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The Nightstalkers

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Summary: What if Giles was turned by Angelus? Dark fic involving multiple character death, including Summers before story begins and multiple chars during. F\G, F\J, C\X, W\A

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Just about Everyone(Current Donor)KCollFR182245,44011612,0132 Jul 1223 Oct 14Yes


The Nightstalkers (3/?)

Time froze for a second. Then Jonathan let out a shocked half-shout, half-squeal. “Vampire!”

Xander leapt up. Snatching a hold of the table, he tipped it over just as the demon left his feet and jumped at them. The table slammed into the demon’s face, spinning it off-course and dumping it to the ground. The cockney vampire snarled at him a split-second before he crashed a boot into its face.

Bone crunched under his attack. Before the stunned demon had chance to react, Xander dropped into a crouch beside it and slammed a stake through its back and into its chest. “Damn,” Xander cursed as he looked around to see other vampires leaping into action, “another trap!”

He was getting real pissed with Giles, make that Ripper, playing cat and mouse with them. Rising, he sidestepped a lunging vampire and drove his knee into its crotch, doubling it up, making it easy target for a stake to the back.

A supernaturally powerful hand took hold of his collar and flung him into the air. “Ahhhh!” Xander bellowed as he crashed into the bar counter, wood splintering and back erupting in pain. Forcing himself upright, he snatched a hold of a splinter and swung at the demon.

“Oh please,” the vampire contemptuously slapped away his attack before crashing a backhand into his jaw.

Blood flew out of his mouth as he was lifted from his feet and flung over the counter. Xander grunted as he landed, managing to land on his shoulder rather than his head. He was only half-way to his feet when the demon grabbed him by his shirt and flung him into the drinks cabinet. Glass cascaded on top of him as he slumped to the ground.

“Hey,” he heard the front door crash open and a sexily husky voice speak, “this a private party or can anyone join in?”

* * *

Faith yawned as their car travelled through Sunnydale. She hated to admit it, but she’d been terrified at the thought of arriving in Sunnydale, imagining blood-soaked streets, spread-eagled torture victims nailed to walls, severed heads on fence posts, and fuck knows what else. What she’d instead found was a boring as hell town similar to a thousand small towns she’d visited in the last few years.

Her interest flickered into life at a similar sight. “Hey! A bar!” Faith bellowed. “Pull over! I wanna party!”

The Englishman driving the car shot her a familiarly irritated glance. “My dear, we are here on business, not to indulge your carnal desires.”

Indulge your carnal desires. Jesus, Faith shook her head, the English had ways of making even sex sound boring. It was Faith’s turn to shoot her companion an irritated look. If not for her natural sneakiness, she’d not have got laid in like two years.

If she hadn’t made a promise to Bel, her heart caught at the thought of the severe-featured woman with the heart of gold who’d adopted and loved her like no-one had ever done, she’d have kicked Book-Boy to the kerb months ago. With her looks and talents, she could be having some serious fun.

But obligation and the memory of the only mom she’d ever had held her in place as securely as a bear caught in a steel trap.

“Whoa!” her eyes narrowed as a body crashed out of the bar’s window and then exploded into dust. “Still wanna drive past?”

Book-boy didn’t favour her with an answer or even a look. Instead the car tires screeched as the Brit spun the car around and headed back to the club, pulling to a halt on the kerb outside. “You two take the window, I’ll go in through the door.”

* * *

“Owww!” Jonathan gasped as he rolled away from his attacker’s kicks and onto some broken glass from the window. Rolling back towards the vampire, he kicked out, his foot crashing into the demon’s inner left knee.

The demon stumbled forwards and down onto one knee. Jonathan hurriedly pushed himself up with one hand and used the other to thrust his stake into the demon’s chest. Jonathan looked around, heart sinking at the furious bedlam folding, it seemed as if practically everyone in the place was a vampire. They didn’t have a chance.

And then SHE strutted into the bar and in his heart. A beauty with the face of an angel and the body of a centrefold.

And the mouth of a sailor and the brawling skill of a company of off-duty marines.

The moment the raspy-voiced beauty stepped through the door, a vampire lunged at her only to be met by a casually yet effectively flung stake to the chest. The Slayer, because that’s who she had to be, burst through the exploding dust to block a left hook on her forearm while swinging a stake across her curvy body and under her parrying arm straight into her rival’s chest while at the same time catching another attacker with a headbutt to the face.

The vampire’s face disappeared in a visceral spray. The demon stumbled backwards, too dazed to avoid a coolly-delivered stake.

Another vampire ran at the supernatural warrior from behind. The moment the demon reached for the battling beauty she snapped off a back heel kick that caught the creature square in the chest, throwing him through the already broken window.

