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Alexander Defender of the Wicked

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Summary: What if Angelus had decided to take revenge on Xander after he had made the vampire back off... what if he sired Xander? Slow updates, rated FR21 for later chapters! Slight Hellsing crossover. My version of Diaconsecond’s challenge.

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Chapter 1 The Divergence

Alexander Defender of the Wicked



Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or any related characters nor do I own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any related characters. This work of fiction was created purely for enjoyment and no monetary gain was made.
Some lines of this fic are directly lifted from the episode’s in which they appeared but are for the most part used in their original context.

A/N: This is my first Buffy fanfic. Also please remember whilst reading that I am severely dyslexic so I do mess up things like defiantly/definitely, how/who to/two/too, there/their/they’re and were/where ect. So please bear with me until I manage to get a beta for my story!

Feel free to point out any error’s I may have made so that I can fix them.


Chapter 1 The Divergence


Xander sat alone outside of Buffy’s hospital room a silent sentinel, he was jarred out of his thoughts when he heard the chime of the elevator.


His normally warm and humour filled eye’s became flinty and hard as Angelus sauntered towards him holding a large bundle of flowers, white roses.


Xander stood up from his seat as the master vampire drew closer, his body tense, primed for action at a moment’s notice.


“Visiting hours are over.” Xander said his voice calm as he watched the undead creature stare at him before sneering at him.

“Well, I’m pretty much family.”

Xander felt his pulse racing and he squashed his fear, a steely calm fell over him as he did. He wouldn’t let Angelus know that he was shaken.


“Yeah. Why don’t you come back during the day? Oh, gee, no, I guess you can’t.” Xander replied his voice mocking, if it was one thing he knew from experience it was that it didn’t matter who it was vampires or jocks when annoyed or angered they made mistakes.

“Boy, if I decide to walk into Buffy’s room, do you think for one micro second that you could stop me?” Angelus asked, his voice loaded with his unspoken threat.

“Maybe not,” Xander acknowledged, “Maybe that security guard couldn’t either or those cops or the orderlies. But I’m kinda curious to find out. You game?” Xander replied coolly as he reached into his faux leather jacket and grasped the iron wood knife that he had crafted after a Military Issue Bowie knife, he had spent his time carefully crafting it until he was finally happy with it.

It was identical to its steel cousins in almost every respect except for the hundreds of miniature crosses that he had micro-stamped across the entire weapon and had blessed by one of the few true believers at one of Sunnydale’s many Churches before soaking the entire weapon in holy water after said blessing, just to be safe.


After his Halloween possession he had retained a vague amount of his military related memories but they had slowly faded, but he had been unwilling to allow the tactical knowledge and fighting skills to fade and had trained himself using his fading memories.

He had dropped out of his History, Music and Physical Education classes and had used the free periods that he had gained to go to the gym, train at the Sunnydale Ju-jitsu Acadamy and play laser tag at local arcade on alternating days.


The Scooby Gang had thought that it was a foolish decision and while Giles was supportive of Xander choice of learning a Martial Arts form especially one such as Ju-jitsu with was known to use an opponent’s superior strength against them, a wise tactic against foes such as vampires and most demonic species that where often many times stronger than a man he had also expressed his displeasure at Xander’s choice of dropping classes.


What Xander hadn’t informed the group of was that the Ju-jitsu training and hours spent playing laser tag had allowed him to keep most of his soldier related tactical knowledge and unarmed combat skills, not all of it but enough to make him a credible threat. 

Angelus once again sneered at the young man, “Buffy’s White Knight. You still love her. It must just eat you up that I got there first.”

Xander felt his blood boil at Angelus’s proclamation, “You’re going to die. And I’m going to be there.” He said angrily.

“Tell her I stopped by.” Angelus growled as he slapped the flowers against Xander’s chest. His rage filled gaze boring into Xander’s emotionless face before the master vampire finally turned heel and walked away.

Xander waited until the vampire was well out of sight before allowing his body to sag into the seat next to him.



