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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,1811 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Book II: The Journey Home.

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.



I would like to thank my Beta MissE.

And a big thank you to all those who reviewed.

Fully beta reviewed


I want to thank both Omegaprime and ThunderGod for the Reccomendations

Manhattan, New York.

The Coffee Bean Café.




"What just happened?" M.J. turned to Felicia for an answer.


"You made a wish..."


"...And you seconded it..."


"...and I seconded it." Felicia hung her head in shame. It last three micro seconds and then she was over it. "So. Your place or his?" she asked her two stunned partners.



Manhattan, New York.

The Stark Tower.


Tony flew up with Xander in tow. They went high enough to survey the damage. It made for a very depressing picture.


The clean-up effort was already underway. The armed forces were pouring into the city from all over: the tunnels, the bridges, by air and by sea.


The SHIELD Marines were reinforced by the transports. They had secured the war prisoners and were now loading all the weapons they could find. They were almost done.


They would have been done sooner, but Nick Fury was a paranoid of the first order. He didn't want the prisoners anywhere near the weapons. You never know if they could activate them through wireless communication of some kind. He was thinking of adding that capability to the new SHIELD Phase 2 weapons.


"Tony, drop me off here."


"Xander we're a mile high. I know you're tough, but you're not that tough."


"That's right. You weren't there when Steve and I jumped from the transport while you and Goldilocks were otherwise engaged. Anywho I want to try something if I fall you can always catch me before I hit the ground."


"It's your funeral." Tony shrugged inside the armor and released.


Xander fell fast at first, but slowed down after a few hundred feet. He then poured cosmic energy into the Feather-fall tattoo. It hurt at first, but it wasn't too bad. The more energy he poured the more control he had. By the time he got the results he wanted he had spent a full quarter of his cosmic energy reserves.


He flew the rest of the way to the Stark Tower under his own power.


Tony followed behind him watching and analyzing the energy as it was used by Xander. He was envious. He could fly in the suit and it was a great feeling, but pure flight like that was a wondrous sight and something to aspire for in the future.


As they flew down Xander and Tony, by different means saw the developing confrontation between Loki and Willow.


They were less than fifty feet when Willow got fed up with Loki's insults and zapped him with a pink energy beam.


The result: One pink rabbit in a rabbit-Loki style armor.


"Holy shit!" Tony knew the witch could do magic. He saw her manipulate energy on the cosmic level several times. But this was freaking MAGIC. This was ‘pull a rabbit out of a hat’ magic time.


Xander landed near Willow and Tony near Thor. "Why the armor?" Tony asked Willow.


"You mean why did I let him keep his armor?"


"Yeah. That one." Tony raised the faceplate.


"Humiliation!" she said with a humph for emphasis.


"What did he do?" Tony asked Thor.


"He insulted my Mother!" Thor looked at the struggling rabbit. It changed its shape several times, but the final result was a Bugs Bunny Style rabbit with white hair and pink frosting. As far as bunnies went, it was one bad ass bunny.


"What the hell's going on?" Tony wondered.


"He's fighting the spell. He has a talent it seems. He just learned how to change his shape, but the spell is forcing him to stay in the mold. He's a rabbit and this is as far as it's willing to go." Willow giggled as Loki the rabbit tried to remove the SHIELD muzzle she slapped on him earlier to shut him up.


*Thor! Order this 'Bitch' to release me!*


"I don't think I will. You did insult my Mother."


*I did no such thing. I insulted the power she works for...*


"The Lady happens to be my Lady Mother's Avatar."


*I did not mean to insult your mother. It was a mistake.*


"I think you will be easier to transport this way. A bunny you shall stay. Ha ha ha ha ha!"


"Who are you talking to?" asked Tony.


"He's talking to the rabbit." Xander told him.


"You can hear him?" Thor asked.


"Sure. No big."


"It is indeed big. Loki is skilled in the mind magics. He would not make such a mistake..."


"Are you?"


"Am I what?"


"Skilled in the mind games," asked Xander.


"Nay. But I know my brother."


"So far not too well. You've been wrong and have mistaken most of his actions to date. I think he's been playing you." Xander was guessing, but it felt right. He turned to Willow, "Wills, he's going to be a bitch to keep an eye on once you're gone. He's bound to break the spell."


"Oh. I know just the thing. Close your eyes."  Willow put her hand over Xander's eyes just in case he peeked. He did that from time to time.


She connected to him right away. It was much easier this time for some reason. 'Guess I'm getting better at this,' she thought.


She was about to shove the ability to see auras right into Xander's head when she saw he already had something similar. So she just activated it instead.


"How's that?"


"Damn it, Wills. How many times have I told you to ask first?"


"I'm sorry. I didn't think. I'll do better next time." she used the puppy eyes defence.


