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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,0781 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Getting to know you...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. 'Nough said. You can Google-Fu the current owners... if you really want to.

Part III

I want to thank all my reviewers. All the reviews will keep this story flowing faster and please let me know when you see any glaring mistakes, and I'll take care of them. any one interested in being Beta?"

Part III

"Where are you going?" Steve looked around at the assembled agents and guests. He tried to gage their reactions, but he didn't know half the people well enough to predict how they would have jumped. He hoped this confrontation with Stark would give him enough information to come up with a workable strategy. He already knew that Stark would grandstand. It was his way. No guts, all glory.

"I'm going after them. " Tony told the supposedly older man.

"We need an attack plan."

"I already have a plan. I attack." Tony put action to words, closed his face plate and zipped out of the transport.

Xander could see the frustration build inside the man out of time. As the agents were rushing about Xander approached Steve, "You coming with?"

Steve looked at the young man in confusion for a second, but it didn't last long. He nodded his head and got ready to follow. As they were about to jump, he noticed that Xander wasn't wearing a parachute. "Wher...."

With a smile Xander jumped. Steve jumped after him trying to catch the other man before he killed himself.

Steve tucked in and arrowed after the young man of questionable sanity. He caught an out stretched wrist. Xander just smirked again and with his free hand he caught Steve's right arm with a vise like grip. Steve estimated that the young man was just as strong as he was if not stronger.

"How are you this strong? Are you a super soldier as well?"

"Well now that you mention it, a little bit from column a, and a little bit from column b." Xander got a better grip and toned down the new stronger him, it wasn't like he was new to the whole super strength thing. It's just that this was the first time he was in charge of his own body. He was so planning on enjoying himself this time. "Ya see Cap it's like this. First you're born into a harsh and unforgiving environment where only the strong and fleet of foot survive. Then mystical possessions and shit happens and at one point your the unwilling participant in a Russian version of the super soldier program, only with fish as the theme. When the green bozo dumped all that extra energy into me he ran into a shitload of protection spells and a massive build up of anti-possession resistance for well over a decade. All that energy had to go somewhere and I've got all these nifty open pathways ready to soak up all that delicious but painful energy. Ya know, like a five alarm chili, but without all that extra gastronomic melodrama. Now if only I can get rid of the glow in the dark after glow, I'll be all set. Oh hey. There they are. " he pointed out the devastated landscape where the two engines of destruction were still going at it. Xander concentrated on activating one of Willow's better birthday presents. The rune, tattooed on his back glowed silver under his clothes and he and the Captain started to slow down.

"Are we slowing down?" Steve could detect the difference in the wind resistance right away.

"Yeppers. Another wonderful gift from my best ever bestest bud in the world and a whole lot of guilt. Every birthday she tries to give me these crazy impractical gifts, except for this one. A Feather-fall tattoo. I never had the energy to make full use of it before, but now I don't think that will be a problem any more." the glowing eye faded a bit more, like an inner glow, than the flashlight effect he had going. As he thought on it Xander figured that this would at least be one option to tone down the freaky, that and sunglasses.

"This 'Feather-fall is what's slowing us down? Something like controlling gravity?" he guessed from what the name implied.

"Oh kudos Captain Ever-bright. You're a sharp one. Gotta remember that. That boy scout thing you got going is one very effective mask. Kudos I say."

Steve could see from Xander's joyous smile that he meant it as a compliment, so he didn't take it as the insult it might have been to someone else. His estimates of this young man kept going up and up. At the very least he appeared to be another super soldier with physical abilities on par to his own gifts and add in the other unusual surprises he had up his sleeve along with his now obvious analytical abilities and perceptions and you had one very dangerous young man. However the same thing could be said about him, so he wasn't too worried. Natasha and agent Coulson obviously knew who he was and they knew about the girls as well, at least some of them. From the showdown between the Black Widow and ex-agent Bobbi Morse. There was history there and it wasn't a history of the good kind, but it wasn't of the shoot on sight variety either. He'd reserve judgment for now until further evidence said otherwise.

"Will you look at those two tearing up the landscape. Say, I've got a construction and demolitions company. Do you think those two might be interested?" Xander paused for a moment as Steve gave him a look that said what are you smoking and keep it away from me, and I hope to god it's not contagious.

"Okay I get it. Stark's not cheap, but I was hopping to throw Faith in to sweeten the deal, but she's already blown that by throwing herself at him already, so that's out. And I don't think that gods are any cheaper... say, where's the pain in the butt. Oh... does that look right to you?" Xander was aware of Loki's location as soon as he asked that question. That was something he didn't need to know, but it was better to know where Mr. Trouble was than to have him backstabbing you when you least expected it. Again a case of better the devil you know and where he was at all times.