Angelus stormed out of the hospital his anger consuming him so fully that his eyes had shifted to their vampiric feral yellow. He couldn’t remember being this angry since Holtz had beaten him completely and utterly leaving him to the man’s less than tender mercies, Holtz had spent the next few hours torturing him while waiting for Darla so that he could put an end to the duo.


Angelus would have died whimpering like a wounded animal had Darla not managed to rescue him mere minutes from dawns deadly rays and even then it had taken him months to heal from the wounds Holtz had inflicted on him and now that damn Harris boy had stared him down completely, perhaps even more completely then Holtz ever had.


Angelus had to his horror literally force himself not to flinch when he had stared into Xander’s eyes, he had seen that same look in Holtz eyes all those years ago before he fought him tooth and nail, not caring if he died only that he took Angelus with him. 

Angelus now knew without a doubt what that fool Angel had long suspected; that Harris given the chance would become a deadly force to be reckoned with one that could possibly rival him in destructive potential.


His wounded pride couldn’t let that stand.

Angelus had originally gone to the hospital to finally end Buffy’s life, he had still be debating whether or not to turn her when had stepped off of the elevator but now as he stood outside of the hospital his rage slowly cooling to a boiling simmer his mind plotting his next move he found that he had changed his mind, he no longer wanted to kill Buffy well not yet at least, no his bloodlust has calling for him to take her knight.



Twenty minutes later Angelus watched as Xander walked out of the hospital doors and cut across the car park, Xander had been walking for less than five minutes when the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. His senses telling him that he wasn’t alone.


With a smooth practiced motion he slipped his hands into his jacket, grasping his Iron Wood Bowie Knife in his right hand while his other hand slipped into the other side his jacket and grasped the plastic grip of the water pistol that he had concealed in the lining of his jacket using a custom holster made from the lining he had harvested from one of his mother’s jackets.


In on fluid motion Xander spun around his knife wielding right arm steadying his holy water gun wielding arm.


His eyes scanned the darkness for any sign of his unseen follower.


“I know your there, so you can cut the cloak and dagger routine.” Xander called out as his eyes darted around cataloguing everything he could see for future reference, like a battle field veteran. 


“Well would you look at that, you’re not all bark after all Harris.” Angelus mocked as he stepped out of the nearby shadows.


“What do you want Angelus?” Xander asked his eyes never leaving the vampire in front of him as his finger rested on the trigger of his water pistol.


“Buffy,” Angelus replied pleasantly, his posture relaxed and friendly as his hands rested in his pockets. “I want her broken; afraid to live or to love to enjoy anything, because she’ll fear that I’ll be there to take it away from her, just like you. I’m going to leave your broken and battered corpse for her to find, maybe in her bed. You’ve always wanted that right?” Angelus asked his eyes twinkling with a sinister light, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“What's makes it so sweet is that I’ll make sure Buffy knows just why you were killed; for being a loyal friend who was only trying to protect those he loved."

“Over my dead body vampire!” Xander yelled as an unholy amount of rage surged to the surface within Xander at hearing Angelus’ words.


Snarling with barely contained rage Xander attacked, pulling the trigger of his water pistol in rapid succession sending volley after volley of holy water at the master vampire.


“That was kind of the plan.” Angelus replied as he lunged to the side to avoid the holy water.


Moving at a speed that could only have been attributed to his status as a vampire Angelus lunged forward before Xander could open fire once again and using his superior strength knocked the water pistol from Xander’s hand, sending the plastic weapon flying into the dark night were Xander had no hopes of regaining it.


Using the momentum generated by Angelus’ strike Xander allowed the strike to spin him around; pivoting at the correct time Xander was able to use the momentum created by the spin to land a perfectly executed closed fisted strike using the back of his clenched fist to the side of Angelus’ face sending him stumbling back from the force of the blow, his lip split open spilling dark crimson blood down the vampires chin.


Not letting up on his advantage Xander pushed forward lashing out with his wooden combat knife slashing at Angelus’ arms leaving smoking gashes where ever the blade landed as the vampire instinctually tried to defend himself from Xander’s attacks by raising his arms.


