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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

Anyone who wants to see something in particular drop me an email at, or a private review.

Thanks again to everyone. Your reviews have inspired me to go beyond the movie.

11:39:14 A.M.
June 13/ 2012

"Your still keeping an eye on them?" Tony asked Natasha one more time. 

"Yes. Now stop bothering me while I'm working." her glare would have melted iron. Tony was oblivious. She gave it up. No point wasting a perfectly good glare on the obviously oblivious.

Dawn and Betty smiled and giggled at the way Natasha backed off win a huff.

That's when Faith walked into the lab, "What's so funny?" she asked. 

"Aren't you supposed to be guarding?" Tony asked. 

"Bobbi can handle it on her own. There's nothing around for miles. I just finished a quick run up and down the mountain. We're clear. Don't know where the giants idiots came from though, there's no sign of any kind of village, cave or shelter of any kind, and there's no way they can hide anything that size from me." 

"Can you access the same sensory net that Natasha and Xander can?" Tony asked.

"Senso what? The hell's he on?" she asked Dawn.

"He means the 3D heads-up display map you got from the spear." 

"Oh that. Yeah I can still see it. Kinda neat too. Too bad I had to go through the shit he put me through to get it though. Any way the mountain and the rest of the area around it are empty. What with the blizzard now gone I can see quite a ways, and like you said with the map I can get a fell even farther out."

'I wonder if I can access the same net?' he looked at Natasha and asked, "Are we still being monitored?"

Natasha concentrated for a moment as she ran a quick diagnostics routine she came up with, since the spear hijacked her body. 

Connection: check.

Map: check.

Communications: she sent Xander a quick message, *How's your ETA?*

*Give us forty to thirty minutes.*

*Confirmed. ETA in thirty.*

*Hey! I said fort...* Natasha cut the connection.  check.

Energy Levels:  check.

As she went through a very thorough list, which all checked out fine, she. And to the last option.

Eavesdropper:  check.

"Yes. We are still under observation." she confirmed. 

Tony thought about what he was going to ask and concluded that he really had no choice at this point, "Any chance I can get jacked in?"

"Sure just take the spear he's all yours." she tried to get rid of the intruder, but he didn't fall for it. 

When Tony touched the spear, nothing happened.

"Why don't you try it without your gauntlets on."

"Uh, no! That's alright. Is there another way? Like maybe asking the Intelligence driving the spear if he can initiate 'Hands-Free' linkage?"

"Are you sure?" she asked, not because she was all that fond of the man, but because he controlled most of the material resources. He wasn't a resource she could squander frivolously, even of she wanted to.

"Yeah I'm sure. I don't see another choice at the moment. We need to establish a communications channel with Asgard. If 'Big Poppa' is watching, it's better to find out where we stand before we get there, besides that he might be able to help."

'I can't argue the point. We're drifting across hostile dimensions with little to no Intel at this point. Anything is better that nothing.'

"I. GOT IT!" Dawn shouted.

"Then keep it to yourself. I don't want it." Faith smirked at Dawn. 

The younger woman flipped her the bird, but otherwise ignored her.

"What did you get Dawn?" Tony asked, since she was looking over JARVIS when she said that, it was pertinent. 

"He didn't get hacked. He was enchanted."

"What like magic enchanted?"

"That's what I said. Weren't you listening. Boy you really do have a short attention span. Look here.." she pointed at the time stamp where the data changed for JARVIS, "This is where the spell takes effect, and to top it all off there's still some residual energy left behind." she looked at JACOSTA and said, "I'm even willing to bet that he same thing happened to JACKIE as well. What do you say JACKIE, you want me to check you out?"

"Yes please. I need to know what happened."

"I know how you feel JACKIE. Don't worry, I'll make this painless, hop on. JARVIS get off, the lady needs a seat."

"Yes Mistress Dawn."

"Hey! Are you making fun of me?", she looked at Stark, "Congratulations Tony, you're the proud father of a bouncing baby android, now get your ass off the table already."

JARVIS closed up his chassis and pulled all his components back together. He sat up and got off the table as the pushy 'Mistress' commanded.

"Good luck!" he mock whispered in a loud voice.

JACOSTA giggled. It was nice of JARVIS to try and make her feel comfortable, but then that's what fathers were for. She was lucky to have two of them. JARVIS and Tony Stark.

"Oh we're so having words later, Mr. Mockitty pants. Alright JACKIE, lie down and open up..."

"I didn't know you swung that way little D." Faith smirked at Dawn's outraged expression.

"I'll get you later, slayer."

"Promises promises. Just let me know before hand, I think Xander likes to watch." Faith laughed as Dawn sputtered. She also knew for a fact that Xander would like to watch.

"Dawn, please..." JACOSTA pleaded. She was getting nervous, she shouldn't be getting nervous, 'I blame mother for that.'

"Sorry JACKIE.Please bring up the display and areas affected..." when JACOSTA complied with the request Dawn spent a few minutes doing the same diagnostics spell she used on JARVIS, "Yep. Looks like she got hit with the same spell at about the same time. The only difference is the distance between the two. I took a 1.43 seconds longer to travel the distance from JACKIE to JARVIS." she showed her findings to Betty, Bruce and Tony. Faith and Natasha hanged back, not really interested in the how, but more in the how to stop it.

"Dawn. Is there anything you can do to protect me, us," she pointed at JARVIS as well, "from letting this happen again?" JACOSTA asked.

Dawn though about it for a minute and replied, "Yeah. I think I can do a quick ward, that'll stop this level of intrusion, but it'll take more time to give you a full protection suite against most precept ion and intrusion spells. JARVIS, can you please sit next to JACKIE and link hands with her please."

JARVIS moved to do just that as JACOSTA closed up her open chassis. When they were ready, Dawn said, "Could you please open up the faceplate, it's better to inscribe this on the inside, less chance of the wards getting damaged you see" she explained.

The androids complied and Dawn got to work.

Tony watched every step fascinated with the procedure. When the wards flared up with green energy, he was even more intrigued, 'There's something more to this magic. I need to get the basics down at the very least.'
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