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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4021 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

Some Vague and not so Vague Threats...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

Part VI continued.

"It's a Scooby thing. Don't fight it, for now just go with the flow."

Tony studied Faith, and not her body. Okay, not just her body. Honestly she was just that hot; like an approachable Black Widow. He so hoped she didn't bite, but she probably did. "You keep mentioning the Scoobies; as in the cartoon about the dog?"

"Not just the dog." Dawn rolled her eyes. "The Scooby Doo gang was more about solving supernatural mysteries as a team. That's what we are, a close knit team that care so much about each other we became an extended family by choice, not just blood. There are good and bad times. When someone does something stupid we call them out. If they get it right, we're so there with the kudos."

"At the moment they are the most feared force on the planet." Natasha threw that bit out there to see how Stark's ego would handle that. She knew he thought 'He' was the most powerful force for 'Good' on the planet. Silly little man.

"Just how scary can they be if they pattern their team after that of a dog show? An animated dog show."

Xander just shrugged. He knew that Tony was trying to bait them to get them to reveal their secrets. No thanks Starkey I stopped having to prove myself during senior year.

Faith saw Xander wasn't going for the bait. She snickered.

"What now?" Tony didn't like that snicker, every time she did that they burst one of his bubbles. He waived for her to go ahead, "Okay. I know I'm going to regret this, but impress me?"

"It's not about impressing you, 'He who wishes he could be my BoyToy.' it's about education."

"Education? Did you know she knew that word?" Bobbi whispered to Dawn. She knew that Faith heard her clearly, 'cause hello, slayers and the chamber wasn't that big.

"Not now. I think she's got something to say, and she may do something..."

"Like what?"

"I'm not sure Bobbi, but she's got the look."

"What look?"

"You know. THAT look."

As if that explained everything. She was still in the dark. Sometimes Dawn forgets that Bobbi wasn't a core Scooby, and she wasn't privy to all their secrets. She pretended she knew and left it at that.

"When you're a chosen one. You get a little something extra with the package."she glanced at Bobbi and sneered, she turned back to Tony, "We have something inside us called the Slayer essence, and when we have to, we can all channel the bad ass pre-historic bitch..."

"Did you even know she knew words like that?" Bobbi pretended to be shocked. She saw the look Faith gave her, and she so wasn't letting it ride.

Faith ignored Bobbi, "...I, unlike most girls have the full Slayer Package. I am the last pure 'Chosen Slayer' and when I channel the full glory of the bitch I can make ten foot tall demons tremble." Faith started to slowly do just that. The full power of the alpha bitch started to slowly come out. Everyone in the room felt it. The presence of the hunter. The ultimate predator. The predator, who's favorite prey was other predators. She directed her gift at Tony Stark as she stalked slowly towards the sweating billionaire. She started to circle slowly around him like a big hunting cat.

Thor admired her openly. She was a Goddess on the hunt. He'd do her right then and there of she permitted.

Bruce couldn't take any more, the big guy was so turned on that he came in his pants right then and there. He noticed that Harris gave him that snide smirk of his that said 'I know what you did.', screw him. Bruce didn't care. The ball of inner rage he carried inside all the time made him immune. Although to be honest, Xander didn't make a big deal out of it, and he had to admit it to himself, the little punk had caught him fair and square, and he didn't spill his secret.

Fury let Faith turn up the heat on the jack ass. He hoped the girl would just take out a leash already and be done with it. Her he could deal with. If only it wasn't for Harris. He would have made a play for her a long time ago. She would have made a magnificent SHIELD agent.

Phil openly smirked.

Natasha was bored. 'Whatever.' she wasn't the one playing. Funny, but her boredom meter was rapidly rising.

Tony didn't know if he should drop down on his knees and beg forgiveness and maybe propose, 'I can probably convince Pepper to go for a threesome...', or run out of the room screaming like a little girl. 'When the hell did I become the bitch?' he wondered.

"Director Harris. Is it possible to control your people?" They were on the dime damn it. They didn't have time for the fun and games no matter how personally satisfying they might be.

"Not really. I tried to be controlling once..."

Fury waived for him to continue. 'God these children are such drama queens.'

"She laughed and said I looked cute doing it. It was never brought up again."

"Then how the hell do you survive in combat?" Fury asked.

"I point at the bad guys, stand back and let her loose. The best thing I found out was not to get in her way when she's having fun. She likes to play rough from time to time."

'I didn't need to know that.'

"You're having second thoughts about bringing us on your shiny flying ship."

"It's really not that big of a problem Harris. I could always throw you off."

"Aren't we like really, really high?"

"Your point?"

"Just checking." Xander gave Fury his best I am a good little boy smile, he ruined it when he winked.

Fury snorted, 'Yeah right.' He saw the footage of Harris jumping without a chute. At least it would get rid of the developing headache.


"Yeah BoyToy?"

"I want another turkey sandwich..." Xander could still taste the peppers. It was really that good.


"So, if you don't let the chew toy get away, we'll never finish the meeting and we'll be stuck here with my evil twin giving me the stink eye cause he says I can't control my people and I so don't wanna go there so could you maybe please do something about that so I can finish this oh, oh, so informative meeting and get a sandwich before I starve to death." Xander babble at half Willow speed, so most the people in the room were able to keep up, except for Bruce, he really didn't care, although he might try the turkey on rye sandwich, it might be good.

"Is it really that good?" Bruce asked, the already salivating Xander.

"Oh yeah. I can just taste it..."

"You should. You just finished one a few minutes ago." Dawn again did with the rolling of the eyes.

"Faith..." Xander begged.

"Alright already. Sheesh. I'm done anyway. You threw me off my stride. You are so going to pay for that." she threatened.

"Aw come on. He's so not worth it, and I'm really hungry..." he told her as they left in the pursuit of the perfect turkey sandwich. Dawn joined them, and Bobbi stayed behind with her assigned target.

"He's really quite good at what he does." Natasha observed.

"That he is. He'd give you a run for your money boss." Phil agreed with the Widow. The kid knew how to manipulate his people without letting them lose face in front of strangers.

"That's what scares me Phil. Not the walking engines of destruction. Those you can see and plan for. That little punk is just plain scary." Fury agreed.

"What just happened here? Were you people even in the same room with us?" Tony complained.

"Yes we were. Weren't you paying attention to the soft and hard glove treatment?" Widow looked at Tony as if to say 'comon use that much advertised big brain of yours and get caught up with the rest of us.

Steve had enough. Very informative, but he could already predict the headaches looming on the horizon. He left the room as well.

Bobbi gave him a few seconds head start and went after him. After all, it's more sporting to give the mouse a head start.

Fury snorted.

"That's just sad Phil when a good agent starts to slip like that..."

"Oh you mean Bobbi?"

"She wasn't even pretending. She just went after him..."

"And you're falling for that?" Natasha looked at the boss with suspicion.

"You have something to say Widow?"

"They are playing and they don't feel the need to hide, and they're letting you know openly that they aren't trying to hide. So my question is, what the 'Fuck' are they trying to hide?"

"I'm out of here. You people are nuts. Bruce can I interest you in a sandwich. I hear the turkey on rye is quite good?"

"Sure." Bruce shook his head and looked to the skies, too bad there was all this armor in the way. He really liked to look at the sky once in a while.

Fury looked at Phil.

"On it boss as Phil followed the two walking brains. He joined them, at this point there was no use pretending everyone knew that Fury was in his obsessive mood. The kid really managed to pull his chains but good. This was gonna be fun. He just knew it.
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