Roaring in pain from contact with the blessed knife Angelus lashed out, his face slipping into its demonic visage as he did knocking Xander’s following up strike to the side and punched Xander in the stomach with his full strength, grinning sadistically as his enhanced hearing picked up on the sounds of a rib or two snapping under the force of the punch causing Xander’s vision to start to blur as he was sent sprawling to the floor coughing up globs of blood.


“I gotta say I’m impressed, I didn’t see that coming I mean a blessed blade, you are a clever one I’ll give you that.” Angelus gloated with a grin as he wiped the blood from the side of his mouth with his thumb and licked his split lip. “But the shows over Harris it’s time for you to die.” Angelus said as he advanced on the downed teen in front of him.


“Sorry to disappoint you but I’m just getting warmed up.” Xander said with a confident grin, his voice unwavering and full of confidence as he struggled to his feet, staring defiantly at the vampire in front of him his eyes resolute and hard.


‘Damn, not good, that last hit pulverised my ribs, broke at least two and cracked another.’ Xander thought to himself as he tried to refocus his hazy vision.


‘That's it! That's the look! That’s the same look Holtz had when he fought me!’ Angelus thought to himself as he stared at the young teenager in front of him. ‘He knows that he’s going to die but he refuses to let me win, if he’s going to die he’s going to take me with him if it’s the last thing he does.’


A small amount of respect made its way into Angelus’ eyes as he finally spoke, his voice lacking the cocky attitude that had coloured his earlier words, “Then show me Harris, show me what you’ve got.”


Not replying verbally Xander attacked allowing his adrenaline fuelled muscles to propel his injured and fatigued body forward, aiming a downwards kick to Angelus’ right knee Xander was able make the master vampire drop to one knee in front of him before attempting to take out the vampires eye’s with a slash aimed at the vampires venerable face only to have Angelus anticipate his move and lean his head back to dodge.


Undeterred Xander lunged thrusting his arm forward as Angelus regained his feet intending to stake the vampire through the heart.


Angelus’ feral yellow eyes widened in surprise as he saw Xander push his entire body behind his strike, a strike aimed directly at his heart.


Knowing that there was no way for him to dodge the blow in time even with his vampiric speed Angelus did the only thing he could, he threw his hand out in front of him, allowing Xander’s Wooden combat knife to stab completely through his hand.


It may have been a costly choice but by allowing Xander to stab his outstretched hand Angelus was not only able to exert the full strength of his arm to stop Xander strike dead but he was also able to disarm Xander by using his other free arm to punch Xander’s knife wielding forearm, breaking it and forcing him to let the knife go.


Knowing better then to let Xander retaliate Angelus followed up his attack with a swift head butt to break Xanders focus before following up with a front kick sending Xander once again sprawling across the ground. 


“Damn, you almost had me there, Xander.” Angelus said as he removed the wooden dagger in his hand, gritting his teeth in pain as the bless wood burned his undead flesh with every second that he was in contact with it and just like the water pistol before it Angelus hasty threw the blessed weapon into the inky black shadows that filled the night.


‘Sleep, so tired… gotta go to… NO STAY AWAKE, STAY AWAKE! Xander thought as the black dots on the edge of his vision threatened to consume him. ‘Just once more... I have to get up…. GET up… GET UP!


Through sheer force of will alone Xander forced himself to fight off the encroaching darkness and struggled to his feet once more spitting a mouth full of blood onto the ground he glared hatefully at the vampire in front of him, not bothering to hide his pain any longer he reached into his jacket for his back up stake.


“You have got to be one of the most tenacious humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of killing.” Angelus said as he watched the young man in front of him reach into his jacket and grab what had to be his back up weapon, a plain wooden stake.


Instead of attacking like he would have normally Angeles watched as a calm look came over Xander’s battered and bloody form.


 With a loud yell that was less of a yell and more of a roar Xander pushed his broken and dying body forward as fast as he could.


‘Defiant and proud to the last, I wonder if your friends ever knew about this side of you?’ Angelus thought to himself as he watched Xander draw closer and closer until he came close enough to the vampire that quicker than Xander’s eyes could follow Angelus’ uninjured arm lashed out and punched Xander in the head, knocking him out.


