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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4241 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

And so it begins...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Beta MissE.
And a big thank you to all those who reviewed. You keep the inspiration going.

Part XI Continued
SHIELD Transport I

Faith looked up trying to see what landed on her forehead. Across from her Xander was non-chalantly putting away his blow gun. "What? Can't you see I'm busy?" she was all hot and bothered and it wasn't for the good reason. She removed the spitball and looked at it. "You ready to lose some limbs? I'll even let you chose."

Faith..." he began with a deceptive calm.

"Yeah X?" she was building to a steady boil, just about to explode. You let a guy into your panties a few times and he thinks be owns you. She waited for him to continue. This had better be good.

"Where were you?"

"Where was I? This some kind of trick question? Right here you jerk, now, which is it?" she asked unbuckling her safety harness.

Xander ignored the threats, it wouldn't be her if she didn't. "Funny. To me it looked like you were someplace else. Who were you talking to?"

"Don't pretend you don't know. You were listening to me argue with the spear just like everyone else." she pointed at everyone in the plane. She noticed that Phil and Cap were out their seats. She jerked to a stop before she pounded the insensitive jerk. She was never this oblivious. When did they move? "What's going on? When did they move out of their seats?"

"That's not really important, they have a perfectly good alibi for getting out of their seats. You don't have one for being elsewhere when your body's here. So. You and the spear. Is it gettin' to know ya kind of thing?"

"Ya serious. No one heard nuthin'?" when everyone shook their heads in the negative, "Huh. You son of a BITCH! You lied." she said looking at the spear clutched tightly in her hand. "Get away from me!" she threw the spear to Xander in disgust.

"NO...", Xander reflexively caught the thrown spear.







Xander slumped in his seat. Faith rushed to catch him. She took the spear from his hand, just in case it was the cause. Of course it was the cause. She thought. What else could it be. Although it never did that to her..., "Come on Xander. Speak to jerk. If this is payback for threatening you, I didn't meant. I was just foolin'', ya gotta know that. 'Comon X say something. Anything..."

"Faith. It's alright. Just give him time to recover. You know he's gonna be okay." Dawn helped Faith and waited for Xander to recover, she gave him thirty seconds and the. She'd do her thing...

Xander blinked and once again his eyes did a credible imitation of a flash light. "I hate intelligent weapons. They always have their own agenda. Here you go Faith you lucked out. Your Rune weapon has the same personality of a robot. I feel like I just had a full course meal."

"Hold still..." after a quick exam, Dawn sighed. "...the good news is that there's no permanent connection, but every time you he that thing you're lake will refill to the brim. You're also leaking a small, minuscule amount of cosmic energy..." Dawn looked up from Xander to Faith and back again. She frowned, "...In fact you're both leaking cosmic energy, it's like there's a field around the two of you and it's compatible with the other. Different flavors of ice cream as it were. You know you're chocolate, she's vanilla..."

Faith protested, "Nu uh, I'm chocolate, I'm always the chocolate, he can be any other flavor he wants, but I get the chocolate. Got it?"

"Got it." Xander and Dawn replied together. How could they forget about Faith and her chocolate obsession? It was like Buffy and her shoes fetish.

"Why chocolate?" Steve asked.

Faith was about to explain, in detail, but Xander cut her off. He didn't want to see Steve bleed through the nose from embarrassment. They needed the man at his best. Xander's memories were a bit hazy, he remembered how effective a combat leader the man was during the war.

"That's enough for now...she'll tell you after, say is that the New York Skyline?" he asked.

Steve squinted and confirmed that it was, "Good eyes."

"Perks and pitfalls..." he shrugged. He'll worry if they survive.

Part XII
Manhattan NY

"Is it me? Or is that Stark falling down from his tower? Without the suit." Xander's vision was sharp, and getting sharper.

Their pilot Clay Quatermain used the sensor suite to pick out the falling man and project the image on the HUD.

"Yeah that's the player. How come he's flying without a suit?" Faith didn't that was something the cyborg was able to do without the other power attachments.

"He can't..." confirmed Phil. "...Ah! There's the rest of his suit. See that red and gold missile..."

