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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Beta clean

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.



I would like to thank my Betas, MissE and Tammin


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Thanks again to everyone. Your reviews have inspired me to go beyond the movie.



07:12:32 P.M.

June 12/2012



"Why are we stopping?" Faith asked.


"We've reached the base of the mountain." Xander pointed at the mountain standing in front of the party.


"Again why are stopping? I know you're not tired, Xand, and hottie-doc looks like she could keep going." She didn't add that Dr. Betty Ross was the weakest link. Sure she was a lot tougher, and stronger with her upgrades, but the walk they just went through would have given her problems before her own upgrades were added, forced or take your pick.


"Faith, did you not notice that the blizzard is a lot less forceful here."




"And...this here is a pretty good place for a base camp. We need intel, we need to scout ahead and we need to know where we're going."


"Then why didn't you say so in the first place?" She sighed. "Sometimes that man of mine just plain forgets that I don't like these freakin' word games of his." The last grumbled comment was for Betty's benefit, but with the enhanced hearing of most of the party, she might as well have shouted.


Betty smiled at Faith's act. She knew that she was doing it for her benefit. Before joining the 'Pack' she might have resented the younger woman, but now she knew that the young woman was doing her best to help make her feel more comfortable in a crowd made of heroes and gods.


"It's alright, Faith. You have to let them have their fun. Ours comes later." She smiled back at Faith's light laughter.


"She's right you know. We've always had to make allowances for Xander. The goofy fanboy thing is too much a part of him. If you can't accept that, then you have no business hanging out with us," Dawn joined in on the fun the girls were having teasing her Xander.


Tony pulled out four small cubes. He set them into a defensive circle and stood far back. On a wireless signal he activated them. From each cube a bubble like structure emerged. They looked like they were made of metal. Mostly, they were. Each cube weighed at just under a hundred pounds. There was a seam at the front of each structure which moved aside like the doorway they were for the tents.


"Neat!” Faith was the first one in; she dragged Betty and Dawn with her. Inside each structure had a central pop-up round table with four round seats attached. There were four air mattresses and four display screen above each bed. Each screen displayed what was on the other side of the curved wall.


"How come the windows don't show up on the outside?" Faith asked Betty.


"They're display screens. We can see out, but they can't see in."


"You know that man has too much money and time on his hands."


"Boys and their toys..." Betty agreed, "...tell you a secret, I don't mind. This kind of comfort in the outdoors is kinda nice."


Faith and Dawn agreed.


Meanwhile the boys outside were deciding on his next move.


"JARVIS, can you get to the summit?" Xander asked the male android.


"Yes, sir, I can." JARVIS stayed where he was.




"JARVIS, please scout from the summit," Tony repeated Xander's request.


"Seriously?" Xander asked Tony.


"Sorry. I'll let him know that he can follow requests within reason."


"Make sure he knows that anything from Loki is to be taken with a grain of salt and to verify with one of us before he acts on anything. That brother of yours is a tricky Ricky. Not only that, I think your AI still needs time to mature. How old is he by the way?" he asked Tony.


"He's almost ten."


"Good enough for most human encounters, but my money's on the reputed god of trickery," Xander explained.


"Oh. And you've had that much experience with AIs?" Tony was insulted by Xander's tone. JARVIS wasn't JACOSTA after all.


"Four, at least, from 1997 to 2001. Although the one from 1997 was Moloch the demon, the Corrupter. He was, as his title implied, a corrupter."


"Seriously? You mean that story you told us way back when on the Helicarrier was true?"


"Sure, Tony. Why would I lie?" Xander asked.


"Oh. I don't know? Maybe it had something to do with the way you palled around Fury."


"I was just tweaking his chain, and you have to admit, that guys chains need to be tweaked."


"I agree, but I didn't think anyone had the balls to do that and survive."


"Tony, have you met my friends? Willow, aka The Darthinator, and Buffy, the ‘I'm just an innocent cute little blonde girl that couldn't hurt a fly, but will kill gods that annoy me?’"


"Little long..." Tony joked.


"Still a working title."


"I'll say..."


"Hey. I'm not done..."


"Sorry. Please continue. This is surprisingly entertaining." Tony waved for Xander to go on with his story.


"And then there's Faith and Dawnie, and..."


"Hold up there, partner." Tony held up his hand to stop Xander again.


"What up, homey?"


"The other two got the build-ups, what about your girls?"


"Tony they're all my girls. You've met both Willow and Buffy. You have a slight idea of what and who you're dealing with. Faith and Dawn you've been living with, to know them any better you need to get a whole lot more intimate..."


"I thought you said they were your girls?"


"They are my girls, and because they are my girls, I don't dictate to them who they can, or can't get intimate with. I'm just lucky that from time to time they chose me. If you want to make a move, grow up and man up."


Tony thought about it. Really thought about it, "Tempting, but after getting to know them both, Dawn feels like my daughter and despite what you heard, I may look, but even I have limits. As for Faith, Pepper would make me regret it..."


