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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,0781 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

The Prank...


Disclaimer: See previous.

10:00:00 A.M.
July 014/2012

Jupiter Orbit.
Kree-Lar Warship

Howie arrived at exactly ten a.m. for the regular meeting.

"We will begin immediately." Yon-Rogg began as soon as Ambassador Stark and his two aids walked in, "Ambassador Stark why is there another Warship within shooting range of the Kree-Lar?"

"It's here to take over the official duties of the Solara I." Howie took a calming breath and continued, "The Solara I was never intended for this duty. We were on our way to test the ship on her maiden voyage when the Kree-Lar decided to help us test our weapon systems." Howie did not smirk, smile or gloat.

"We should have been informed immediately..." Yon-Rogg began pompously, but Howie cut him off.

"You have been informed. I personally entered the information and sent it to the Kree-Lar as soon as I was made aware of the change." Howie then addressed the AI directly. "Kree-Lar at what time was the information entered into your database?"

*It was entered five cycles ago.*

"At what time did the Excelsior begin it's journey from the Mars Base to join the Solara I?"

*Six cycles.*

"At what time was this information transmitted to my Embassy?"

*Five and half cycles ago.*

"Thank you Kree-Lar. Was another attempt made by the Embassy to inform Colonel Yon-Rogg of this information?"


"What is the status of that attempt?"


*Pending what?*

*Pending confirmation that the message was received by the commanding officer.*

"Was it not your decree that we could only meet you once a day Colonel Yon-Rogg?"

"It was." Yon-Rogg fumed silently. When the time came he would take great pleasure in crushing that hated face.

"Then please consider yourself informed." Howie said arrogantly.

"When will the Solara I depart?" He asked.

Howie did not feel like answering the ass directly, instead he addressed the Kree-Lar again, "Kree-Lar can you answer that question?"

*I was informed that the ship would depart in one cycle from now.*

"Thank you. Do you wish to transfer your Ambassador to the Excelsior?" Howie asked politely.

Yon-Rogg was about to say yes when a better answer jumped into his head. This would be the perfect opportunity to remove the troublesome Captain Mar-Vell once and for all. When he shipped out with the Solara I, the final impediment to the heart of medical officer Una would be cleared, "No. His post was made to the ship. He stays at his post. Another officer will join the new ship."

"Excellent. In that case and as soon as my replacement arrives I'll be returning to the Excelsior." Howie informed the oafish officer.

Howie and the androids left the meeting before Yon-Rogg could change his mind, on the way out he contacted the AI directly without speaking, *Kree-Lar I will be leaving shortly, and so will Captain Mar-Vell. Is it true that when he leaves this system, he will need a medical officer as part of his Embassy?*

*That information is correct.*

*I would suggest Lt. Una be sent to the Solara I right away, before she departs.*

*I agree. Colonel Yon-Rogg has been ignoring his duty in this matter regarding your people. I will issue the necessary orders.*

*You do that. Goodbye Kree-Lar.*

*Goodbye Ambassador Anthony Edward Stark.*

Howie detected the AI's open amusement when she said that.

He laughed silently. The AI had a better sense humor it seemed than the ship's commander. It knew about the switch and he had no doubt that the AI sent the information to Yon-Rogg, who did not open the message and probably never would. He had Tony's memories and he knew how the ass felt about the beautiful Lt. Una. 'Serves him right. Revenge is sweet.'

Howie and the androids quickly packed up everything. Nothing was to be left behind for the Kree intelligence to discover. He wanted to make sure that the first Embassy to the first semi-friendly aliens the people from earth encountered would be not be caught doing anything improper. He'd let that honor go to his replacement.

Howie and his entourage went to the shuttle bay where they met Lt. Una. They would be sharing the shuttle to the Solara I.

"You seem confused Lt. Una?" Howie asked the list young woman.

"I've been ordered to join the Kree Embassy on the Solara I."

"Congratulations. It is congratulations isn't it?" Howie watched her face closely.

"It is a position that carries a small promotion and a higher pay rate." Lt. Una admitted.

They entered the shuttle and took their seats. Lt. Una still seemed lost. She didn't know what really happened and being Kree she wouldn't celebrate until she joined Mar-Vell.

Howie was laughing his ass off. He had pulled off the best prank ever and no one would ever know about it. Not even Tony.

11:00:00 A.M.
July 014/2012

Jupiter Orbit.
Solara I

“How did you pull it off?” Tony asked.

Howie smirked, “I didn’t do anything.” The smirk became a full blown smile.

Tony looked at the guilty smirk of admission and sighed, there was no weaseling the information out of the jerk in the next few seconds. He’d get to the bottom of the story when they got back. “JARVIS keep an eye on him. If he tries anything with my Pepper let me know. I will make sure you will lose your best friend in the most painful way possible.”

“Chill-ax old dude. I’m going after the younger stuff. Some of those slayers were seriously hot. Since I’m not you, and you adopted me as your son...” Howie shut down the holographic projector. Tony saw his face as it looked when he was an eighteen years old teen. “I’m too young for Pepper and just old enough to get away with dating those nubile slayers. Have no fear. The old girl is safe...” Howie struck a heroic pose and proclaimed, “Watch out world lock up your daughters. Howie Stark is on the prowl.” He growled closed up the face plate on the helmet and opened the hatch.

“Try your best to minimize the damage.” Tony told JARVIS.

“I will do my best sir. Do keep in mind that he is essentially a teenage you with all restraints removed.”

“Dear god in heaven. What have I done?” the hatch closed and the two power armored figured flew to the Excelsior.
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