Another vampire launched herself out of the wild melee, her blond hair swinging as she tackled the Slayer around the waist, knocking her to the ground. The Slayer twisted in mid-air, legs wrapping around the vampire’s waist as she landed on top. The stunned vampire blocked the Slayer’s attempted staking but was unable to prevent her grabbing a handful of blonde ringlets and repeatedly smashing the back of her head against the unforgiving floor. The moment the blonde was too stunned to resist, the Slayer staked her.

And then the ebony-eyed lovely was up and tearing through the vampires, moving at a blur. In seconds it was all over, the remaining vampires either fled or dead.

”Damn,” the brunette grinned, “it’s always good to get my slay on.”

Jonathan’s heart dropped when an athletic-looking African-American moved up to the Slayer’s side. Of course a girl like her would have a studly boyfriend. Not that she’d look at him even if she was single.

”Oh boy.” Jonathan’s head snapped to his left to see a bloodied and dust-covered Xander dragging himself up on the bar, a glazed look in his eyes and blood dripping down his neck. After a second their leader’s eyes zeroed in on the curvy brunette, a weary smile lighting his face. “You’re the Slayer right?” his friend stumbled around the counter. “I’m,” Xander looked at the others, “we’re the resistance, pleased to meet you.”

“Yeah,” the raven-haired warrior shot his friend an almost bored look, “it’s been a real trip for me.”

From his position Jonathan could no longer see Xander’s face, but he could make out his friend’s shoulders stiffening,. “Listen-.”

Suddenly Xander’s legs buckled under him. The Slayer instinctively leapt forward, catching him as he fell. “Damn!” the brunette looked around. “He needs help now!”

Cordelia rushed over to the duo. After shooting her boy-friend a concerned look and the Slayer a frosty one, the former cheerleader spoke. “We’ve got first aid stuff back at our base.”

“Wicked,” the Slayer nodded. “In that case you can take him-.”

“We’d like to come along,” commented the bespectacled man who’d also accompanied the Slayer. The Slayer shot him an angry look, the Englishman shook his head. “The last two Slayers made the mistakes of going it alone, I feel it wise to find allies.”

“Allies sure, but this lot?” the Slayer sniffed.

”Hey!” the cheerleader yelled. “You’re no prize, Biker Butch!”

“Ladies, please!” the guy who had to be a Watcher took his life into his own hands by stepping between the Slayer and the even more terrifying Cordelia. “This is hardly the time for this discussion. More vampires might appear at any time. Perhaps one of you could give us directions?”

“I’ll give you a ride,” Jonathan squeaked then reddened as he realised too late what he’d said “I mean-.”

The Slayer shot him an amused look. “I know what you meant.”

* * *

“There it is! There it is!”

“Yeah,” Faith shot the dwarf an amused look. He’d been like this the entire journey, switching between babbling and drooling. And yet there was a sort of innocence about him that prevented her from suffering her usual irritation with such behaviour. “I see it. Cool digs.” The house was a sprawling three storey mansion beside the town’s biggest park.

“Indeed, and how can a group apparently made up of teens afford such a place?”

Faith noted the wariness in her Watcher’s voice, but half-pint, clearly intent on impressing her, didn’t. “Oh, that was Xander’s idea,” the kid babbled. “We went onto he FBI and Interpol’s most wanted lists. Then using that information I found and hacked into the bank accounts of the world’s worst drug barons and arms smugglers.” Faith snorted, amused by the ballsiness of such an action. “We only take half a percent of the accounts’ annual interest, but it’s still more than enough to pay for this place, our bills, our food, clothes, medical supplies, weaponry, and training.”

“Your training?” Faith queried, interested despite herself.

Jonathan beamed at her question. “It was Xander’s idea, he’s a great leader!” Faith rolled her eyes. If not for the drool when he’d first seen her, she’d figure Short-Round was gay. “This guy, Everett Blaine, he lives in town, he’s like a black belt in six martial arts. He’s made studying the fighting arts his life. He used to run a dojo in town until Xander bought him out for triple its worth and offered him double his annual profits to exclusively train us. Which he’s done for the past two and a half years.” Jonathan paused. “Xander’s the best of course-.”

Faith’s lips quirked up in a mocking half-smile. “Of course.”

The demon hunter faltered at her comment before continuing. “Soldier-Boy’s memories help him. Larry and Percy are next best, they used to be on the football team.”

“And you, how do you do?”

The guy seemed to shrink into his seat. After a second their guide shrugged. “I guess I do okay.”

For some reason Faith felt a stab of remorse at the embarrassment that flickered across her fellow teen’s face. “Hey, maybe I could show you some moves,” she found herself offering.

”Yeah,” the teen beamed, “that’d be great!”

“We’re here,” her Watcher called as he ponderously completed his parking. “Let’s meet up with the rest of Jonathan’s companions.”

“Can hardly wait,” Faith drawled.
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