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The Nightstalkers

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Summary: What if Giles was turned by Angelus? Dark fic involving multiple character death, including Summers before story begins and multiple chars during. F\G, F\J, C\X, W\A

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Just about Everyone(Current Donor)KCollFR182245,44011612,0132 Jul 1223 Oct 14Yes


FIC: The Nightstalkers (13/?)

Amy took a calming breath, the Amplifier in her clammy palms as she sat cross-legged in the centre of a triangle drawn in chalk, Jonathan, Wesley, and Michael sat at its points. Apart from them, the room was empty, yet despite that the room’s air seemed sparse, as if it was crammed full of people, tension thickening it.

Amy took another breath. “No body will think the less of you if you back out.”

Amy smiled at Wesley’s concern. His comment however well-meant was incorrect. She’d feel less of her. “Holtz is a renowned demon hunter, we need him.” She placed the amplifier between her legs and her hands on her knees. And then she began to chant, the arcane words echoing in the hushed room.

The very moment she finished the enchantment, Amy sensed something above her. Looking up, she saw a greyish white tornado hovering over her head, lightning crackling inside it. And then she felt something pulling from inside her, being sucked into the tunnel. Her mouth opened in shock, but before she could scream, a great darkness enveloped her.

* * *

9th November 1989. Berlin

Amy’s eyes widened as her vision cleared to find herself at a huge wall, men and women tearing it down with eager if amateur abandon from either side, armed men standing aside with bemused looks on their faces.

* * *

22nd November 1963, Dallas

Amy’s ears throbbed as the crowd boomed out cheers to the passing cavalcade. And then a shot rang out and the man sat waving from one of the open-top cars fell back, blood exploding from his head.

* * *

6th June 1944, France

Amy’s eyes filled with tears as she watched, a mixture of horror and pride filling her, her ears pounding to the sounds of gunfire and screaming men as a seemingly endless horde of khaki-wearing men struggled onto the beach, advancing fearlessly into a fearsomely relentless bombardment, no wave, of artillery fire.

* * *

7th September 1901, China

Amy gasped as she watched the city drown in a mixture of chaos, blood, and fire. Fires blazed through the city, buildings falling as Orientals brawled with Occidentals.

* * *

19th November 1863, Pennsylvania

Amy’s eyes brimmed with pride as she stood in a cold cemetery and watched a lantern-jawed, bearded man talk of freedom and equality, making the speech that would in essence start the civil rights movement.

* * *

As she watched history’s momentous events unfold, Amy gradually realised that she was travelling in Sarjhan’s footsteps in a way she’d never dreamed, reliving humanity’s momentous triumphs and dreadful defeats. It was a journey that alternatively exhilarated and terrified, but ultimately exhausted her.

Finally the voyage through time came to an end in a dark, forbidding cellar, occupied by a statue. A strangely familiar statue. “Daniel Holtz,” she whispered, heart tightening. Yes, she’d finally achieved her goal. But this was one of the most notorious demon-hunters of all time, a man of legendary ruthlessness.

Quelling her terror with an effort, she muttered the final words of the spell, those that completed it.

For a second there was nothing, Amy stared with disappointment at the statue. Then, a slight crack at top that rapidly spread until the statue looked like an earthquake’s aftermath. And then it exploded, rock flying everywhere, Amy screaming instinctively even though she was incorporeal.

The man was as terrifying in appearance as his reputation. Holtz was a medium-height man with a lithe muscularity that bristled with ferocious energy, the straggly hair and beard failed to hide a hard-featured face that seemed to be carved from granite far harder than the rock that had encased him, while his grey eyes burnt with implacable fire. “Who are you witch?”

The man’s hoarse voice chilled her marrow, but she managed to keep her voice steady as she replied. “I am someone who can take you to a time where you’re needed, were Angelus,” the man’s shoulders stiffened, “is a great power, and were I am a member of the few who continue to resist him and his master.”

The man’s eyes burnt into her, judging every deed she’d ever done. “Very well,” he growled. “Let’s go.”

