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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,3951 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Some Explanations and confrontations.

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

Part VI

I would like to thank my reviewers and Jefitz and Likigloc for the recommendations.

"Stark. Now is not the time." Fury snapped.

"Tough. Make the time or..."

"Or what? You'll take your toys and go home? This isn't a game Stark. The fate of the world hangs in the balance..."

"I see, so why are you playing the game with him? What? You didn't think I'd notice the two of you dancing around without, although now that I think about it, you don't seem to be too surprised about anything." the last thought was directed to Natasha. "I mean the first time I heard about it my reaction was wow! Space Aliens! The crap about the invasion came later, still dealing with that by the way." Tony's hands were all over the place trying to put his thoughts and ideas in place. That was one of the downsides of being a genius, your body can't keep up with your mind.

"Maybe you need to slow down mite Stark..." Steve tried to head off the confrontation with Fury by starting one of his own with the billionaire genius.

"Whatever." Tony rudely ignored Steve and went after Xander. "Chosen by who and for what?" he got into Xander's face trying to intimidate him.

Faith couldn't take any more of Stark's posturing as he tried to intimidate BoyToy. She seen her watcher stand up to things that would make a nightmare piss itself. She fell into the nearest couch, which already had an occupant.

Bruce was about to complain, but the wriggling brunet changed his mind rapidly. He may not proclaim it to the world every five minutes like Stark does, but he was quite the genius himself. The bonus was the purr of pleasure from the big guy.

“Why’s she laughing? Come I don’t think I said anything funny? Phil help me out here...”

“Mr. Stark it’s not what you said, sir. It’s what you’re trying to do?” Phil felt that was enough explanation. Stark was a smart boy. He told everyone he met at least a couple time in every conversation he had.

“Okay, now I’m more lost than ever. Ms. Romanov. Could you please explain Phil’s explanation...”

You’re trying to intimidate some who thinks Director Fury is a big puppy. It’s having the opposite effect, and those in the know are having a hard time containing themselves.”

“You’re not laughing.”

“Oh but I am.” She pointed to her heart, “On the inside I’m cracking up.”

“Are you serious? I can never tell. Oh!” Tony had an epiphany. “Do you mean to say that all this talk of Apocalypses and so on isn’t just exaggeration?”

“No. If anything he’s playing it down to keep you from crapping your pants.” She faced Xander. “Director Harris, how many Apocalypses do you and your team deal with in any given year?”

“Are you sure you tell him? He won't be able sleep at night for a long time."

Natasha looked at Stark and gave him a vicious smile. "Oh yeah. He deserves to know the truth."

"Damn girl, what did he do to piss you off this much?" Faith looked at Tony with pity in her eyes. All of a sudden Tony wasn't sure he wanted, but he was in too deep to back down.

"Two to three, unless we’re part of the local team, then four to five.” Dawn answered on Xander’s behalf. We try to support as many of the local teams as we can. Cuts down on the casualties that way.” The way she gave her answer, she might as well be ordering breakfast.

"No way your serious. With odds like this we should all be dead by now." Tony didn't believe her. To do so would mean they were all living on borrowed time. He refused to live in a world where everything he did had no meaning. He was Tony Stark dammit. He counted. "Why are we still alive? I mean if we are in danger of being destroyed two to four times a year why are we even still alive?"

"I hate to say it. The council and its operatives are that good." Nick confirmed.

"Council shmouncil. It's the freaking Scoobies that keep it together. " Faith corrected. After all this time she still didn't consider herself a Scooby, even though everyone else in the inner core did. "Ya wanna know what's really scary tin britches?"

Tony pinched his nose, "No! I really don't but I've feeling you're going to tell me anyway..." Tony waved for Faith to go ahead.

"We're winning. For the first time since the old ones were put to sleep, We. Are. Winning! If that isn't a kick in the pants, I don't know what is!"

"I find that hard to believe. Don't get me wrong, if told me you had a deed for the blue side of the moon I'd say show me the dotted line, and that is to say while you... What are snickering about Phil, just because your back is turned it doesn't mean I can't see you." Tony quickly changed the subject before Faith.killed him. He felt naked without the suit for some reason. "JARVIS is agent Coulson snickering?"

"Yes sir! I believe he is."

"Who's Jarvis?" Dawn whispered to Xander.

"You got me there." he shrugged. He can't know everything; he's not Giles after all."


"Would I be in trouble if I said yes?" Tony gave Fury his best innocent boy routine.


"Then no. I didn't hack your secured network, and why the have 't you installed the security systems I sold you last month?"

"To prevent something like that from happening." Fury fumed.

"Yeah good luck with that." Tony whispered.

Only those with superior senses could have heard, which in this room; it was everyone , but Banner, because Phil's ear piece doubled as a sound amplification device.

"I like him." Dawn confided to Xander. "He's a lot like with that time she drank Buffy's triple chocolate mocha espresso."

