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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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The Nitty Gritty...


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.
I would like to thank my Beta MissE.

Anyone who wants to see something in particular drop me an email at, or a private review. 

Thanks again to everyone. Your reviews have inspired me to go beyond the movie. 

09:31:12 A.M.
May 05/2012

Washington, D.C.
The Whitehouse. Oval Office.

Jack Brady had managed to calm everyone down, with the help of the British Ambassador and Rupert Giles. 

The small, but very intimidating woman was still highly agitated, Jack knew all about Summers and her accomplishments. No way was he tacking any chances losing her support. 

"You want to explain why you felt like you had to destroy..." Jack tried shushing the president, but he wasn't having any success. The president still thought like he was the most powerful man in the room. Jack knew better. The small blonde trumped them all. 

"...and you were calling me names before you even met me..."

Giles tried to calm down his slayer while Sir Harold and Jack Brady did the same for the president. "Buffy that is quite enough. We are here to negotiate a treaty of some importance. You should try to behave like the head of an organization, which you are representing..."

Meanwhile, "How dare she. Doesn't she know where she is..."

The meeting went on like that for the next few minutes until all the ruffled feathers were calmed smoothed over. 

Jack Brady explained once again the importance of keeping the Watchers and their slayers on their side. 

"Offer he shoes." Sir Harold whispered. 

"What? I'm not buying her shoes. I don't even buy my wife shoes. Why the hell do I want to start with, with..."

"Don't say it. For the love of god we can't afford this..."

And so it went for the next half hour. The president's next few appointments were cancelled while this situation was dealt with. 

When the situation was explained to the Russian Ambassador, he understood and rescheduled his appointment. He had met Buffy Summers before and he did not wish to do so again, any time  soon. 

The Chinese delegation were not the same and tried to push the meeting. Until Buffy's screeching voice was heard. Again her reputation for international diplomacy reared it's ugly head and the delegates ran for the hill, (Congressional that is.) they too could be patient and wait their turn. No one needed to be in the presence of an irate Buffy Summers. She fought dirty. Her insults were always personal. Whoever taught her international diplomacy, should be found and shot. 

"Buffy that is quite enough. This meeting is very important. A bit of decorum is called for." Giles told her forcefully. 

"But Giles..." she whined. 

"No!" Giles was firm. 

She pouted. 

On the other hand Sir Harold and Jack Brady were doing the same thing with the president. 

After both parties settled down. Sir Harold began the introductions. 

"Mr. President I would like to introduce Sir Rupert Giles. He's the head of the organization that stands between us and all supernatural enemies that plague our world." 

"An honor to meet you mr. President." Giles and the president shook hands. 

"The young lady, is Elizabeth Anne Summers. The longest surviving and most powerful slayer to date. She commands the Slayer combat teams that are constantly on the front line, every night."

"Heya." was Buffy's offhand greeting. What it lacked in enthusiasm, she made up with total disinterest. 'I so don't want to be here.'

"Hey." the president was just as enthusiastic with her presence. 'Couldn't they find anyone else, this Cali girl shouldn't have made it past the Whitehouse lawn.'

Jack Brady knew his president well enough to know that the longer the Slayer was a part of the proceeding the less the president was likely to cooperate. And cooperate he must!

"How, how much do you know about the treaty of 1799?" Giles asked. 

"Not much. Why don't you enlighten me."

Giles took off his glasses. He started to clean the lenses. Buffy smirked at her watchers familiar habit.  Giles frowned at the glasses in his hands. His vision was better off without the glasses. He put them away in his suit's breast pocket. "The world is older than you know..."

By the time he was finished the president was looking at him with his mouth hanging open. Buffy was about to make a joke about catching flies, but Giles warned her off. 'He knows me so well.' she signed happily. 

"...and that in essence is the current situation. Due to the negligence of the SHIELD council we find that the treaty has been broken, and to fix this problem an new treaty is needed."

"Why don't we just continue with the old one. You seem to want one and from what I've been told the United States of America can't live without one." he turned to Jack Brady and asked, "This thing about a Hellmouth is true?"

"Yes sir. Cleveland. We've assisted the NWC with some special units over the years, but they were there mainly as support. The Slayers have always been the front line troops in this war."

"Then all we have to do is renew the treaty. I don't see the problem. Jack get the States department in here to renegotiate and sign the dam...darn thing.

"It's not that simple mr. President. The treaty is a ritual. A contract signed in blood by the leader of the nation in question, and the heads of the council."

"What kind of crap are you trying to pull here. I'm not giving my soul to the devil just to, to..."

Jack Brady sighed. This is what you get when your man is too lazy to do his homework. He looked at Giles and his eyes conveyed his apology. "Lady, gentlemen, if you would..." 

"Yes. Uh, certainly. Buffy could, could you be a dear and help me with, with..." he waived his wrist about, "...blasted cuff link?"

Buffy rolled her eyes at her watcher, 'Could he be any more lame?' she walked, and grabbed his wrist and pulled him away, to the other side of the room. Sir Harold joined them. "Lame, lame, lame. Could you at least try to make it halfway believable?"

"The excuse believe it or not is for the President's benefit, not yours. He's a good man by all accounts, but he's hampered by the establishment that put him in power. Mr. Brady will sort him out, but the main opposition will come from the seventy nine levels that operate beyond the President's control. With the list Xander sent, we will be cutting down twenty of those levels. The new SHIELD oversight council will be under presidential control."

"What about the other fifty nine out of control assholes?"

"We can only hope they rear their heads in the future..."

"So we can cut them off properly?" Buffy interrupted Giles with her guess/question. 

"P-precisely. You, you are learning." he said in wonder. He knew much of her facade was in fact an act. It was one of her strength. Too bad it took him so long to figure it out. 
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