Angelus stood over the unmoving form of his defeated foe for what felt like a life time before he finally came to a decision that he would later think back on as either his greatest decision of his worst depending on his mood.


A person such as Xander didn’t deserve to just be a foot note in the creation of another one of his masterpieces, no a person with his potential was a masterpiece just waiting to have the final finishing touches added.


Angelus had seen the rage and hatred that burned within Xander as clear as day as he fought the youth, just as he and his alter ego had seen it many times before.


There was a darkness inside Xander that he fought against every day of his life to suppress, burying it deep within himself, a darkness that if unleased would cause untold destruction to thousand if not millions.


His choice made Angelus knelt before the fallen form of Xander and sank his fangs into the youth’s neck, draining his life force from his dying body before slitting open his own wrist and allowing his blood to drain into Xander’s mouth massaging Xander’s throat as he did, forcing Xander to swallow his blood.


‘You will be one of my greatest creations…’ Angelus thought to himself as he hosted the prone form of Xander up onto his shoulder before disappearing into the night unaware of the battle now waging inside of Xander.


When a person is turned the blood ritual of the siring forcibly rips down the barriers that protect that person’s soul forcing it to fight against the demonic entity channelled through the siring vampire from the very pits of hell itself.


The stronger the person’s soul was the more powerful the demonic entity channelled by the ritual and ultimately the stronger the vampire they would become, normally a person with a weak sprit would become a weak vampire, a minion at best while a person with a strong soul would become a master vampire, but there were many classes of minion and master class vampires just as there where many sub species of animals in the world and what Angelus had grossly misjudge was just what kind of strength laid in Xander’s soul.


Even the primal spirit had recognised Xander as an Alpha and even though the primal spirit was later exorcised it left and imprint on Xander’s soul, a form of latent primal power and later Xander would have the discipline of a special forces solider blended into his being from the Halloween incident on top of his impressive personal willpower.


All of this meant that Xander had one extremely strong soul, one of the strongest which would mean next to nothing in reality except when it came to a few things such as being sired.


The demon channelled into Xander just like others of its kind assimilated everything useful it could from the host, twisting it to suit its needs including the latent Primal imprint which allowed it, a very strong demon in the first place to become something that had only been seen a few scant times in recorded history…. a Cruentus Rex; a Bloodthirsty King.



A Cruentus Rex level of vampire was one of the most powerful vampires to have ever existed easily identified by their gold eyes as opposed to the stranded yellow of the more common vampire.


A newly awakened Cruentus Rex had the same strength as a common master vampire but would quickly gain strength and after a hundred years of unlife they would gain their full power only to continue to grow ever stronger until killed.


However despite their many strengths they were still susceptible to the same weaknesses of the weaker brethren, a good thing too since a fully awaken Cruentus Rex was easily able to fight a Turok-Han to a standstill.



“Oh, we have another member to our family!” Drusilla clapped as she watched her Sire place the still form of Xander on the bed in the middle of the room.

“Oh that’s just great,” Spike spat as he wheeled into the room on his wheelchair, “You do realize that now you’ve gone and turned Droopy here the Slayer will be after our sodding hides, right?” Spike asked as he wheeled over to his Sire and lover Drusilla.

“Ah but Spike, seeing Xander turned, being forced to fight him, to stake him will break her heart.” Angelus said a wide grin almost splitting his face as his eyes aflame with sadistic glee. “They will be some of my greatest work!”

Spike rolled his eyes, “I hope you know what you’re doing Angelus.”

Before Angelus could reply Drusilla suddenly begun to rock back and forth in here seat, moaning and whimpering, having seen Drusilla have a vision many times in the decades of their unlife Angelus rushed to the vampiress’ side and asked, “What did you see Dru? Tell me, tell me everything you see.”


“Oh the Stars they speak to me they do…” Drusilla sang in a childlike voice as she continued to sway in here seat, her eyes a million miles away.


