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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4211 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

First Round...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Beta MissE.
And a big thank you to all those who reviewed.
Manhattan NY

Peter Parker swung from building to building, making his way to midtown when his spider sense started to tingle. He dodged automatically and tried to see what, or who could be after him this time. He glimpsed a green streak from above and to the left. It was going very fast. 'Let's see who has that kind of speed with that color scheme. Green Goblin? Nope, not fast, or smokey enough. Plus no insane cackling. Also Harry's still going to therapy when I talked to him last night. Hulk? No, no, he can't zip through the air like that, plus no military alerts. That was an electro static discharge. Electro? Maybe, but much outside his M.O., gee who could it be?'

He dodged and twisted while letting go of one web line, he did a quad somersault, and a quick direction reversal to see who was interrupting his lunch date with M.J., 'Beetle should have guessed! Rocket Ricochet's too yellow and Prowler's too slow, and Hobbie promised no more surprise training sessions after the last one ended with me fishing him out of the east river.

"Abe buddy, what's up? Why are you so set on ruining my lunch date with a bevy of Supermodels, can you apply the bevy to the supermodels? I'm not sure; I need to ask them when I finish twisting your wings off. Abey, why he silent treatment? What's got you so down? Am I interrupting anything special? Let me guess you just pulled of a jewel heist and thought I saw you, and now you feel compelled to continue our wrestle mania LVIII, come on admit it, are you nostalgic for a repeat visit up he river, without a paddle... Say Abe are you okay? You haven't said anything yet. Is something wrong? 'Comon, you can tell uncle Spidey all about it..."

"Shut up you annoying fool! This is revenge! Pure and simple. No heist! No robbery. Not even a fucking jaywalk. I have had enough of you. You are going down for the final count. Do you understand? This is the last time the world will see the spider fool swing..."

Abe Jenkins was interrupted by a hover vehicle of some kind shooting energy blasts at him. He was so focused on killing his arch nemesis that he ignored the proximity radar warnings.

The blasts missed and he went into evasive maneuvers. Spiderman was doing the same.

"The hell these come from? The nerve of them interrupting our special time like this. Say Abe? Is that a rip in space over the New Stark Tower?"

"Holy Fuck! It's a space dragon. What's going on?" he twisted sideways and zig-zagged all over the sky. The hover fighters were unable to keep up.

"Oh my god. They're going after the civilians!" Spiderman was horrified at the carnage going on at street level. Cars were exploding all over the street as the silver aliens from dimension X were firing into the the lunch time traffic jam.

"NO. You bastards that was Jake's. What did he ever do to you? That was the only watering hole that let guys like me hang around without a hassle. You'll pay for that!" The Beetle went into a power dive after the hover responsible for destroying Jake's Place. He got a lock on his HUD and he let go. These things were fast, but nowhere near as agile as the annoying insect. He saw the insect create a web shield over the street and try to rescue some of the trapped civilians. He had no problems with the people themselves. And he'd rather kill the these alien intruders. Let Spiderman handle the rescues, he'll take care of the revenge.

Manhattan NY
Stark Tower, Front of Building.

Xander went into a power dive with Cap and Tasha clinging to an arm. They saw Loki fire indiscriminately into the crowds below. "I don't care who takes that guy down; so long as he goes down."

"No arguments there." Natasha pulled out one of her over powered pistols with the special explosive ammo and started blasting away. She was the only one free to do so. Xander was transport and Captain America needed a stable base to throw his discus of destruction.

Xander landed gently despite the speed of their descent. She would have to ask him how he did that later. She took out he second pistol and soon she was blasting away with both. Rogers was using his shield and Xander pulled out a mini-Uzi from his jacket.

Up above Iron Man did a quick pass over the streets blasting away at every target he could find.

She heard explosions from multiple locations through out the city. Down the street she saw Faith use the spear to blast the hover fighter and Phil get off the occasional shit with the devastator canon. Effective, but slow. Banner looked lost. He didn't want to lose control just yet. He might be more of problem to his allies than to the aliens. Thor let go with a huge lightning bolt that fried some of the grounded troops.

