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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4231 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

A Little Misunderstanding...

Disclaimer: See previous disclaimers.

I would like to thank my Betas MissE and Tammin

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06:22:24 A.M.
July 05/2012
North Atlantic.
SHIELD Helicarrier.

“What do you want Stark I’m busy.”

“You’re always busy Nick; even when you’re not.”

“Out with it.”

“Grouchy much. Anyway we’re chasing an Alien Robot.” Tony sent the pertinent information about the Kree and the robot in question. Odin had downloaded the language and background on the Kree Empire and the Skrull Empire when he and Xander were watching from the Asgardian Observatory. “Xander picked up a Kree warship around the orbit of Jupiter. We’re going to try and intercept them there. I’m thinking we need to put up a mock fleet together. I’m going to instruct JARVIS to send some Heavy Gravity lifters to send up the last of the unfinished ships into LEO. They’ll have holographic projectors to make them look like they’re finished. Free of charge of course.”

“If I ain’t asking I ain’t paying, but thanks just the same.”

“Don’t go all sentimental on me Mr. Grumpy. I just figured that a Fleet of five ships would look better than three. This way the two completed ships would be up front and the third could back them up from long range with the fighter squadrons on board and long range missile fire. It’s mostly complete, but let’s give the construction crew as much time as possible to finish as much as they can. The other two ships in LEO are just for show, but a successful bluff is well worth the cost. It would even be better if you can get a couple of space Quinjet fighter squadrons on each ship.”

“I’ll make sure that the construction crews get something ready by the time the ships are in LEO, and thank you for removing the fifty unit limit on the Guardian Power Armor.”

“You’re welcome Nick, but remember my condition; they’re used to repel extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional invaders. You’re so not using them against any earth nation unless you get an okay from me personally. We’re going to buy as much time as we can. The Kree sent one of their bigger ships. I’m not sure how Reed’s exploration ship will stand up to something like that, but I’m hoping we can take the fight to them before it comes down to a ship-to-ship action. On top of that I don’t want to make enemies of the Kree but if you don’t stand up to these guys right from the start they’ll walk all over you.”

“Alright, by the way who’s in charge of the combat teams?”

“Xander will take care of overall combat what with his I can see everything and his tactical experience, and I’ll take care of the diplomacy angle.”

“A word of advice Stark; when the White Knight makes a suggestion follow it.”

“I though his name was going to be Black Knight?” Tony was confused Xander’s name kept changing.

“That’s just his public persona. In the circles that matter he’s the White Knight.”

“I see. Buh-bye.” Tony terminated the call and went to check on the chase.

08:03:01 A.M.
July 05/2012
Jupiter Orbit.

“Riley this guy’s all over my ass. I can’t shake him.” John Walker took another plasma blast on his energy field and watched as the power dipped some more.

“Nancy give him a hand. Graham what are you doing?” Riley bobbed and weaved all over the area while his people mixed it up with the fighters.

“If this guy wants to catch me so freaking bad, I’m going to let him. Then I figure I can just rip his fighter apart with my bare hands.”

“Be careful. Sam Help him out. Mr. Stark when you guys pass by try not to hit any of my people. Friendly fire in space can be a royal bitch.”

“Don’t worry about me or my boys and girls Colonel Riley. We know what we’re doing…trust me.”

“Wh-why did it just feel like someone walked over my grave?”

“Ha. Ha. You’re such a kidder. Not.” Tony picked up multiple targets and sent the coordinates into each mini-missile he was going to use. The changes Odin did to his genetic structure had given him the ability to interface with technology on a level he’d never dreamed of. He could see and analyze any tech based system with just a glance. If he had time, and it had an interface he could take it over. He was planning on grabbing one of the Kree space fighters when the chance presented itself.

The missiles flew from every unit under his command and straight on to their targets. Not all of the missiles had explosive warheads. Some had powerful motors that would burrow their way into the space fighters and then attach themselves into whatever controlled their tech. Tony was planning on starting his collection early while they were close enough to reel them back to the ship.