* * *

“Hey!” Frederick’s eyes widened when he opened the door to find their sensei stood on the doorstep. He bowed respectfully. “Sensei, please come in.”

”Thanks!” Frederick gasped as his tutor’s eyes flashed yellow, his mouth opened in a scream as the vampire lunged towards him, his hand clenching around his throat and squeezing.

* * *

“Did you hear the screams?” Cordelia looked around.

Xander stiffened as he waited with the others outside of the room Amy was casting her spell in. “Yeah,” Xander glanced to Larry. “Lar, go get Faith, she’s in the dojo training. The rest of you, guard this room.”

Xander swallowed as he charged upstairs, heart pounding as he wondered just what horrors awaited him. Xander’s heart wrenched as he entered the hallway, recognising the corpses littering the hallway as Joy, Freddy, and Devon, and their murderer as a now vampire Everett Blaine. Leaping forward, he attempted a kick to the small of the back that his rival spun away from before catching him with a spinning backfist to the back of the neck that caused pain to explode in his head.

“Xander, Xander,” Everett taunted. “You didn’t seriously think you could take me on?”

“Don’t know unless you try,” Xander shook his head clear before perfectly executing a thrust kick.

Perfect except against a vampire with Blaine’s skills and memories as well as his newly acquired strength and speed upgrades. “Ahhh!” Xander grunted as the demon grabbed his outstretched leg at the ankle while simultaneously sweeping his grounded foot off the floor. “Ugggh.” Xander grunted as he fell to the ground, his shoulder taking out a hallway table on the way down. His eyes widened as he saw a foot coming down at him and rolled away, kicking up as he did so.

Upon reaching his feet, he was rocked by a left and right combo that would have taken his head off if he hadn’t managed to slightly pull away from them. Then a follow-up leaping kick sent him crashing into the wall, head bouncing off the unforgiving concrete as he slid to the floor. Xander twisted away from a kick to the face, his rival’s foot bouncing off the wall as Xander surged up and crashed shoulder-first into the demon. “Oooh,” he groaned as the demon twisted with the impact, using the momentum to fling him off and into the opposite wall. Dazed, he nevertheless managed to duck a right to the face.

But was completely unprepared to twist away from the palm strike that smashed into his chest. Lungs heaving and legs buckling, he slid down the wall, tears blurring his eyes as he struggled for every breath he was sure would be his last.

”Nice moves, now do ya wanna try for the majors?”

* * *

Wesley’s eyes sprang open, the strength returning to his body as Amy shuddered before him. He gasped as a body materialised beside the young witch. “Oh my god.”

”I’ll thank you,” growled the legendary demon hunter, “not to take the lord’s name in vain.”

Wesley’s lips tugged into a smile as he heard Jonathan’s mutter beside him. “Oh him and Faith are just going to be best buds.”

* * *

The vampire had barely begun to turn to face her when Faith was on it, a whirlwind of dark hair and darker eyes, hitting it with a blurring flurry of blows. Then she grunted as a fist crashed through her tornado to snap her head back. Biting down the pain, she ducked under a thrust kick to the face, looping an arm around the leg and yanking up.

The demon yelped something indistinct as it fell to the ground, hitting the ground with a thud. Faith raced forward, trying for a stomp that the demon rolled away from before kicking up and connecting with her spandexed-ass, the blow knocking her forward.

And probably leavin’ a real embarrasin’ bruise that Jonathan would have to kiss better.

A snarl parting her lips, Faith spun to face the vampire and barely managed to duck a spinning backfist. Faith leapt forward, meaning to tackle the vamp around the waist only to get a gasp-inducing knee to the chest instead. Stunned, she weaved towards the demon.

And dropped onto her back as it leapt at her, her feet cannoning into its torso, her body reverberating with the impact as the demon flew across the hall to crash into the far wall. Shaking off her pain, Faith leapt up and raced over to the demon, knocking it back down with a hard uppercut before snatching up a broken table leg and driving it through its chest.

“Faith! Faith! Faith!” Faith turned at Amy’s shriek. “We did it! We got Holtz!”
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