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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,1741 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

More Friends Join the Party...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Beta MissE.
And a big thank you to all those who reviewed.

Stark Tower Plaza
Manhattan NY

"Looks like Loki's target is Faith." Xander looked at Steve and got a confirmation nod in return. Steve had come to the same conclusion.

"He's after the spear. If he wants it so much let's make sure he works for it."

Xander looked at Steve with admiration. "You are one sneaky guy. You know that?"

Steve had a surprised look on his face that said, who? Me?

Xander wasn't buying. "Please teach me your ways master." Xander pleaded in his Igor imitation.

Steve looked strangely at Xander. He got the reference, one of the few he did, he thought, 'Good man, but an insane sense of humor.' he shrugged. Not like he can be choosy with who his friends were. Xander and the girls were at least his physical equals. He could relax when they were around without having to worry about accidentally hurting them. On the plus side they were right next to him in the thick of battle. You can't ask more of a man or woman. They stood tall shoulder to shoulder with him facing the monsters out of this world. He could put up with a little insane. "Natasha. I need a way to close that portal."

"I know." she rolled her eyes. What did he think she was 'born yesterday' she looked around and saw Stark was still on the ground looking the dragonfish corpse. "I need a lift." she didn't give him a choice. She got a tight grip on his arm and waited. When he didn't do as she says right away, she asked, "Well?"

"I am not a taxi." he complained.

"Dude. Get her the fuck up there. There's only so many things I'm allowed to kill in one day. And in case you haven't noticed, it's a target rich environment. Move your ass!" Faith pointed the glowing end of the spear at Tony to emphasize her point.

Tony flew. He had seen the kind of damage that thing did. And Faith was pissed off just enough to start blasting.

Tony landed next to the SHIELD transport on his landing pad. He dropped her and took off after the other targets he could shoot back at.

"Widow." Natasha saw that Colonel Fin was waiting for her beside the rear hatch. "This way." he pointed inside the vehicle. "Dr. Selvig is starting to wake up.

Natasha nodded her head in acknowledgment and followed him in. Overhead Stark was thinning the opposition.

Back on the Ground Steve was giving the troops there marching orders. "Thor we need to slow them down. The portal's the best place for that. You've got the lightning, light the bastards up. Faith. Can you back him up?"

"Yeah I guess..." she looked at the spear and told it to behave. She ignored the snide remarks form the robot wanna be in her hand. If she wanted snide, she'll stick near Dawn.

"Xander you Phil and I will take care of those on the ground. They want to take us out let's take advantage of that. We'll give them targets they can't refuse."

"Easy for him to say..." Xander whispers to Phil, "His bulls eye at least can take a hit. I need me one of those shield things."

"Do you know how to use one?" snarked Phil.

"How hard can it be? The guy wearing the flag suit is using it." Xander felt the back of his neck itch, " He's looking at me funny. Isn't he?" Phil nodded in return and waited for the canon to finish charging. Great punch, but takes too long to charge. Four shots minute. Not good.

Ignoring the by play of his support team, "Stark keep them in the zone. Any get to 39th help Cpt. Walker turn them back, or fry them up. And Doctor Banner..." he turned to the second biggest gun in his deck, "...Smash!"

"Ha ha ha ha. Some what appropriate Captain. I'll certainly give it my best shot."

"You talk too much!" declared Dawn. She picked him up and flung him with all her strength at the next dragonfish that was in her throwing range.

Captain America re-assessed the battlefield as an ever increasing number of enemy forces were pouring in. Thor twiddling his Hammer and flew toward the empire state building.

Faith looked at her spear and asked, "Why can't you do that?"

The spear didn't bother to reply. That question was beneath it. It made sure that her wielder would not lose her grip and followed the thunderer. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

"She should learn to stop teasing intelligent rune weapons. They have no sense of humor." Xander looked at his sword as he said that. "You realize that we need more bodies to throw at these guys." Steve knew that. He wasn't born yesterday. It just felt like it.

"Captain Walker. Detach two teams and send them to the east end of the Stark Plaza. Lt. Miller please bring half your squad to the same location."

"On our way. Eta in sixty seconds." Graham gave quick instructions to his second, grabbed the rest of the squad and headed to the subway. The aliens haven't made it that far down yet.


"Yes Captain."

"Start feeding Stark some targets and keep me informed of the enemy concentrations. Ms. Morse..."


"Watch his six."

"Not a problem. I'm always watching his six."

"Man you have to stop feeding my girls all these juicy lines. I can't blame them when you make it this easy." Xander saw the blushing man go a deeper shade of red. He wondered just how inexperienced was he?

Steve let the comment go. He dug himself in too deep and couldn't climb out. Instead he took his frustrations out on the handy dandy aliens that offered themselves up as a distraction. He should remember to say a few kind words at their burial.

Manhattan, N.Y.

