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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

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Thanks again to everyone who reviewed, and keeps in reviewing.

Your reviews keep me inspired.

I would like to thank DevJannz for the Recommendation.

10:36:02 P.M.
June 28/2012

Manhattan, N. Y.
Hydra Base.

"Excuse me, but you can't take that." Clay said to the man in the black suit and dark sunglasses. 'Could you be any more cliché.' he thought.

"Why not? Mr. Harris said I could." Frankie continued to salvage some personal weapons from the wreckage of the tank platoon. He managed to salvage four blaster pistol and two energy assault rifles.

"Because this place is now a federal crime scene."

"Not until we're gone it's not." Xander told Clay.

"This is a SHIELD! Therefore federal." The peeved SHIELD agent argued.

"Again I say, not until we're gone. This was council business, and until I'm gone you can't federal anything." Xander explained.

Clay hated jurisdictional disputes. They got in the way of doing business. He didn't want to admit, but the man was right. Had this been a regular watcher he could have, bluffed and or intimidated the man, but no. This had to be the council's North American Director, and an Avenger to boot. 'Not good!' He thought.

"Just let me cap them bob and let God sort them out." Frank Castle growled pointing his BFNG (Big Fucking New Gun) at Xander.

"Point that somewhere else Lucy, or I'm so spanking your ass." Xander growled back.

"I'd like to see you try." Frank pointed the gun at Xander crotch. Frankie and Clay backed away.

"Do you really like me that much Spanky. You're all hard and pointing it my way." Xander gave him a come hither smile.

Frank shot his energy canon. Xander knew it was coming and more importantly when. He side stepped the plasma bolt with ease.

'Shit! He's like that Spider-kid.' Frank was about go go full auto, when someone intervened.

'Oh no no no no. Director Fury is gonna make dig my own grave with my bare hands and bury myself alive after this.' In his panic Clay did either the stupidest, or bravest, but certainly the most desperate thing in his short life. He stepped between the two men and held his hands out to either man. "Colonel! Stand down! This is an Alpha Omega order."

Frank didn't give a shit about orders, until he remembered what an Alpha Omega designation stood for. 'Shit! The punk is gonna walk.' He growled audibly and ground his teeth.

Xander’s new supercharged senses were giving him a constant update on the man challenging him. ‘Stupid Alpha. I should have defused the situation, but this guy just pushed all the wrong button way too fast to adapt. Gonna have to watch that in the future. I’m a man, not an animal guided by his instincts. I hope Clay can reign him in, otherwise I so have to spank his monkey ass.’

“Director Harris...You and your man may leave sir. This incident will be reported.” Agent Quartermain promised Xander. His stance and eyes said that this was not over.

Xander channeled his inner Scooby Doo, and gave Clay his friendliest I’m just a harmless innocent bystander smile. It didn’t fool anyone except Frankie.

‘Man Mr. Harris is such a nice guy. If it was me I’d have capped the asshole already.’

“Frankie, please get in the car.” Xander’s eyes never once left Frank’s. His inner Alpha was leached, but it still leaked through.

“Guy’s a predator. No doubt about it. What the hell is he doing in a Hydra base? I looks like Quartermain is gonna wuss-out.

“Expect a call from Director Fury when this is all over.” Clay promised.

Xander laughed. “Nicky is a big ole’ pussy cat. He wants to talk to me he knows where to find me. Let’s go Frankie.” Xander kept his smile friendly as he and Frankie drove out.

“I can’t believe you let him go.” Frank growled.

Jurisdiction Colonel. He's right too. He's gonna get away with it. You're one of the best men I have ever worked with, but that man scares the devil, and Directory Fury knows it. He's right too, Fury's not gonna say anything, over something as minor as finding a council Director in a Hydra base. It's like finding the Ambassador of Argentina in China. He's there and because of treaties and obligations you can't even demand anything. It's why we have espionage." Clay grinned at the last bit. It was how he got into this game in the first place.

FR21 just to be sure.

Gratuitous, but 'Mild sex scene'.

10:47:56 P.M.
June 28/2012
Manhattan, N. Y.
Council Safe house.



"Oh God Yes!!!!!!"

"Oh." replied Buffy to herself, 'Back to work. Okay, she's kinda yummy so not so much with the work. Like licking an ice cream really, except it's more flavorful, and not as sweet...'

Buffy felt a hand snake into her hair and pull her up.

"HEY! Are you have an internal monologue? NOW?" Willow yelled. The edge had been blunted, but she'd been fantasizing about this moment for close to a decade. Buffy could wait until a few hours had gone by, before she became bored enough to have an internal monologue.

"NOnononono. Just thinks about what to try next." she lied.

"You're lying. You know what I want, and I know what you want. Whatever it was, if it's not an Apocalypse, it. Can. Wait!"

"You're right. Umm, Willow?"


"Could you please let go of my hair please?"

Willow gave her a nasty smile, "Sure, but you need to earn that privilege...Ohhhh!" Willow let go. She didn't do a good Mistress Willow. Slayers never cooperated properly. "OOOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhhgggggghhhhh!" Willow's body arched and stayed up as she rode her sudden orgasm. "Wh-What did you do?"