08:03:43 A.M.
July 05/2012
Jupiter Orbit.

“Here come the green and white targets boys and girls. Let’s go and give them a warm welcome.” Bobbi told the kids.

“Remember guys, you lead them to us and we will reel them in like fish from the sea.” Julie added. She and Peter had convinced Xander to switch them from the team covering the ship to the one that had his kids in it. It didn’t take much convincing. Julie barely mentioned it and Xander quickly saw the potential, and came up with a plan to capture the space infantry.

Jenny and her brother Alex flew point. The two of them had the same cosmic awareness as their father. Xander knew that they along with Peter and Julie would be able to keep the infantry off their toes while the kids peppered them with magical spells designed to trap and confuse them.

“The guy in the lead is about to fire.” Jenny warned Alex. They both saw that he was trying to target Alex. Alex read his every move and used the repulsors in his hands and feet to jink this way and that to keep the enemy guessing. The first shot missed and so did the rest of the shots from other troopers who directed their fire at the dodging target. Jenny began to draw in her share of deadly rain of energy lances, but like her brother she had no problem predicting where the shots were coming from and where not to be when they arrived. She and Alex got into the middle of the pack and began to disrupt the formation, while the rest of her team worked their way from the outside.

Peter and Julie began to use a canon version of the Peter’s webbing to capture the Kree boarding unit. Like Alex and Jenny they were able to avoid the energy blasts the Kree directed their way when they saw what these two Avengers were trying to do.

A good half of the Kree was captured when the enemy commander figured out what was happening. Captain Mar-Vell gave the order to evade capture and make directly for the ship. “Everyone who can pour it on, and make for the rear of the ship. We’ll try to enter around the engines. There are no weapon blisters in that area.”

Mar-Vell poured on the speed and tried to weave his way through the stiff and unorthodox resistance. They were treating them like children. He didn’t know how to feel about that. On one hand they were doing their best to defend their solar system without killing any of his men, and on the other they were succeeding in making his elite soldiers look like children. He didn’t know how they were doing it, but they were able to evade the energy blasts like no other species he’d come up against.

Mar-Vell looked around and saw that he had at least half of his men. The rest were captured. He flew towards the objective when the Kree-Lar began to fire on the enemy ship, while his men were still in the way. “Colonel Yon-Rogg what are you doing? My men are still in the way.” Mar-Vell screamed into his communicator. The Kree-Lar fired and hit the earth vessel’s energy shields. The reflected energy from the blast killed several men.

“Follow your orders Captain Mar-Vell. You have an objective and so do I. Should you disobey I’ll have you in front of an Accuser faster than you could blink.” Yon-Rogg snarled.

‘We must be on a private channel. The coward wouldn’t chance it on an open broadcast. He just turned this mission into a suicide run. BASTARD!’ he thought as he followed his orders and hoped that the enemy was more generous to his men than his own murdering scum of a commander.

08:10:26 A.M.
July 05/2012
Jupiter Orbit.
Solara I.

Natasha saw that at least half of the enemy space infantry had managed to make it past the Bobbi Barton and the kids. They had captured half of the enemy unit. She snorted in disgust. Had they tried to just kill them they could have gotten most of them. Now it was up to her and Bruce to stop them from boarding. “Faith get some of your girls to the engine room. Space Charlie and his friends are going to crash the party from that end.”

“I already have a couple of girls there. I’ll be there in a jiff.” Faith ran and flew full tilt to the rear of the ship. She also alerted her girls to the possible intrusion.


“I see them Natasha. I’ll do what I can. JARIVS what is the most probable objective based on trajectory and ship weak points?”

“There are two entry hatches on the bottom of the ship and one on top.” The AI replied.

“I’ve got the ones on the bottom Natasha; you take care of the one on top.”

