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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4181 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Welcome to the Shi'ar Galaxy...


Disclaimer: See previous.


Just finished my Cisco SBA, so here's another chapter


11:10:00 A.M.
July 015/2012
Jupiter Orbit.
Solara I

"We're about to enter the galactic gate now Nick."

"Good luck Harris."

"Thanks Nicky. I knew you loved me."

"Let's not get carried away now..." Nick chuckled. He had known Xander for a very long time; after more than a decade the man still managed to surprise him on a regular basis.

"Here we go. Bye Nicky..." Xander watched as the ship entered the galactic gate. The ride was a bit rougher than expected, but they made it out to the other side without a hitch.

"Welcome to the Shi'ar galaxy ladies and gentlemen. You may unfasten your seat belts and feel free to walk around."

Captain Mar-Vell looked around and saw that everyone was ignoring the ship's commander. He looked at the commander and saw that even he was ignoring everything. He looked kinda spaced out to him.

"Hiya, you're Captain Mar-Vell aren't you? We haven't been formally introduced, but I'm Anthony Stark. You can call me Tony." Tony extended his hand to shake.

Mar-Vell looked at the extended hand for a moment and then remembered that he was supposed to grasp the other hand and shake it.

"There you go. I forgot that your people don't do that. So you're assigned to ship by Colonel Dickweed." Tony rubbed his hands together, "how the hell did that happen?"

"You've known the Colonel for about a week now; how do you think it happened?"

Tony frowned for a second and guessed, "He's trying to get rid of you?"

Mar-Vell nodded his head, but didn't say anything.

Tony raised his eyebrow.

Mar-Vell relented. These people were related to the pink Kree somehow, otherwise why all the Kree installations and energy signatures all over this solar system. 'I may as well make the best of it. I may have lost Una for now, but I will not give up.’ He thought, "The Colonel and I are rivals for the affections of a certain medical officer on the Kree-Lar..."

"Ah, say no more. He's used his superior position to get rid of you..." Tony had an epiphany, "You were leading the assault on the Solara weren't you?"

"I was..." Mar-Vell wondered if the man was holding a grudge. If so he just traded a Yon-Rogg for a Tony Stark.

"We all wondered why the Kree-Lar fired on her own troops to get at the Solara. It didn't make sense then, but after having met the ass it sure does now. You have my sympathy's. Wait you said you and he are wooing the same medical officer?"


"About this height," Tony indicted Lt. Una's height. Mar-Vell nodded his head, "very attractive, well...proportioned with dark hair?"

"Yes, I see you've met Lt. Una."

Tony laughed, "That bastard. That's what he did..." Tony continued to laugh.

Mar-Vell watched as the man in front of him laughed his ass off. ‘I wonder what set him off?’ he thought.

The door to the bridge slid open and admitted another person, when Mar-Vell looked up he gasped. It was Lt. Una, ‘What’s she doing here? How is she even on this ship?’ his mouth was still hanging open, and Stark pointed at him and began to laugh again.

“Too much, I kill me sometimes.” Tony Stark said to Mar-Vell, “Enjoy your present, and never ask how, maybe sometime in the future over drinks, but not now.” Tony saw that Mar-Vell still had that deer stuck in the light look and gave a gentle push towards the beautiful girl, “Go, what are you waiting for?”

Mar-Vell looked at Stark and knew that he had to have set this in motion somehow; for that he would get a free by in anything he ever did that would offend in the future, he looked at Una, and changed his mind, ‘make that two passes.’

“Ambassador…” Lt. Una greeted Tony and moved on to Mar-Vell. The two Kree officers looked into each other’s eyes and ignored everyone else on the ship.

“Must be true-love. How did you pull that off?” Xander asked Tony.

“Gotta ask junior when we get back. How are we doing?” Tony walked up the Captain’s chair and interfaced with the ship’s AIs. He checked the ship’s position against the new intergalactic map he copied from the Kree database, “Welcome to Shi’ar space. Now let’s get to a commercial center and see about getting a message out to Dawn and the kids. This is turning out eas…mummm, mmm, mum mumble.” Tony’s mouth was held firmly shut by Xander’s palm.

“Shush. What the fuck are you doing taunting my arch nemesis like this?” Xander asked.

“Mumm, mum mumble mum mummm!”

Xander hesitated, “I don’t want to remove my hand.” Xander guessed, “Uh, you wanted me to remove my hand right? Just nod.”

Tony nodded; he looked at the love birds and saw that they were still lost in each other’s eyes. He looked at Clint and Carol.

“Oh no…no way, no how am I getting into that one; I agree with him by the way, but I am not getting into it.” Clint held up his hands in surrender.

“Mumblre!” inside his head he added, ‘Traitor.’ Even though Clint was more on Xander’s side than he was on Tony’s


“I’m sorry Mr. Stark, but I don’t speak mumble.” Carol explained. She was trying real hard not to crack a smile. She wanted to continue living in Avengers Tower after all.

Tony sighed and held his hands up in surrender.

“Not another word for the rest of the day.” Xander gave him the terms.


“I’m sorry Tony, but I can’t trust you?”

Tony was on the edge of panic. Not being able to talk would be akin to torture for him. This was going too far. He looked around the bridge, and an idea struck him, *Why are you doing this?” the huge holographic projector in the middle of the bridge came alive with multi-colored letters.

“You have been warned before. You know how he’s out to get me. I don’t even know if I managed to get to you in time, but for the rest of the day you can’t talk, you’re bound to slip. My family’s on the line here man.” Xander explained.

Tony was getting the idea that this was pretty serious. ‘God I hate magic!’ he thought and projected.

“This has nothing to do with magic. He’s an abstract and certain words or phrases by certain people bring the guy running. I’m not kidding here Tony. After all I’m married to an abstract, how can I not believe?” Xander explained.

Tony got it. Before the Asgard and Ymir, he wouldn’t have, but after meeting someone like Odin, he did. He hung his head in acceptance and hoped he didn’t screw it up too badly.

11:15:00 A.M.
July 015/2012
Shi’ar Galaxy.

Princess Lilandra Neramani was running for her life. Her guards were almost killed to the last man. She saw an alley ahead of her and ran for it. Energy beams sizzled the air behind her. ‘My brother really wants me dead.’ She thought.

She continued to run as fast as she could down the alley. She kept looking behind her for signs of pursuit. “There she is!” came the shout from the other end.

She looked deep inside her and used her last reserves of energy and put on an extra burst of speed. She kept looking back.

She tripped on something and sailed all the way from the alley and into a group of people on the other side.

“Oof, watch where you’re going?” Dawn said as an energy beam passed over her head. She grabbed the feather haired girl and rolled with her. “Joyce Gram, cover us.” She ordered while she held the frightened and exhausted girl, “It’s alright. You’re safe.”

“Wha-What? Who-Who are you?” Lilandra asked.

“I’m Dawn and these are my children. C’mon let’s get you out of here sweetie before they get re-enforcements.”

Lilandra looked back into the ally and saw a giant ball of plasma engulf her pursuers. ‘She sounds safe.’ She thought as she passed out. She fell unconscious into Dawn’s hands.

“Great. She didn’t even tell me her name.” Dawn grumbled, “Let’s get back to the ship. I don’t like how this day is turning out. It’s like someone’s playing with us.” Dawn sighed and passed Lilandra to Gram and hailed a cab to take them back to the ship. ‘Uncle Chris is so not gonna like this.’
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