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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4231 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

A little disagreement before combat

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

Thanks to MissE for getting this back to me on time.
Sorry for the mix up with the first half. MissE corrected it and here's the new update.
SHIELD Helicarrier
Gamma Lab

As Xander and company made their way to the lab a confrontation was well under way between Fury and the rest of the Avenger candidates, those willing or otherwise.

Bobbi was in the doorway watching her old boss turn a negative into a positive. She knew he saw the staff she clipped to a belt holster used to hold stakes. Since the slot was empty she put her staff in it. She kept the other one in its case for when Faith decided to show up. Faith had gotten bored watching the Si Fi twins and their mutual admiration love fest for their big brains. She went in search of Natasha before the boys put her to sleep.

She and Steve got here about the same time. She knew a few shortcuts still. As soon as he saw her; he gave her a look that said 'are you done following me yet?'

She had smirked instead and made as if to check him. As expected the big blue boy scout turned mainly red. She let him get off lightly. He was eye candy, sure, but her man was Clint. That didn't mean she was beyond teasing the big softy.

Banner was at a display monitor showing the nefarious evidence of the Spy-Master's misdeeds, when Xander and party burst through like the train wreck she bought tickets to watch. Dawn gave her a running update while she waited for the show to start.

"Fury! What the fuck are you doing experimenting on soldiers? And I don't care if they asked nicely to be experimented on or not. Soldiers are like that. They'll do stupid shit for reasons like patriotism or career advancement and crap..." he saw Steve's jaw tighten up and heard his teeth grind, "...not that patriotism is stupid, but taking advantage of it is criminal..." he saw Steve agree and he moved on. He could do without a throw down with Cap, no need to piss off more than one super soldier at a time. He saw the monitors and the content on the display, "Nice missile by the way, but if you had shit like that way are you playing around with people's lives. Ya know I should just slug you on general principle..." Xander did just that. The hit came so fast he caught everyone with their pants down.

Stark chortled. Bruce felt his pulse quicken, but with Dawn in the room nothing came of it. Phil wanted to interfere but the boss had it coming. He was a member of the first group to go through the shit before he wiser up and since Cap came back the stabilizing shots he was taking were well on their way to fixing up all the crap that went wrong. He might even be field ready to get back into the game soon. If they survived the Loki Love Fest of 2012.

"That's it? Nice missiles? That all you have to say?" Tony got an ice pack and gave it to Fury.

"Yeah. They look like the can do damage." He shrugged. "Anyway. Where were we?"

Steve blocked him.

Xander rolled his eye, "I'm almost done with the violence...hey Cap have you met my friends, they're blood relations of yours let me introduce you..." he ushered the rest of the group in. "These are the Finns, husband and wife, not brother and sister if you're wondering and thinking of making a play for the lovely Sam..." Steve spluttered trying to deny the false accusation, but Xander steamrolled over his objections. He wanted to keep Cap of balance while he dealt with Fury. "Did you know your blood flows through their veins? You could say they're like the brother and sister you always wanted, but wished weren't in Sam's case as I see that you wouldn't mind making the play. I don't disagree with you there buddy, but her husband would shoot first and forgive later. He's that kind a guy. Straight shooter you might say..." Again Steve made with the denials, and again the Xander bulldozed rolled over.

Tony couldn't help but admire the technique and took notes and vowed to be better prepared for when he became Xander's target. He knew it would be inevitable, but fun. He didn't have too many opponents willing to challenge him like that. He also needed to remember that just because someone wasn't tech savvy, it didn't mean that they couldn't hold their own. Sure the kid could be an idiot savant, but what he'd seen so far disproved that theory.

"Doctor Banner you need to remove yourself from this room," Natasha ordered Bruce.

"Why? Afraid he has something to say? You going to shut him up about the weapons we discovered. Am I next?" Tony asked angrily.

"Stay out of this Stark. This doesn't concern you." Steve said just as angrily.

