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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

This is the corrected version.

I would like to thank Dmitri and Richardthrnnsx for the recommendation.
I would like to thank my Beta MissE.
And a big thank you to all those who reviewed. You keep the inspiration going.

Part IX
SHIELD Helicarrier
Medical Wing

Xander bolted out of bed with a start. He looked around and saw himself in the bed across from his own. His body did the same. He noticed someone had removed the eye patch. A green eye was in that socket, with a silver lining; the other eye was still brown, but it too had a silver lining.

The moment the two men locked gazes; their world turned Topsy-turvy. Xander's awareness snapped back to his original body while Phil looked across the room.

"Thanks for the save bro, but let's not do that any time soon."

"Ditto. You're a good man Phil Coulson, but I gotta be me!" Xander smiled to show he was joking.

"Could you be a little less you? It would be an improvement and a lot less annoying." Phil smiled as well to show he was kidding.

"Dear God in Heaven, No. There's two of them." Nick Fury was waiting for the two men to wake up; he wasn't alone, Dawn and Faith were waiting with him. They launched themselves at Xander, like Xander seeking missiles.

"What'd I miss?" he looked around and noticed what had to be a hospital of some sort, and it was nearly full.

"Not much. Bobbi's ex attacked. Blew shit up and freed up the loon and somehow stabbed Phil and you did the' FUCKING TRIAGE SPELL THAT YOU WERE BANNED FROM EVER DOING AGAIN ON PAIN OF WILLOW!" Dawn's screaming woke everyone up and got a response team rushing in to deal with an emergency.

Fury waved them of. He wanted to know what he kid did with this spell of his. It saved his agent's life. That was obvious, but what else did it do? "Why is he banned from performing that spell Miss Summers?" his voice was low, but demanding.

"'Cause this jerk doesn't know how to fucking shut down any spell he does. He puts everything into any spell he cast. He drains himself completely. Can you imagine if he did that during combat? And with the triage spell, it's a last ditch effort for a watcher to heal his slayer long enough, until real help arrives. Sure he can read from a book or cast a simple ward, but the moment he casts a spell, he'll be as helpless as a newborn kitten."

"Why do you object to this triage spell so much. I would think it's a good thing to keep your people alive until they get help?"

"It's really not. The caster gives the receivers a portion of his life force to keep him or her alive, and stable. But they wind up sharing souls. This goof already has too many things sharing his soul. Nothing against you Phil you look like a nice enough person. Got that dry humor thing, and the obvious class that this jerk lacks. Hope it's a good thing, but you're getting his baggage in return and let me tell you he's been dragging his baggage through the dirt a lot."

"I know. And yet I don't mind. Life is good and I would like to keep on seeing what else it has in store..." he turned to Fury, "Hey boss I'm feeling pretty good here. Any chance I can get out of here soonish?"

"Soonish? Phil is that even a word?"

"Yeah he'll be doing that a lot until he re-trains the Xanderism out of his head." Dawn explained.

"I see a few familiar faces." Xander saw the Finns, Graham, and their friend John Walker. Others he didn't recognize, but it looked like they put up a good fight before they were taken down. "What the hell, Riley. I thought you and the rest were the new Caps..." Xander again wiggled his fingers, first to make sure he could still wiggle his fingers and second to tell Riley to make with the splainy.

"We followed the boss to the bridge and got ambushed by agent Barton. That guy is amazing: one arrow. Me and Sam both with one stinking arrow. Should be out of here soonish too."

"Colonel Finn. I thought better of you."

"Sorry, sir. I'm afraid he brings out the Sunnydale speak in me. We were conditioned to blend in after all."

"He's just one man, and not a city."

"In many ways, sir, he is. Xander personifies Sunnydale. Has the heart and soul of the city you might say."

Fury was about to argue, until he thought about it. With Harris and the Sunnydale crew nothing could be taken for granted. If a decorated expert in the field, who lived the life and was considered part of Harris' extended family, said it, he couldn't just rule it out of hand. He grunted to let his displeasure be known, but he didn't pursue the matter. He had real issues to deal with after all. "Phil, report to Dr. Samson. He'll have the final say on whether you're fit for duty or not..." Before he could continue Bobbi Morse came hesitantly into the ward. She had her old super soldier uniform on. Natasha must have given it to her. He wondered why?