"Don't remind me. That was the time she thought it was a good idea to give us matching tattoos. At least I can now use mine properly."


"I said I was sorry." whispered Dawn.

Fury blew up again. It was like riding herd over a bunch of cats. "What the hell were you thinking? Or were you thinking that pushing over the edge again was a good idea. The last time she almost destroyed the world. Are you insane?"

"I, I said I was...sorry." Dawn sobbed.

Xander took out a big ass gun and put it on the table facing Fury, "Take that back." he said very reasonable. He didn't even raise his voice.

Fury felt a chill run down his back. "Miss Romanov..."

"Busssy..." she had her back to the room and was busy filling her nails. Her shoulders shook for some reason.

Fury knew there was no help there, he turned to Phil "Phil..." he asked.

"Sorry boss. If it was me personally I'd apologize, toot suite."

"Phil?" Phil shrugged to indicate it was out of his hands. Sometimes the boss stepped way over the line, and had to be reminded that there were boundaries for a reason.

Thor watched the tense confrontation, but didn't interfere. He felt it wasn't his place to do so.

Captain America also watched the tense situation, but decided to see what Fury would do. That would tell him a little about these people he was supposed to work with. Besides if Fury had made Sharon cry like that he would have slugged. You just did not insult a lady like that in front of intended. It just wasn't done.

Bruce just watched. He hoped Fury got clipped at the very least. The jerk deserved it for making the angel who could tame his savage beast, cry like that. He wasn't lifting a single finger to help. Besides, if the man's agent were any indication; it wasn't a good idea to try, and the Black Widow so impressed him with her survival instincts so far.

Fury sighed and acquiesced, "Miss Summers I am deeply sorry if I have offended you. For that you have my heartfelt apology." Fury did not wipe his brow. It wasn't supposed to be that hot on the helllicarrier in the first place.

Xander quietly put away the gun.

"Um, not to be rude or anything..." Tony asked.

"Too late." replied Bruce.

Tony ignored the comments from the peanut gallery. "Who the hell is the red witch? That sounds familiar for some reason.

"She's Xander's friend. Her name's Willow." Dawn gave Xander a dazzling smile. It always made her weak in the knees when he went out of his way to defend her, or any of his girls that way. "She used to be a security ensuesiast, but she dropped out of the scene when things went from crazy to insane.

"oh right. I remember her now. She's Elite. Really good. And you know her? Funny you don't look like your part of that scene." Tony told Xander.

"I'm not..."

Tony cut him off, "Why'd she quit?" he was curious, she was really good.

"She had to. When she became Gaia's avatar she never had the time to go back. She only does light stuff just to keep her hands in."

"Your childhood friend is my mother's Avatar Knight of the Black Sword?"

"Yeahhh. What about it?" Xander was on his guard again. Relationships between God like entities Always put him on edge. One never knew where you stood from century to century.

"I am the Earth Mother's Champion. It would be an honor to fight by your side in the defense of my mother." Thor declared.

"Glad to have you aboard big guy. Why didn't you tell us that you were humanity's Champion from the beginning?"

Xander snorted.

"What. Now?" Tony asked again. This guy was starting to get on his last nerve. He knew way too much about shit that he had no real information about.

"For a supposedly bright man, you can be pretty dim sometimes."

"Come again?" the nerve of the man.

"He said he was his Mother's Champion. He never specifically said that he was humanities Champion." Xander explained as if to a child. He knew he would pay for that later when it turned back to tech talk, but for now it was more important to keep the wild stallion under control. He agreed with Fury on that score. They so didn't need the cowboy to go off on his own doing God knows what.

Tony however wasn't ready to call it quits just yet. "So before my train of thought got derailed by the Titanic duo here, what makes you the 'Chosen Slayer' so dangerous?" Tony used air quotes to highlight the subject he needed explained.

Surprisingly it was Thor who answered. "They are Earth born Valkyrie."

As f that little tidbit explains everything. He sighed again in frustration. "Aside from the classical operatic meaning, what the hell are you talking about?"

"They are the choosers of the slain!" he explained slowly and carefully, as if to a particularly dim witted child.

"Again with the hyperbole. Speak plainly damn it!"

"What he means stud is that I choose who I'm gonna slay. Vampires, demons, insane Gods and Goddesses..."

"You have slain Gods?" Thor interrupted.

"Yeah. Not proud of it. Had to be done." Xander told him sadly. There was no choice. In both cases we weren't given a choice. Glorificus was going to destroy a huge segment of creation if we didn't stop her." Xander explained.

"And Jasmine would have turned our world into her private playground." Faith explained the rest.

"Glorificus is a truly insane and vain elder Bitch of the first order. Your victory would have been costly."

"It cost my sister her life. She went to heaven after she sacrificed herself for me." Dawn remembered that time of her life with bitterness. She lost both her mother and sister that year.

"I grieve for your loss."

Dawn saw that Thor meant it, "Thank you, but please don't be sad. She got got better."

"How do you get better from death?"
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