Xander saw, and felt the mood of everyone in the room turn ugly really fast. He felt the wrongness first and the saw the cause. It was the spear. Loki's spear. It was almost humming, the worse it got the happier it hummed. Xander jumped across the room and over all obstacles. He grabbed the spear and threw it to Faith, "Get this filthy thing out of here. It might as well be the offspring of a hellmouth and a deranged smith on speed."

Faith caught the spear and instantly felt the wrongness she took off like a bullet. The moment the spear left the room Dawn's inner calm began to do its thing and cool things down again, and it was at that precise moment when Hawkeye's explosive arrow detonated.

Clint led his strike team against his SHIELD brethren. Inside he was fighting Loki's influence with everything he had, but it did no good.

He shot a security agent at his post and cleared the way for the others.

Stark with the help of Rogers went after the damaged engine, Bobbi decided to tag along. The Widow was trapped with Bruce and Dawn. Bruce was about to 'Hulk Out' when Dawn put a hand on his head. He stopped transforming while Dawn spoke gently as if trying to calm down a spooked horse. Fury ordered the super soldiers to follow him. He wanted a target to throw them at, and he wanted it quick. He headed to the bridge. For an assault to be successful, it needed to take out the bridge and crew. That was the next logical step. The crew would be too busy trying to re-establish control. They'd be ripe for the plucking.

Xander on the other hand recognized right away that there's only one target that required this kind of effort. LOKI: his followers would willingly lay down their lives without a second thought to free their leader and god. Didn't matter that on the inside they would be fighting against this action, they were self-guided smart missiles, and they were locked on target.

Thor came to the same conclusion for widely different reasons, but it was the same conclusion. They raced to the holding cell with Phil in the lead.

Faith just kept running with the spear. If BoyToy said that this thing had to be kept out of the bad guys’ hands, then she would keep it out of the bad guys’ hands.

Natasha saw Banner begin his transformation and almost crapped her panties. She knew the Hulk would go after her. He was a primitive savage that would recognize the true threat she represented. There would be no reprieve for her gender. When she saw Summers lay her hands on Banner and the transformation began to reverse itself, she said a quick prayer and got herself free. Summers could keep the walking weapon of mass destruction from exploding and blowing them out of the sky. She had another worry to take care of. This assault looked familiar, she should know after all she been on many like it. Clint Barton was a master planner and knew what it took to take on any target. Even the SHIELD Helicarrier.

Bobbi and Cap encountered opposition as soon as they reached the damaged engine. While Iron Man did his best to figure out a way to fix the damage, Bobbi and Steve went after the assault team lying in wait. Steve would charge taking any attack on the shield while Bobbi followed behind. This was the perfect situation to try out the blaster in the staff. Steve charged another position and she followed in her wake. A target in full combat gear came out of cover trying to bring Cap down, but Steve was a past master at this style of combat. He had the bad guys' full attention. She lined up her shot and fired. The blast was on target and blew through the armor and took the target down. 'A bit of a bang but well worth it in open combat.' She made a note not to try it out on missions that required silence and stealth, but when the shit came down...she was so counting on this baby to even things up.

Steve cleared the choke point and she sprinted after him. She had multiple targets at various levels and went up top and left he guys on the ground level to Steve. While in the air she pressed a stud and the staff extended to its full length. She used the extra reach to poke her target in the head, and hard. His head was armored, but the blunt force trauma took him out. She lined up her targets and went after them at full speed as only a Slayer, or an enhanced super soldier slayer like herself could. When she became the slayer it was the best day of her life. It meant she had a second lease on life. The damage that the serum had done was slowly killing her. Becoming the slayer not only fixed her life, but fixed what was wrong with the serum. She felt she could out do Captain America, and now that she had the indestructible staff she may have the shield and sword. After taking target number three down, she left herself wide open. She twirled the staff like a propeller and deflected the spray of high velocity bullets that sought to end her life. A silver disk flew through the air and took out black hat and bounced back to Steve's waiting hand. She took a moment to admire his acrobatic fighting style as he grabbed the shield while he was mid-air and rolled and exploded out into another throw against another target at the other end of the huge engine.

