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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Battle for the Bridge...


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

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June 16/2012

*You sonova bitch! You so set me up! I'm going to make you pay for this...* she ducked a swing from Ymir and used Gungnir and somersaulted over her opponent. She snap kicked him in the knees before he could turn around.

She took a deep breath and scanned the area for her loved ones. They stood out from the crowd to her sight.

Her children were on the other side of the bridge. Faith as always stood next to Xander.

The Ice Giant horde was locked in battle with the Asgardian Army, while the rest of the host made good on their re-deployment.

She took another deep breath and noticed another source of energy enter her body. This one felt clean, pure and undiluted. Unlike that cosmic crap, the spear kept trying to shove down her throat.

*Cut the fucking crap out! Or I'm chucking you over the bridge!*

Gungnir heeded the threat and stopped his meddling. He too noticed the energy flowing from Bifrost into the reluctant...and ever more hostile wielder.

Xander's POV

"Your screening force about to be over-run." Xander told Odin.

"What would you do to correct it?" Odin's eye twinkled in amusement.

'I can't believe this. The old goat is having fun while his people are getting cut to ribbons.' He let out a breath that he had been holding. Xander activated his mike and, "Tony, are the guys in position?"

"Yeah we're good to go. Kinda getting bored to tell you the truth."

"Then here's your chance. 'Shock and Awe' time. You, and JARVIS take the high road, Bruce and Thor take the low road. I want you to hit these guys two rows in and make some room for the Asgardians to make good on their retreat. Jackie I want you to cover the Asgardians with an energy field. So don't want Dawn to have to worry about these guys. That's it. Give me five minutes, Dawn's gonna need the room pretty soon. She's still growing, and friendly casualties are next if we don't do our part."

"Where do you want me Boytoy?"

"Where else Faith? On my ten. Keep 'em off my back please."

"I'm your girl." she said with a laugh.

"That you are." He also pointed his chin at Dawn, "You both are."

"You're such a softie, but I love you anyway."

Odin's POV
Bifrost Bridge.

Odin watched silently. He made no comment as Xander took over the fight for the Bifrost Bridge. *Lord Tyr!* he said over the ethereal network.

*My Lord?*

*Deploy the armies around the bridge. Move back far enough to give the enemy space to assemble on the other side, then...*

*Then push them off!*

*As you say.*

*What about the retreat?*

*I want to see how Jord's Champion operates under pressure.*

*What about our people? We cannot leave them to the mercies of an untried...*

*I will be at his side throughout. I will leave nothing to chance.* Odin's words ended the argument. He had taken the responsibility for the 'Battle on the Bridge', it was no longer up to him. Odin had taken over.

Overhead Tyr saw Thor and two gold and red armored warriors fly back to the battle and a 'Green Troll' Jumped behind them.

Tony's POV
Bifrost Bridge.

"JARVIS take the left flank..." Tony took the right and used his repulsors to sweep the Ice Giants starting from the second rank and on. His AI did the same on the other side.

"Whoa! Bruce is really cooking now. Wonder why? Hey JARVIS? Where's my music?"

"Coming up...sir." the music was a little slow to load, and Tony detected a hint of sarcasm in JARVIS's reply. 'Hm, could be entering that painful growing pains stage. Gotta keep an eye on that.'

He then saw Faith fighting back to back with Xander on the front lines. "Hey Faith..." he said as he flew by.

"Not. Now!"

"Looks like you're a tad busy..." He fired a repulsor blast at an Ice Giant about to stab her, 'yeah I think I'm going to leave her alone before I distract her to death, then Bruce would tear me limb from limb and a whole lot of badness can be avoided by leaving her be.' He noticed the hard beat of AC/DC and approved the selection.

"Hey watch where you throw those guys..." He did a hard bank left and another to the right, to avoid the flying bodies.

Dawn and Ymir were at it again and the Asgardians were still a few hundred feet from making it clear across to the other side.

He stayed low and strafed the giants all the way back to the portal, making sure to stay beneath the notice of the of Dawn and Ymir. He shot a missile barge at the front of the portal and flew back again strafing any and all targets of opportunity.

Thor's POV

"HAVE AT THEE!" Thor shouted at a cluster of Ice Giants trying to get at his father.

His Hammer broke the sound barrier as he twirled it and let loose. The Hammer flew and smashed everything in its path. He jumped at those still standing. The Hammer came to the end of the throw and flew back.

Thor punched and kicked at everything within reach while waiting for Mjolnir to fly back to his hand.

"Oof!" He was knocked off his feet as an opponent of Banner's was thrown his way. Thor saw the screaming Ice Giant coming, but he didn't have the time to get out of the way.

He went sprawling back to the foot of the warrior maid Faith. She stepped forward and stood over him while he climbed back to his feet. Mjolnir slapped into his hand at the same time.

Faith stepped back next to Xander and Thor took up a position between the two. With his father a few steps back, he got ready for any foe that dared face his wrath again.

Soon the bridge was cleared of enemies and Odin's Guardsmen began to make it back to Asgard in good order.

That was when a giant foot, well over a hundred feet long came down on top of the few Guardsmen left. Thor looked up and saw that Dawn and Ymir were each over two thousand feet tall by now. Jackie's energy field flared white hot, but it held, barely.

"Are, are they still growing?" Thor asked.

"Yeah they are. I'm not sure why, but very soon we won't matter in that fight." Xander explained.

"I didn't know she could grow that big. Did you?"

"No. News to me too. It blows her cover as the key. Anyone with eyes watching this is gonna know exactly who she is. Can't hide that." he pointed at his Ginormous wife.

"You know pretty soon she's gonna need her own zip code. There's a thousand good zingers I've got lined up. Can't wait to use 'me."

"May not be a good idea fair maid." Thor told her with a smile. She could easily crush thy spirit."

"You mean you can use large people jokes and I can't. No way. That's Faith discrimination. I want my fair share of teasing and she looks like she can take a lot of teasing."

"Just to be clear I am not getting between the two of you when you start." Xander made sure she saw his face and let her know that he was serious. Only pain and suffering would be his reward if he stuck his two cents in. He was no ones fool. He'd find something else to tease her about.
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