She switched targets. The ones on the ground were more her speed anyway. Xander pulled out the black sword and was swinging it one hand while he fired the machine pistol with the other. He was firing in an opposite direction than the one he was focused on with the sword. She wondered how he was doing that. 'Maybe there's a trick to it. I'll have to remember to ask...', she ducked and rolled as a Chitauri came too close. She shot him from the back and his head exploded in a splash of gore. She put rolled again, putting away one of her pistols and coming up with he staff rifle. She saw that it was simple to operate. She used it to fire on one trying to sneak on Rogers and shot the one going for Xander.

Xander sent a smile her way and returned the favor. "Fuck Me!"

"What? Now?" Natasha looked at Xander wondering at his loss of composure.

"No one told me they had dragons. I hate space dragons. And correct me if I'm wrong but does that look like armor on them?"

"Sorry got the improved sensory package from the thing your girlfriend did with the Red Witch, but even that's not enough to see that far. You must have something else going for you. No clue what that might be..."

"Seriously. You can't see the details on them suckers? They're freaking huge."

"to you, Harris maybe, but to the rest of us mortals they're barely a blur. I only have your word that they are in fact dragons. From this distance they look like fish."

"Fish...okay, you may have something there, but mostly they're dragons...or a hybrid dragon fish...I'm getting a headache trying to figure those things out. I think I'll just kill a few of the monster in the silver armor instead. Always much simpler."

"Agreed." the Black Widow got down to some serious killing, while her companions did the same.

"Cap..." Xander pointed with the sword towards the police barricade forming down the street.

"On it. You hold them to this section while I take a quick look."

"Got it."

Manhattan NY
Stark Tower, Landing Pad.

"Sam! Secure Dr. Selvig. Jackson take your team and setup on the west side. Lori, I want you to cover the south side. I want constant feeds coming in. from all positions, get some cameras set up and don't forget to take the potable shields with you." Riley held his wife's hand for a second, and let her go do her job.

Sam and her team triggered the short range rocket packs and hopped the distance to gate machine. She saw that Dr. Selvig was unconscious on the ground. "Hank take care of him. Jackie, help me get the portable shield setup."

By the time Sam and Jackie got the shield up their position was under fire. The shield took the hits head on and held. The adamantium center, was guaranteed to hold, but the rest of the shield was experimental. It did well in the test trials, but this was the first combat test. She hoped it would stand up to the punishment.

A blaster bolt hit one of the radiating fins, instead of the adamantium center and glowed red briefly until the energy was dissipated.

"So far, so good Sam."

"Let's hope it holds up. Hank get Dr. Selivg out of here, and don't take too long. While you're at it, see if you can't bring a crate of laser guided missiles with you. I don't think the heat seekers will be as effective and I don't want to justify putting holes in all those nice buildings."

"On it Mam." He picked up the unconscious man and triggered his jet pack to get off the roof as fast as he could. He ran into the transport and let the medic take over. He grabbed a create of missiles and on a second thought grabbed one of the phase two rifles. 'This might come in handy.', he ran out and short hopped his way back to the top.

"What took you?" joked Jackie.

"You wouldn't believe the traffic jam out there. Why they're shooting each other out of the sky." his word were punctuated with several explosions as Iron Man cleared the immediate area around the gate machine. Sam, any ideas how we're supposed to get through that shield?"

"I've taken a look at it. Nothing we can do, but babysit sit this thing. If Stark can't come up with something fast, we might need to call up the mojo department."

"Man. I hate dealing with those freaks..."

"That's enough of that Sgt. Boyer. You know that they have their hearts in the right place, it's just that playing with all that energy messes them up a bit."

"Not helping Mam." he flinched as Stark got one the hover fighters that came too close. 'At least the man is sticking close. No wonder. I wouldn't want anything like this to happen to my place. Why aren't they landing and taking over this position?' he wondered. "Any idea why they haven't turned up the heat yet?"

"Why would they? These are the lead assault elements. There job's not take and hold real estate, but to hit and demoralize. They'll let those big boys take care of that." she pointed at the dragon fish making their way out of the portal.

I guess you're right." he said raising the phase two rifle and taking aim he shot a hover fighter that came too close. "Whoa Nelly. This thing sure packs a wallop. How come we all didn't get issued with these when we left. Walker and his boys always get the good stuff." he complained. However he had a huge smile on his face as the hover he shot exploded.
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