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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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One Adventure Ends, and Another Begins...Maybe?


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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

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03:44:49 A.M.
June 17/2012
Odin’s Palace.

Tony continued to watch the Kree Command Chamber. He knew he’d never get such an opportunity again. “Are...are those people?”

“Of course they’re people...” Odin replied.

“No, no, no. I mean the pinkish colored ones in the white and green armor. They, they look like people, specially that blond one.”

“Ah. I see. Mar Vell, a captain of the fleet. These are called ‘Pink Kree.’ Much as you have several skin shades on Midgard, so do the Kree. They are more colorful people than yours. Blue, pink, green and yellow and other colors as well. They have married into other races in an effort to escape their race’s punishment... ” Odin looked closer at Captain Mar Vell with his special sight, “...the threads of fate of Captain Mar Vell seem to connect and intertwine with your own. Do keep an open mind when you meet him. He has a noble spirit.”

“If you say so.” Tony was spectacle to say the least. So far it was split fifty/fifty on the good versus evil encounters with alien races. Although the Asgard might not count as they were connected to Earth’s mythical past. He felt right at home here. They were like high tech versions of Viking gone mad. Fun for a short vacation, but not something he’d take Pepper to, not even on a dare.

“I do say so.” Odin had a mischievous twinkle in his eye when he said it. He also heard his son Balder bringing his other guest over. He took the time to eavesdrop on their conversation while Anthony Stark memorized the layout of the Kree High Command Chamber.

Down the long hall Xander and Balder were walking slowly to Odin’s observatory. “So, Balder. Tell me about Asgard.”

“Tis a place of wonder and mystery to mortals such as you friend Alexander...”

“...Just Xander please.” Xander cut in. He let the mortal comment go. ‘Man that’s the third time I’ve had to correct him. It’s like he knew Alexander the Great, personally or something. Hey, maybe he did. I’ll ask him after.’

“...Xander it is. Although it cheapens the name of the man you are named after.”

“Did you know Alexander the Great?” Xander was looking around like a tourist o speed, everything here was so over the top, that a Las Vegas casino developer would have felt right at home.

“The Olympian is considered a friend.”

“You and the Olympians have a thing then...”

“How do you mean ‘a thing’?” Balder stopped his questions. They had reached their destination. He would take up the conversation when Alexander’s audience with the All-father was over.

“Alexander, you are expected. Thank you Balder.” Balder bowed and left the observatory. He would wait for Alexander outside the hall.

“Hey Tony. Wassup?”

“More aliens.” He pointed at the screen.

“Good, or bad?”

“Don’t know. Some look like they could pass for earth natives without much effort.” He pointed at Mar Vell again, “and some, not so much. These particular aliens have been to good ole’ earth before, and they have several outposts already. And some kind of thing called Sentry 459 has already been activated to spy on us. Not too happy about that.”

“Why all the interest?” Xander asked Odin.

“Earth as you know it is a nexus...”

“Yeah I kinda do know that already.” Xander replied.

“You do?” Tony was taken by surprise by Xander’s off the cuff comment.

Xander gave him a lopsided smirk, “Yeah I do. You don’t live as long as I have in the circles I do and travel in without that little tidbit not coming up once in a while. We’re like this great big nexus to the multi-verse or something. Earth is where some of the Old Ones were born, and where some just breached the walls of reality to cross over. Things like that are hard to dismiss when they’re rubbed into your nose.”

“You are well informed.” Odin conceded that was more than he expected from Jord’s Champion, but then he was one of Jord’s Champions. This should not have surprised him at all.

Xander was studying the Kree High Command Chamber and his cosmic awareness kicked in. “That one...” he pointed at Mar Vell, “...will be trouble. Take a picture Tony. We’ll be meeting him pretty soon.”

“How the hell do you know that?” both of Tony’s eyebrows went up on that observation.

“Um, not sure. But it feels right for some reason.”

“Your awareness has expanded. Your link to the KEY has changed you.” Odin confirmed.

Xander suspected as much. He was able to process more, and see and feel more than ever before and with less effort to boot. ‘I’d give all that up to have Dawn and the kids back.’

“So Balder said you wanted to see me?”

“Yes. I thought you might like to see a few things.” Odin pointed to the portal and the scene changed.

Xander saw an Alien world where a lot of different aliens walked around some kind of a Bazaar. There was even a few that could have passed for human. Most were humanoid in fact. A man in a pirate outfit walked next to a cat lady with white fur and a bald elf Cyborg. Behind them a huge green lizard thing with an alien 'mamal-bird?' on its shoulder watched their back.

There was a sudden flash of light and three naked and very familiar beings appeared in front of the alien party.

“Dawny!” Xander reached out, but Odin stopped him from touching the portal.

“It’s just a picture. This was the very recent past.” He explained kindly.

