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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4231 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Some Developments...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Beta MissE. 
And a big thank you to all those who reviewed. 

Part XIV
Manhattan NY

Cap made it back in record time. "The police will evac the trapped civilians. They will also spot for us from the higher levels. They will link up with Captain Walker's squad on 39 th. "

"Now that's taken care of let's do our part. Here they come again. Xander shot the hover fighters as they strafed his position keeping them off their backs. At the other end of the plaza Phil put the devastator canon to good use. Every once in a whole a hover fighter would explode.

"Cap..." he waited for Steve to finish his latest opponent.

"Yes Xander, what's on your mind?"

"Is it my imagination, or has the enemy shifted the concentration from our position to Phil and the others?"

The two leaders saw a pair of energy beams fired by both Phil and Faith. Each beam brought down a hover fighter, but it wasn't all that difficult with so many targets of opportunity. Dawn was providing a shield to keep the air nuisance down while Faith and Phil dealt with those on the ground. 

"I see what you mean. I've also noticed that for all the forces they have at their disposal. They've yet to go further than Cpt. Walker's positions."

"Sure looks that Steve. I think they'll deal with the points of resistance first before they move out. As long as we make them pay for every inch, we have these suckers contained..."

"What?" Steve asked.

"...the only downside I see, we'll run out of people if we don't get some serious backup."

"Let's make it a little harder. Let's concentrate our efforts. Come on. We're going to back them up. Say any idea why Dr. Banner hasn't changed into the Hulk yet?"

"One. Her name's Dawn. We're gonna have to separate those two I think."

Natasha along with Xander and Steve fought their way to the other group. When the seven fighter were together the enemy forces took the opportunity to go all out against them.

Dawn's force field kept the bulk of the air assault from taking advantage of their lack of air support. On the ground the Avengers made short work of the alien infantry.

"Dawn I want you to cover the east end." Xander sent Dawn one way, and as soon as she was far enough, he sent Phil to cover her.

"Doctor Banner. Now's a good time to get angry. We need the Hulk to take the fight to them." Steve pointed to the increasing number of hover fighters. Iron Man could only do so much.

"Captain Rogers. We have a fresh wave coming down from the portal. Me and Bobbi are barely slowing them down."

"On it agent Barton. Thanks for the heads up." he turned to Bruce waiting for the other man to do something.

"You know Cap. I never needed the time to get angry. I was always angry. I also don't think getting angry is an issue any more." he casually  hanged to the Hulk and continued to have a calm and intelligent conversation with Steve. "Whatever happened on the  Hellicarrier did a few changes. Can't you feel the difference in yourself?"

Steve was surprised by this development, he wasn't sure what it meant to have a calm rational Hulk when  a more savage one was needed. War was a savage and barbaric exercise in violence and destruction. Something the Hulk would excel at. A powerful rational scientist was. It the best man for the current job. At least he hoped the man's unlimited power would at least stem the so far endless tide of alien invaders. "Yes Dr. Banner I do feel the changes both the physical and the mental. While the physical is welcome at this point. The mental will take some time to adapt to, here's hoping we're still alive to adapt properly."

"I see your point." Bruce replied casually as he did a short hop and caught a pair of hover fighters that came under Dawn's shield and slammed them together. He threw away the remains of the destroyed vehicles and their occupants and continued to hold a rational conversation with Steve. "Tell me Captain. How do you rate our chances?" he grabbed the body of a wrecked van and threw it a cluster of aliens advancing on their position. After that off hand display of destruction Steve let the subject drop for now and concentrated on doing his part. He was curious about one thing though. When would Xander change the clip on his machine pistol. He'd been firing it non stop for a few minutes now, he also wondered where he could get one. Maybe if he asked nicely.

Toronto, Canada. 
Fantasy Car

"Any idea on what's going on at home stretch?" Ben Grimm listened attentively to the televised broadcasts. He couldn't believe he was missing the fun. An alien invasion and the appearance of Captain America. They may have missed the beginning of his shindig, but hey certainly would be there for the main event. 

"From the data gathered by the sensors in the Baxter Building an extra-terrestrial invasion is in progress. The intruders are pouring in through a portal that was opened over he new Stark Tower."

"Ya think maybe Stark has anything to do with dat?"

"No Ben. Early reports suggest that Iron Man is one of several individuals deposit ls for slowing the advancing alien invaders. They have managed to contain the combat zone to within a few blocks of the Stark Tower, with the exception of a growing side conflict developing in midtown. It would seem that Spiderman and a few other adventurers have been keeping another large portion of the invading force busy. SHIELD has also deployed several squads, nothing more. They are currently holding position, but they will soon require reinforcements."

"Reed honey, I think we should just concentrate more on getting there as fast as possible and less on the analysis, just make sure we have the information we need on hand before we hit he combat zone."

"Say Reed, will Johnny be joining us or is he still playing with all those Hollywood starlets in L.A."

"Leave my brother alone Ben. If Johnny can join us, he will."

"Sorry Sussie. Didn't mean nuthin' by it. I know the matchstick is good people, but he sure picked a fine time to go make that movie of his."

As the Fantastic Three made their way toward N.Y. Their progress was monitored. By SHIELD satellites. Where Nick Fury was keeping a close eye on their location at all times.

Manhattan NY

"Rogers. The big boys are about to make to street level."

Thor landed next to Steve as he received Stark's warning. "Get ready here they come!" he braced himself for a new level of destruction. "We're ready. The big boys want to play."

Xander mouthed to Faith, "Big Boys?"

"In that case I'm bringing the party to you." Stark banked to avoid a wing strike, and let loose another barrage of mini-missiles. He sped around the building and the dragonfish thing followed.

On the ground Natasha saw what was coming their way, and she wasn't too impressed with Stark's date, "I don't see how that's a party." she told Faith.

Faith smiled for the gift she was about to receive and started to build up a charge. "Here it comes, fish fillets. Ha ha ha ha ha."

"You are on strange girl. You know that?" Natasha looked at her guns and thought, "I going to need something bigger."

"Yeah something bigger. Definitely bigger..." Xander was looking at Dawn.

The dragonfish was busy adding to the destruction as Tony teased the engine of destruction by just staying out of reach, of the slow moving behemoth.

Bruce saw the dragonfish coming his way and he thought 'Party.' with a big smile he got set and punched with all his might. the weight and momentum pushed the Hulk back, Bruce strained to keep the beast back, but was unable to summon the same energy that his more savage alter ego could channel from his unbridled rage. He was slowly pushed back towards the rest of the Avengers.

"DAWN...BIG...NOW!" ordered Xander.

Dawn turned around saw what was coming down. She dropped the shield and activated a rarely used power. She got big. She saw the slow it down, but not stop it in it's tracks. Stark tried blasting away at the armor and flesh underneath. It wasn't enough to stop the monster in it's tracks. When it toppled a lot of good people would be hurt.

She ran the few steps needed and with a spining back kick to the center of the dragonfish's back, she managed to topple it the other way.

Loki saw, and he was not happy. "Send in the rest." he ordered. It was time to win a world for his very own.

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