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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4231 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

That's not what I had in mind...


Disclaimer: See previous.

Back to school this week and here's the first chapter after the Christmas break.

11:24:53 A.M.

July 21/2012


Shi'ar Space, Andromeda Galaxy.

Lilandra woke up feeling light headed, but well rested. She looked around and found that she didn't recognize her surroundings.

"How are you feeling?" a gentle voice asked quietly beside her.

Lilandra quickly turned her head and again fell into the deep caring eyes she fell into that first time in the alley. 'I'm still free...?' she thought. She knew this wasn't a military ship from the vibrations alone, and that she wasn't a captive. Maybe? She didn't want to believe that this wonderful caring creature was part of her brother's faction. "Where am I? Who are you?"

"Inquisitive. That's a good sign. I'm Dawn, and you are aboard the Starjammer. My uncle's starship. You had the worst case of exhaustion I've ever seen. You look much better."

"I remember you. You're the one that saved my life."

"That was mostly my daughter and her husband. Are you game for some questions and answers?"

"Some?" Lilandra hedged her reply. This woman and her children had saved her and nursed her back to health, they were also responsible for her continued freedom; answering a few questions was the least she could do.

"What's your name honey?" Dawn gently stroked her arm.

'does she even know what she's doing to me?' Lilandra shivered as she felt the warmth and the implied safety in the gentle touch. Her heart skipped a beat. She looked into Dawn's eyes again and said, "Lilandra..."

"Lilandra? That's a pretty name; nice to meet you Lilandra."

Lilandra was still looking into Dawn's eyes and saw no recognition at the mention of her name, and that Dawn meant it when she greeted her with a warm smile. Her body tingled all over.

"Nice to meet you as well Dawn." Lilandra's return smile was the first genuine smile she gave another being for the first time in a very long time.

"Ready for question number two?" Dawn giggled.

Lilandra was drawn in to that gentle smile and she giggled with Dawn. 'It has been ages since I've giggled like a child. D'Ken has much to answer for.' she promised herself.

"Who are you running from?"

"My brother...he has changed, lost a bit of his sanity and he wants to see me dead. He also has the power to see that his wishes come true. His reach is long and you and yours are in danger every moment I am with you." Lilandra didn't want to see harm done to this gentle soul that saved her. It would be a poor way to repay her for all that she had done for her.

"We'll deal with that problem later. We are not going to abandon you, just because you have an insane brother with delusions of grandeur. Come on..." Dawn helped Lilandra out of bed and led her out of the med bay, "Let's go see what my uncle has to say, you never know, where we're going I very much doubt that your brother been there...let alone heard of the old homestead."

11:24:53 A.M.

July 21/2012

Shi'ar Space, Andromeda Galaxy.

Alex Summers and his cousin Alex Summers-Harris were taking in the sights, "This place reminds me of Vegas on a cocaine high."

"Heard of it, but never been." Alex Harris looked around and shrugged, "Lots of flash, still waiting for the substance."

Havok smiled at his younger cousin. "The lights are the thing. It's all that glitter that grabs you, not to say that there isn't a real gem here and there; they're hidden out in the open, if you don't know they're there you'll walk-on by." Alex waived his hand at all the shine and glitter around them, "For now that's fine. I have this feeling that now that we made it out here, we'll be back. My dad. Your mom and sister are our thing. We're young and there will be plenty o time to explore...after..."

"Psst...hey kid...wanna see something unusual?" a shady character whispered from a dark alley.

Havok looked at his cousin and whispered, "Seriously? Who falls for that old trick?"

"Let's see what he wants. It might be harmless and he doesn't have a license to sell, or they'll try to kidnap us." Alex shrugged, "If they're out to make a quick buck...that's fine, and if it's something more shady..." Alex gave his cousin a feral smile.

Alex Summers shivered. He'd seen smiles like that on Wolverine just before he went bonkers on someone.

