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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4161 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

X Marks the spot.


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

Anyone who wants to see something in particular drop me an email at, or a private review.

Thanks again to everyone. Your reviews have inspired me to go beyond the movie.

I would like to thank DevJannz for his recommendation.

12:03:48 P.M. 
June 13/ 2012
Avengers Base Camp.

Clint, Thor and Xander walked into the camp. Thor had the Ice Giant slung over his shoulder. He was not a happy puppy. He was stating to get ice burned from the contact. His godly stamina repaired the damage, but a pleasant experience it was not. 

To top it off Clint and Xander had a punning contest going between them. It was mostly directed against the shaman. A bit of psychological warfare to soften him up. 

The problem was that even after warning Thor about what they were going to do, Thor was just about ready to crush his companions with Mjolnir, just to stop the madness. He sighed heavily with the effort needed to control his temper. 'Those two are diabolical. I must be mad to stay in their company.' he sighed yet again.

Xander signed to Clint to stop. "Bro, we're driving our big gun to madness faster than the shaman. I say we stop, before we get stomped on, like the Hulk on a rampage."

"Yeah, I guess. And they call themselves gods. What a bunch of wimps.", he saw the camp and Bobbi waiting outside with an arrow nocked and ready to shoot, "Good girl." he said approvingly. 

Xander saw where he was looking and had to agree, "Yeah. She's one of the best. Say Clint, did I ever tell you about this shovel I had..."

Clint groaned, "Now! You do the shovel speech now!"

"Thor's curiosity got he better of him. This was the first time since the battle that these two have stopped their nattering and disagreed on something, "What is this...shovel speech?"

"He's about to warn me that if I ever hurt Bobbi, he would do severe bodily harm to me is painful and agonizing ways."

"That I would believe. The monster is pure evil. To threaten a brother in arms, he's, he's evil I tell you. Thor you are an honorable warrior, a bastard to be sure, but an honorable warrior none the less. Could you not find the mercy in your heart to kill me. I'll tell you anything you wish to know, but I beg you, keep this evil madman away from me!"

"There, there mage. I understand your distress and never fear. I shall end your life properly when the time comes. Simply tell me what I need to know to reach my brother and I'll make sure he will never come near you with his soul-drinker."

"I will hold you to your word son of Odin!"

12:05:02 P.M. 
June 13/ 2012
Avengers Base Camp.

"What kept you?" Natasha eyed the three and their captive as they entered the the camp.

"Not now!" Clint singed. 

Natasha's left eyebrow rose in surprise. "What are you up to?" she signed back. She made sure that only Clint saw her. 

"We're running a scam on the icicle." he signed back. 

"Hey frosty. I want you to meet someone. This innocent young maiden is little Tasha. We're going to leave you in her care. Please don't give her a hard time, while you're her guest. Agreed " Xander asked pleasantly. 

Frost the shaman looked at the evil little man and shuddered. There was something just off about these Asgardians. They didn't behave he same way Thor and his folks did. He had been trying to overwhelm them with his mind tricks, but so far nothing. He doubted that they even felt his manipulations. He looked at the maiden holding the golden spear in her hand. He guessed that she was a Valkyrie of some sort. He tried his best efforts on her, and again, same results. Nothing. He was starting to grow frustrated with all these failures and set backs. He should have been free by now, instead he was reduced to begging Thor for a merciful and clean death.


*I know. I can fell his whispers.* 

"I would be happy to host our guest." she looked at Thor and asked, "Shouldn't he be free of the net?"

"Only after he has given his word that he would not attempt an escape." Thor looked at Frost who nodded his agreement. "I fear a nod is not enough for my companions mage, they would have your oath."

Frost cursed silently. He was going to try to escape while he was in this trusting maid's care, "I Frost give thee my parole to be on my best behavior Thor son of Odin!"

"Nay. Not just I Frost, but to the fair Spear Maiden as well." Thor was having trouble keeping the laughter inside. Natasha was a warrior maiden of the same caliber as Lady Sif and other Valkyrie he knew. The Archer and the Knight were correct. It would be a fine jest indeed to see this mage humbled by the Black Widow.

