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Avengers and Slayers

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and a team meet up with the Avengers, before they became the Avengers

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredRafMereCFR18109168,23335672428,4021 Jul 1221 Jan 13No

This is how it really started...

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Buffy verse or the Marvel verse. 'Nough said. You can Google-Fu the current owners... if you really want to.

Stuttgart Germany

Part I

Xander growled "Unbelievable! Not even five minutes. Can we never-ever catch a break?" he directed his gaze to the heavens.

"Let's face it Boytoy. You signed up for this life of your own free will. No one dragged you in. " Faith put the pedal to the metal as she rounded another corner at speeds a formula one racer would have envied. It helped that Xander let her rent a GT2RS Porsche with only a bit of nagging and a lot of innuendo.

Dawn saw the sports car screech into the turn and cringed in fear as Bobbi, her slayer followed suit. "Noooooo!" her terror filled protest went unheeded.

"Ya know... You can be such a wuss..." she finished the turn and sped after Faith, "...sometimes."

Dawn looked at the six foot, busty blonde slayer in horror. "Take that back you, you car driving disaster in the making..." she spluttered indignantly momentarily forgetting her terror.

"Hey I just call 'em as I see 'em." Bobbi grinned and gunned the engine and caught up with the senior slayer.

The German police vehicles ahead of Faith exploded as they arrived at the location. She saw a greasy, but good looking bad in green armor and a glow-y spear about to take out some old guy standing up defiantly in the kneeling crowd. "Oh no you don't. Take the wheel..." she jumped out of the speeding one ton bullet knowing that Xander had her back.

As she raced to intercept the obviously attack she glimpsed a funky looking military jet arrive at the scene. Some guy wearing a flag dropped in front of the old man and took the brunt of the magic laser beam on a shield of all things.

Xander took the opportunity to slam the out of control car into the Big Bad.

The speeding sports car slammed into a hastily erected barrier of some sort. Xander wound up thrown through the front windshield. Right at the feet of the mean, green glow-y spear wielding Bad.

"What have we here? Heroes to the right, heroes to the left, and bungling would be knights at my feet. I am Loki of the Asgard. You would dare challenge me?"

Xander struggled to stand up. His stamina much better than any human had a right to be after the many possessions and magical mishaps be had survived after all these years as a Scooby. "Is that the best you can do? Your Quip-Fu is in need of an upgrade."

'Durable sort. He'll do as a distraction.' Loki charged the spear and touched the tip to the human's head.

"AAAREEEEGGHHHHH!" Xander's world became pure agony as yet another entity tried to take over his already much too crowded head. His eye glowed silver and the other beneath the eye patch glowed brilliant green. The patch muted the glow somewhat.

"Wha...ugh!" Loki was interrupted from examining this interesting development any further as as beam of green energy hit from his right, a bright pulse from above and a spinning shiny shield from the front. Each attack on its own was formidable enough, but together they blew through his defenses and knocked him off his feet.

When he recovered he saw that he was surrounded by several warriors of both magical and technological might. "I give up." That was part of the plan after all.

Part II

Somewhere over the Atlantic

"I've never seen something like this before..." Tony Stark was mystified by the phenomena in front of him. "His eye is rebuilding itself with, with that green energy." Tony turned to the tall, willowy and drop dead gorgeous girl, woman, whatever who's glowing hands were hovering over the mystery man. "How are you even doing that? Are you a mutant? Has he ever been exposed to gamma radiation?"

The rapid fire questions distracted Dawn from what she was doing trying to stabilize Xander. "Magic. No and gamma what?" she looked up at Faith.

Faith got the message and hauled the red and gold armored hottie off Dawn so she could concentrate on Xander.

"Say pal. Why don't we leave little B to her work. Maybe I can handle your questions?" Faith put so much innuendo into the word handle that every man spaced out for a moment.

After his brain rebooted Tony noticed that the Bombshell had physically moved him back armor and all.

