I point out there’s no way in hell I’m gonna go down into the basement to get some more batteries for the torch.” Faith sighed as her companions stared at her. “Does nobody around here watch horror movies?”

“Star Wars is a supreme film,” commented Teal’c.

Faith shot Jack a disgusted look. “One month on earth and you’ve turned him into a geek.”

Jack ignored her to edge around the corner. “You sure we haven’t been here before?”

“We have not. “ Teal’c stopped as the bigger of the two Unases stepped out at the other end of the tunnel. “I could be in error.”

“Really?” Faith shook her head. “What gives you that idea?”

“You slayed my Glacies,” the Unas screamed, green fluid dripping from its fangs. “I ate her flesh to regain my strength so I might rend you limb from limb.”

“You know,” Faith saw O’Neill flick the safety off his MP5 and did the same with her M9s, “you really make for a lousy host.” The three of them raised their guns and let loose, their ears pounding to the guns’ retort, their shells tearing into the beast, green blood spraying everywhere as the Unas stumbled backwards and into the tunnel he’d come from. O’Neill looked around. “Back the way we came!”

* * *

“There.” Kendra pointed ahead to a rock wall with a hammer sculpted into it. “The Hammer. Yes, this is where I came out.”

“Okay, good.” Carter knocked the safety off her MP5. “What do you remember about the Labyrinth?”

Kendra grimaced. “It's difficult, my beast wandered forward and back many times. I do remember the place of entrance where Thor speaks to the Goa'ulds.”

Daniel’s gaze shot to the woman. “Thor is inside?!”

Kendra’s brow furrowed. “He seems to be. But he speaks the same message again and again. My beast believed he was not real. There were long tunnels, leading from one room to another. And something else in there, something alive.”

“Oh bloody hell,” Wesley groaned. “What?”

Kendra shrugged. “I don't know.”

* * *

Faith gasped as the tunnel they’d been into burst out into a large cavern illuminated by candles in bowls hanging from the ceiling in chains, a carving of entwined snakes above the far doorway that was shaped by the hammer. “Faith, go through.”

Faith nodded as she ran through the far doorway and into the chamber beyond. “Hey!” Faith ran back. “This is the way out, come on guys.”

“You first,” O’Neill ordered the alien.

Teal’c nodded before strolling into the hammer doorway. “Shit!” Faith gasped as red light enveloped the Jaffa, his muscles twisted in an agonised mortis.

“Teal’c, get outta there!” Jack grabbed at the alien and tried to pull her out only for the light to envelop him. “AHHHHHH!”

“This is a really bad idea,” Faith shook her head before she leapt at the writhing men, crashing into them shoulder-first, knocking them through back into the cavern.

“Thank you,” Teal’c gasped.

“Yeah, yeah,” Faith shook her head as she noticed a shadow at the other end of the cavern. “We got other problems.”

Teal’c rose. “If I am to die, it will be as a warrior, facing my enemy.”

Jack looked at her and shrugged. “Crazy Jaffa warrior pride.”

“Are you considering the same tactic as I?” Teal’c looked over his shoulder.

Jack sighed. “Teal'c, the cliché is ‘Are you thinking what I'm thinking?’ And the answer's yes.”

The Unas pointed at Jack and Faith. “Humans you can save yourselves, why do you stay?”

“Low self esteem. Dropped on the head at birth. Death wish. Loyalty. Take your pick,” Faith shrugged.

The Unas looked towards Teal’c. “I will feast on your flesh!” The Unas leapt forward, back-handing O’Neill aside en-route to grasping Teal’c, the Jaffa twisting at the waist then shoving the Unas into the hammer.

* * *

“Screaming,” Carter hurried forward. “They’re in trouble.”

“The beast,” Kendra gasped. “It’s still alive.”

“There has to be a trigger,” Wesley gazed impotently at the carved door.

“Feel around the door,” Daniel crouched, “there has to be a trigger.”

After a few seconds, Kendra started forward, hands fluttering nervously. “There's one more thing I can try. I learned this from the songs of Thor's people.” The former Goa’uld moved further down the wall, her hands rubbing against the stone. “Carve the rune flow, read the might, see the rainbow, test the wight!”

“Good lord,” Wesley gasped as the door slid open.

* * *

O’Neill looked towards her as the red light enveloped both Teal’c and the Unas. “Get him outta there!”

“On it!” Faith leapt forward, forcing the Unas’ hands from Teal’c throat, then grabbing the Jaffa around the waist and flinging him out of the light. The Unas roared and screamed, its body spasming in its death throes before dropping to the ground, smoke smouldering off its corpse.

Teal’c dropped to one knee beside the Unas. “Without the healing power of the Goa'uld, this body will no longer regenerate. There is too much damage.”

“Reassuring,” Faith looked up as her Watcher, Daniel, Captain Carter, and a strange woman entered. Typical of her Watcher to turn up when all the work was done.

“This is Kendra,” Daniel introduced. “She brought us here. She had firsthand knowledge; she was a Goa'uld.”

“How are we gonna get Teal’c out of here?” Faith queried.

“Yeah,” O’Neill threw Teal’c’s staff to Carter. “Thought of that. Carter, Teal’c’s weapon doesn’t work from in here, but it should work from outside. Blow the hammer away.” Carter nodded and raised the staff, a familiar buzz running through the air as she activated it and fired at the Hammer. Blue lightning flashed through the Hammer.

Wesley glanced doubtfully at the Hammer. “Did it work?”

O’Neill glanced at Teal’c. “There’s one way to find out.” The alien nodded before stepping through the Hammer.

* * *

“Now that the Hammer is lost, I’m not sure what we’ll do,” Kendra said.

“Ah, you should be all right. The Goa'uld don't know the Hammer was destroyed.” O’Neill glanced towards the Stargate then back at the former Goa’uld. “Your knowledge as a host would be valuable-.”

Kendra interrupted him with a shake of the head. “I thank you for aiding me to face my fears, but this is my world now.”

“I almost forgot,” Daniel rushed over to the Sagan box and handed the box to Kendra.
“Here. It's a gift. Actually it's for Thor, or his people in case they ever come back. It's all about our people, who we are, that we would like to be friends.”

Thunder roared through the sky. “Thor is pleased,” Gairwyn commented.

“Good,” O’Neill nodded. “Tell him we'd love to meet him someday. In person.”
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