"What's up, Bobbi? You look down..."

Harris would notice the moods of his people. The man's empathy was uncanny. Too insightful into things he had no business pushing his nose into.

"Xander could you please talk to Clint? He's having a hard time with the possession."

'Oh, lord. Give me strength. How the hell am I going to fight a war when the people I depend on are compromised? Hopefully Samson would clear Coulson, and while he's at it might as well get him to give Finn and his people the once over. Damn it. I did not need my people killing each other.'

"On my way." Xander tried to get out of bed, but Faith held him down with one hand. For some reason he didn't see the spear she held in the other.

"Where do you think you're going, adventure boy?"

"Faith I'm fine. My energy reserves are back up to full again." To prove it he looked her straight in the eyes and flared the power. The flash light effect was back on.

Faith wasn't convinced, but she was having a hard time holding him down with one hand. "'Kay, but if you pull something important... I'll make you pay. Got it?"

"Got it." He escaped from the grabby slayer and followed the grateful one.

Xander followed Bobbi inside the private room. He saw that Natasha and a man he knew only from the SHIELD footage.

"Hey. I hear we're part of the same club?"

"Oh yeah? What club is that?"

"Not sure...either the hair club for men, or the Previously possessed by Loki minions."

Clint snorted. It wasn't that funny, but he oh so needed the release.

"Hi..." Xander extended his hand for a handshake, "I'm Xander Harris. I work with Bobbi..."

"You mean her boss don't you?" Clint extended his hand in acceptance.

Faith came into the room, "Hi, Nat..."

"Nat?" Natasha growled back at her. She noticed the spear, it was glowing.

The moment the Xander and Clint touched, they completed a connection. The residual energy in Clint connected with the constant flood in Xander. When they locked eyes, they went stiff as a board and fell on Clint's bed.

"The Fuck! Not again! What the hell is wrong with Boytoy? Dawn get Willow!"

"On it. Bobbi, call Kennedy's number. I'm going to see what keeps doing that." she sat down next to the men and put a hand over each of their heads. "Cover me. I'm going in." she told Faith.

Faith wanted to tell her no don't, but she was too slow for some reason.

Dawn slumped over Xander's body, as her mind and spirit went exploring. Inside Xander's head the mental landscape was in a constant state of change and turmoil. She met the soldier first: Xander's first line of defense. He saluted, and waved her on through. Next came the Hyena; it growled at her, but Dawn held her ground. The Hyena examined her and finally stopped, she too stepped aside, but as she passed the primal took a little nip out of her and laughed. Dawn didn't have the time to deal with this nuisance properly, otherwise she would have blasted the bitch to show her who's boss.

The last obstacle was a silver energy barrier. She formed a green lance of energy and punched he way through. She found both men lying down on the ground next to a silver lake. She saw a small creek flow from one end and the lake extending into the distance with no discernible end in sight. Both men were touching the edge of the silvery lake. She tried to wake them up, but nothing worked.

"I wonder what the commotion is all about?" Tony asked agent Jessica Drew as she led Bruce, Steve and him down the crowded hall. "I though you said that the hospital ward was this way?"

"It is. It's usually empty. I wonder what..." she saw Sam Finn and smiled at her. "Sam? Hey. Any idea what the hold-up is?"

"Not sure. We're on our way to see Doc Samson..."

"Say, Phil, it's good to see you up and about, but weren't you just stabbed to death?"

Phil shrugged, "I got better."

"Gotta say, Bruce, this is a hell of place. At least five miracles before breakfast. I wonder what lunch will bring? Say Jessica is it? What are you doing for lunch? I'm buying..."

Meanwhile the noise level in the room ahead went up another notch. They heard Faith shout.

"Nat, No! She's a frien...d," a loud thud and a groan was heard. "Kennedy, you bitch. You didn't have to hit her that hard. You okay, Nat?"

"Ow. What kind of bat did she use?" Widow asked.

"You'll live, but not for long if you keep jumping blind at slayers. They're dangerous and untamed, you know."

"You wish. I can see the leash Harris has on..."

"Hey take that back, slut."

