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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Second Strike...


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06:03:36 P.M.
June 15/2012
Outside the Ice Giant Encampment.

"C'mon big guy. Snap out of it. I've hit you harder during practice." Bruce examined the bruise on Thor's forehead closely, it was almost healed up. 'Man his brains must have been scrambled like eggs in a mixer set on high. He's was really out of it there for a while. He's still out of it...'

Thor shook his head one more time and focused his eyes on the jolly green giant, "What ho friend Bruce? I thank thee for thy kind assistance good healer, but we must make haste. Our friends surely need out assistance with Ymir..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down buddy. You're not going anywhere until I check you out." Bruce held up three fingers, "How many fingers do you see?"

"Five. Three up two down." Thor described the two fingers held down, and the three held up.

"Good enough, let's go." he sighed, 'That was more than I was looking for.'

Thor nodded he twirled Mjolnir and flew on, While Bruce jumped, towards the last known Avengers position JARVIS was broadcasting.

'What a strange man. How does the number of fingers on his hand help with my head injury?' Thor thought as he flew. The two saw, as they neared the camp the devastation from Thor's first strike and the subsequent battle with the ice giants.

"Ymir is still stuck. Quickly together, we can best the monster."

"That's a big 'No' buddy. Xander told me what you did the first time. We're checking in first." Bruce angled towards the location he received from JARVIS. Thor would either follow him, or get his fool head knocked off again.

Bruce crushed the ice beneath his feet when he landed next to JARVIS, "Hi guys..." he looked at several new people who had big canons and swords pointed his way, there were also several snarling giant sized white wolves with bared white gleaming teeth, "My, what great big teeth you have..."

Xander laughed. He really liked Bruce, he at least had a sense of humor, "Kids knock it off. What did I tell you about uncle Bruce?"

"That he had a skin condition?" Alex answered, "Dad, that's a bit more than just a skin condition..." he pointed at the laughing green giant. Alex lowered his weapons and signaled for his squad mates to do the same.

They reluctantly followed his lead. Tony and his squad did the same. The wolves not so much.

Bruce ignored them. They were big wolves. Big whoop. "Skin condition Xander, that's a good one. I'll have to remember that one."

"Seeing is believing. No way they'd have believed until they've saw with their very own eyes. Good to see you Bruce. For me it's been a while..."

"Yeah I can see that. How may kids are yours?" he asked.

"Five. Alex that's my oldest." he pointed out the young man that challenged the Hulk. "Jenny, Tony, Rupert..." he pointed at the others, "...and the wolf on the left is Joyce."

"Good lookin' wolf..."

Gram's snarl was his answer.

"Ha ha ha ha. That's Gram, her husband, and Loki' son."

"Nice to meet you all." he looked around and frowned, "Tell me you're not planing on doing an Alamo..." he pointed at the rough fortifications.

"Not a chance man. We were waiting for you and Goldilocks to get here before we book. Tony took a good hit from the mini-nuke he touched off. That reminds me," he turned to Thor and and said, "Bad Thunder-puppy." he was smiling when he said it and Sif giggled at the look on Thor's face.

'I like these mortals. They know how to have fun in the face of immanent death.'

"Sif you too..." Thor smiled at her as well. After he thought on the matter he has to agree; he might have given the matter more thought before half freeing the trapped giant.

"I'm sorry my Lord, but the look on your face when he called you that was worth it. Thunder-puppy. I must remember that one. Wait until I tell the rest of the girls." she laughed as Thor realized she meant the Valkyrie.


" You wouldn't agree to that, would you?" she laughed again, 'I have you know my Lord Thor.' she giggled at the thought of Thor doing some of the chores she had in mind.

"Sif we need discuss this in private..."

"As you wish my Lord." She giggled again. If she was going to die soon she might as well have some fun. She walked away with a sway of her hips.

"You know, I think that chick really digs you." Xander elbowed Thor. When Thor turned, he saw that Xander had a lecherous smile on his face as he watched Sif walk away.

This bothered Thor more than he cared to admit. He was in his heart committed to Jane Foster. His little head reminded him that while Jane was worthy of pursuit she wasn't here and Sif was. He frowned as another thought entered his head, "Friend Xander are you not committed to the fair maidens Dawn and Faith?"

"Thor. Buddy. Just because I'm committed to two very lovely and unbelievable dangerous women, it doesn't mean I'm dead. There's no permanent harm in watching, she obviously meant for us to watch, otherwise she wouldn't have put on a show, mostly for your benefit, but any male watching had a free pass on this one occasion, you better believe that I'm looking. My girls can only do so much damage before they remember that they might need some of my equipment in the future." he patted Thor on the back and went to organize the retreat, otherwise known as run like hell before the big iceberg sized monster takes notice and eats you.

June 15.

Tyr walked up to the throne and saluted the All-Father, “Sire. The might of Asgard has been assembled on the viewing field. Command us!” he yelled.

“Thank you Tyr. Lead the way.”

“At once sire.”

Odin and his retinue walked behind the War God to view the gathered armies of the realm.

At the front of the Great Hall, Odin mounted his horse Sleipnir. Two ravens swooped down to land on his shoulders. He greeted them silently as the party rode to the field.

Their passage through the eternal shinning city was swift and all too soon they reached the field where the gathered armies waited with baited breath for the All-Father to lead them to war once again.

Odin raised the power scepter Thrudstok, and ever Asgardian on the field raised his weapon in response. The shouts of 'Victory.' and 'Asgard' co-mingled together.

He lowered his hand after a full minute. The host quieted down immediately. They waited for the All-Fathers words of encouragement and for information about whom they would crush for the glory of Asgard.

"My children we are gathered this day for a sad occasion, Ymir the Ice Giant has risen in Joutenhiem and soon he will make his way to our shores. We will meet him and his followers at the edge of the Bifrost bridge."

Odin next words were drowned out by shouts from the host as they howled for Ice Giant blood. It did not matter to them who they would fight, only that Odin and Thor would be there to lead them to victory as always.


"My Lord!"

"Lead the way."

"Thank you my Lord." Tyr led the armies of Asgard to the Rainbow bridge. They would wait just a stone throw away from the shattered edge, to let the enemy see their might before they were pushed of the jagged edge of the broken bridge.

Odin and his bodyguard followed behind the war god. The armies of Asgard followed on their heels. Among them could be heard whispers of, "Where is Thor?"

"Where are the Sif and the Warriors Three?"

These were not good omens. For the God of Thunder and his companions were the champions of Asgard, and it was not a good sign to go to war without them leading from the front, as was their wont.

Their progress to the bridge was slow, but steady. They would arrive well before an enemy had a chance to breach the dimensional walls separating the nine realms from each other. Odin was not in a hurry, therefore there would not be a need to hurry. The all seeing All-Father knew his business. Their reason for being, was to destroy any enemy he pointed out for their pleasure, and his, to dispose of swiftly and as violently as possible.
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