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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,0111 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

On the Ground...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.



I would like to thank my Beta MissE.

And a big thank you to all those who reviewed.


Manhattan, N.Y.

Midtown Parking, Rooftop.


Punisher's War Journal

May 04, 2012


I fucked up. Plain and simple. The SHIELD marine caught me fair and square. There wasn't much I could do. One of the alien hover craft was about to blast one of the heroes. I had to take the shot. The marine saw it a pulled some kind of a futuristic blaster weapon on me. I tried to bluff him, but he wasn't buying. Smart marine. Most were. I should know.


When one of the hover craft came after my sniper position. He took his eyes of me for just a split second. His mistake. He took down the alien craft with one shot. I took the opportunity to take him down right after.


Something wasn't right. He was a lot harder to take down. Super soldier hard I'd say. SHIELD must have put everyone they has on the front lines. About damn time. Stop hiding in the fuckin' shadows and come out and do the job like it's supposed to be done.


For the first time I couldn't complain. They were doing the job and they caught me nappin', that'll teach me to get complacent.


I hooked the marine to a saline solution with a drug guaranteed to keep you under. I didn't want this marine, Brody it said on the name tag. I didn't want him to just wake up. ‘Specially if he was a super soldier.


I took his uniform and weapons. It was time to hit the streets and see what the war on the ground was like.


Manhattan, N.Y.

39th Street.


39th street was a war zone. The ground was littered with death and destruction. The Marines held their positions and with the occasional fly-by from Iron Man they were bleeding the aliens dry.


Too bad no one told the aliens. They kept pouring out of that damn portal like an army of angry fire ants. Frank had no doubt that without the efforts of the heroes and the villains, the aliens would have taken Manhattan without much effort. Once someone with superior technology and numbers established a beachhead; good luck kicking them back out.


He didn't think they'd be willing to go back the way they came from.


He helped out where he could. He was familiar with the normal marine tactics and he made sure to keep current with the advances used by most of the high tech units deployed. Units like the SHIELD Marines.


There were several things that grabbed his attention. Every single marine was performing way past previously set expectations. As if every one of them was given a shit-load of that super soldier formula. It sure as hell looked like SHIELD found a way to make it work.


Then there was another level of super soldier deployed. These guys were at least ten times as strong as the souped up marines. True there weren't as many of them, but there were enough. Together with the new energy weapons, they were turning a potential blood bath into a real fight.


He knew that when this fight was over, SHIELD would have a real battle on their hands in the world's court for bypassing the super soldier experimentation ban.


The heroes must have done something right. The portal had shrunk to less than half its previous size.


"Prepare for Nuclear deployment!" announced the com gear built into the helmet.


"The fuck! We're winning. Why are they lobbing nukes?" he asked out loud.


A Captain Robins heard him, "It's a rogue. Some politico's playing around. I hate those arm chair generals!" He took a deep breath and shouted, "EVERYONE INTO THE SUBWAY! NOW!"


Frank was about to join the exodus, when he noticed that the super soldiers held their ground, and so did a lot of marines. He decided to do the same. 'Screw the nuke. If I live through this someone's going to pay for this shit-storm,' he promised himself. A few seconds later Iron Man flew by with a nuke on his back.


"I'll be God-Damned!" he said.  


He wasn't the only one.


They watched the playboy guide the missile through the portal.


"YES! DID YOU FUCKIN' SEE THAT!" a marine named Greenwood shouted.


There were murmurs of admiration for the hero’s sacrifice.


When the aliens dropped out of the sky and on the ground like marionettes with their strings, everyone exploded. The hero did it.


'He sure earned his name with that one. Hat's off to you buddy,' Frank thought.


"WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT!" the same marine with the loud voice shouted.


Frank looked just in time to see the portal close. He also saw Iron Man slip through before the portal snapped shut. 'Good for him.' After watching for a few seconds it looked like the man was falling down like a brick.


"He's not slowing down. Man, I hope he makes it." Captain Robins said near Frank.


"Yeah. Me too!" he agreed.


Together the two men looked on and hoped for the best. When they saw him disappear into a green portal, Captain Robins wondered aloud, "Is that a good or bad sign?"


When Frank saw the corresponding green glow coming from the top of Stark's Tower, and then followed by Iron Man shooting upwards. "Neat trick. I wonder how they did that?"


"Beats me."


"Say Cap...don't you think we should secure the alien weapons and the aliens, just in case they decide to get up?" Frank was a dyed-in-the-wool paranoid, but in his line of work that was a survival trait, because everyone was out to get him.


"You know..." Captain Robins looks at the name tag, and says, "Kinda overkill, but it can't hurt to get the weapons secure before some civilian runs off with a trophy." He gave the order, and made the suggestion, up and down the chain of command.


The marines begin start gathering the weapons and securing the aliens when it was convenient. They were at it for about ten minutes when the first alien began to stir.


The alarm was quickly given and the marine changed the importance of their orders and started to secure as many of the aliens as they could, but they only were able to cover half of the bodies on the ground. The other half saw what was going on and started to fight back. Again the marines changed tactics and started to fire back on the disorganized enemy, but they weren't much better themselves. A mad minute went by where humans were firing at the aliens, and the aliens were firing on the humans. Friendly fire from both sides started to take its toll and both sides decided to switch tactics. They went after each other hand to hand k-bars and entrenching tools against the alien battle staves. Quite a few marines had picked up some of those same staves and were putting them to good effect.


The marines’ high morale and pack-like tactics began to turn the tide, but there were too many aliens. That was when the heroes started arriving.


First it was Spider-Man and some girl who jumped about three stories mid-air and started to slash the aliens with a sword of all things.


The marines would have tried to stop her, if she didn't go through the aliens like a buzz saw. At that point they gave her a wide berth and saw to their own tasks.


The Hulk dropped from the sky and hottie jumped from his back as well. This one was even deadlier than the first girl.


"Where the hell are these girls coming from?" Frank asked out loud.


"Who cares? Would you look at them go. Man, where can I get a girl like that?" a marine by the name of Allmon answered.


Soon the rest of the heroes arrived to help out. There were even more girls like the first couple, and Captain Robins recognized the Black Widow among their number. He guessed they were probably secret SHIELD agents like her.


Frank took out as many as the murdering scum as he could. He then tried to make his way to the subway, since his help was no longer required. The heroes and their allies were in the process of mopping up and no one needed his help.


Something stung the back of his neck. He slapped his hand quickly to find what hit him. He found a dart. He looked back and saw Captain Robins put away a dart pistol.


"I know Brody. And you are not him. But since you helped I'm going to keep you alive. We'll let SHIELD's Psy division find out who you are? And what you did with Brody?"


Frank fell down as the fast acting drug took effect. He was out before he hit the ground.
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