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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Chapter 108

Disclaimer: See previous.

03:21:37 P.M.
July 23/2012

Shi'ar Space, Andromeda Galaxy.

Lara didn't have to spend much effort to adjust to her new mate's family. He had crammed a lot of information into her head and she used the World Mind to store it in quick to access segments.

She was in the process of training a new Nova Centurion, her mate, Alex. In the last few days the Nova energy had replenished itself back to its previous levels from her new body's internal reserves. Alex was much the same. She didn't have to teach him from scratch either. The soul merge thing he did gave him the basics and he was quickly picking up the rest from her memories. It was a lot easier to teach someone a new skill when all they had to do was look through your memories to see how it was done.

"Once more Alex; this time we're going to double the speed."

"Alright Lara, here we go.", 'Just so you know this is getting way to easy...', Lara fired a gravimetric blast at her soul mate while he was distracted. She knew he could handle the damage, and it was a low power blast, "Whoa!" he barely dodged in time.

"Less talking and daydreaming and more paying attention to what you're doing." she smirked, she had almost caught him napping, but his cosmic awareness had helped him evade the blast.

"Not fair, you're reading my thoughts and waiting for me to slack."

"And what does that tell you?" Xander walked in on the new couple. From what he'd seen so far of the girl, he liked. He didn't care that Lara was an alien from another galaxy, although her being a cop was new. His wife Dawn and Alex's mother was an Abstract and Anya was a Vengeance Demon; until she turned human. The same applied to Lara; the new tradition in his family was to marry outside the norm. Genetically the girl was compatible and both of them were good people, he wasn't worried. What will be, will be. He shrugged mentally.

"It tells me not to be like my father and to not slack while I'm a young man with a beautiful mate to guide me?"

"Smooth son, you don't get that from me obviously. Gotta be your mother's influence."

"What's up dad?" Alex felt that something was stirring in the air.

"Tony located the people behind he slavers. I thought that the two of you would like to join us for the take down."

"That would definitely be a pleasure Mr. Harris." Lara signaled Alex to land. The training was over for today. "I've been after these slaver scum for a while now." Alex could see the fire in her eyes when she said that. It excited him.

'What doesn't excite you?' Lara thought.

*When it's about you? Everything.* he replied to her private thought.

*Good boy. When we're back I'll have to give you a treat.* Alex was about to jump out of his skin in anticipation; when his father burst his bubble.

"You might want to dial it back a little bit son. Everyone except for the Kree can smell your 'Excitement' the slayers will tease the living hell out of you and Tony's good for a few snarkies." Xander warned his son.

"Thanks dad..." Alex looked at Lara and blushed.

Lara giggled in spite of herself, 'Too cute.'

Alex turned an even darker shade if red.

Xander raised his hands to the ceiling, Hopeless..."

"I wouldn't want him any other way." Lara didn't have much luck with relationships. Her father always drove away any who showed interest. She knew that Alex would be different.

"Hear that dad? She wants me."

"Son it's not me you have to worry about. There's your mother Faith, the normal teasing from your brothers, sisters and friends. Then there’s the slayers and Tony. The rest are adults and will keep it within reason."

"I can handle the gang, Mom and Tony could be a problem." Alex knew they would be. The only solution was to secretly prank the hell out of them. Mom would be easy and he was used to her teasing anyway, Tony Stark on the other hand would be tough.

"Yeah Tony's one tough nut to crack..." Xander agreed.

"Are you reading my mind pop?"

"Don't need to son. I can see the writing on the wall." Xander laughed.

Alex knew that his father was just teasing him, and that had been his point all along. He would be teased by one and all. He didn’t care, water off a duck’s ass.

07:02:21 P.M.
July 23/2012

Shi'ar Space, Andromeda Galaxy.

“Are we ready?” Tony asked the Avengers, and this included Alex and his girlfriend Lara. She gave this mission legitimacy. She was the cop after all.

He had checked into the history of the Nova corps and found that they were a recognized Law enforcement body in most of the local Galaxies.

The Kree and the Shi’ar were the big ones, but there were a lot of smaller interstellar nations that gave them the same recognition. They worked hand in hand with the local authorities and didn’t step on any toes.

“Everyone’s ready Tony. How about on your end?” Xander and his team were all set. He and Faith were in charge of the Slayers. Bobbi and Clint Barton would lead the kids. Natasha had been deployed ahead of time and she was in position waiting for the assault to start.

“The moment we start JARVIS and Jackie will attack their legitimate holdings and will start buying out all their public assets. Colonel Riley and his teams will engage all outside targets and hold the perimeter. The avengers will rush through the holes they open up and breach the Slavers HQ, Nova Centurions Lara and Alex will then move in and arrest the guilty parties, and assist with the rescue of all slaves held, if any are located at the complex. Any questions?”

“NO!” was the reply from everyone.

“There’s no need to shout…”

Xander contacted Tony on a private channel, “There’s also no need to hammer the point with a sledge hammer. We all know what to do Tony. Would you take it easy? I get it, it’s your first shot at team leader, but you have to learn when to let your people do their job, and you do yours. You can’t micro manage combat, only yourself.”

“I know Xander; don’t you think I don’t know that? I know and you’re right. Deep breath…” Tony took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Everyone we’re go on Five…Four…Three…Two…One!”
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