“Rogers that Doc.” The Black Widow replied. She flew as fast as she could to defend the top hatch the only way she knew how; by attacking the enemy instead of defending the hatch and making a target of herself.

Of the six men that were trying to get past her the first was eliminated by a double repulsor blast to the head. The second and third were removed out of the equation by targeting their propulsion packs, whatever those were made from.

Four and five went straight at her when they couldn’t hit her with their weapons and number six made it past her to the hatch. By the time she broke the neck of four and punched five in the face plate and crushing his skull; number six blasted his way inside the ship, “Faith one made it through the top hatch. JARVIS show her where to go.” Natasha saw that two fighters were about to make a strafing run on her position and she could let them blow up the engines after all the trouble she went through to defend them.

“I got him. He’s not gonna get past me. You take care of the ones outside. Leave the ones that get inside to me and my girls.”

“They’re all yours. I have a couple of bad boys that want to do a hit and run.”

“Luck.” Faith caught up to the intruder as he tried to open the door JARVIS directed her to; she punched the enemy soldier hard enough to launch him from one end of the corridor to the other. The human looking enemy hit the far wall and slumped to the deck. Faith went to make sure he was out before she gave him to a HERBIE droid to take him to a secure holding cell.

“Intruder alert. Five hostile life forms are nearing decks four and five.”

“Who’s in the area?” Faith asked.

“We got them Faith.” Ashley and Beth intercepted the Kree and managed to capture four intruders, but the last made it past them.

Captain Mar-Vell couldn’t believe his luck. He had made it past the green monster with four of his men and two young blonde pink skinned females that would have passed for relatives on Kree-Lar without a problem threw his men, elite Special Forces soldiers of the Kree Empire, around like they were children.

He ran and flew through the corridors as fast as he could. He blasted a few, what he thought might be maintenance droids of some kind. He shot the door in front of him and came face to with an attractive blonde pink skinned female warrior. ‘What the hell is this? It’s like I’m attacking my own people. Who are these people? Why do they resemble the Kree so much? They don’t feel like Skrull scum and I have yet to see any of them transform yet.’

The female punched him all the way across the bridge and a man with dark hair caught him in a crushing grip and put an energy dagger to his throat.

“Hey there…” the man glanced at his identification tag and continued, “Captain Mar-Vell is it?” Mar-Vell blinked his eyes. He didn’t want to come into contact with the energy dagger. He didn’t think it would be a good idea to touch it in any way. “Cool. Mar-Vell…Could I call you Mar-Vell?” Mar-Vell blinked again that he could.

‘By the gods of Hala. How strong is this man?’

“Oh, do you mind turning off your rocket pack? Name’s Xander by the way.” The man gave Mar-Vell a friendly smile that was totally out of place for this battle, “Oops sorry about that.” Xander removed the dagger from Mar-Vell’s throat, but he didn’t put it away.

“Who are you people? Are you a lost Kree colony?” Mar-Vell asked the Kree speaking man.
“Could be, but I doubt it. So what did you do to piss off your Captain so much that he would kill you and your men just to fire on our ship…hold that thought…Clint?”

“Yeah, yeah. I got him lined up.”

“Well gosh darn. Bag and tag bro. Bag and tag I say.”

Clint didn’t say anything. He fired when the shot was perfect.

Xander, Carol and Mar-Vell saw the shot blast through the Kree force fields and outer armor and blast through to the other side.

‘Th-they took out the engines. The Kree-Lar is a stationary target now. Totally at their mercy.’

“Carol please open a communications channel with the ship again.”

“This will take a moment…” Carol replied.

Mar-Vell watched as Yon-Rogg’s arrogant face appeared.

“Hey there Captain. How about we call off this little misunderstanding before it gets ugly? What do you say?” Xander was still using that friendly unconcerned smile.

Mar-Vell didn’t know about Yon-Rogg, but that was the scariest thing he’d ever seen. ‘Who are these people?’ he thought again.
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