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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Slipping Away...


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

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01:56:42 ??
June 16/2012

Joyce saw her mother slipping away from her, "Mother! No!" Joyce growled and ran towards her mother in her ‘Giant White Wolf’ form. Her husband Gram tore the throat of the Ice Giant in front of him and ran after her.
‘Where are we going?’ he thought at her.

‘Mother!’ was all she replied. She changed into her human form and flew after her mother. She looked deep into her soul and found several connections there; connections to her mother, her father, her siblings and her husband.

She grabbed hold of the connection with her mother and used it to try and contact her mother. She connected and was flooded with energy; far too much energy. She started to glow green. She had more energy inside her body, than she knew what to do with. In her desperation she opened all her channels and connections. She then flooded those connections with the green energy into her husband, her siblings and her father.

They too started to glow a green color. Gram had changed into his human form and was flying beside her. They left all the fighting far below. The only thing that caught Gram’s attention was the simultaneous green flashes on the ground. He dismissed them and charged after his wife with renewed tenacity.

02:00:55 ??
June 16/2012

Alex and Jenny began to glow a pale green color. They weren’t standing next to each other. Jenny was next to her husband Phil. He was the first one to notice the glow. “Hon, don’t take this wrong, but you’re glowing.” Phil continued to snipe whatever target came his way. He had his father’s eye for detail and always went after the troublemakers. The targets that went after a fallen foe, the targets that were in it for the pain and most importantly the targets that were the natural leaders, with group of followers obeying their commands and the rallying points in the grand melee.

“You, you’re right...” she looked around, she too had inherited Xander’s eye for details and patterns. She saw both her brother and father in the same condition. “...I’m also, not the only one that’s glowing.” She opened a comm channel to her father, “Daddy...”

“Yeah, pumpkin?” Xander was a little busy, what with glowing green and all.

“Why are we glowing green?”

“Not sure, but I think it has something to do with your mother and sister. Can you check on them for me?”

“Sure daddy, but that means Phil and I will have to pull out.”

“That’s fine. Just make sure Clint knows, you don’t want to leave his flank open without him knowing why, okay?”

“I’m not a rank amateur daddy. I know what I’m doing.” She relented a bit on the sarcasm, “but thank you for being there for me, tootles.”

“Was that Jenny?” Faith asked as she kept looking around for more targets. They had become few and far between as soon as Xander started to glow. ‘Maybe he’s radioactive and those guys can tell, and if he is, why am I still hanging around? That shit can’t be too healthy for you if even the big giant assholes are giving him a wide berth.’
“Yeah. She wanted to know about the sudden glow-y thing-y.”

“Is that what we’re calling it? And why are you all glow-y? And why am I still hanging around you?”

Xander looked at her for a moment and figured it out. “Aw fer crying out loud. I’m not radioactive. It’s just spillover from Dawn and Joyce.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Settle down. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s just that ain’t a healthy color for you.”

“You don’ mind when Bruce glows green.” He was miffed and he was so playing the Bruce card.

“Oh so we’re going there Harris.” Faith’s nostrils flared and she got all huffy. Xander recognized the signs of a Faith blow up and quickly changed the subject. Ice Giants he could handle. Add Faith on top of that hostile mix and things could get a hell lot hotter than he was ready for just now.

“I’m just worried about Dawn.” He pointed at the semi-solid outline of Dawn and Ymir still going at it. “She’s never been like that before, and I don’t think she knows how to get back from that.”

Faith let it go. She was worried about Dawn too. You don’t marry someone for twenty years and not have some deep feelings for ‘em. “So, fix it.” She demanded instead. That was only reasonable she felt for his playing the Bruce card.

“How?” he asked with his arms out-stretched to cover the whole unbelievably giant far beyond his pay-grade situation.
He thought about asking Thor’s father for advice, but he too had moved away since he started to do his own imitation of the Hulk. “Say where’s Bruce?” he asked instead.

“How should I know? You’re the one with the eyes. Why don’t you just look for a giant green bouncy ball? Chances are that’s your man.”

“You know? That’s not such a bad idea. Thanks. And they say you’re not smart, never believe them. They’re lying...” he then ignored everything and scanned for green things in the skies of Asgard.

“Hey! I...” Faith began indignantly, but she stopped when she saw that Xander, was no longer with her. He was doing that seer thing of his, where he saw everything at once and stopped seeing the things in front of his eyes. His body was on auto-pilot, and it was up to her as usual to make sure her watcher was taken care of properly while he was doing his shit.

Xander saw quite a few things that were green and glowing; Gram and Joyce; Alex and Jenny. Some pissed off, blonde chick in a gauze-y green dress casting spells left and right, and finally he saw Bruce bouncing like mad in the middle of the biggest concentration of Ice Giants.

