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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672431,0231 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Unlikely Diplomats...


Disclaimer: See previous.

I want to thank asaloth for this Recommendation.

10:00:02 A.M.
July 05/2012

Jupiter Orbit.
Kree-Lar Warship

Tony walked casually through the shuttle hangar of the Kree-Lar. He was flanked on either side by JARVIS and JACOSTA androids.

At the end of the shuttle bay a diplomatic reception was set up by the commander of the ship Yon-Rogg. Way at the end of the bay.

'That's how this guy wants to play it. We haven't even started and already with the games. That's fine by me Tony Stark game master at your service.' Tony smiled inside his armor.

When Tony and his AI companions reached the reception committee he retracted the helmet into the armor.

"I am Anthony Edward Stark. I am the Ambassador representing the solar system."

"I am Colonel Yon-Rogg commanding officer of the Kree-Lar warship."

Tony scanned the Kree AI that was bombarding him and his Androids with every kind of device in the Kree scanning inventory. Tony wasn't worried. The three of them had protection wards against this kind of intrusion etched into the Mithril adamantium composite on the inside of the armor. *Are you the AI in charge on this ship?*

*I am!*

*These are my credentials.* Tony transmitted the data packets on the same frequency the Kree were using. That was one of the perks of his new ability. To be able to see and decipher the energy used around him. While the Kree AI was scanning him and the Androids; he was returning the favor.

*Credentials received. Credentials accepted.*

*Inform the commander of the status of this Ambassador.*

*Status transmitted.*

Yon-Rogg's eyes widened as he received the transmission from the ship's AI. 'How?' he thought. He was planning on stringing the local yokel along without officially accepting his status as an Ambassador, but that plan was ruined when the ship's AI accepted the Ambassadorial Credentials. He almost lost control of his senses as his rage came very closing to overwhelming his survival instinct. 'These are not the backwater savages I was led to believe. Minister Zarek will not be pleased.' "Ambassador Stark your credentials have been accepted and entered into the ship's log. Welcome to the Kree-Lar."

“Thank you. A point of inquiry if I may?”


“I believe that at best it’s considered impolite to scan an accredited Ambassador. Now I understand that you have the safety of your ship to consider, but the moment my credentials were accepted you should not be scanning my party at this point.”

Colonel Yon-Rogg’s eye twitched. He quickly suppressed the involuntary impulse and nodded his head. “Kree-Lar stop scanning the Ambassadorial party.”

*Scanning stopped.*

“Thank you. Now that’s out of the way, we should…”

“We should take care of the medical requirements first. Lt. Una please make certain the Ambassador has a clean bill of health.”




“Unacceptable all visitors to the ship must go through this procedure.”

“No. I have allowed your AI access to my medical files, under the rules governing the conduct of an Embassy that is sufficient.”

Yon-Rogg waived Lt. Una back. ‘Who the hell are these people? They know our rules and procedures better than we do. This must be a test of some kind.’ He suspected that the Supreme Intelligence had orchestrated this test.

10:00:02 A.M.
July 05/2012

Jupiter Orbit.
Solara I

"This will be your room while you are on board Captain Mar-Vell." Carol opened the door and led Mar-Vell inside.

"Very spacious." his universal translator was doing it's job. At first he thought that they spoke a version of Kree, but as it turned out it was just the Captain and their Ambassador.

"I know. I'm used to cramped military quarters, but then this isn't a military ship." Carol explained.

That surprised the Kree Captain. If this is their idea of a civilian ship then once again their views mirrored those of his people, "It's not?" he was fishing for information.

"No it's not. This is an experimental ship. It works obviously but most of the systems are new. I don't think that the fleet has half of what we got on this tub. Although the new fleet is supposed to have the finished products. I'm looking forward to seeing what those big monster can do."

"You have a lot of ships do you?"

Carol laughed. Don't be silly. I can't tell you that, but you can see some if them from the observation deck if you knew where to look."