"You girls are full of surprises. Are you sure you're not mutants? Not that there's anything wrong with mutants, but..."

Faith smirked at Stark and a waved at her leather clad body, ending with her finger pointing at her ass, "Does this say mutant to you?"

"No. No it doesn't. It says something else, say are you free Saturday night?" Tony couldn't help but admire the smoking hot beauty on display.

"Put it back in its holster Stark. Bobbi what were you and Director Harris doing in Germany?" Natasha Romanov gave Bobbi Morse a focused stare.

"Need to know Widow, and you don't need to know." Bobbi smirked at the frustrated agent. Becoming a slayer was the best thing that ever happened to her. Telling the Widow off without any repercussions; icing on the cake.

Dawn tuned out all the distraction and focused on Xander. She took out several crystals and put one each at a cardinal point and hopped they didn't hit any turbulence before she was done.

Loki looked with interest. "He's a Primal? Isn't he?" he was ignored. He really didn't care, after all what did the opinion of insects matter to a God like him?

Dawn started to bleed the excess energy from Xander. The crystals started to glow; dimly at first but within a few minutes they shone like miniature light suns.

"How the hell are you doing that?" Tony wanted to know how the girl was making her own Tesseracts. Not just one, but four, sure not the same order of power magnitude, but come on.

Loki raised his eye brows. Sure they maybe insects, but clearly some of them would be talented insects. This one he would keep when it was time for him to take over as the supreme ruler of this planet.

Xander jerked from the floor of the transport, as if his tongue was plugged into an electrical outlet. "Ahhhhhh! What the hell did you do?" Xander zeroed in on the space God without having to look for him. One eye was a blazing silver beacon while the other was glowing green beneath the eye-patch.

"How utterly fascinating. How is it that you still retain your own will?" Loki studied the swirling energies that were a part of this new chaotic creature.

"Wouldn't you like to know...Asswipe! Dawn sit-rep." Xander kept the space god in focus while he ignored the colorful people behind him. He was also aware that Faith was hanging all over Stark and Bobbi was about to throw down with the Widow. "Bobbi stand down. Faith... a little less Faithness."

Dawn started to brief Xander while ignoring the commotion from the peanut gallery. She stopped when the big guy with the wings painted on the side of his blue helmet came up behind Xander. She saw the determined look on his face stopped talking to give Xander a chance to handle the big guy however he wanted. She let Xander know that she had his back if he needed it.

Xander wordlessly let her know that he knew that the guy with the star on his chest was right behind him. He let her know that he would handle it. He gave her a smile that said he appreciated the backup anyway. Without turning around Xander asked, "What can I do for you Captain Rogers?"

Steve stopped in his tracks. He lowered the hand that was about to land on the young man's shoulder. "Who are you?"

Xander turned and with his trademarked smile, "Hey, Xander Harris. Pleased to meet you. Big, big fan. Heck my whole family are big fans, ever since you saved my grand-pappy's butt back in WW II, although he kept on calling it a hydra camp for some reason. No one could figure out why he was so set on describing the Nazi prison camp as an ancient Greek myth.

"You're Sgt. Harris' grandson..." Steve back up a couple of steps to reassess what he knew of this young man so far. He commanded at least a couple of super-powered operatives. The brazen one Faith and the young woman child Dawn. From Natasha's confrontation, he got the impression that Bobbi Morse may have been an agent of SHIELD. If this young man was calling the shots, then there was obviously more to him. He remembered that Harris was a good man. Not much fazed him. He took the worst that Hydra had to offer and went back for more. He was one of the more reliable men he worked with. "... How's Buster doing? I mean is he still alive..." Steve was getting flustered with this line of inquiry. He hated being so out of touch. It made him botch simple sentence structure and muddied communication.

"Its okay Cap. I understand. 'Gramps still around and kicking. As big a grouch as he ever was. The real God bless the old coot."