Havok sighed but followed his younger cousin. 'This will not turn out well.' As the older cousin he felt responsible for the younger boy. He couldn't let him go on his own.

11:56:24 A.M.

July 21/2012

Shi'ar Space, Andromeda Galaxy.

Tony and Carol walked down one of the luxury hallways on the top most deck of the Space station.

"We're a few minutes early." Carol told him quietly.

"There no need to whisper. They can hear us." Carol raised her eyebrow.

"I'm scrambling their recordings. All they get us gibberish."Tony gave her a rakish smile.

Carol shrugged, 'Whatever.' she knew that she was here as window dressing and bodyguard.

They reached the end of the opulent hallway, the hidden door opened to admit the two of them. Tony already knew everyone here was. He had cracked all the security and communication networks on the station. There were very few secrets he hasn't found or took advantage of. Stark Space was a new powerhouse, but a powerhouse none the less. He had concentrated on acquiring automated and movable manufacturing capacity as well as a wide variety of diverse interests. One of he SHIELD teams had already went back with an automated factory that made small ships. He had installed a copy of JARVIS on it and the modifications necessary to change the little shops into in system patrol craft for the growing Earth Defense Force. That and luxury Yachts for those who could afford one. Another factory would be on its way tomorrow, this one built space habitats for hostile environments.

"Gentle Entities I am a very busy man, make it worth my time." Tony come on strong.

'Typical Stark.' Carol did her part to join the scenery.

"Welcome The Stark. We are the border worlds conglomerate. We want you to join our organization. We recognize talent and we want you." a Shi'ar businessman full of arrogance told him with an oily smile.

"That's it? That's your sales pitch?" Tony sneered, "Not impressed..." Tony dispersed his nano fleets throughout the suite. A few fleets were tasked with intelligence gathering, while others would back up Carol for security. Among the fleets capabilities were force field projectors, hard-light holograms controlled by JARVIS and JACOSTA AIs. Others were there to generate and broadcast power to the rest of the fleets. He was still playing with the new technology he ripped off from the Kree. The stagnant asshole didn't know what they had.

The Shi'ar businessman sneered right back, "Perhaps you should consider your position you backwater peasant?" Ta'man activated a broadcast of the two Alexs held captive in an nervy net.

Tony ordered the AIs to track the location while he feigned disinterest, "I don't get it. That's the Kree Ambassador's son and...not sure who the other Kree lad might be. What are you showing me? Do you want me to pass on some kind if ransom note to my Kree Ambassador that you have abducted his son?"

"Kr-Kree Ambassador?" Ta'man stammered.

Tony nodded to Carol to explain.

"That one is Fleet Captain Mar-Vell's son and Captain Harris's son. The Kree Captain is Mr. Stark's Ambassador from the Kree." Carol explained in a flat tone as if she was giving a report.

"Huh, brave man." Tony told Ta'man.

"What-what do you mean?" Ta'man was at the edge if panic.

"The Kree I'm not worried about, but to kidnap Captain Harris's child, now that takes guts. The last time someone pissed off Captain Harris he blew up the Dreadnought they were in. You guys are just a bunch if amateurs. I'm going to pass on joining you before your next business opportunity blows up in your face." Tony got up to leave. He was out of his seat when one o he security goons drew on him. Carol shot the goon with an energy blast from her hands. The rest of the goons panicked and went for their weapons.

Carol sighed and generated a blinding blast that disabled everyone.

Tony used the sensors in he room to navigate and made his way out.

"Wait! What about the hostages?"

"Send the note to the Kree Ambassador. I'm not an errand boy."

"What about the other?"

"Do I look like I care about my servants children?" Tony left and sen the boys location to Xander. Carol covered his back as he left the suite.

"That did not go as planned." one of he businessmen whined.

"What about the boys? Do we send the Kree our demands?"

Ta'man drew his energy pistol and shot the idiot. No one objected.
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