While Stark was busy repairing the damage, his sensor suite recorded the display of the two obviously enhanced super humans. He knew Captain America would be impressive. What he didn't count on was just how powerful and impressive a slayer would be. Bobbi had not only kept up with Steve, in some ways she out shone him in some major feats of speed and agility. She also had to be pretty darn strong to jump around from one level to the next without slowing down.

SHIELD Helicarrier
Secure Containment Facility

Thor arrived ahead of Xander. He saw one of the black clad warriors free Loki from his cell. He charged full speed to intercept his brother.

Loki teleported out of the way and pressed the button Fury used to lock him in. "Are you ever going to stop falling for that..." he asked his brother mildly reproaching him for his impulsive actions. He had a speech prepared but Xander blindsided him with a right cross. It knocked him back from the counsel.

"That hurt..." he rubbed his jaw and got back up. "Still you hit like a girl... An Asgardian girl, but still a girl."

"You saw who I hang around with. How is that an insult on runt of the litter?"

Loki gave him an evil smile as he got back up. "I meant a ten year old girl..." he rubbed his pointy chin again, "...maybe eleven, but that's as high as I'll go." he teleported behind Xander only to have Xander's sword at his throat. "Go for it. I double dare you."

It was a stand-off with Loki at Xander's back with the knife and Xander with the black sword to Loki's throat. If either flinched it would be disastrous for either of them. Loki recognized the type of weapon in the Demi-mortal's grip and Xander knew that Loki could make it stick.

Thor looked on in frustration. He didn't wish either fool to hurt the other. He decided to break out of the glass prison.

Phil made his presence known to the super powered crowd. The Special Forces mind slave had seen the agent and froze in place as the giant hand cannon pointed in his direction kept him from moving.

He saw Thor swing the Hammer, and was a little late in his warning, "No! Don't swing at the wall!" but Thor was already committed.

They all saw the wall crack, but hold up to the Demi-God's hit.

"Shit!" Phil really meant it. They needed the Storm god on their side. The boss was going to be pissed.

Loki took advantage of the distraction and teleported behind the SHIELD agent. No way was he going to after the seer knight while he held a God Killing weapon in his hand and the ability to predict where he would pop up with his teleport. As the agent was the threat he stabbed him with his knife and teleported out of the room through the only exit he could use, the hole where his previous cell used to be. Once outside, he reoriented and made his way to the flight deck where his slaves waited for his return. He lacked the spear, but was confident he would eventually get it back. His mind slave had jumped out the same hole and opened up the paraglider as he made his way down to terra firma.

"Phil! No! What the hell were you thinking? You know the rules. Always shoot the bad guy first. Talk later. Hold on. Let me look at it." Xander examined the agent and from the looks of it, bad would have been good. He was worse than bad. This was almost guaranteed to be fatal.

Fury made it into the room and went straight to the fallen agent. "What happened? Where's Loki?"


Fury ignored Xander and concentrated in his wounded man. "Hold on, soldier. We'll get you through this," he ordered Phil. He knew the agent was gone, but he had to say something.

"Move." Xander shoved Fury out of the way. He took a deep breath and said, "Catch me when I fall down."

He held his hands over Phil and concentrated. He muttered the triage spell he insisted Willow teach all watchers. He poured his life force into the spell and shoved it into the prone agent. As predicted when the spell was done he fell down, unconscious. Fury looked at the men on the floor; both were out of it. Phil was still breathing, but he didn't know about Harris.

The Black Widow came in and saw damage and the men on the floor. "Barton's been captured and Stark has repaired engine number three."

She looked up from the two men, the question in her eyes asked, 'Are they still alive?'
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