He narrowed his focus and found that the jolly green giant was not so jolly after all. He had slipped into his Hulk berserker state and was doing some serious damage. ‘Wonder what set him off... Nahhh. It couldn’t be that, could it?’ he looked at the sky again and found that both Dawn and Ymir were still growing. They were each of them, by this point, larger than Asgard. ‘He’s sensing his connection to Dawn is breaking and he’s slipped into his Hulk rage stage.’

Xander sat on t ground and ignored all else around him. Faith saw that and got seriously wigged. ‘He’s doing that in the middle of a battle this size? No. Freakin’. Way.’ He looked around for some help. No way could she keep her Boytoy safe on her own when he was like that.

“HEY! GRAMPS!” she yelled at Odin. When Odin looked her way, “Little help?” she asked.

“Certainly.” He and his guards made their way to the pair.

Faith didn’t like that. ‘Guy will want something after this. Hope I can pay his price.’ She didn’t really have a choice. Her family was on the line, and if she wasn’t willing to pay the price at times like these, then in her mind, she still hadn’t changed at all. She was still the same selfish, self-centered bitch she was when she first met her hubby, back in good ole’ SunnyD.

Odin saw that the fiery beauty understood the price for his personal help. He would let her off lightly. The task he would ask of her would not compromise her principles or endanger her family.

02:22:22 ??
June 16/2012

High above Asgard the battle continued. Dawn fought with Ymir, but the battle was no longer being fought on the physical plane. She still threw punches and blocked blows from her opponent, but she wasn’t doing so with her body.

This was a different kind of fight. It was both mental and spiritual, and something else. She found that she had an instinctive feel for this kind of struggle. She wasn’t sure how, but she suspected it had something to do with her being the KEY.

She also felt a very slight drain on her personal energy stores. Which were growing by leaps and bounds, but there was still that drain. She stepped back a few paces and took a quick look inside herself. She felt the strands that connected to her children and her husband.

One of the connections was responsible. She tasked a small sliver of her essence with the task of following the connection. She didn’t know how she was doing that at first, but when she thought about it, she realized that it was a natural part of her being the KEY.

The rest of her went back to the fight at hand. She looked around and noticed that she and Ymir were fighting around this huge tree. It had glowing globe like fruit in the branches, but what really surprised her mostly, were the fruits also growing in the roots as well.

“We’re in space!” she yelled in surprise. “Where’s the ground?” she asked.

“We are not bound by such things KEY.” Her answer came from the annoying Ymir.

“Why are fighting again?” she asked.

“You have sided with the Asgard.” He told her.

“Did not. It was the stupid spear. It jumped into my hand from nowhere and then you started with the fists. You wouldn’t even tell me why. Care to explain?” she raised her eyebrows and gave him the look she used when her children were misbehaving. It was a look she learned from her mother.

Ymir stepped back and blinked. That look stopped him in his tracks.

What Dawn didn’t know, yet was this was another form of spiritual attack, and it was just as effective as any kind of physical attack. A metaphysical blow, so to speak.

"I did not know that. I am willing to stop if you are?" he offered.

"Let me think about that." she replied. All the while the two continued to grow. By now their size encompassed entire galaxies.

02:22:22 ??
June 16/2012

At the same time the sliver of her essence found and dealt with the drain. It was her daughter Joyce and her husband Gram. They had hitched a ride to her and were able to survive by channeling the excess into the rest of the family. ‘Soon that won’t be enough.’ She knew what she had to do fix this problem.

She informed her greater self of what she planned and got the go ahead to enact her solution. The sliver of essence was all that was Dawn Summers and more. She appeared to her children and then drew them into her protective embrace. She then cut the connection to the rest of the family before they were burnt up by the energies coursing through their bodies. Had they not had the Asgardian constitutions they would have been dead long ago.

“Come on you two. We’re getting out of here.” She appeared as a glowing version of herself in front of Joyce and Gram.

“Mother! I thought I lost you.” Joyce yelled in surprise. Her happiness at reuniting with her mother was more than enough justification for the Dawn sliver to come back to her family. The rest of her went on to be the KEY, or in this case the DAWN-KEY (and no it was not a pun)

“Come along children. We cannot stay here. It’s not too safe, something might take notice.” She told them as she engulfed the pair and brought them back to the physical reality, far, far away from where they started, in a galaxy far away from home and Asgard for that matter. “It looks like we’re going on a space adventure, just the three of us. Your father is going to be so jealous.” She told them with a giggle. She and her children, and her husband were now true immortals. They had all the time in the world to reunite. Space was finite after all. And as the Chitauri had proven. There were space aliens with space ships out there. Someone had to have a way to get back. She knew the way, and so did Joyce and Gram, as soon as she taught them how to use their new cosmic awareness.

02:36:01 ??
June 16/2012

With the help of the enraged Hulk and the extra powers from Dawn. Xander and the children, with the help of Thor and the rest of the Avengers brought the battle to a swift end.