“And what do they tell you?” Angelus pressed his voice deceptively calm, there were times like this when Angelus regretted completely breaking Drusilla mind and driving her insane before turning her but things like that happened.

Drusilla stilled her body going completely stiff before she smiled at Angelus her eyes glittering like miniature suns as a look of pure glee made its way onto her face before she said, ““The once pure knight shall fall and the Golden Eyed King shall rise. The Bloody Lord, the Thirty One ready to drain the world dry.” The mad seer sang all the while giggling like a schoolgirl.

“You know I’m sure if I like the sound of that,” Spike replied his voice a little uneasy.

“Why afraid of a little competition Spike?” Angelus asked as he turned to face his injured cohort, “All of the Scourge of Europe have earned a nickname; The One with the Angelic Face, Drusilla the Mad and of course you, William the Bloody,” Angelus said while a sneer made its way onto his face, “Look at you now, still I’m not sure about the Thirsty One but I’m sure Harris can make a name for himself in a few years’ time...” Angelus added as an afterthought.

“Sod off, Droopy will be lucky if he doesn’t get himself staked in a week.” Spike replied dismissively his earlier unease forgotten swept away by his anger at Angelus’ words.


“You might be right or he could become a vampire that rivals even your prowess. Now go eat a cheerleader or something.” Angelus said dismissing the other vampire.


It had never even crossed Angelus’ mind in his arrogance that Xander may even eclipse his power, such things where unthinkable to Angelus, sure Xander had proven himself to be one of the few humans that had ever earned Angelus respect and one of the even fewer humans that had ever come close to beating him in a fight but Angelus wouldn’t, couldn’t even conceive that Xander could become even more powerful than him, Spike sure but him not in a million years.


“Whatever, come on Dru.” Spike said holding his hand out to the brunette vampire.


“Can I stay?” Dru asked looking at her Sire hopefully, ignoring Spikes offered hand completely.


“Fine.” Angelus said with a small nod.


Despite being more than a little put out Spike merely shook his head and rolled out of the room, both of the male vampires knew how Drusilla got whenever she or another of their ‘family’ sired someone.



Xander’s body had remained motionless on the bed for an entire day while Drusilla sat by his bedside only leaving to eat or when Angelus or Spike would monopolise her time.


Meanwhile the other members of the Scooby Gang had begun to worry. Xander had been missing since the night Buffy had been admitted to the hospital and was still nowhere to be found.


His parents had told them that he hadn’t come home the night before not that they were much help considering the fact that they spent most of their time in a alcohol fuelled stupor.


Cordelia hadn’t seen him since she had dropped him off at the Hospital before going to Harmony’s place and having a Make-Over night while Giles hadn’t seen Xander since he had wished the youth a good night that night in the hospital before going home to get some much needed sleep.


Willow was on the verge of breaking down and sobbing, correctly assuming the worst had happened to oldest friend and was being comforted by her stoic boyfriend Oz.

Giles was at a lost as much as any of the others, he had lost Jenny a woman that he had fallen in love with to the hand of the vampire known as Angelus and now he too had begun to fear that they had lost Xander a young man that he had begun to see as a son to the darkness as well.


Buffy felt as though someone had ripped her heart out, despite never truly telling the boy, Xander had become a very important fixture in Buffy’s life, he was the one she could count on to offer her unwavering support in her darkest hours, in a way he had become a source of light in her dark life, his humour and his strong sense of right and wrong helping to keep her grounded.



“ARRRGHHHH!” Xander screamed as he sat upright his hands clutching his head as he did so, his entire being felling as if it was on fire.


Suddenly a pair of arms pulled his pained form into their embrace while a soft voice spoke soothing words to him, “Shh, I know it hurts now Kitten, but you’ll be alright… I promise.” Dru said as she rocked the whimpering form of Xander.


Less than a minute later a bright blue light seeped out from Xanders body for a few short seconds before disappearing into nothingness like wisps of smoke as Xander’s mauled and damaged soul finally lost its battle and was exorcised from his body.


