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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,3951 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Final Phase

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Beta MissE.

And a big thank you to all those who reviewed.

I would like to thank applestop and Eureka for recommending this story.

Manhattan, N.Y.
Stark Tower Plaza

"...and not only that, but your mother probably wears combat boots."

Xander briefly glanced in Peter's direction, "Yeah, you're probably right. Mom was a marine nurse before she became a drunk." He spun and deflected an energy beam with the black sword.

He took two steps the right avoiding more energy blasts without even looking.

"You're just like my friend. He has the same fighting style. He doesn't look where he punches or when he throws his billy clubs. I know how he does it, but what's your story?"

Peter jumped over another accidental glomp by the slayer, Julie. She'd been eyeing him like a piece of meat for a while now. She was attractive enough, but no way was she over sixteen. She also kept trying to cop a feel. But what sunk the deal for him were the evil looks Xander sent his way. He didn't look like a father figure, but you could never tell with the super set.

"Apparently it's this whole new cosmic awareness that I just had shoved into my skull." Xander side stepped Julie as she tried to flirt with Spiderman yet again. Xander sent Spidey a weak glare of death that he’d give the guys who hanged around his girls, that he approved of. 'Sounds like a good kid. Got his Pun-Fu down pat. He also has this I'm a human with a little extra vibe going for him.

"So Spidey... Can I call you Spidey? Anyway, I always thought that you were kinda cool and all. Is there like a Mrs. Spidey? It's cool if there is and all, but if not I thought we could, ya know..."

"I'm sorry, Julie, but kinda busy at moment." Peter used his webbing to create a giant tennis racket and swatted at the group of hover fighters that were on his ass. The girl, Julie, didn't even look like she was paying attention, but then again she was stepping between the energy blasts with the same ease as her over-protective whatever and the other girls she was with. He didn't know models were this talented. The girls M.J. hanged around with certainly weren't.

"Wow. That's just cool how you can create just about everything with your webs and stuff. Are they like magic of something? 'Cause that would be seriously cool..."

"Say, Julie, why is Xander looking at me like that?"

"Aw don't worry about him. Xander's a big softie. Us girls have him tied around our little fingers, but we'd never take advantage of that. He's too sweet, and it wouldn't feel right to do that...also Faith and Dawn would seriously kick our asses if we did, and don't get me started on what Willow or Buffy would do."

"Yeah, that's cool and all, but it still doesn't explain why he's all grr and all. And does he even know any guys? 'Cause let me tell you so far all I've heard about are the girls."

"I'm sure you're just imagining it. As for the guys, there's Mr. Giles, but he's seriously old. Come on let's just ask him about the looks." Julie did a quadruple somersault and close to a two story jump and landed right next to Xander. "Xander! Will you just quit with the death glance every time I try talking to Spidey. Seriously the guy is like all sensitive and stuff and can tell when you turn to Grr-Xander. I haven't like had a date in a week, so quit it already."

"Jules, I'm innocent I tell you. He's just imagining it is all." Xander sent a glare in Spiderman's direction.

Peter felt it even with his back turned. "Would you just quit it? You're fucking up my spider-sense."

"Your spider what? The hell you talking about, Willis?"

"I'm talk about the glances of death you send my way every time she's near. What is she to you? Your daughter or something?"

"Ward." Xander kept his answer shot while he was pressed from several directions.

"Ward as in Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, or June and Ward Cleaver?"

"Bruce and Dick, and you do get major points for your trivia skill in alluding to the 'Leave it to Beaver, Batman' connection. When we have the time you should come over for a free for all trivia smack down."

"Sounds intriguing, but with there be a smack down during or after he trivia contest?"

"During. Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the smack down."

"Ah! Got it. You're insane with a side of mad." Peter avoided a sword smack from Xander, but he could tell the other quipster didn't mean it.

"The hell is that?" Xander asked in surprise.

Peter looked and saw gramps and the guys decided to bring the other party over. "That's my gramps...just found out... Not sure if it's true or not, but my Spidey sense hasn't freaked out on me yet, so yeah..."

"You're Howlett's grand kid? My condolences. Hey Cap!" Xander got Steve's attention. "Look who decided to join the party."

"Is that Lucky Jim?"

"Sure looks like. And get this, Spidey here's admits to being related."

"Hey I said maybe, and could I just say, Mr. Captain America, sir, I am a big fan."

"Thanks, son. You're doing your grandfather proud. Let's keep at 'em."

"Yeah I think we've got these guys contained. Time to deal with the portal." Xander pointed up at the rip in space.

"Right. Any ideas?"

"Yeah, a couple actually."

Logan made his way to Peter, Cap and Xander. "Cap? Is that you?"

"Jimmy? How the hell are you even still alive?"

