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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

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Thanks again to everyone who reviewed.

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A Short Roster of...
Avengers and Slayers Children

The Harris Clan.

Alex Harris and Jenny Harris Xander and Dawn's twins and eldest children
Age- 15.

 Joyce Harris their youngest sister. 
Age- 14.

Tony Lehaine Harris
Age -16.

Rupert Lehaine Harris
Age- 15.

Clint and Bobbi's Brood.

Phil and Tasha Morse Barton
Age- 16.

Jake and Kelly Morse Barton
Age -15.

Loki's children 
Age -20

Age- 18

Age -14.

Year 17.
Land of Timeless Mists.

"HELA!" Loki's shout filled the valley.

Silence was the only response he got.

"Where's the girl at?" he changed into his wolf form and started sniffing around. He picked up a scent, but it was old.

He decided to follow it anyway. Not like he had other options.

The scent led him out of the valley and back towards the little settlement they had. After twenty one years he was still no closer to regaining his memories. His easy lope ate up the distance to the Hall. Inside he saw the children practicing their lessons. The younger children were starting the unarmed combat training, and the older children were putting away their equipment and were about to start their afternoon classes. The android Jackie and Bobbi Barton were responsible for their normal education and Dawn Harris was responsible for their magical training.

He saw that his youngest son had partnered up with Joyce Harris on the mats and Fenris was sitting with the older children. 'He too would be leaving soon.' he thought.

Hela's scent was old here. She used to sit with the older children until a few months ago when she decided to stop. She had explained that she was too old for school and besides that she was several years ahead. Loki had let her get away with it. He didn't see the harm in giving her a bit of a break.

Xander saw Loki in wolf form and walked over slowly. He silently communicated with the wolf. Loki told him that Hela was missing. Xander nodded and told him he would join him in his search.

"Dawn!" no one answered. She was busy, but still...

"Jenny. Could you please tell your mothers that I'll be helping Loki out this afternoon?"

"Sure thing Dad. Where you guys going?" she asked.

"Looks like Hela finally took off like she's been threatening to do for the last year or so. I'm gonna go help him look."

"Kay. Good luck." with that she went back to her instructor and told her she would be back soon.

"C'mon." he told the wolf and they left using the same easy lope that Loki used earlier.

The two set out to look for Loki's wayward daughter. At the edge of the tiny village Clint met up with them, "Where's the fire?"

"No fire Archer. We're looking for Hela."

"Sell it to someone else Loki. The two of you are going on one of your exploration escapes. No way you're leaving me behind with the women folk this time. I'm coming with."

"We wouldn't do that to you Clint...again." Xander's smirk said otherwise.

"Raaaight!" Clint's sarcasm was dripping, "What's that old saying', oh yeah, 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' So...What's the what?"

"We really are going after Hela." Loki's exasperating sigh said it all. 'How is it I'm friends with these people?' he then remembered that he really didn't have much of a choice. Either Xander and Clint, or become one of the girls. His eldest son Fenris was a man, or a wolf most of he time and he preferred to keep his own company. At times like these he wished he was more like his son. Still they weren't a bad sort. Their practical jokes were a bit much sometimes, but something deep inside him liked that about them. Loki changed back to wolf form and walked on ahead.

"Yeah Bobbi. I'm going with Xander and Loki to look for Hela...No. I have no clue...hold on...Xan, she wants to talk to you..." Clint switched the comm to conference, and patched Xander into the the call.

"Yeah Bobbi, Boobi. Bobbala. Wassup?"


"Bobbi, that's enough. We so are not running away. Loki's looking for his missing daughter, the least we could do is offer to help him out. Now kiss the girls for us and we'll see you soon." Xander disconnected and turned to Clint, "Let's motor. She didn't believe a word I said. Imagine that, calling me. Me! A liar." Xander picked up the pace and the wolf had to trot to keep up.

"If you're not running away, why then are you running away?" Clint matched the pace before he was left behind. As is it would be a while before Bobbi calmed down. Better to be someplace else, mainly where she wasn't. Just because they were running away, it didn't mean he was against he idea. Sometimes 'a man gotta do, what a man gotta do.'

Year 17.
A Week Later.
Land of Timeless Mists.

"She really doesn't wanna be found this time." Xander told Clint. The other man nodded. He agreed with his friend. 

"What are you gonna do Loki? We'll stick by you of course, but that hellion of yours really means it. From his point on...Nothing but mist."

"I agree. Hilda will not like the outcome." he shivered as he thought of the cold reception that waited for him at home. 

"C'mon. Time to head back. The girls are gonna cut 'em off, if we drag this much longer." Clint sighed and started to retrace their steps back.  'The girl's twenty-one. She's old enough to make her own decisions. 

"You guys wanna walk back or fly?" Xander asked. 

"Fly." Loki jumped and transformed into an eagle and flapped his wings as he climbed into the sky. 

"You need a lift?"

"Shut up wise guy...yeah." 

Xander smirked and grabbed Clint's hand. The two were right behind the eagle as it climbed ever higher. 
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