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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Moving On...


 Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Beta MissE.

And a big thank you to all those who reviewed.



I want to thank JonnyNapalm for the recommendation.


Manhattan, New York.

Offshore SHIELD Hellicarrier.




Punisher's War Journal

May 04/2012


Fury wants me to be the leader of his secret avengers. The one good thing about it: no long johns. I would be the SHIELD agent in charge.


He gave me a list. Not the one I wanted, but my options were death row or knock off forty years, and super powers. He took away my option to say no by injecting me with that new serum they came up with and giving me the powers. The room I was held in had an event that involved cosmic energy, the same energy that created the Fantastic Four. That's dangerous enough on its own, but another even more mysterious energy was at play. The two together for some reason provided a stabilizing agent that healed and regenerated damages tissues and biological systems in general. Apparently one of the smuggled cats on board can now fly, walk through walls and in general was tough enough to take on a panther.


My own alterations weren't quite so severe. Nick ran me through a battery of test that they used on the super soldiers here. Strength was off the scale. Over the ten ton limit they had. My speed and reaction times were about half what I'd seen Spider-Man reach during the battle. That will certainly come in handy.


Tough enough to shrug off slashing and blunt force trauma. They didn't check to see if I could bounce bullets, but they figured low caliber wouldn't be a problem, higher would probably put me down. Maybe not down for the count, but definitely down until the regeneration kicked in.


I haven't noticed any other changes. Not that these weren't enough, but Fury, damn his evil black heart, had spiked the serum.


Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk. The man whose picture was in the dictionary, right next to the word: rage.


I don't do wild rage. Cold calculating rage, not a problem, but wild rage I give that a pass, thank you very much.


I would have another SHIELD agent as a member of the team. Together we would recruit the rest of the team.


Some guy, a scientist by the name of Pym figured out a way to make giant people, like that girl. Useful, but not too secretive.


I was thinking about getting that Moon Knight character. Mark whatever. Maybe even Frenchie, his pilot. The man stayed long enough to fire on everything before he left. The least I can do is check him out. Wouldn't hurt to have another option open besides SHIELD for transportation and support.


I saw my face in a reflective surface and it threw me off again. It would be a while before I was used to this unwelcome change. I understood Fury's reason. I just didn't agree with it. If I was to be a secret avenger, no one would know who I was. The whole thing was about deniability. I personified the meaning of the word deniability.  


Manhattan, New York.

Coffee Bean.


Peter sighed again. The girl on his back didn't care. She just mashed her breasts into his back even harder. "Tell me again why I let you come with me?" he asked.


"I want to talk to that red head friend of yours."


"Why?" he asked tiredly.


"Never you mind why. Just leave that to us girls. And you're so cute when you pout."


"I'm not pouting." He was pouting. "I am wearing a mask, you know. How can you tell whether I'm pouting or not?"


"It's a slayer thing." she shrugged. She was lying, of course; he couldn't call her out on it. She changed the topic. They couldn't question you if you change the topic on them.


Peter landed on the roof of the Coffee Bean. He was on his way here when the rip in space appeared over Stark Tower.


Julie reluctantly released her death grip and walked around to the edge. She jumped off and looked around. When she looked for Spidey he disappeared. He wasn't going anywhere. She had his scent. She could track him down if she had to. It would be hard to nail him down, even if she used a nail gun. He was that slippery. Slayer stamina was enough to outlast his spider stamina. She hoped by not too much of a margin. She'd need to build up his endurance once he was under her thumb, if he needed it.


She looked through the plate glass window and saw several customers. One of them was a gorgeous red head. She even recognized her. Mary Jane Watson. 'If that's the caliber of women he's used to, no wonder he's been able to resist me.' She sighed. 'I guess it'll have to be a threesome, with me as the odd girl out. This will be tougher than I thought. '


A young man of average looks walked up to her. She sniffed the air and asked, "What took you so long?"


"Hey, you try changing your clothes as quickly as I did and hop off the roof without anyone seeing you in New York City's busiest college neighborhood. By the way how did you know it was me?"


"Your scent. Come on let's get this over with. Mary Jane Watson isn't going to wait forever."


"I still don't know why I'm letting you do this."


"That's because you can't resist me. Come on." She grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the coffee shop behind her.

"I should be able to resist you. Why can't I? It's not like red heads are my kryptonite ya know."

Julie ignored him and pulled him in. She didn't know either. Didn't care. She got her Spidey and she was keeping him baggage and all. And oh boy what delicious looking baggage. 

"Peter...who's your friend?" Mary Jane asked with a twinkle in her brilliant green eyes. She was holding in her laughter as the slim but busty young lady was pulling Peter helplessly behind her. If you knew Peter's night time and occasional daytime hobby like she did you'd laugh too. 

"Uh Julie, M.J., M.J., Julie. She followed me home and she won't let go. Help?"

"Peter's such a kidder. Hi. Like he said I'm Julie, but that's like just my working name."

"Oh. Are you an actress or dancer or is it something like a stage name?" she noticed that the younger girl still hadn't let go of Peter's wrist. Like she was holding on to an unruly puppy about to bolt at the second he's released. Peter didn't look scared, and with his powers she didn't think there was much that could scare him anymore. She was still puzzled, and the other girl must have picked up on that. 

"No. It's nothing like that. I'm in the same kinda business he's in, only more dangerous."

"What do you mean by 'more dangerous'? How can what you do be more dangerous than Doc. Oc?"

"Oh please. You fight an old man with a four extra mechanical tentacles. I fight tentacle demons. Do you know what tentacle demons to young sweet things like me?"

"You mean you're a super..." at Peter's harsh look she changed her sentence. "Duper girl like Peter? What kinda of, um action name is Julie?"

"It's a great name. Plus it's tradition. When your leaders are Buffy, Faith, Rona and Kennedy, you have to pick something like Julie, or Bobbi. Although Bobbi's name is Bobbi, but that's besides the point. Hi I'm Felicia Hardy. Nice to meet you." 
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