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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4201 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

First Strike...


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.
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05:56:26 P.M.
June 15/2012
Outside the Ice Giant Encampment.

Thor was lagging a bit behind Tony and JARVIS. Might Volstagg was a handful and he was also susceptible to motion sickness. He got sick on the way. Thor was not happy. His displeasure was made clear as a bolt of lightning lit up the heavens and thunder rolled over all beneath him.

"Sorry my Lord." Volstagg was unhappy that his shameful stomach had betrayed him so. "It will not happen again.", he convulsed and swallowed. He would not shame his friend again.

As they neared their destination Thor's ire was great and beneath them was the perfect target. "The Giant Ymir breaches the ice. He shall invade no further while I draw breath.", he lined up and twirled his Hammer with all his might, he also fed his ire into the charge.

Together with Volstagg in tow the two descended at super-sonic speeds towards the trapped Elder Giant.

05:56:26 P.M.
June 15/2012

Xander had been tracking everyone on the ethereal map, he saw that Natasha was doing the same, but she didn't have his edge. What he saw from Thor's body language disturbed him. He looked up and shouted into the air and the communications unit at the same time, "NO! THOR BACK OFF!"

Clint saw the same thing as Thor got closer and closer. "Oh No! Everyone take cover. Alpha level strike in progress!"

Everyone of the extended family that made the crossing, searched for the best cover available, and so did Natasha. Loki and family were right there with them. Clint had used SHIELD codes, she was well aware of what was coming next. An Alpha strike. She ducked next to Dawn, Faith and Xander. Gungnir made contact with Dawn and he did his thing, again flooding the key with energy, but not to the point of bursting, he had learned his lessons about her physical limits. Although he wondered why she set such limits to begin with.

Thor broke the sound barrier several times over as he dived at Ymir with Mjolnir leading the way. The Hammer struck a mighty blow. Well into the kiloton range. From the pressure wave alone Mighty Volstagg was flung well beyond the Ice Giant encampment and containment area.

Volstagg would survive. His mighty constitution guaranteed it.

The Ice Giants were blown off there feet and flung into the walls.

The walls themselves cracked and buckled here and there, Had several section not blown away the pressure from the rebound would have been much worse, as it was most of the wave dissipated through the large areas of blown re-enforced ice walls.

The Avengers rode through the storm in their holes, but those who hid behind giant sections of blown out wall were scrapped along the ground as those boulders were pushed away by the wave of pressure

At the point of impact a hole seventy five feet deep and a hundred and fifty feet wide was the result. Another result was freeing half of Ymir's body from the enchanted ice.

A third and more important result was the waking up of said Giant. Who then made his displeasure known by swatting Thor away as if he was a fly.

Thor Sailed through the air even further than Volstagg. Had a green speck that was jumping his way not recognized his form for what it was.

Bruce changed his direction slightly to better intercept the barely conscious 'God of Thunder.'. He snatched him from the air and made sure to land gently. He checked him over to make sure that no broken bones or serious injury was found. There wasn't, but he wasn't fully coherent either.

The Avengers had their members of their own in trouble. Tony and JARVIS had been too slow to duck and cover. The armored Avenger was embedded in an ice cliff, but JARVIS had not. His stabilizers and force fields were active and he rode out the wave.

"Clint check on the kids. Faith you have Loki and his family. Jackie you and JARVIS check on Tony. Natasha can you and Sif check on Thor and the big guy?" he transmitted the coordinates through the ethereal network and gave her a place to start, "I think Bruce may have caught him, but I'm not one hundred percent positive. Bobbi check on anyone with injuries. Alex, Jenny sit rep."

Everyone jumped to do their part, and Xander's children came running, "We're good to go dad." Alex told his father.

"Guard duty. No hostiles make it past the trench over there. Leave the big guy alone. Let's not draw his attentions just yet."

As the kids jumped to do their part, Xander knelt beside Dawn, "How are you doing hon?" he looked her over. His examination didn't turn up an visible injuries.

"That fucking spear. If he shoves any more of his energy into me without permission one more time..." she left the threat of what she would do to it hanging. There were a lot of unpleasant things that she could come up with, and Xander knew it. Rune weapon or not, it wasn't immune from some of the things Dawn could do. Rifts into hell dimensions, Rifts into all swamp dimensions with nothing more advanced than fungus to talk to and a few things even more unpleasant. For his sake he hoped Gungnir was listening to his thoughts and take heed of the warning. Dawn was gunning for him. He would not get off scott free from this one.

"C'mon hon. Ignore the as swipe. The kids need us. I don't see Gram and Joyce anywhere. Let's go make sure they're alright first."

"Oh my god. Where's my baby." Dawn yelled. Gungnir totally forgotten.

*You owe me.* Xander told the spear.

*SO NOTED!* Gungnir confirmed that he did indeed owe the 'Secondary Wielder', he kept quite and observed after that.

*That was badly played old friend.* Odin told the Spear of Heaven.


*What was Thor thinking with a foolish stunt like that. Has he leaned nothing among the mortal?*


*I am coming to that same conclusion. I will keep an eye on him.* the smile in Odin's voice told the spear all it needed to know about how his master felt. Ife he could, he would have breathed easier. He was a spear, and as such he had other methods of releasing tension.
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