"I guess they're okay..." Steve ignored Stark and pushed his way to the way through the crowd. Those who saw him went out of their way to make a path.

"Rude much...", but he grabbed Bruce and followed in his wake, " least he's useful to have around, ya know for crowd control and stuff..."

Bruce let him yammer. He felt girls inside the room up ahead.

Steve saw Faith help Natasha back to her feet. There were two more unknown girls in the room. One in leathers a lot like Faith and the other wearing a green peasant dress.

He heard the girl in the dress sigh. "What a mess. Why does he have to be such a trouble magnet? I put enough protection wards on him to repel a demon army." she said in quiet huff.

"Sorry about that..." the girl told Natasha. "...but you don't touch my Willow like that. Capice?"

"Yeah, Nat, believe it or not that's good advice. The brat just saved your life."

"What she said. The wards on Willow are strong enough to fry an elephant."

"It's okay, honey. No harm done." Willow gave Kennedy a kiss, just as Bruce, Tony and Cap came through the door.

"Whoo Hoo. Hot damn. That's what I'm talking about: we need more lesbian action."

"Your such a pig, Tony. Always were."

"Kennedy. Nice to see you all grown up and everything. How's your family? And oh and that lesbian thing that you seem to have going?"

"Shut up, Stark!" Steve had had enough.

"Oh my golly. It's Captain America..." Willow stated to hyper-ventilate.

"Willow! Now’s so not the time." She pointed to Xander and Dawn who started to glow green and silver with Clint beneath them.

"Oh, oh, oh this is going to be bad. Kennedy, honey, cover me." Willow sat next to the pile of bodies on the bed and joined them in the land of Nod.

Back in Xander's increasingly over crowded head, the party was hopping as Willow joined in. She saw what Dawn was doing to the unconscious Xander and friend in the lake. "Dawny? What are you doing?" she asked.

"Willow I can't get it to stop. Whatever keeps filling up the lake is coming through that river, that was just a like a few minutes ago. And what took you...?"

"Sorry, sorry, sorry. There was a thing, but now is so not the time. I see you're trying to fight the silver lake with your own lake of green energy...why?"

"'Cause Xander got possessed, or I should say successfully fought off possession, by this butt-munch Loki of the Asgard. But he kept leaking this silver energy from his eyes. I'm trying to push it out of his system."

"Dawny that's cosmic energy you're playing with. It's full of gamma radiation and..."

"I know. What do we do?" her energy was now fully mixed in with the silver lake. It looked more like a big ball of silver and green yarn.

While outside. Silver and Green lightning started to arch between Xander, Clint, Dawn and Willow. The energy started to expand slowly touching everyone in the room. It wasn't painful, but it was unpleasant.

It built and spread slowly and exploded in a cascade of green and silver energy that covered the entire Helicarrier.

For a few minutes all was quiet throughout the Hellicarrier, not a soul was stirring, not even a mouse, due to the sterilized environment. You get the idea, it was quiet. Just the hum of machinery and the automatic protocols that took over when all input stopped kept the Hellicarrier floating in place.

When people started to come to, they felt off for a few seconds and then the feeling was replaced with a renewed purpose, renewed energy and solidarity. They just knew that everyone from this point on would go the extra mile for everyone on board. They didn't know what happened, but this renewed purpose gave them the needed boost in moral to face the oncoming alien invasion with hope in their hearts and confidence in their leaders and heroes.

In Xander's mental landscape Willow took a look at the devastation. She saw that the silver stream of energy kept flowing and filling Xander with it's essence. It was just energy. So far it had no purpose, but it was a weakness in his spiritual and mental defense that could be exploited by someone who knew what they're doing.

She followed the link to the source and cut the threads leading into Xander. She saw that the threads lead to a spear filled with cosmic energy. It had threads going in all directions. She didn't know what they did, but she started cutting everyone of them. If they were like the ones attached to Xander, then it was best that these crossroad to the minds be cut right at the source. When she was done, everyone started to wake up.

When everyone in the room started to wake up, the slayers were the first, then Xander, Clint and Phil followed by the super soldiers.

Xander saw the spear in Faith's hand and yelled. "Faith I told you to get rid of that thing."

"You did? When?" just then Faith heard someone speaking inside her mind and it wasn't Red.









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