"Tell you later. Do you want another?"

"Yes please." Buffy smiled. Mousy Willow was back. She liked the shy Willow best.

9:00:06 A.M.
June 29/2012
Manhattan, N. Y.
Baxter Building.

“Thank you for seeing me on short notice Reed.” Tony shook Reed’s hand as he and Bruce exited the Quinjet.

“It’s always a pleasure to talk to you two.” Reed gave the two men a genuine smile. Few people could hope to keep up with Reed Richards in the mental department. Tony stark and Bruce Banner were two such men.

Reed enjoyed their company greatly. He gave them a quick tour of his labs and current projects. While Tony explained why he and Bruce needed to talk to him personally.

“...and as you can see...” Tony was playing the video from Odin’s Observatory, “...At least three galaxy spanning alien races, Kree, in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Shi'ar Empire, it spans entire galaxies, and the Skrull, a race of shape shifters. I would recommend we keep an eye on both the Kree and the Skrulls...”

“Why just those two? The Shi’ar would appear to be the aggressive race. They would have to be to have an empire that spans several galaxies.”

“Don’t get me wrong Reed. All three are dangerous to us. We’re one small backward world compared to all of them, but the Skrulls can shape shift and are aware of us, and the Kree have been here before, and with,” Tony pointed at the ‘Pink Kree’ in the video, “them you get people that look like that. I’d be hard pressed to pick this guy out as an alien if he was standing in Venice Beach California.”

Reed nodded his chin. Tony had a point. Several points in fact. “Very well, I agree with you, the evidence is compelling enough on its own. Now, how can I help?”

“We need the Starship your building in...”

“How do you know about that?” Reed asked curiously.

“Seriously Reed? You’re building a Starship and you don’t think people are going to be interested?”

“I know they’re interested, but how did they figure out it’s a Starship?” Reed had a good idea who told these ‘people.’

“Um, yeah, it sorta, kinda slipped out...”

“How do slip something like ‘Oh Reed Richards is building a Starship’ into a conversation?” Reed’s amusement took blunted the accusation.

Bruce laughed.


Tony groaned.

“We went to a meeting at SHIELD, they were keeping an eye out on your project...”

“I am well aware that they’re doing so Bruce. I have nothing to hide.” Reed said innocently.

“Well sure, but most people have no clue what they’re seeing when they look at your work...” Bruce looked at Tony.

“Ah. I see. Something like maybe you and motor mouth walk into a room, he sees the ship and goes, ‘Is that a Starship? Who’s building a Starship?’” Reed smiled, as Bruce continued.

“...and Fury goes, that would be Dr. Richards. Thank you for the Intel Stark.” Bruce and Reed laughed, “...and then Tony goes, ‘Oh shit. Reed is so gonna shoot me into a black hole...and then implode it.”

The two men laughed like mad geniuses, which they both were, Geniuses, but not mad.

After the laughter subsided, Tony asked, “So Reed. Can I borrow your Starship?”

“What do you need it for?” as if he couldn’t guess.

“Mainly to keep Xander from doing something stupid, and to go out here and see who out nearest neighbors are.”

Reed though about the request, he already knew what his answer was going to be. This was mostly for show. “I would have preferred that the maiden voyage be done with the Fantastic Four, but I can see that there’s pressing need for what you’re doing. Alright Tony. You can borrow my Starship.”

“Gee thanks Dad.” Again Tony’s mouth ran away with him.

Bruce slapped him up the side of his head. “Put a sock in it Tony. I swear Reed I can’t take him anywhere.” Bruce and Reed laughed at Tony’s red face.

“Gentleman as much as this has been a pleasant interlude. Get out.”

“What?” Tony asked.

“My wife has plans, and as nice as it is to talk shop with you boys, I love my wife more, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but leave.”

Bruce laughed and tugged Tony’s arm towards the Quinjet, “You’re absolutely right. A beautiful woman comes first. C’mon motor mouth. I swear I can’t take you anywhere.”

Reed laughed as two men he could honostly call friends and colleagues left.

"Are your playmates gone Reed?" Susan Richards asked in a sultry voice. She was invisibile, she walked around Reed and blew softly on his face, his ears and caressed her husband's body with feather soft touches.

"You do know that Tony could detect you?"

"That's a given, but he knew better than to stick around." she stopped what she was doing, "Are you seriously thinking of just 'lending' the Starship out to Tony like that?"

Reed laughed, "No. Not just like that. He'll be leasing it, plus a hefty insurance deposit."

Sue breathed a sigh of relief, "I'm not against helping friends out, when they're in trouble, but business, is business." she said seriously.

Reed shgivered, "I love it when you take charge like that." he told her.

She took his hand and tugged him back to their room.

Like a lamb to the slaughter, he followed helpless to let go. He didn't want to let go. He loved her with all his heart. She could could whatever she wanted to him.

Susan giggled. She knew her husband and she was happy that this once she could get him out of the lab.

Chapter is done.
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