The Ice Giants too stubborn to retreat back through the portal were quickly overwhelmed, and destroyed out of hand. Most of the killing was done by the armies of Asgard, as the Avengers were too busy destroying the organized resistance. They left the mopping up for the Asgardian armies to take care of.

“Come!” Odin invited Xander when he came out of his new cosmically aware meditation. He had seen what Dawn and her new essence had done and knew that at some point in the near future he would find her and their children again.

‘They’re okay.’ He broadcast his thoughts to the clan; His wife Faith and to their children. Clint and Bobbi as well as Loki and Helga. They too were family, both by marriage and by choice.

“Let others finish this unpleasant task. You and yours have done enough this day. I thank you and Asgard thanks you.”

10:12:01 P.M.
June 16/2012
Odin’s Palace.

“I thank you all for all that you have done. Asgard is thankful for all you have accomplished. Your actions and those of your family that are not with us at this time have allowed us to be connected to the rest of the nine world through the Biforst Bridge once more. You have also helped defend Asgrad from invasion. For that alone you have our eternal thanks.

“Loki my son. All this started with you. However I cannot blame you for all that has been done in the past. For you are no longer you. You have been reborn, but you are still a son of Odin, a prince of the realm. You may stay, or leave as you wish. The decision to come back into the fold once more is yours to make my son.”

Freya watched as her son was reunited with the family once again. She had missed him terribly and mourned his passing. Her tears told all who looked at her, of her joy and happiness.

“Thor my beloved son. As always you do your father proud. Your actions have brought about much joy to my heart and were responsible for healing our spirits and our realm. A father could not ask for more from his children. As for your companions, you will always have a home in Asgard. One of my palaces is yours. You may come and go as you wish. As long as you are in Asgard, it shall serve as your home. For each of you individually I have a gift. When the time is right I shall give it when it is most needed. For this is what you have given us. I shall endeavor to return it tenfold.” Odin finished his speech and sat down to great applause from his family and special guests.

03:39:56 A.M.
June 17/2012
Odin’s Palace.

The private celebration broke well after midnight. Odin took Tony Stark with him to a special viewing portal high in the palace. From there he showed Tony what has been taking place near and far, both on earth and other locations in space.

Tony saw as a being Odin called a Skrull by the name of K'lrt, report to his emperor via a hidden communications array, from it's room aboard the Chitauri fleet. He transmitted a copy of the battle that took place with the Chitauri not long ago. The contents of this report were not translated, only the fact that it was done.

Then they saw another place. As different from the first as day is to night. Here a 'Giant, Green, and Tentacled Head' was watching a copy of that report. Blue skinned, humanoid figures in blue and white armor ran around doing its bidding. One figure, much larger than the rest wearing green armor, and holding a giant hammer watched the same report of the battle that Tony had fought more than six weeks ago in New York.

“Who was that?” Tony asked.

"That was the Kree." Odin explained.

"And who are the Kree?" Tony asked again.

"They are native to the planet Hala in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The Kree Empire extends throughout nearly a thousand worlds in the northwestern lobe of the Greater Magellanic Cloud with outposts in other galaxies. Some of those outposts are located on Midgard and throughout the solar system. They are a nationalistic, imperialistic and militaristic society with the only widespread religion being worship of the Supreme Intelligence. The big green tentacled head you are seeing is Supremor, the Supreme Intelligence. For now Anthony, I would ask you hold on to your curiosity until you have seen everything of note."

Tony nodded his head. This was intelligence he couldn't buy with his entire fortune. He'd wait and ask his questions later.

“Ronan the Accuser! What is your assessment of this report?”

Ronan did not answer immediately. He went over the information and the battle playing on the holographic projections. “They have advanced much since we were there last. Their soldiers are stronger, faster, tougher well disciplined and well trained. They would not be out of place in a Kree unit of similar make up. They use basic armor and basic energy weapons. Against most opponents that would be enough. Against our might, they would fail. They would acquit themselves well, but they would face defeat at our hands. The technology they are using is primitive, but they use it well. Their shock troops on the other hand are worrisome. That unit there...” he pointed to Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, a Giant Dawn, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Bobbi, Faith and Xander.“...are the most dangerous. As you have seen they are each worth a warship. An assault to take the planet must be prepared to deal with beings such as they. We do not have numbers, but there were many, that would give a normal line unit pause. I would advise an assault by the sentries, before the actual invasion.”

“Thank you Ronan the Accuser. Your assessment of their worth as allies?”

“They show promise. They have defeated a surprise invasion through portal space by the Chitauri. For that alone they are worthy of consideration.”

“I agree. Activate Sentry 459. It’s time we returned to that region of space.”

“As you command.” Ronan saluted and left immediately to do his ruler’s bidding.
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