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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Disclaimer: See previous.

12:28:46 P.M.

July 21/2012

Location: Slaver Warehouse?
Shi'ar Space, Andromeda Galaxy.

"That's another fine mess you've gotten us into." Alex Summers looked at his trapped cousin. Like Alex suspected the shifty little alien had led them into a trap.

They were caught in an energy web that sapped Alex's power. What these slavers didn't know was that Alex was slowly replacing the energy stolen from his body, by siphoning the power from the energy net that trapped him and his cousin.

Havok wasn't sure about his cousin's powers, he'd seen the teen fly and lift heavy weights, like serious Peter Rasputin (Colossus) heavy weights. At least thirty to forty tons. That also meant that he was probably just as tough as Peter.

He had seen Alex Harris training with his brothers and sister, and from that training session he knew that Alex was wicked fast and had combat skills on par with Spec Ops level soldiers or SHIELD agents; they were all trained like that. Not surprising really when you knew who trained them. He also knew that lately he couldn't sneak up on the kid. 'So why did we get trapped by that little alien weasel?'

"Seriously Lex? A Laurel and Hardy reference; that's the best you can do?"

"Why are we even here Alex?"

"A hunch..." something had guided Alex to this area. He wasn't sure why, but he was never disappointed by following his instincts. Lately, after that shit on the bridge they had gotten a whole order of magnitude stronger. He was going to shrug off Lex's question but decided to come clean with his 'cousin', "Something or someone wants us to be here for some reason. I'm not sure why, but I think it's important..."

"Was this like a telepathic suggestion maybe?" Havok asked, because living with several telepaths at the mansion meant that he was at least familiar, if not comfortable with the idea of telepathy.

"No, I know telepathy. I could always do a spell to connect to my family. This is different, it's a feeling mostly..." Alex couldn't explain it more than that.

"How about an empapth?"

"No, not that either, empathy might be involved, but I don't think it's an external influence." again he didn't have the words to explain it better; he didn't know his cousin well enough to establish a telepathic connection so he let the matter drop.

Alex Summers continued to siphon more energy at a slightly faster rate than it was being drained. He held his peace for now.

"Now..." Alex Harris strained physically against the energy net.

"Now? Why now?" Havok asked as he too began to drain the energy net at a faster pace.

"There..." Alex pointed at the far wall.

The wall exploded and a blue form hugging clad Nova Centurion blasted her way into the warehouse. Lara Kril saw the two young men trapped in the energy-net and flew to free them, but the net shredded as the two young men freed themselves.

"Thank you. If you had not weakened the net when you blasted your way in here, we would've still been trapped." Alex Harris told the female Nova Centurion.

"You are welcome. I am looking for a slaver ring, and my search has led me to this place."

"Then it was our good luck that you found us. We were recently captured, and have been trying to free ourselves of the energy-net when you helped us shred the troublesome device." Alex gave the Nova Centurion his most charming smile.

Lara giggled at the audacity of this charming young man, but before she could reply the other side of the room opened up and slaver-goons began to pour into the warehouse.

They fired energy weapons in the trio's direction as they entered. Alex used his cosmic awareness to step lightly between the exotic energies while his cousin Havok absorbed the energy directly. Lara saw that the two were not in immediate danger and went into high speed evasive maneuvers to avoid getting hit.

Havok gathered the captured energies and blasted the slavers entering from the Warehouse door. The overpowered blast blew away the slavers, the door and the wall.

"Wow. He sure packs a punch..." Lara was further distracted when the younger teen snatched a speeding hover sled and threw the heavy vehicle against the other side of the warehouse, where it exploded on impact. 'Who are these two? Why were they even captured in the first place? The slavers usually try to avoid powerful beings like them.'

More and more heavily armed slavers continued to pour in from all sides. A lot more than Lara was prepared to fight, but with the help of the two young men she was able to hold her own, otherwise she would have been quickly overwhelmed. The dark haired teen was now armed with a glowing blade and had entered into physical combat with deadly effect. Not many survived the encounter, and the slavers quickly learned to avoid getting too close. The other blond haired one glowed like the heart of a star as he blasted the ones who decided to attack from longer range. "Aarrrrgh!"