Frost bit his tongue at the insult he was about to hurl, against the small, but beautiful girl. The evil was was looking at him is such a way that was not welcome in the least. He have his oath again, this time to the Spear Maiden. Again he tried one more time to sway her before he gave his word, and again his best efforts were for nought. He sighed in defeat. There was little he could do to gain his freedom at this point. His people treated him and his family like dirt and these Asgardian Kin were proving more troublesome than Thor and his people. 


*Not just yet. Until he breaks his word, I will hold to the agreement. I do not like to waste resources. We will see what type of resource he falls under.*


Natasha ignored the spear and continued to play her new role, she asked Frost the shaman many innocent questions as she took him to one of the nano tech habitats. 

Thor Clint and Xander walked into the makeshift lab.  Xander saw Dawn as she was putting the final touches on a protection ward. 

"Where's the rest?" he asked. 

"On the inside." she opened the faceplate, and showed him her work. 

"Neat. How come the rest of the ward's on the outside?"

"I wanted to be able to change the variables of the ward circle without having to expose their insides, just in case..."

"Food thinking." he nodded approvingly. 

Dawn beamed at the compliment, "If there was only a way to etch it properly..."

"How about this?" JACOSTA raised rearranged the nano tech armor and copied the inner wards.

"That'll do..." Dawn's surprise got a smile from Xander. He thought that Dawn should be more careful, and the more surprises she encountered the stronger the reminder that not all surprises are of the good.

"This is will work as a magical firewall?" Tony asked.

"Yes. In fact I managed to link the ward to their software protection suite. They'll even give them an edge against the normal attacks they're familiar, and unfamiliar with."

"What will it take to get some lessons out of you?" he joked.

"How about a couple of those nano tech cubes? They're seriously cool."

"Done. When we have time I want to start on those lessons. JACOSTA give..."

"JACKIE." JACOSTA corrected.

"Seriously? JACKIE?" Tony didn't expect her to want to start developing her identity for a while yet. 

"Yes. I like JACKIE. It's more personal." she smiled at Dawn who encouraged her by smiling back.

"Alright then. JACKIE, no. Jackie it is. How about you JARVIS?"

"I'm quite happy being JARVIS. Thank you for he offer sir, but I like the way I am just fine." 

"Good to know. Jackie could you please give Dawn a couple of cubes please?"

"Yes sir." Jackie gave the cubes to Dawn. 

"Thanks Jackie." she smiled at the newly emerging personality. Here you go Xander. She gave him one while she put away the other. 

Xander put away his cube, where he generally put away everything. Into the dimensional pocket that was another birthday gift from Willow. This one was one of her best. 

"So. Tell me about our prisoner?" Tony asked Xander.

"He's Loki's uncle if you can believe it, and the uncle of the girl that kidnapped him as well. Since the girl succeeded in her mission, their chief made her marry her own cousin, because he was one of their own. The funny thing is that Loki was still unconscious when the chief made that decision, he also. Smushed them to a place called the 'Land of Timeless Mists' or something along those lines. The kicker is that you can't get here from here." Xander explained. 

"Then how did the newly weds get to this place?"

"That's just it Tony. We're still trying to work that out with the shaman when we made it back to camp. I figure it some kind of a teleportation technique. Just not sure what type."

"Can you figure it out Dawn?" Tony asked the expert in this field. 

"Maybe. I need to be on the spot the spell took place to check it out...," she asked Xander, "Do you still know where that is?"

"Yeah I know."

"You can track it back that well. Wouldn't the weather have removed the tracks by now?" Tony asked. 

Clint laughed. 

"Wanna share sight the rest of the class Clint?"

"Nah. I'll leave that to Xander." he laughed some more. 

"What's up with chuckles?" 

"I guess he was amused by the way I marked the spot." Xander smirked at Clint. 

"How did he..." Tony began, but he was interrupted.

"Eww Harris you didn't?" Faith wrinkled her nose in disgust. Dawn quickly caught on. So did Bobbi on Clint's arm.

"What am I missing?" Ton asked Bruce. 

"Hey don't look at me. I was with you." Bruce raised his hands and backed away from Xander. 

"He's a dog." Faith told Tony.

"And dogs...Ohhhh!" Tony got it. Xander posed on, or near the spot.  His nose wrinkled involuntarily. 

"Whatever." Xander sniffed. "No repsect for the classics."
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