"Oh. I see what you mean. He's not even hiding the fact that he should at least try to escape."

"Arrogance. Gotta love it. That and monologuing. How else are you supposed to guess what the Big Bads have planned without it?"

"See that cliff? Put us there if you can." Steve pointed out the cliff overlooking the two combatants as they took a slight breather from taking each other apart.

"Your W word is my command oh Captain my Captain." again with the smirk. Steve got the impression that Xander didn't say much without using that smirk of his. He made a note to have a private word with the young man when he had the chance. He could see that the fighting had resumed and it was getting nasty. As soon as his feet touched the ground he moved to quickly put an end to the slug fest. Loki wasn't going anywhere. He looked like he was enjoying a dinner show. Escape was the last thing on his mind. He hated it when villains like him and the Red Skull thought nothing could touch them.

He took aim with his shield and threw. He noticed that Xander had pulled a black sword from somewhere. He didn't know where and hopped it wasn't from out of his ass. Nothing that young man did surprised. Shocked him... a big old 'Yes', but not surprised. He was now a permanent fixture on his danger awareness meter. It just didn't do to let anyone that dangerous run loose without some kind of supervision.

"Hey!" The thrown shield hit the Asgardian first and Stark second, "That's enough!" he jumped off the cliff, Xander followed right behind him. His decent was a bit slower than his. "Now I don't know what you plan on doing here..."

Thor didn't let him finish, "I've come to put an end to Loki's schemes."

"Then prove it." Steve challenged the still pissed off Prince of Asgard. "Put that Hammer down."

"Uh, not yet no. Bad call. He loves this thing..." Stark had a bad feeling about this. And there it was, Thor bitch slapped him away.

"Jeez Cap. Even I know you don't tell a god to disarm." Xander shook his head and got ready to receive the hurt about to come down his way. Steve didn't look like he had a care in the world. The man had 'Balls' Big ones even. At least two tons he estimated. 'Where can I get me rocks that size?' he wondered. 'Here it comes.' He got his black sword into the en-guard position.

"You want me to put the Hammer down..?" Thor yelled not really expecting an answer. His rage was upon him and he would let that speak for him. He jumped the thirty feet separating him from the knights and brought the Hammer down with his full might.

The shock waves from the impact were enough to throw everyone in all directions. Like leaves in a hurricane, generated by a Storm God called Thor.

'Shit I knew that was gonna happen. Still I wonder where I can get a cool shield like that one... maybe Wills will have one for my next birthday? Nah, better not ask. With my luck it'll have its own personality and try to tell me how to run my life, not like I don't already have enough of those in my life.' he noticed the others getting up and found out that his body was able to absorb the shock better than he had anticipated. He knew there were a few improvement and that he was pretty resilient to begin with. Olaf's Troll God Hammer had proved that to him. This however the next level in the new and improved Xander Harris it seemed.

"Are we done now?" Captain America asked when everyone was back on their feet.

Xander put away his sword and winced when it disappeared. He really didn't like the sword, but the girls had insisted.
He needed a big equalizer for those special occasions when 'IT' had to die and no one else was around to get the job done. His girls knew him so well. Go figure. "Where's Loki?" he asked knowing where the Butt munch was without even looking. It had to be said to get the others thinking about a common enemy and forget about getting back to busting heads. Preferably not his Xander shaped head. The girls liked him so much better with his head right where it was thank very much, and he so didn't want to test just how his new resilience would stand up to a Dwarf forged, Rune Hammer wielded by a Legendary God with berserker tendencies.

"I'll get him." Stark told them and flew towards the chaos god without giving Thor a chance to challenge the decision. He looked like a guy who would challenge every decision, sorta like him. There was only room for one prima donna here, and that was him.

Iron Man grabbed the unresisting green clad trouble maker and flew back to the assembled pains in the ass. He just knew the kid would be just as much trouble as the big over grown boy scout was shaping up to be. He felt it down to his bones.

*Sir. The SHIELD transport has arrived.* JARVIS announced.

"I can see that JARVIS. Thank you for stating the obvious." he saw the sad look on the kids face. "What's with the mopey look kid?" he asked. He wasn't interested, but it didn't hurt to make nice with the kid that had so many gorgeous girls hagging around him.

"It's like this. I got this kick ass sword, but I never get to use it." his sad expression sent a shiver through Tony's bones. 'It figured. Hot girls only hang around bad boys and psychos. And the kid didn't look all that bad...'

"Come on. Let's get back to the ship. It's Fury's job to figure out what's our next move."

"You mean Nicky's involved? As my best pal would say 'Oy Vey!' Nothing of the good could come of that meddler getting his fingers in this mess."

To be continued...
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