'Damn her puppy defence. Must find a way to overcome it.' He sighed heavily. It didn't work, "I guess I need to work a little more on that..."


"Are you still trying to develop the puppy defence?" she asked. At Xander's nod she gushed, and gave him a hug. "Aw it's so cute. You've been trying since you were five." She buried her head in his chest.


"One day, Wills. One day." he promised, but in the meantime he enjoyed the Willow hug. He didn't get many of those lately. Kennedy was a greedy huger. Not that he could blame her, but still Willow was his sister. Where was his hugging time?


Xander looked at the Bugsy-Loki and saw. There was no other way to describe it. Willow had shoved the equivalent of a mental remote control. It was similar to switching channels. He could even do the picture-in-picture thing. It gave him a headache, but he was sure it had its uses...someday....maybe on a planet full of naked women and they wanted to put Faith in a wet tee shirt contest, although why would naked women need a tee shirts, was the loophole he couldn't figure out. He also couldn't figure out why she was teasing Bruce like that. She was practically giving him a full body rub... With her front of everyone. 'That girl has no shame. I'm the one who should be getting that. How else am I going to make Tony jealous? It was too late to make him pop his eyes. Will you look at that? He's even giving Bruce two thumbs up. Those should have been my thumbs,' he fumed.


Willow could tell he was fuming. 'Wow. He really must be working on that puppy defence. Better give him an extra squeeze to make him forget.' Action followed thought and Xander left Faith to Bruce. He'd figure that one out later. "Okay. I 'see' what you mean about seeing him. Say. Why is there a Loki-shaped body over the Bunny?"


"Too much energy. "


"Come again?"


"He comes from a higher plane of existence. There's too much energy. It's gotta go somewhere."


"I 'see' your point."


"Alright buster stop right there. Enough with the 'see' pun. The last time it was the 'here, hear' thing. I will not have to explain to your parent why Buffy kills you during the next meeting."


"What? She thought it was funny."


"Only the first time you did it. By the end of the day she was ready to commit Xander-cide. So knock it off, mister." She broke the nice warm hug to hit him in the chest. He flew back several feet. Tony caught him before he tripped and fell off the roof.


"Thanks, Tony. I owe you one."


"Worth twelve?"


"Dream on...Wills?"


"It's mainly your fault. I was right in the eye of the storm. I'm still trying to get it under control."




"Say, Thor, buddy, how are you getting home?" Tony leaned his elbow on Thor's shoulder. Thor looked at him like he tracked mud on the nice new white carpets he just put it. "What? Too soon." Tony removed the elbow. "Anyway. How are you getting home?"


"Lady Willow has promised to consult with my Mother. She has the knowledge to walk the ethereal paths and the way to Asgard."


"And how long will this consultation take?" Tony figured it was one of those things that took years.


"As soon as people stop interrupting me I'll get on it." She gave Tony and Xander the stink eye.


"Hey what did I..." when he saw that Xander was included in the stare he modified that thought. Blame shared was better than being singled out. Besides, be didn't want to become the Iron Rabbit. It just didn't sound right for some reason. Plus Playboy Bunnies didn't really play with other Bunnies. Or did they?  He wasn't too sure about that. 'Gotta remember to ask Hugh about that if I survive the red head.' "...we interrupt?"


"Wills. Enough. Stop scaring the billionaire."


"'Kay, but it was fun." she giggled.


Tony was not amused. He wasn't going to say anything. But he really was not amused.


"Do what you gotta, Willow. We'll wait."


Willow nodded her head and flew high into the sky.


"Is she leaving?" Tony asked.


"No." Thor answered. "She needs to connect with an aspect of Mother. Most of your people forget that Mother has many facets."


"What he said. When people think of Mother Earth they think of a green forest, they forget about the rest of nature. Like water, wind, earth, fire. They are all parts, or as Thor described them facets of the Mother," Xander explained.


"I see. What's wrong with Central Park?"


"It's a Park."


"Ah. Then she’s using the 'Air' facet to communicate. Say, Thor, how big is your dad?"


"Bigger than I."


" oohm. Oof!"


Xander saw where this was going and moved like grease lightning and slapped his hand over Tony's mouth. "You know sometimes your mouth is faster than you are. You don't have to blurt everything that comes to mind. Your faceplate is off. I doubt even with your new and improved constitution would have survived without becoming a vegetable. The body is easy to fix. The mind not so much."


"I guess I owe you this time. Uh, thanks." Tony wished he could do something about that but then he wouldn't be him if he did and he didn't want to resort to a wish. He saw how Xander was about that.


"Sorry," he apologized to Thor.


"What are you sorry about?" Thor wanted to know.


"Tell you later. Anyone for drinks?" he changed the subject and noticed the rabbit rolling his eyes at both him and his brother. 'I guess he's the one with the brains in the family.'

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