Soft chocolate brown eyes snapped open for the last time before there once comforting brown depths drained away replaced by inhuman gold.


“I’m hungry, so hungry.” Xander spoke as Drusilla stepped away from him her eyes full of what could be described as awe for the being in front of her.


“I know Kitten, I’ve got you something special I did.” Dru said as she took his hand and led him to the room across from the bedroom that Angelus had placed his body in, Dru opened the door to reveal a teenage girl no older then eighteen chained to the wall and gagged with a piece of bloody clothe.

“Drusilla you’re the greatest, have I ever told you that?” Xander asked as he took the struggling girl into his arms, ignoring her muffled screams of protest.


“No.” Dru replied as a small blush found its way onto her face.


“Well you are.” Xander relied as he ran his fingers across the chained girls face as fresh tears sprang from her eyes and her body was racked by sobs.


“Shh, shoosh, it’s ok, I promise she won’t hurt you.” Xander said embracing the still sobbing girl until she started to calm down, “Me on the other hand... I can’t guarantee what I’m about to do won’t hurt as a matter of fact I almost sure it will be a killer.” Xander said as he finally give into his hunger his face shifted into its demonic form as he sank his fangs into the struggling girl’s throat.


Drinking deeply from the struggling teen until he had consumed the last of the crying girl’s blood Xander broke into laughter.


“I have got to get me some more of that!” Xander joked, “But before I do I really have to find other clothes to wear.” Xander said as he took a look at his clothes that were now caked in dried blood.


After “borrowing” a pair of black dress shoes as well as a pair of charcoal black slakes and a dark emerald dress shirt from Angelus’ closet Xander turned to the silent form of Drusilla who had been following ever since he had awoken a small smile still on her face.


“Dru, I hate to eat and run but I really need to be going, plus I’m sure old Billy-boy’s around this place somewhere.”


“Oh no, my William’s gone out for a midnight stroll he has thinks he’s being clever he does by pretending his leg are still hurt Dru knows better though.”  Drusilla said her eye’s suddenly filling with malevolence, “Going let him play his games until I’ve had my fill it’ll be my turn to play then.” Dru continued as her cruel smile morphed into an innocent look, “Will you play with me?” Dru asked her expression not changing in the slightest.


“Maybe another time cutie I’ve got a date with a certain bartender friend of mine that I just can’t postpone.” Xander said after he was able to drag his head out of the gutter.


“And I was so looking forward to a ride too…” Drusilla pouted, trying not to laugh at the dumfounded look on Xander’s face.


“And on that note...” Xander said as he hastily made his exit before his libido overruled his plans.


A full minute after Xander fled from her Drusilla finally cracked her laughter filling the dilapidated mansion as she headed to her room a large smile adorning her face.



Unlike most vampires Xander knew that he was far from immortal years of watching Buffy kill his kind had driven this fact home all too well. If Xander ever planned to actually walk away from a fight with Buffy he needed to play it smart.


“Willy! Just the man I needed to see!” Xander greeted as he swaggered into the Alibi grabbing a pool cue off of the nearby table as he went, it was a pretty dead night no pun intended as far as Xander could see there was only a small group of vampire sitting in one of the booths other than that Willys Alibi room was empty.


“Kid? What are you doing here?” Willy asked nervously normally he wouldn’t have been all that intimidated by the young teen standing in front of him but something about him had changed and now he just screamed dangerous.


“I need some help.” Xander answered as he sat down on the stool in front of him, innocently twirling the pool cue in his hands like a baton.


“What can I do for you?” Willy asked while he noticed that the drunken vampires were eying the teen.

“I need information on the big players in town.” Xander replied as he looked around the room, noting the group of vampires that seemed to be paying more attention to him then was considered safe.


Willy was about to bluff the kid and tell him that Angelus was the only player in town playing in the big leagues, the Big Bad when the drunkest of the vampires stood up and started to make his way over toward Xander, before he could hope to warn the kid about the danger he was in Xander seemed to blur, one moment he was sitting in his stool the next he was facing the drunken vampire that was about to lunge at him the once seemingly innocent pool cue buried in the vampires chest, instantly dusting the drunk.