Luke Cage jumped up and grabbed a hover fighter by the chassis and pulled himself up behind the pilot. As the pilot turned to shoot him, Luke grabbed his skull and crushed it as he made a fist. He jumped off at another passing hover fighter. No way was he going to try and pilot these death machines. Once was enough. His partner Iron fist was behind Misty Knight as she piloted one of the alien vehicles. 'How come she can drive that thing and I can't?' he saw Colleen Wing remove another head with her katana. She was building quite the pile. He kept close to the girl to make sure Misty didn't tear him a new one for letting the fool girl get her damn self killed. He grumbled and took out his anger at the fools who kept throwing themselves in his way. They gave up trying to shoot his diamond hard skin a while back. Now it was all up. Lose and personal with the bladed power staves they used. 'Maybe I should try one of those. They look seriously cool.', he picked one off the ground and swung it like a bar at the next fool. The alien took the hit on the chest armor and was hit like home run. "Right out of the park. Now that's what I'm talking about."

Meanwhile Danny Rand was jumping from one hover to the next leaving a trail of unconscious bodies behind. When he ran out, Misty was there, to provide a quick pick up so they could go after the next bunch.

"Is that Spiderman?" Colleen ducked a stab and parried an overhead strike as she made her way to Luke.

Luke stopped playing baseball with the aliens and looked up to the sky. "Yeah. That's the fool. Wonder what he did to piss off do many of them? There's close to a dozen of those things on his tail."

They saw the Spider do those gravity defying acrobatic stunts of his. He took them down an alley and doubled back. He webbed up the alley entrance and started to taunt them. The alien wing we t after their antagonist like a bunch of pissed off hornets. Right into another sticky, giant web. "Ha ha ha ha. They never learn."

"What did I tell you. That fool has a death wish."

"Hey I heard that Q-ball. Say...that's quite the collection you guys got going. Hi Colleen. Miss me?" he turned to Luke, "Red heads are my secret weakness, I'll have you know." he mock whispered.

"No it's not. It's the empty space between your ears."

"Ooh. Colleen watch out." Peter warned.

"What? Where?" she didn't see anything.

Peter pointed at Luke. "His head's about to explode from the effort it took to come up with that one."

"Christmas. You just can't leave enough alone." the disgust on Luke's face looked normal. It was the same look he had every time Peter saw the man.

"Say Colleen. Why don't you and Misty come and join the fun at the shindig we got going a few streets over. We even have Hand ninja."

"The Hand are helping out?"

"Weelll. Not so much helping out as attacking everybody. Hell even Beetle and Rhino are helping out, and I think some of Fisk's boys were taking pot shots from the shadows."

"Sure. Why not? Let's get Misty and Danny..." she blew a sharp whistle and Misty swung back towards her partner. She saw her talking to Spiderman. "Spiderman has a big party going down, want to join?"

Misty looked at her boyfriend, who shrugged why not. The aliens seemed to follow them more than attacking a particular area. It was better to get them together in one place than to have them shoot up the city in multiple locations.

"Aw come on! You're not seriously thinking of going with this fool?"

"Who's helping out Spidey?" asked Misty.

"Who isn't? Come on. Can't dawdle got paces to be aliens to taunt." with that said the incredible Spiderman shot a webline and took to the skies. Colleen climbed next to Misty and Luke after a look from Danny got in as well. Misty followed the rapidly disappearing Spiderman through the concrete canyons of Manhattan island.

Stark Tower Roof.
Manhattan NY



"Why the fuck didn't you tell me you could fly?" Faith yelled at the spear.

"Is she arguing with the spear again?" Hawkeye asked Bobbi.

"Maybe. But more likely she finally cracked and gone loopy." Faith gave her sister slayer the evil eye. If she had time she'd slap the bitch down a peg or two. But for now she had more important things to do.

"What else can you do?" she asked.


She thought about it. She really didn't, but she and the spear were going to have a 'Slayer to Spear' talk.

"Man Thor is really lighting them bastards up." Clint was admiring the destruction Thor was capable of.

"Not now Clint. Get back to work." Bobbi went back to covering Clint and now it appeared she had to cover Faith as well. She pulled back another arrow and let loose. She had grabbed a half a dozen of Clint's quivers, and his spare bow. She was somewhat familiar with the load he usually used for all out combat.

Faith ignored the couple and went back to her job at hand. "Alright you shiny bastard. Gimme all ya have."

*YOU CANNOT HANDLE ALL I HAVE!* was the spear's smug reply.

"Enough with the back talk. Gimme!" she demanded.

The spearhead glowed and Faith took aim. She let loose a blast that did quite a bit of damage, but nowhere on the same scale as the Thuderer. She looked at the damage Thor was doing and her slayer senses noticed that while a few dragonfish were destroyed others were limping. She waited for the next charge and aimed for the wounded behemoth. This time she had the results she was looking for. The dragonfish dropped out of the sky taking down everyone on board with it.

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