Xander stopped trying to enter the portal and watched as the event played out.

“Mom where are we?” Joyce asked, she noticed that she was naked and her hands flashed in an intricate pattern and clothes appeared on her body. Gram didn’t care and Xander knew from past experience that unless someone reminded him of the fact he wouldn’t go out of his way to put anything on, unless it was a weapons belt.

Joyce saw that the aliens had pulled out weapons and were about to shoot at first, until they saw that the naked people were ignoring them. They holstered their blasters and swords and were about to go on their way, when Joyce saw that her mother was unsteady and was about to fall over when the human looking one reacted first and caught her.

“Easy there lass, I’ve got you.” Xander saw that the cat lady got upset and was about to do something reckless when Dawn spoke and surprised everyone, “Uhnn. Uncle Chris? Is that you?”

“Corsair. How do you know this female?” the cat lady was not happy at all. Corsair was hers.

Christopher Summers ignored Hepzibah and looked at the woman in his arms and was surprised to see that he recognized some of her features, but he wasn’t quite sure who she might be.

“How do you know who I am Miss?”

Dawn ignored that question, “Uncle Chris? You’re alive? But how can that be? You like disappeared over twenty years ago, when I was like five.” Dawn looked at her missing uncle in wonder.

“Mom? Are you sure?” Joyce asked, not sure if her mother was right or not. She looked around and saw that typically her husband still didn’t put any clothes on and the cat lady was getting a free show. “Put some clothes on!” she growled.

Gram shrugged and transformed into a giant white wolf instead.

The guns were back out and any interested observer high tailed it out of the area.

“Yeah that’s Gram and Joyce. At least now I can confirm that my link to them isn’t lying to me.” Xander told Odin.

“You can feel them all this way from several galaxies away?” Odin asked.

“They’re that far? That will take some time to bring them back home, unless you have a way to cut the time to search for them down a bit? They are family after all.” Xander played that card, hoping that it would get results. Family always came first in his book.

“They are?” Tony asked surprised by that revelation. ‘Looks like its surprise Tony day.’

“Yes they are.” Odin finally confirmed. “Gram is my grandson. And as such his wife and her family are related by marriage.”


“While I can see into any corner of the known universe, I can’t travel as easily as I might wish.”

Xander wasn’t quite sure that Odin was telling the truth, he probably could, but there were powers out there that migh object to his intrusion. Right now he wasn’t about to call the man out while he was still showing him what happened to his family. He went back to watching the portal.

Dawn had answered her uncle’s question, “It’s me Dawn. Dawn Summers. Boy won’t Scotty and Alex be surprised when I tell them that you’re still alive.”

“Little Dawn...Can it be?” He then looked at the girl that had called her mom, and the giant white wolf. He didn’t remember anyone on earth ever doing that before. Suddenly something she said stunned him, “The boys are still alive?”

“They were when I saw them about two weeks ago, although from my perspective it might be closer to twenty one years.” She added off hand.

“My boys are alive, but how can it be only two weeks for them and twenty for you?”

“It’s a whole thing. My husband and some friends were stuck in this ‘Land of Timeless Mists’ limbo like place. We spent twenty one years there and when we made it out, the rest of our party said we were only gone for a few days. But how are you alive? Your plane crashed and only Scott and Alex managed to get out, when Scott grabbed Alex and parachuted out, the people who checked the wreckage didn’t find anybodies, and Scotty lost his memories, So no one knew what happened for like ever, and then Scott found Alex again, and about six weeks ago, a friend of the boys thought that they might be related to me and Buffy. Wow, Buffy and I are alone for years and then suddenly family all over the galaxy.”

Christopher Summers looked at his niece in wonder. Didn’t she even need to breathe? She got the whole story out in one breath. His emotions were on a roller coaster ride. Happy, sad, mad, you name it. His boys were alive, they went through hell. Never mind how they re-united with their cousins and how one of those cousins found her way all the out here to Shi’ar space.

“Raza-Longknife do you believe her?” the cat lady asked the long eared Cyborg.

“It does not matter if I believe her, or not Hepzibah, it’s up to Corsair.” The Shi’ar Cyborg told her. His swords were still out and pointed at the shape-shifter.

“I see...” she noted that like her his weapons were pointed at the shape-shifter, who ignored them. She didn’t know whether to be amused, or worried by that. The girl on the other hand, if she was related to her Christopher was another matter. She couldn’t just shoot her or her mother out of hand. She decided to wait and see, like Raza was doing.

“Do you even need to breathe?” Christopher asked amused. He would make up his mind on what to do about his ‘niece’ later. There were test that would prove her identity. But if she was telling the truth, then finding a way back to earth just became his number one objective.