With a cruel grin on his face Xander turned back around and placed a twenty dollar bill on the bar to pay for now dusted pool cue before he locked eyes with the nervous human in front of him, “Sorry about that.” Xander said as he waved a hand lazily in the general vicinity of the now dusted vampire.


“Bah, no skin of my nose kid, he was always causing some sort of trouble around here after he’d had one too many.” The bartender replied.


“So... about that information, Willy?” Xander asked.


“Right like I was saying, Angelus he’s the Big Bad, the Don of Don’s he’s the one you want.” Willy replied, lying with a practiced ease.


“See, I don’t like that, you just lied to me Willy.” Xander replied his town turning cold as he spoke. Pulling a small switchblade out of his pockets that he had stolen from Spikes belongings earlier Xander lifted the now sweating man across the bar with his demonically enhanced strength.


"The truth this time Willy or so help me I’ll make you scream!!!" Xander yelled his tone promising pain if Willy dared to lie to him again.


“W-what are you?” Willy asked terrified, meanwhile the other vampire seemed to have decided that it was time to leave and were shuffling to the exit as fast as they could in their booze laden states.


“Oh I think you know what I am.” Xander replied sinisterly as he allowed his eye’s to morph to their demonic golden colour.


"Vampire." The terrified Willy whispered.


“So are you going to tell me what I want to know now Willy or am I going to have to start carving my initials into your forehead?” Xander asked.


“B-but I told you! Angelus is running things!” Willy pleaded as he realized just what a dangerous situation he had unknowingly found himself in.


"And you were doing so well." Xander said with a mock sigh. Gripping Willy’s hand like a vice Xander squeezed until he heard the tell-tale sound of bone breaking followed quickly by Willy’s agonized scream of pain.


“There are 206 bone’s in the adult human body, I just broke three of them, do you want to see what happens to you if you lie to me again Willy?” Xander asked his eye’s almost shinning with unholy glee at the pain he was causing the sobbing man at his feet.


In the end Willy finally caved after Xander used the bar’s ice pick to stab Willy in the knee, it turned out that the Mayor was surprisingly enough the real boss on the Hellmouth while Angelus was merely a pawn in the Mayor’s game.


Xander also learned that the Mayor was a seriously powerful Mage with the backing of some of the most powerful entities in the world and as such way out of his league.


That did put a dent in any of his future plan’s since he didn’t think that the Mayor would let anyone seriously attempt to take the Hellmouth from him.... so instead Xander decided to fall back on his plan B aka make Buffy’s life hell, hey I guy needs a hobby right?



“Well now would you look what the cat’s dragged in.” Angelus said with a cooled smile as he watched his newest childe walk into the mansion. “I see you’ve already found the wardrobe.”


“What can I say I was covered in blood because of you might I add.” Xander said with a small incline of his head as a smile made its way onto his face.


“True enough, so Xander so how did you spend your first night of unlife?” Angelus asked curious.


“Oh the usual, you know how it is terrorized and killed a few people, tortured a bartender oh and I killed a nice couple on the way back here, he wasn’t much of a challenge all things considered she was a pretty little thing though and her screams...” Xander replied as his eye’s shifted involuntarily to gold.


“Outstanding!” Angelus laughed, “See Spike and you said he would be a waste of time.”


“Whatever I’d be surprised if Golden Boy here managed to survive his first meeting with the Slayer.” Spike said as he took a drag off of the smoke in his mouth before exhaling.


“What do you think pet?” Spike asked as he pulled Dru into his lap, “Does our boy have what it takes to become a member of Scourge of Europe?”


Dru just smiled a small smile before cuddling her doll Miss Edith to her.


“You know Roller Boy that’s not such a bad idea.” Angelus said as his mind began to scheme.



Buffy sat at one of the tables inside the Bronze with Willow Oz and Cordelia, there had still been no news of Xander and the group was far from a parting mood when Buffy saw something that caught her eye, she didn’t know what it was about him that drew her attention to him he was average height and was wearing an expensive outfit she could tell that by just looking at him.