"Real God..." Steve wondered what the young man was talking about.

"Oh yeah sure. You know the one. With the son and the Holy Spirit and the cross repelling vampires and holy blessed water that burns some, but unfortunately not all the ungodlies... So yeah..."

Steve let the young babble while he processed the information. He appreciated the fact that the young Harris at least knew about vampires and how to fight them. "It's alright Mr. Harris I know all about vampires. I have had to deal with a couple of Nazi nest in the past. Surprisingly or maybe not come to think of it your grandfather was most helpful in how to deal with the blood suckers. It was like he grew up knowing all about it, but that can't be right... can it?"

"With Granddad nothing surprises me anymore. This one time I got dressed as a soldier for Halloween and used gramps old uniforms. I think it was the one he wore in Vietnam. Anyway after that killing vamps sure became a lot easier since then."

"Vampires are a big problem where you come from?" Steve wanted to know if this was another war he would have to prepare himself to fight after this one was done.

"Not for a while now. We have the vamps on the run; it's the other nasty critters out there that we have to worry about nowadays."

"Whoa hold on there fellas. You can't be seriously having a conversation with words like vampires in it." Tony Stark broke into the conversation. "I mean come on. Aliens are one thing, but vampires..."

"What's that?" Xander pointed at the green clad ears-dropper.

"I think it's called a Loki..." Tony thought he knew where the punk was going with his point, but then again.

"Um no. Not so much the person, but the mythology his people created when they visited a few vikings long ago. Their confrontations with the other powers that were around back then, that were playing with the poor humans led to the creation of the Asgardian Pantheon. Vampires are real. Demons are real and so are Aliens it seems. What kind are we talking about?"

"What kind of what? Hold on... What are you talking about?"

"No. What are you talking about? Don't tell me that the poor billionaire is confused. I thought you were a lot smarter than that? I guess I was wrong." Bobbi switched from her stare down with the Black widow to half concentrate on giving the playboy billionaire genius a nasty smile. The expensive prosthetic, as she once heard him describe the power armor suit in front of a senate hearing not long ago hid a lot of his body language, but not all. She knew she hit a nerve when his face turned as red as his armor.

"Hey! Hey. Are you mocking me?" Tony couldn't believe his ears. This gorgeous, busty, blonde amazon; who so was his type was mocking him. He would have hit on her if it wasn't for the other drop dead gorgeous brunet who was openly flirting with him. But oh how that boat has sailed. He wouldn't flirt with her if she begged him... okay, maybe if she begged, in a nice blue teddy that would bring out her eyes. They were worthy of being worshiped. What was he thinking about? Oh yeah he was outraged, because she was mocking him.

"Just call me the little Mockingbird that could." she smiled a nasty little smile that was guaranteed to make grown men cry.

"Hey Bobbi ease up. He's not a bad guy." Faith came to the defense of the red and gold would be avenger.

"I am taking it easy. You don't see me peeling him out of that tin can do you." Bobbi was once again challenging Faith for the Top Bitch slot in the Slayer order. No one was going to take Buffy's Title as The Slayer while she was still live and kicking. She was the 'Legend' Faith was a Slayer who was down to earth. She was the last chosen and held the coveted toughest 'Bitch' title. And she so was the bitch to take over that spot.

"GIRLS! Not Now! 'Sides. We have guests coming." Xander got his people under control. Steve sensed that something was up and prepared to deal with anything that might intrude. What he wasn't ready for was the way the new guest made his presence known.

Thor the God of Thunder had just ripped a hatch locate at the top of the transport. He dropped into the supersonic plane and made his way to his step brother Loki. He was challenged by several earth warriors, he did not have the time to be gentle with them. Words were exchanged and a challenge issued. Again he had to deal with his brother first. He could not honor the human's requests. He grabbed Loki and Jumped into the stormy sky. Behind him he left several factions divided against each other.

To be continued.
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