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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4171 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Strike 2...Ball Three...Asgard...


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

Anyone who wants to see something in particular drop me an email at, or a private review.

Thanks again to everyone who reviewed, and keeps in reviewing.

Your reviews keep me inspired.

I want to thank danielhimura for Recommending the story.

12:00:26 A.M.
June 16/2012
Cliff Overlooking the Encampment.

"Is, is he stretching?" Natasha asked Faith.

"Sure looks like..." she saw Natasha look at Ymir. To Faith she looked mesmerized. "Ignore him..." Faith saw Ymir move around, getting used to being mobile again.

"How? How do you ignore something the size of the Statue of Liberty walking around like that?"

"Duh' I live with Dawn. You get over the size awe factor real quick after you see her pig out at that size, the ick and gross factor on the other hand..." she shivered, "Never leave you. So far..." she pointed at Ymir, "Not much of either, so yeah. Ignore him. He's just looking for attention."

With a force of will Natasha followed Faith's advice and ignored Ymir, and focused on Xander and Dawn. That's where their ticket out here was coming from.

"Dawny? You good to go yet hon?" Xander was massaging his wife's shoulders.

"Just about." she gave him a weak smile in return for his concerned one.


"We're go anytime you give the word." Tony had worked hard during the time Xander bought with his duel. He was also back to fighting strength.

He had been counting on using parts from Jackie to make the getaway vehicle; what a surprise that was to find out that the other half of the team had the same idea when they were gone. His Jackie was down to a skeleton and an outer shell. Her insides were replaced with fully functioning biological parts. Bobbi had managed to grow the parts using Asgardian tissue with the magical help of Dawn and Loki's wife Hilda. Jackie was now a Cyborg. She looked like a mix of Bobbi and Faith, but with red hair.

The energy field and the gravity generator were the only parts left; they were in pods on her back. She was also down to two ARC reactors. A far cry from he six she started out with.

The other four and the ten backups in her pack were all used to make the weapons. Assault rifle versions of the gravity canon used by JARVIS. The rest was made by Clint, Xander and Loki from that Mithril metal. At least Jackie had the foresight to get samples.

"Good." Xander turned back to Dawn, "See hon. No pressure..." He smiled to let her know his true feelings.

She smiled back. She was barely ready. A good nights sleep would so help, but when needs must.

She let Xander know that she was ready to start with a look.

"Everyone grab a handhold and a foot harness. We are go." he grabbed the first slot and Natasha took the one opposite.

Xander saw Tony and JARVIS sitting in the wire mesh command chairs on top and, as the signal was given, the vehicle powered up and hovered a few feet over the cliff.

Dawn dialed started the spell and pointed the gate device on Thor. The signal locked and a portal opened to Asgard.

Thor saw the assembled armies of Asgard on the Bifrost Bridge. He flew ahead of the vehicle into the portal.

"HAIL MIGHTY ODIN!" His voice boomed over the noise of the armies.

A roar of welcome hit the 'Prince of Asgard.' in reply.

The vehicle followed right after.

Dawn was the only one left on the other side. She activated her flight tattoo and followed, and bounced off Ymir's hand as it came down from nowhere and blocked the portal.

"NOOOOOO!" screamed Xander as he flew towards the portal to help his wife any way he could.

Thor stopped him before he could cross over.

"No my friend. Have you forgotten her instructions. This portal travels in one direction." Thor held the sobbing man as they watched Dawn dodge away from Ymir's grabbing hands.

"We have to help her. Thor you have to know someone, someway..." Xander begged.

"Come. We will ask the All-Father." Xander at this point was ready to clutch at any straw. Together they landed in for of Tyr the god of war, who was blocking the way to The Lord of Asgard.

"Hail Tyr! God of War!" Thor's voice boomed again.

"Hail Lord Thor! Prince of the Realm Eternal!"

"The matter is dire. I would approach my sire." he requested.

"Let Thor and the Black Knight approach Tyr." Odin said softly.

Thor nodded his head respectfully to Tyr as he and Xander approached Odin. Thor knelt on one knee in front of his father, he looked at his still standing companion.

Xander looked at Thor and was not comfortable with what it meant to kneel before The Lord of Asgard. He would sacrifice his life to save Dawn, but something kept him from going on bended knee.

"Hail Lord of Asgard!" he said instead.

Thor was about to speak, when Odin gently laid a hand in his shoulder, "No my son. He has the right if it. His allegiance belongs to another. Your mother is a Jealous woman. She guards her champions well. Well met Black Knight."

Xander bowed his head. That was as far as he could go.

"Watch." Odin pointed at the huge display of the struggle left behind them in Joutenhiem.

12:03:38 A.M.
June 16/2012

Dawn tried to dodge and weave at first, but after a few seconds, it dawned on her (No the pun was not intended) that Ymir was not interested in her. His concentration was on the portal she held open. 'No! He's trying to go through. No way!' she dropped her concentration and stopped trying to keep it open.

It didn't close.