This time it was Xander who interrupted, "No she wouldn't, and you know it."


Tony thought for a moment and agreed; towards the end Pepper and Faith were getting along pretty well. He didn't know exactly what would happen, but Pepper would let him get away with it. There would be a price to pay later to be sure, but he'd survive Pepper if he made a move. "You're right. How about that? How come you saw that before I did?"


"It's a gift," Xander smirked.


"And the biggest reason is that..." he pointed at Bruce, "...guy’s alter ego would rip me apart, armor or no armor."


"Wimp," Bruce smiled playfully at his friend and lab partner.


"True, but I know where not to tread." He shivered as the thought of the Rage monster getting his hands on him and letting go with all that awesome rage. He shivered again remembering just how much power Bruce contained under that mild mannered exterior.


"Friend Tony, Valkyrie Faith is truly worth the effort and sacrifice. You should bed her."


"You too, Thunderman?"


"She is a worthy wench."


"Bed the wench and move on," Loki threw in his two cents worth. "She is comely enough. Maybe I should ask..."


A growl came from deep within Bruce's soul and made its opinion known about what he thought of that idea, "...or maybe not." Survival was something he was getting good at, and this was one of those times when his instincts were screaming to 'back the fuck off!'


"Brother, I don't think that yon champion would let you have your way with the girl. I believe he would contest your claim."


"I think he would. She's all yours..." As he thought on the matter further, he pointed at Xander and said, "Yours as well," just to make sure. The Hulk would beat him senseless and may well kill him before Banner regained his intellect, and there was no guarantee that Banner wouldn't continue the beating for his trespass. The Black Knight however was more subtle than that. He had a mean streak, and he knew that the man was capable of much, and had the means to really make it hurt, even in the afterlife. He didn't carry a soul sucking artifact with him for nothing. While it was true he had not witnessed the Knight devouring anyone's soul yet, that may be because he didn't need to. Still it would pay to be wary of both men.


While the party rested, on the hilltops above forces were moving to disrupt their rest. Higher still, JARVIS saw and reported the giant figures hiding in the shadows.




The storm giants began their attack with bellows of rage as they rushed down the hills to attacks the Asgardian bastards that invaded their territory.  


In the meantime other eyes were keeping watch.


09:19:56 P.M.

June 12/2012



Odin from his throne saw the attack from Gungnir's ethereal network, and he saw the other hidden watchers. His children had barely arrived in Jotunheim, and already the scavengers sensing Asgard's weakness were attacking.


He saw the warriors respond quickly. The flying sentry had given warning in time for the heroes to assemble.


As the first of the twenty-five foot giants came into range it was met with deadly fire from the Armored warrior and the one Gungnir called the Black Knight, the chosen of Janus.


Gungnir's current wielder fired a cosmic powered blast that removed the head of another and Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir, called the lightning down on the heads of the charging horde.


A few fell here and there, but not enough to blunt the initial rush. The dwellings erected by the armored artificer were trampled into the ground and the heroes scattered. Even Loki tried to help, but his efforts only slowed down the dim-witted among the giants, and while that might be enough when the storm giants were calm, it was too little when their ire was roused, by the supposed invasion of their territory.



09:21:32 P.M.

June 12/2012



The fight was savage, at first Bruce was worried about Betty, but he saw that JACOSTA had her safely behind her energy shields. Three of the Neanderthal type giants were trying to break through the shield, they had no success so far; he didn't wait to give them more time. He transformed into the Hulk and jumped at the first giant. He grabbed it by the pony tail and twisted for all he was worth. He heard a might crack and the giant went limp under him. He was pinned by the wait of the giant for a moment, but not before he saw Faith jump back and forth between two more of the giant savages. One had severe wounds, but that didn't slow the beasts down. The other guy had enough. He roared from within and Bruce felt his intellect being submerged by a more savage force.


The Hulk's girls were under attack. While he liked Betty, he loved Faith, and she was in trouble. The girl was always in trouble. Hulk wanted to tell her to stop, but first there were large men to smash.


Tony had taken to the skies as soon as the giants reached the camp. The shelters would repair themselves later, and his friends were staying out of trouble, mostly. He saw Bruce transform, and Thor and his troublesome step brother do their thing.


Clint and Bobbi were backing Natasha and Faith with Dawn helping Xander. JACOSTA was keeping Dr. Ross protected behind her shields.


JARVIS was manouvering up above and he saw that he had reconfigured himself into the gravity canon mode. He saw where he was pointing, "No!"

The shout was too late. The floating canon fired at the giants still on the hilltops, raining down boulders on anyone not twenty feet tall. He even saw a few of the smaller giants get hit, but the gravity canon was designed by him and Reed to take out giant space ships, the mountainside didn't stand a chance. An avalanche came down on top of the party, and with it came down the rest of the dazzled and surviving giants.
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