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Nothing is true

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Summary: After a long mission I read what had happened at a certain long Halloween to my friends of this age and so I had to hurry back to England to see what happened to Harry and what was true. (An Xover with Assasins Creed)

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Chapter 3

Note: My thanks go out to Inachis again for bringing some order into my mess…oh and you should go back to chapter 1 to see the nice artwork cloudleonsgurl has done for this fic.

Chapter 3

I let out a small breath; so far I hadn’t triggered any of the wards. I looked around and saw several more wards on the house itself, but strangely, none on the upper floors. Did the warder forget that witches and wizards have several means to fly or that climbing up to the 1st floor would be a piece of cake even for a child?

I shrugged my shoulders and carefully climbed up the wall to a window on the 1st floor. Without making any sound I opened the window and slipped into the room. A quick look around showed me a lot of toys. A lot of them were broken, but not all and the rest of the room was filled with other junk, so it looked like I entered the house into a storage room. Careful not to step on anything I moved over to the door and listened. I heard nothing nearby except for some muffled sounds that must come from downstairs, so I opened the door a bit and listened again.

After I didn’t hear anything I left the room and quickly searched the upper floor. There were one master bedroom which was used by the adults, the storage room I came out of, two bathrooms and a room which probably belonged to the Dursley child, but nothing that indicated Harry lived there. His room was probably downstairs then.

After finishing my search I moved quickly, but silently, down the stairs to the ground floor and disappeared into the shadows of the sparely lit floor. Now I could hear some voices out of the living room.

“Petunia, why are you cooking and not the Freak? Is he still sleeping?” the voice of Vernon asked and was shortly answered by his wife.

“Yes Vernon, he is still in his room,” she replied in a voice that sounded a bit glazed over.

“That lazy freak,” Vernon cursed. “Dudley, go get him. He has to finish our dinner so that we can eat.”

“But Dadddd….I’m watching ‘Masters of the Universe’,” the whiny voice of a child replied.

“Go get him and I give you a pound that I can cut out of the freak’s hide,” the angry voice of Vernon said.

My blood was nearly boiling after hearing this and I had to take a deep breath and clear my head to not jump into the room and kill that bastard at once. As I heard Dudley’s footsteps coming down the hall, I quickly jumped up into the corner of the ceiling and held myself there, watching as the light in the foyer was turned on.

A child of around six or seven came into view and even having seen the pictures upstairs I was shocked to see that the poor boy was already severely overweighed. That was one more sin on the list Vernon had to pay for.

The kid went over to a small door under the stairs which was looked by a deadbolt, something I had just noted, and opened it. “Hey Freak, get up! Dad said you have to cook our dinner,” he yelled into the small closet.

After a moment without a reaction he looked into the closet again, then turned into the direction of the living room and yelled, “Dad…the Freak isn’t waking up.”

With a loud curse Vernon stormed into the floor, reached into the closet and pulled the body of a young boy out of it by his hair. The kid, who must be Harry, looked thin and one of his arms was dangling in an unnatural way that told me that it was broken in several places. Worse, he was passed out from the pain of the arm.

Not that the monster of a man cared about that. Vernon pulled him up to his eye level, still holding the boy by his hair, and yelled at him even though the boy was knocked out. “IF WE SAY YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP BOY…..YOU WAKE UP!”

Getting no response from the boy he let him drop and started to deliver a kick at the boy’s body.

Having seen more than enough I jumped down from the ceiling where I was hiding. My kick to the backside of Vernon’s knee broke it instantly and in the same movement I hit him with both of my silent blades into the kidneys. That would kill him slowly and painfully.

Not yet having realized he was already dead Vernon went down to the floor, whimpering in pain, while his son looked with horror in his wide eyes at what was happening to his father.

Not caring about those two I quickly looked after Harry. As I felt his forehead I noted he was running a fever which didn’t really surprise me. Not trusting to use a healing spell or a potion on him without knowing more, I quickly looked around and then pulled one of the small tables placed as decoration in the foyer to me. I quickly broke one of the legs off and transfigured it into smaller parts to make a cast for Harry’s arm.

After I had done this I turned around and ordered Dudley: “You…get me a blanked, NOW.”

Still in shock over what happened to his father the boy looked at me in panic and then hurried away.

While I waited for the boy to return, I turned to Vernon and said, "I have seen what comes of those who raise themselves above others and now you will pay the ultimate price for it. Normally I grant my victims a quick and merciful dead, but you earned every moment of pain you’ll have to endure. The wounds I gave you will kill you slowly and painfully. Should you be so lucky to get help in time, make sure to check every shadow, because you never know when I will come at you again."

Only a moment later Dudley came back with a blanked, shivering in fear. I took it without a word and carefully put it around Harry. Then I picked him up and quickly left the house. As soon as I crossed the wards I apparated to one of my hideouts.


(Hogwarts, Headmaster’s office)

Albus had had a busy evening so far, as nearly every evening was. At the moment he was going through several letters from his countless spies, to see if there was any important information he needed or could use for his plans for the greater good.

Earlier in the evening he had received an urgent floo call from his spy near the house of the Dursley’s, but as none of the wards he had placed around the house had been activated, he didn’t see it as important and so sent his lackey Snape to check on the old squib.

Just as he opened the letter he had gotten from his spy inside Gringotts the alarms for the wards he had just been thinking about were triggered.