The rest of the passengers saw the missile catch up to their falling comrade. They saw it extend in four directions and encase the falling hero in a new suit of Armor.

"Neat." said Dawn.

"Must be the mark VII. His other suits couldn't do that." Natasha joined the rest of them at the front of the transport.

"Get ready to deploy. Commander tell Colonel Fin we're going in. He's to secure the landing pad on the roof. The ship will be the forward HQ. I want you mobile in case we need a quick evac." Steve issued orders and everyone hopped to. No one questioned his right to do so. The only one who could have countermanded any of his commands was Xander, and he just shrugged and went along.

In fact Xander tool out several energy bars and passed them out. You don't command Slayers in the field without bringing some munchies. Even Natasha took a bar, except for Clint and Bobbi.

"I guess it's true what they say..." said Dawn.

"What do they say...?" asked Faith.

"I guess you can live on just love and air. Bobbi used to grab the first bar. She didn't even notice that Xander was packing her favorites.

"Those two can't be on the same team. They'll be the death of us." declared Steve.

"Let them be Steve. It's not the army. They'll pull through when it counts.

"Clay, open the back, we're jumping out. Dawn grab Bruce we're hitting the Tower. Cap, Nat would you like a lift?"

Captain America nodded yes and Widow just held out her hand.

Bobbi you and Clint grab the high ground. You're the snipers. Faith, grab Phil and hit the ground. Phil take over John Walker's squad when they follow you. Fin will co-ordinate from the tower. Come on let's go see a god about his work permit."

They all jumped at the same time. Xander along with Cap and Natasha raced to the penthouse. Natasha led the way. She knew the lay of the land best.

Thor landed with a thud ahead of them. "It's good to see that you have survived my brother's attentions Black Knight." he addressed Xander.

"Black Knight." Natasha looked him up and down and said, "It fits."

"Meh! At least it's not the White Knight. That's what the last psycho called me."

Natasha knew all about the white Knight and his history with the master vampire Angelus. She was glad Xander decided to go with the name change. The White Knight's rep in the supernatural community was well known. They didn't need the extra baggage that came with the rep.

"It's good to see that you survived yours."

"Well met then. Let us put an end to my brother's misadventure with all due haste. He has been left to his own devices for too long."

"I'm down with that. He's your brother, you want first crack at him?"

"If by first crack, you mean have a try at persuading him to stop this foolishness, then the answer is yes. Please wait here, I will deal with my brother privately."

Xander gestured to Thor to go ahead. As soon as he was out of hearing range he said, "Ten bucks, says he gets stabbed when he's not looking. Any takers?"

Natasha gave him a look that said do I look like a fool to you? "Let's make it interesting, him getting stabbed is a given. How about where?"

Steve could not believe that these were people he was expected the fight with and defended the planet from unspeakable evil. But given what he knew about Loki and Thor he instead said, "Upper right shoulder when he leans on him."

"Ooh nice one. I see you've played this game before. Nat..."

Natasha fumed while another person took liberty with her name. Her reputation for deadly revenge was slipping, she needed to do something about that, and soon. "Lower back center."

"Another good choice. You guys are grabbing all the premium slots. I'm going with lower, left side." Xander looked around, and saw Riley lead his squad out of the transport. "Riley leave a fire team by he transport, and get another over to the portal machine. Let's try and recover Dr. Selig and the Tesseract."

"Will do Xand." Riley began giving orders to do just that. Xander kept an eye on the sky as Stark took out the leading elements of the invasion. "Say what you want about the man Steve, but give him his due. He's giving us the time to get ready. Can't ask for more."

Steve looked up and after a few moments grudgingly agreed."

They heard a load grunt and saw Thor lay a beat down on his brother. "Anyone see where he got it?"

"Lower left side I think."

"Nuts. Oh well let's grab the weasel before he gets away. You guys coming?" he jumped, Steve and Natasha jumped with him, each held unto an outstretched arm. He activated the feather-fall tattoo and poured on the power.

They saw Loki land on an alien hover fighter and followed him to the ground.
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