"Could you maybe show me around?" he gave the airhead his best smile. These people were so open and gullible. Lethal as all hell, but gullible.

"Teehee..." Carol almost gagged at the way she was forced to act by Tony Stark. She was cringing at this act on the inside. She hated playing the air-headed ditz routine. "I'll meet you there when you put away your things. A HERBIE can show you the way."

Mar-Vell watched her hips swing this way and that as she walked away. "Woof. Not a mental giant, but by Pama what a body."

He took a quick tour of the room and put his things away. He set up the communications grid and made sure it was hidden. He even had time to send a quick report about this fleet of theirs. He indicated that that there would be a follow up report about the fleet when he saw it.

He walked out of the door and hailed the nearest HERBIE droid, 'What an odd name...' he mused on the way to the observation deck. His suit recorded everything. He would check the data when he got back to his suite, before he sent a copy to the Kree-Lar.

Carol was sipping on a drink and looking at the stars when he walked in. She gave him a bright smile that would have brought him to his knees had he not been otherwise attached to the Kree-Lar's medical officer the beautiful Una.


"Greetings Colonel Carol Danvers."

"Don't be silly. Just call me Carol." if anything Mar-Vell thought the smile became brighter.

'A hardship and punishment posting this is not.' He took a drink from Carol's hand, "Thank you."

Carol giggled again. She took another sip from her own drink. Riley, Sam and Graham walked in and sat at another lounge/picnic area. A HERBIE brought them lunch.

"Why are we here again?" Sam asked using the Slayer sign language.

"Xander wants to project a laid back atmosphere. He wants the Kree to think we're a harmless fun loving bunch." Riley explained.

"After we kicked their collective asses earlier?" Graham's surprise showed plainly on his face. Mar-Vell was looking the other way so he didn't catch the Super Soldier's surprise.

"Keep it down Graham." Sam's eyes warned him.

Graham sighed, but he played along. Xander always had something up his sleeve. That guy wasn't built right. Just like Director Fury. Maybe it had something to do with losing their eyes, although if he thought back on this far enough he could remember Xander from way back and he was the same then and he is now. He shrugged his massive shoulders and settled down to enjoy his brunch. He was hungry. Nothing strange there. He was always hungry. 'Mmmmmm.' he licked his lips, "This is good..."

"I know. Stark brought his personal AI chef with him. This stuff is to die for." Sam took another bite and let the savoury taste do its magic.

"They look like they're enjoying themselves." Mar-Vell pointed out the way the other party was acting.

"Yeah well when you're military you don't have access to the same class of food that someone like Ambassador Stark insists on. One of the perks of travelling with one of the richest and most powerful people in the solar system."

"Are you and Ambassador Stark..."

Carol almost choked on her drink. She swallowed quickly and laughed sexily continuing the seduction game Natasha had taught all female agents at the SHIELD academy. She made sure she was all touchy feel-y and clingy.

Mar-Vell was enjoying the woman's company despite himself. He pointed at the two dots and asked, "Is there a way to get a closer look?"

"Hmm. Oh sure. One moment please, 'JARVIS could you give me a close-up of the area please?" Carol sub-vocalized.

"Certainly Colonel Danvers. I'm turning control over to you." Carol didn't reply to the AI. His voice came in very clearly in her earbud.

Carol gestured at the clear amor and the display narrowed until the two Space Carriers around the orbit of Mars appeared clearly. Eight squadrons of Quinjets were putting on a show of strength.

Mar-Vell watched with a critical eye as the fighters fought each other. He soaked up everything he saw. "Impressive. They are very skilled."

Carol shrugged, "I've seen better." Carol narrowed the zoom even further and another large warship appeared further out with another four squadrons of the same agile space fighters.

Mar-Vell could tell that she meant it. This wasn't their best. 'Who are these people?' this recurring thought was becoming tiresome. 'They are not at war yet they are ready for war at a moments notice. They are just like the Kree. Training for war, and ready for it. They would make good allies and bad enemies.'
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