"I know you?" Logan sniffed the air and narrowed down the scents. Cap was Cap. How that was, he didn't know, but he smelled of Fury, so there was a clue, so did the kid with the sword, for that matter, he also smelled like a Harris. "You a Harris?"

"Yeah. That nose of yours. You and your brother, say where's the party killer at anyway? Sure could use him just about now."

"Not sure what you're talking about?"

"Ya know. Your brother Creed, he of the Growly persuasion."

"Yeah Creed would be an asset at this." Cap nodded.

"How the hell do you know all this, kid? You look and smell like a Harris, but you ain't the Harris."

"Yeah gramps is floating around somewhere bless his paranoid soul. But a chaos mage did this spell once and I would up with a set of gramps memories, got all kinds of shit about Cap, you and WW II." all the while he was talking Xander had put away his weapons and just dodged the occasional shot from the alien horde. He has his phone out and was texting like mad.

"Dude there's no reception. All the towers are down." Peter told him.

Xander only smirked and put his phone away. They all heard a chip beep come from the giant girl. They saw her take out her phone and glance at the screen. She turned around looked at Xander and nodded her head. She walked towards them and shrunk down to her normal height on the way over. "I was wondering when you were going to get serious."

She looked at the strangers around her boyfriend, but shrugged it off. She has learned to trust his instincts about people over the years.

Xander smirked. "Had to make sure the lizards didn't slip into the woodworks first. Can you imagine the havoc they'd create if they hooked up with our normal brand of crazy?"

"Ah." Dawn could indeed imagine. "You want to bring everyone?"

Xander thought about it for a moment and nodded his head. "Phil. Take over. All yours, Dawn. "

"Dawn, can I come with?" Julie asked making with the puppy eyes at Xander.

Xander gave his permission and Dawn shrugged.

"Yay!" Julie jumped up and down and while Peter was mesmerized by her talents she glomped him successfully this time.

Dawn giggled at Julie's antics. 'Ah, to be sixteen and hormonally driven.' She raised her hands and they glowed briefly. A jade energy dome covered the party. The glow intensified and then the globe disappeared taking everyone with it. They appeared on the rooftop of Tony Stark's building.

Manhattan, N.Y.
Stark Tower, Rooftop Landing Pad.

Sam Fin led the two SHIELD super soldiers back to the HQ Transport. They had Loki on a stretcher. "Hon, did you remember to pack the restraint system Willow gave us for our last anniversary?"

Riley looked at his wife and raised one eyebrow. "Why?" his chin pointed to the group behind his wife.

"I'm thinking it's just what the witch doctor ordered. This piece of crap is starting to twitch. I guess Asgardian are built tough."

"I'll have a look." Riley smiled. Sam was the paranoid one in the family. Bless her soul, that paranoia had saved their bacon time and again. He found the pink manacles and handed them over.

Sgt. Brian Campbell raised an eyebrow, ""Pink?" he didn't bat an eye that they were packing manacles. Very little about the Fins surprised him anymore. This was one of them.

"Don't ask Sgt. you'll sleep better not knowing." Sam took the manacles and shackled the twitching god while he was still unconscious. "How about a muzzle?"

"I didn't bring the ball gag. Sorry hon. Didn't think we'd need one for an alien invasion." Riley should have known better. They usually brought with them at least one set for the odd magic user they had to deal with.

"The Widow about done with the professor?" Sgt. Campbell pointed at the deadly assasin and the recovering SHIELD scientist.

"I think so. They've been talking quietly for a while, and it looks like agent Romanov is just about done."

A green glow from the top of the tower captured their attention. "Looks like Dawn's up at bat next. Hope they can get that portal closed." Sam looked at the new additions and raised both of her eyebrows. "That's some party. Lots of colorful costumes..."

"You never know. If Xander brought them along he obviously has a use for them." Riley explained.

Sam sighed. She hoped so. The insane intensity was ramping up, and not down. Something has to give and hopefully it was the aliens and not them.

"Let's go. The good doctor built a way to shut it down. And your friend Faith has the key..." she looked puzzled at the Fins when Colonel Fin blushed a deep shade of crimson. "Anyhing to add?"

"It's not really pertinent to this discussion or situation agent." Riley tried to bluff the Black Widow, but Natasha wasn't budging.

Sam smirked at her husband's discomfort. "Aw come on Sam. You know it has nothing to do with this situation."

"Colonel we're on the clock I don't have time for this guessing game." Natasha really didn't have the time, but you never knew what information could become critical.

"While stationed in Sunnydale Faith switched bodies with the other slayer. My girlfriend Buffy and she sorta took me to bed and rode me into the ground..."

Natasha raised her hand. "You're right it's not pertinent. Maybe? Sorry I asked." this was time she lost and would never recover.
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