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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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The Thunder...


Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

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10:17:43 P.M.
June 28/2012
Manhattan, N. Y.
Hidden Hydra Base.

"Team Leader, is Mr. Harris still on base?” Sigfried asked Robby.

“Yes sir. They’re still grabbing Trooper Sullivan’s personal effects from the barracks.” Robby reported crisply.

“Make sure to extend Mr. Harris every courtesy to speed him on his way.”

“Sir?” Robby wasn’t quite sure what his leader meant or wanted.

“If Mr. Harris needs a vehicle to transport himself and Mr. Sullivan and his effects, make sure that a vehicle is at his disposal. I don't care even if it's our best. Make sure he know that one is available. Hell, tell him it’s a gift if you have to, and make sure to sign all the papers to transfer the vehicle into his name. The sooner that he’s out of here, the better. Don’t rush him or let anyone show any discourtesy.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that sir. Mr. Harris scares half the combat troops senseless. They all saw what he did during the invasion. They would rather go up against Captain America than the Black Knight.”

“Why is that?” Sigfried had studied all the files and footage they had on the Avengers team that fought during the invasion. He didn’t see that big of a difference in performance in power or skill between the two men.
“The men know that they have a better chance at survival against Captain America than they would against Mr. Harris.” Sigfried wasn’t satisfied with that answer and looked at Robby as if he was an insect under a microscope. Robby's neck began to itch, and he so badly wanted to scratch, but he stopped himself with a lot of effort, “Uh, that is...see the thing is that Captain America used a shield and it’ll probably hurt...a lot to get hit by him. Like being hit with by a runaway Mac-Truck. They know that they might even be crippled, but they would at least survive.” Robby swallowed and then added, “Mr. Harris only uses lethal force. they all saw his sword cut through space alien armor like a hot knife through butter, and his Uzi never missed or ran out of ammo.”

“I see. Then you’d better see to it that he wants for nothing. I want him out of my base as soon as possible.” Sigfried turned with a flourish and left.

“Man I hope Frankie survives the power play between these guys.” Robby sighed and went on to do his leader’s bidding. If he didn't his chances of surviving the night were slim to none. He shuddered and ran to the barracks to make sure that Frankie and his new keeper were off the premises pronto.

FR21 just to be sure.

Mild sex scene.

10:21:24 P.M.
June 28/2012
Manhattan, N. Y.
Council Safe house.

The first thing Willow did when they entered the VIP bedroom; was to cast several privacy spells. She didn't need to be interrupted by a curious mini.

She then attacked Buffy and ripped her clothes off. She'd been waiting to ravish the tiny blonde for years and a few clothes weren't standing in her way.

She was firm but insistent. Buffy smirked and let her have her way. She was normally the aggressive one in the bedroom, but Willow had an itch, and she was willing to let her have her way. That's what friends do. They're considerate and want the best for their friends.

Willow had ripped the last shreds of her second best blouse and removed her bra with deft move that she would have to make sure she showed her how she did it. All the while she kept lip lock; another reason why Buffy didn't say anything. 'Cause she couldn't. She was also feeling tingly all over. The nice kind of tingly. Her pants and panties were next and those didn't even last as long as the blouse and bra. She suspected that Willow cheated and used magic.

That was the last time she had a coherent thought. Willow had gone down and didn't come up until she had her fill more than two hours later.

Buffy was basking in the after glow. "Wow Will. That, that was great, no, it was fantastic. We so should have hooked up before. All that waisted time."

"We so should have...Buffy?"

"Yes Willow?"

"Could you maybe do me next?" she asked shyly.

Buffy saw that after all that Willow was turning redder than a tomato. "Sure. C'mere." she gave her a huge smile and pulled her into a deep all body hug. she gently turned her over on to her back and started to trail her finger tips lightly from just under her chin, between her heaving chest and on to her navel and further on to all points south.

"No. More. Teasing. Get to work Slayer." Willow growled.

"Yes ma'am." Buffy giggled an dove in.

"'AHHHHHHHH!" Willow arched her back as she came almost as soon as Buffy made contact. "Whoa..."

Buffy ignored her and kept on going. She wanted to see if she couldn't drive the redhead insane with pleasure.

10:26:14 P.M.
June 28/2012
Manhattan, N. Y.
Hidden Hydra Base.

"That should be everything." Frankie said, "I'm really gratefully that you saved my sorry ass sir. I can't tell you how..."

"It's okay Frankie. Just make sure that you do everything that my girls tell...on a second thought let me know if the younger ones enter the naughty no fly zone. Another wise my wife will separate you from your best friends." Xander pointed at Frankie's groin.

"Ouch." Frankie covered up protectively at the thought of losing Mr. Happy and his two companions.

"Hey Robby...Thanks for trying to stand up for me man. I know I put my foot in it from time to time, but you've always been there for me, and I'm going to miss you man." Frankie wiped some tears with his hands.

Xander gave him a tissue, 'How the hell did this guy wind up as a Hydra Trooper. It had to have been a prank by one the guys.' Xander sighed and let the thought drop for now.

"Yeah sure Frankie...Hug me and I'll put a knife between your ribs. I mean that in the nicest way." Robby backed up to avoid the hug.

"Let it go Frankie. You don't want to get your friend into hot water with the other guys do you?" Xander asked gently.

"Thanks for understanding Mr. Harris. Otherwise my days here are numbered."

"You can call me Xander, Robby. So which way is the quickest, out of this crazy joint?"

"Follow me. The big Boss is giving you one of our top of the line disguised Hydra vehicles. They're German made you know. This way you can fit all of Frankie's things and make it out of here in one trip."

"They want me out of here that bad? Then I guess you'd better lead on McDuff..."

"Uh my name's Robby..."

'Oh No. I'm channeling Giles. This is so no the place to do it in.' he shivered, "Then please lead on Robby." he said, as if he only forgot the other man's name.

Robby was clueless and he liked it that way. 'Man you even gotta watch what you say to the guest or else...Being a Hydra agent is cut-throat business.'
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