“I’m not sure. I think so, but with all the freaking genetic alterations I’ve had to endure, I think I could go without. Never felt the need to test it, to tell you the truth.” She shrugged.

“What kind of alterations?” this was serious. If someone was playing god with his family’s genetic heritage, then there would be hell to pay.

“Don’t worry about it Uncle Chris. It’s been over twenty years and I’ve already paid the bastard back.” She smirked.

“That she did. Gungnir is still stuck in the heart of Asgard. I’m not sure if there’s a way to remove him. He’s anchored to several different realities at the same time. No one is going to free him, unless certain conditions are met, and only the KEY knows what those conditions are.” Odin explained.

Xander was satisfied with that. Dawn had gotten her revenge on the spear, but he would get his chance to make sure the spear’s imprisonment was as unpleasant as possible. He would have to talk to Tony about that later, maybe a looped tape of a Barney episode, on endless repeat, but for now he went back to watching the portal.

The scene shifted again. Dawn and the kids were in a space ship. They were going through some test and after the results were finished Corsair was seen to relax. “Looks like you’re my niece after all. Your story is just too fantastic to believe, but then my own story is nothing to sneeze at either. Well little Dawny, it looks like we’re going back to earth.”

“Cool. How long do you think it’ll take to get there in this ship of yours?” she asked. At least they had a way back.

“Years, no one I know knows the way back. I’m not sure how the Shi’ar got to our world in the first place, but it looks like our first step will be to raid the Shi’ar military for that bit of knowledge...”

“Why do we have to do that? I know the way back home.” She then pointed in the direction of the planet Earth.

“I’m not sure how you’re able to do that Dawn, but we’re several Galaxies away. No way that this little Starship’ of mine has that kind of power to get us there. The Shi’ar had to have used one their big Jump gates to get to our galaxy, let alone our solar system. Information like that would shave years off for our trip back home.”

Dawn sighed. She just knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.” Xander sighed along his wife.

“At least she’s with family and they have a way back home.” Tony tried to make the situation easier on his friend’s hardship. ‘Hm. Xander’s probably older than I am now. Not that it really matters; Asgardians tend to live really long lives.’

“Thanks Tony, but I don’t like just sitting back and letting them make their way back on their own.”

“It’s not like we have access to a Starship here...”

“Don’t we?” Xander looked at Odin when he said that.

“Come. I’ve another thing to give you as reward.” At that prompt, a guard came into the room with a small ornate box. He gave it to his ruler, saluted and promptly left.

Odin opened the box and presented the gift to Xander, “This is a small token of my appreciation to all that you have done to bring my boys back and to what you have done in the defense of the realm eternal.” He presented a large dagger, almost the size of a short sword, but not quite. “This is Fewer-Daca. It has a small piece of Sutur trapped in the Uru metal. It was made by the same Dwarven smith that made Mjolnir. This will also mark you as a member of the Royal family of Asgard.”

Xander smiled as he looked up at Odin and smirked, “You know, as a bribe to let the subject drop, it doesn’t suck...” he took the dagger in his hand and felt a jolt go through him as it bonded itself to his soul...”Fuck! When will I ever learn to not just grab any shiny thing that comes my way.”

Odin laughed. “I know that you will not drop it. We will discuss this later. Your...our family is well taken care off. They are safe and trying to find their way back to us. We will not abandon them. I give you my word.”

“Good enough. “ Xander let the matter drop. Tomorrow is another day. The Avengers needed time to rest, before they started another Adventure.

“Great. You get a plasma weapon you can hide in your pants, what about me? I wish I got presents like that.” Tony joked not expecting anything to come out of that, but Odin took it as an opportunity to cement another bond with these chaotic heroes.

He put his hand to Tony’s chest, using the Odin Force; he changed Tony’s genetic make-up. The ARC reactor bound to his chest changed and became organic. “This will be something to pass on to all your children. All of your progeny from this point on will have that gift.” Odin laughed at the stunned look of both his guests. He left them and made his way back to the party. They would follow when they came out of the stunned surprise.

Xander came out of it first, since he had less to deal with. “Shit Tony. When will you learn? Never use the fucking W.I.S.H. word. EVER!” he sighed and watched as Tony retracted the chest plate. Underneath the ARC reactor was no longer made of metal. It was flesh and blood and it glowed, a muted blue color. “At least it’s pretty.”

He jumped out of the way as Tony came out of his funk and tried to swat him. “Come on. We will deal with this later, after y find out what it does. You don’t want to offend an All-knowing, All-powerful, All-father type god now, do you?” Xander laughed at Tony’s expression.

Tony was speechless, for maybe the first time ever. He followed Xander back to Hall. It was the safest option open to him; at the moment he wasn’t sure what else he could do.

End of Book II.


I hope everyone enjoyed Book II.

Do you guys want to see what happens in Book Three?

Let me know.

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