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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Finding Loki part II



Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

Anyone who wants to see something in particular drop me an email at, or a private review.

Thanks again to everyone. Your reviews have inspired me to go beyond the movie.

02:02:02 P.M. 
June 13/ 2012
Destroyed Ice Giants Camp.


*Acknowledged.* Natasha replied. Frost was still looking at the portal as it closed. *Please prepare a charge that will stun the shaman for three hours.*


*Deploy.* Natasha shot Frost from the back. He crumbled in front of her.

"Natasha. What? Why?" Tony asked.

"Yes. Why did you do such a dishonorable thing?" Thor asked.

"To save his life..."

"Come again. How do you save someone's life by shooting them? In the back no less..."

"Shut. Up."

That command made everyone speechless.

"Thank you. He's stunned. Not dead. We are about to have over sixty of his kin paying us a visit in less than seven minutes. Stark any way you can either hide or camouflage him?"

"Um, sure. Sixty? Are you sure?"

"Send your android if you want to loose the element of surprise."

"No. No. No, I believe you."

"My apologies Spear Maiden. I have misjudged your noble actions in trying to preserve the mage's life."

"Apology accepted." Natasha knew that for someone of Thor's background it was important that he apologize and it was just as important that she accept his apology properly, or he would take offense. She knew the real reason behind this mission. It was to gather allies. Thor was an important ally of Earth, and hopefully so would his people.

"JARVIS could you please dig a trench in the ice and cover it with a nano tech cube and set it to camouflage mode. Sixty?"

"Yes Mister Stark. Sixty." she confirmed.

"Okay. Okay. I won't bug you anymore.", 'Yeashhh. Can you say ice maiden boys and girls. It's a good thing we're surrounded by all this ice. She should blend in just fine.' he thought, "Say Bruce could you uh, maybe change?"

"Sure Tony." Bruce changed before he finished saying Tony. "Say could you add a bench of something so Betty could join Mister Frosty here?"

"Yeah. No problemo. JARVIS..."

"Already on it sir." JARVIS told his as he made an rough underground shelter.

"Bruce how's that nano armor pants holding up?"


"Sorry I didn't have enough for a shirt..."

"It's alright. The shirt Reed gave me is good enough for now."

"A full suit when we get back to Earth. Promise."

"Noted. And thank you for the pants and shoes. Way more than I was expecting to tell you the truth. At least they have enough material for a full set of clothes when I shrink back down."

"Least I could do..."

Tony was interrupted by JARVIS, "The shelter is ready sir."

"Thor could you please..." Tony pointed at Frost.

Thor picked up the unconscious shaman and put him on the floor of the shelter.

"Doctor Ross..." Tony waved to a chair inside the shelter and Betty reluctantly go in. She would have complained about being handled like a delicate flower, but now was not the time. She had to prove herself before they took her seriously.

The shelter closed up and merged with the ground. The nano tech surface changed to mimic the ground around it. JARVIS then sprayed the top with a thin layer of water that quickly turned to ice covering the shelter.

"They're almost here." Natasha said as she got ready.

The Giants were in sight and as soon as they saw Thor and his party they broke into a trot at first and then into a flat out run.

"JARVIS. No gravity canon unless you have a valid threat."

"Noted sir." if he could JARVIS would have sighed, as it was he simply took aim and shot the leading Ice Giant in the head. 'That felt good for some reason.' he was then too busy fighting to give it further thought. He would analyze it later.

Thor and Bruce charged the first line and Tony with JARVIS backed them up. The Black Widow played sniper as she recognized ranks from her talk with Frost. She stayed back mostly, making sure that no one was flanked, or in too much trouble.

Bruce overpowered his opponents and the cold had no effect on his gamma charged body.

Thor used his Hammer to smash heads left and right, while the two 'Iron Men' took the center.

The first wave was past and most of the giants went down during the rush. The rest saw what the 'Asgardians' had done and slowed down to a more cautious approach.

In the underground shelter Betty watched the action on the monitors. For now there wasn't much else she could do.

The other half of the attacking Giants tried to surround the enemy, but the sniping by the Black Widow broke up their plans before they formed.

A group of five charged her position and tried to eliminate her before she could do more damage. 

Natasha read their moves ahead of time and used their own tactics against them. The Black Widow's dance became faster and faster, more than they could handle. She started to stab, slash and fire energy bolts when they became available at her attackers. Two fell down before one of the wounded Giants tackled her to be ground.

She used the spear to block his hands and smashed the shaft into his ice armored throat. The blow was vicious and the armor cracked. The Ice Giant's hands went to his smashed throat, unable to breathe. Natasha kicked him off and dodge out of the way as another took his place.

Her blood was boiling she was so full of cosmic energy she could feel the burn as it built up inside her veins. She slapped her hand against her foes chest and willed all the energy inside her to flow out of her body in one mighty rush.

The Ice Giants chest exploded and the energy lance continued until it exploded out of the back of the last of her five attackers.

She slumped down unto the ground exhausted from the effort. The spear was not done with her as it started the process of filling her body with cosmic energy all over again.

When she saw that most of the attackers were already managed and broken by the Hulk, Thor and the 'Iron Men' she tried a different method of reasoning with the prickly weapon, *Do not waste the energy. All enemy units are down.*

*ACKNOWLEDGED!* the spear stopped flooding her body, and returned to filling her up with the previous trickle method. 

She sighed and watched as JARVIS began to remove the dead out of the camp. "Are we expecting company?" she asked.

"That was a scouting unit. They will be missed. Other will come to search for them."

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