"Got you good copper." an invisible attacker had stabbed Lara with an energy blade from the back. "He he he. I'll be getting a bonus for killin' a Nova Centurion." the invisible being gloated.

"Not if you're dead you won't." Alex Harris had adjusted his eye sight instinctively, and was able to see the invisible being that stabbed the girl. He and Lex owed her for helping free them. He wasn't about to let her die while he could do something about it. He knew that this was why he was pulled/led to this location.

"You must stop them, and free the rest of the slaves." Lara bled from her back and blood seeped from her mouth. You must take up my burden."

"Hold still..." before he could cast a healing spell the girl flooded him with exotic energies. He held on while his body adjusted to the flood of Nova energy from a fully active Nova Centurion. His Asgardian/Human hybrid constitution adapted quickly. He noticed an energy construct similar to the blond girl's uniform had been duplicated over his clothes. "H-Hold still. I can still-still heal you. ALEX! COVER US!" he yelled for his cousin for help and trusted him to keep both himself and the girl alive long enough to cast a few healing spells.

Alex started with a stabilization spell to stop the girl from slipping any more. His second spell stopped the bleeding and removed the energy blade that was still embedded into her back. Havok had run over, and covered both of them. He absorbed all the energy that would have hit his cousin and the girl.

"Try eating some this you bastards!" Havok shot two overpowered blasts of cosmic energy from both hands. Each pointing in a different direction. Two more walls blew out and a score of slaves were fried to a smokey crisp. Alex didn't have a problem with not holding back and not hurting the slaver scum that had planned to sell him and his cousin into a slaver-hell. "Fry you bastards!"

"This is going to hurt." He knew that there was only one way to save this girl, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to make a commitment like this while he was still this young. Alex cast a spell that linked his life energy with the girl's and began to form a link that would bind the two of them forever. In the process he changed the girl's DNA from what it was originally to an Asgardian/Human/? hybrid. He slowly let out a breathe when he had managed to stop the girl from dieing and stabilized her condition long enough to start casting some serious healing spells to help her new constitution bring the her back from the brink of death.

"Ooohhhh. What hit me?" Lara looked into Alex's eyes and she felt a part of her soul reflected back at her from the stranger in the Nova Centurion uniform looking down at her. "What did you do?" she asked, and quickly felt the answer to her question popping up in her head as it was transmitted from the young man with the blue eyes. She lost herself in the wonder of being linked to the universe through this incredible young man. She also knew that he was the reason she was still alive. She felt the Nova energy she had transferred to him, had started to flow back into her, and then back into him. It made her queasy as it went back and forth until it stabilized between the two of them; half in her body, and the other half in his. She felt everything he felt, and she knew that he was feeling everything she was experiencing and feeling as well. "You-You've turned us into soul-linked-mates." she laughed in joy and happiness. This young man had sacrificed his very soul to bring hers back from the brink of death. She had never felt this alive before, not even when she was first achieved the rank of Nova Centurion.

"My father's not gonna like this at all. You're not Xandarian..." again she burst into laughter as she saw his answer. His father's name was Xander, so he was Xanderian after all. Lara was rolling on the floor laughing her ass off when Alex joined her. He couldn't help it; he felt everything she felt and it was funny.

"Xandarian, and Xanderian...who cares? Welcome to the family Lara Kril, daughter of Pyreus..."

"Welcome into my family Alex Summers Harris, son of Xander..." she said at the same time.

"Did you two just get married while I was busy?" Alex Summers asked the two helpless laughing couple.

"YES!" they both replied together. The laughter became even louder.

"Everyone Freeze!" The Avengers had burst in from the only other standing wall in the warehouse. The supports were the only thing holding the structure up, and it didn't look like it would do that for much longer.

The three people in the middle of the warehouse laughed even harder.

"What? Was it something I've said?" Tony asked not sure what the punch line was. He just hoped the punch line wasn't him.
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