He cursed as he quickly went over to check them. The one showing the use of ‘intentional magic’ was ringing. “Damn what is Snape doing there?” he wondered. “I think I have to have some words with him again as soon as he’s back,” he murmured, not aware yet that Snape was already back in the castle. He silenced the ward alarm again, and went back to his desk.

Before he sat down to continue his work he rang a bell that stood on the desk and soon after the sound of the bell was heard a house elf appeared with a plop. Before the elf could say anything Albus ordered in a harsh tone. “Bring me some tea at once, you lazy elf.”

With wide eyes the elf nodded and disappeared only to appear again a moment later with a tea for his master.

“That’s all, now be gone,” Dumbledore said, already back into his work with his thoughts.

He sat down, took a sip of his tea and picked the letter he had opened before up again. Not even having read the first word of the letter an alarm from his wards went off again. Startled by the new alarm he knocked over his tea cup and the tea in it spilled over the letter and then into his lap. He cursed Snape into the nine hells and quickly used a spell to cool down the hot tea on his robe.

He stood up and went over to the table with the wards again, promising Snape a lot of pain for this. Without even looking at the wards he silenced the alarm again and then left his office to prepare a ‘lesson’ for Snape.


(One of the Assassin’s secret hideouts)

With Harry in my arms I appeared in the living room of the small apartment. To throw an eventual follower off, I quickly hurried down into the garage and placed Harry on the backseat of the SUV we have stored here. I placed a ‘Notice me not’ charm on the area and then I got behind the steering wheel, pressed the GDO and pulled out of the garage and drove into the direction of Amelia’s home.


(Bones Manor)

I pulled up in front of the entry of Amelia’s house, pressed the car horn and while I got Harry from the backseat, Amelia hurried out of the house, wand pointed at me and checking the area.

“Remus? What happened?” she asked while hurrying over to me.

“I advanced my plans a bit and got Harry out of the house. He needs medical attention. Do you know a healer we can trust?” I said.

“Yes, I do. Let’s bring him in and let me make a call,” Amelia said while holding the door open for me. She showed me one of the spare rooms where I carefully placed the thin Harry onto the bed. I put another blanket over him and went out of the room to Amelia’s office.

I was surprised to find her on a phone instead of the floo. She was already talking with someone and so I kept quiet and sat down on one of the comfortable chairs to wait for her to end the call.

It only took her a few moments to finish the call. She came over and sat down on my lap, gave me kiss and then, while she snuggled herself to me, said, “Mariana will be here in a few minutes. How is Harry?”

I pulled her a bit closer to me as I replied, “He’s still unconscious, has at least a broken arm and is criminally underfed.”

“So what happened there?” she wanted to know.

I looked at her for a moment and was thinking about what to tell her. Finally I said, “I guess it would be better if I don’t tell you the details. You know…plausible deniability.”

She said nothing about it and just silently agreed with another kiss. We waited snuggled together until Amelia’s floo activated.

We both got up and while Amelia pulled her wand, I moved over into a dark corner. You could never be to careful after all.

I watched as a relative young witch with long red hair and a slender build stepped out of the fireplace.

After the fire went out Amelia put her wand away again and gave the beautiful woman a hug. “Thank you for coming Mariana. We’re really grateful for this.”

“No problem Amelia, I still owe you a lot. But we?” Mariana said.

“Yes, my friend Remus and I,” Amelia said and turned around to introduce me, but stopped, confused at not seeing me.

I smiled and waited a moment longer, knowing well I would pay dearly for that later, and then stepped out of the dark corner.

Amelia’s gaze promised revenge for that, but then smiled. “Mariana, this is my good friend Remus. Remus, this is Mariana, one of the best healers I know,” she introduced us.

I gave a slight bow and smiled at the young woman. “Thank you for coming on such a short notice Madam,” I said.

“No Problem Mr. Remus,” she replied with a nice smile and then continued. “So where is the patient?”

“We will show you in a moment, but first I must stress how important it is to keep this secret. If any of this is revealed outside of this house, your patient would be in danger from the ones who caused all of his wounds and the ones who are behind those criminals,” I explained.

Mariana nodded and then replied, “Of course Mr. Remus. As always I will treat all information under the Doctor/Patient confidentiality.”

I smiled and showed her the way to the room I had placed Harry in. As we had reached the room I opened the door for her and let her enter.

The moment she glanced at her patient she forgot everything else around her and started with her work. So as not disturb her, but still be nearby if she needed help, I sat down in a chair and watched her work.


(An hour later)

Mariana finished up her work and I got up. Quietly we left the room and went back to Amelia’s office. It was apparent that Mariana wasn’t here for the first time when she went to a cupboard in a corner and took out a bottle of firewhisky. She filled three glasses and came over to us with them.

Without a word she gulped her whisky down and after the steam coming out of her ears had vanished, she sat down. “Whoever mistreated that boy belongs into Azkaban or worse,” she cursed and then gulped down the second glass Amelia had refilled for her. “I have stabilized him so far, but he will need several potions I don’t have on me right now over the next several weeks.” She quickly wrote down a list with several things Harry would need and how to give them to him.

I threw a quick gaze over the list and nodded. Several of the things wouldn’t be easy to get without alerting the wrong people, but most of them posed no problems.

We sat around for a while longer and talked about how to bring Harry back on his feet until it was time for Mariana to get back home.

Before she stepped through the floo I said, “Thank you again.”

She just nodded, stepped into the fire and mumbled her destination.

Amelia and I looked in on Harry again, placed some monitoring charms in case there was a change in his condition and then went to bed for the night. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Nothing is true" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Mar 13.

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