She saw that Ymir was trying to keep it open. At first only a couple of digits would fit through, but soon he managed to squeeze in a third.

She cast a quick fireball at his eyes.

Ymir saw the light approaching his eyes and closed his eyelids. The fireball splashed against the armored surface, with little damage.

'This guy isn't going down with just spells. There's no back-up and there's no other choice.' she sighed and went back to the cliff.

She landed with grace and took a deep breath.

Ymir ignored her, but the ever growing force of Ice Giants didn't. Since there was no one to stop them this time they surged up the face of the cliff trying to reach her.

Slowly at first, she started to increase her size. By the time the first Ice Giant reached her, she was already at fifty feet.

By the time there were enough to try and threaten her, she was at seventy five feet. She took a moment to kick most of them off the cliff. she back off a couple of steps and saw that Ymir had taken notice of her.

She stepped back a few more steps and started to increase her size again.

The Ice Giants that were left at the top of the cliff stayed where they are until they saw, and heard Ymir. He didn't sound happy, the smart ones dived off the cliff, the slow ones were stomped when they were stepped on by Ymir.

He made a grab for her, but didn't quite reach her. He didn't want to let go of the portal.

"You really don't like the Asgard, do you?" she asked. Her size by this time was at a hundred and twenty feet.

"NO! I DO NOT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE KEY?" he asked puzzled. At first he didn't recognize her for who she was. The Asgard in her confused him. He shrugged. It didn't matter. This was the key. He knew her when the universe was young, although she wasn't quite this active back then.

That question surprised Dawn quite a bit, 'This guys knows me? Knows the Key. Just how old is he?' she thought. She stepped back a few more steps, Ymir grew another hundred feet. Dawn was at a hundred and seventy five feet by this time, but Ymir topped two hundred and fifty.

"Get away from my portal!" she yelled at him and followed it up with a jump kick.

"WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME?" he asked, again surprise in his voice.

"Because that portal's mine. Not yours." she stepped back and continued to grow. The kick did little. He still had too much mass on her.


"Then wait your turn. You can have it when I'm finished. It is mine after all."

Ymir did not like that. She however did have a point. It was hers and did say that he could use it after her. He could not object to these terms. "VERY WELL! I WILL WAIT MY TURN!"

"Wha..? You mean it? You'll wait?" she asked.

He nodded his head and said, "I HAVE SAID AS MUCH! I WILL WAIT!"

Dawn had reached two hundred and twenty five feet and still growing. She felt confident that she could fight him off if she had to.

She stepped forward and reached for the portal. She still had a connection to it. for some reason at this size, it wasn't as difficult to maintain it. She raised her eyes at his fingers, still inside her portal. He understood and removed his hand. She shrugged, but "Thank you."

He inclined his head, but kept quite.

As soon as she put her hand through she felt a rush of energy, unlike anything she had ever felt before. The Portal expanded dramatically and quickly to allow her to step through.

On the other side she saw Asgard and her armies waiting for her. They were tense, but they didn't attack. She felt a shiver go up her spine, when she looked back she saw Ymir had created an Ice Bridge from the other side that kept the portal open on his end and attached itself to the Rainbow bridge on the Asgardian side.

The connection slowly changed color from the clear blue, white crystal of ice, to the same color as the Bridge itself. Bifrost was healed, but Ymir controlled the other end of the 'Legendary Bridge.'

Bifrost Bridge.
June 16.

"Fuck Me!" Faith cursed when she saw Ymir follow behind Dawn.

"Later. We have more important things to deal with right now." Xander told her.

Faith let this one go. One, because he was going to do just that, and as he said later, but there was more important shit to deal with. Like the Fuckin' Giant that was even bigger than before.

"Tell me you have a plan for this?" Tony asked Xander trying to take in the scene before him.

"Why do I have to have a plan? Why don't you come up with a plan?" Xander replied. 'I'm the man with the plan...We're screwed I have nothing.' he thought. "Is it me, or does Dawn's butt look bigger from this angle?"

"What? Are you nuts?" Faith couldn't believe the shit she was hearing. She looked back at Dawn and checked her backside, 'Hm, it is bigger.', "Okay, it's bigger, but why are you thinking about her butt at a time like this?" she asked.

"I couldn't help myself..." he pointed at Dawn's butt, "Look at it...Not you Tony."

"Like there's a way I can miss that, now that you pointed it out."

"The man has a point. That is a bit much to ask of him." Faith gave him a by on this one.

"Are you three seriously discussing her ass at a time like this?" Natasha asked the three supposedly middle-aged adults. 'these are the people I've put my faith in?' she asked herself.


*What Now? Not that I'm complaining..." she then added quickly, "...and tell me what I need to do...*

Gungnir guided his current Primary Wielder in her task, when they were done he said, *THROW ME TO HER!*

Behind Dawn, Ymir had breeched the portal and an army of Ice Giants were following him from the other side. All were howlling to spill the blood of the Asgardian host assembled to meet them.


Chapter done.

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