She couldn’t see his face since he had his back turned to her as he danced with his partner but her curiosity finally got the better of her and made her get out of her seat and walked towards him.


Buffy moved with a purpose as she made her way to the centre of the rapidly filling dance floor. She caught the eye of the woman the man was slowly dancing with; she was the kind of girl that people would describe as the girl next door, the plain Jane.


"Mind if I cut in?" Buffy mouthed to her. The girl looked like she was going to object but then she seemed to close in on herself and dejectedly slipped out of the man’s arms and walked away.


The man with his back to her seemed to sigh before he spoke, “That wasn’t very nice of you, Buffy.” The man said as he turned around to face her with a cocky grin on his pale face.


"X-Xander." Buffy stuttered as relief flooded her.


The music was reaching its climax as Xander pulled Buffy towards him his movements graceful and measured. Xander smiled at her as they started to dance.


"Mandy and I were having such a good time." Xander commented.


"Xander? What? Where have you been?" Buffy asked, her eyes glistening slightly, relieved. It felt as if the weight of the world had been suddenly lifted from her shoulders.


Xander just smiled and pulled Buffy closer, holding her as they swung to the beat.


It was then when Xander pulled her closer that Buffy noticed something, a cramping sensation in her stomach Buffy’s mind started to race as she noticed other thing’s; the parts of Xander’s body that were pressed into her at the moment were cold and his skin was pale, inhumanly pale. That led her to the only possible and devastating conclusion.


Buffy stilled in Xander’s arms as the unmistakable truth crashed into her.


"You’ve got a grimace on your face there Buffster my dancing wasn’t that bad was it?" Xander asked with a smirk and a cruel gleam in his eyes.


Buffy seemed to snap out of the trance, “Y-you're a vampire.” Buffy whispered as she backed away from him a step, emotion filling her voice like a cup threatening to overflow.


Xander smile seemed to turn a little sad as he stared at Buffy for a second before he stepped towards Buffy and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. His cold lips felt moist against her warm flesh.


“Turned by Angelus himself.” Xander whispered into her ear.


"I-I’m sorry...” Buffy cried as tears sprang to her eyes as she reached for her concealed stake.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Xander said as his eyes turned hard, “take a look up, half of the people on the balcony tonight are of the vampiric persuasion you pull a stake and they rip there dance partners throats out, you may be fast but you’re not fast enough to save them.”


Buffy did as Xander said and looked up only to meet the eyes of the one who had not only broken her heart but also taken Xander from her.


Angelus stared down at them with a smile that threatened to split his face as he saw the utter devastation on Buffy’s face, devastation that he had created it was as sweet as wine to him.


“What do you want?” Buffy asked defeated, she knew that there was nothing she could possible do to save the people on the second floor Angelus and Xander had effectively taken them hostage and they didn’t even know it.


“Nothing really you see this little shindig is my coming out party if you will Slay Girl. Old Angelus up there only wanted you to know that because of you I’m now a bonified member of the Black Hat’s until you kill me or I kill you that is.” Xander said as he happily waved to Angelus up on the balcony.


“Now if you excuse me it’s a beautiful night and I’m late for a dinner engagement and remember if you follow us the Bronze will rain blood.” Xander said as he took Buffy’s hand and kissed it gently like an old time gentlemen before walking off laughing as he did.


Buffy watched helplessly as Xander and Angelus left the dance floor and exited the Bronze before she broke into tears and sunk to the floor sobbing.



Xander walked calmly down the street he had grown up on with a casual confidence his face filled with a cocky smirk as he gazed at the quiet houses filled with sleeping men and woman who dozed blissfully unaware of the danger that lurked mere metres away promising them a grisly death.


Running his hands gently over the white picket fence of his destination Xander used his supernatural strength to launch himself into the tree that stood outside of the house.


Closing his eye’s Xander heard the unmistakable sound of crying coming from within the house; it was the sound of Willow crying.

Even as twisted as he had become Xander felt a stab of pain fill him at the sound, even as an undead monster it seemed his connection to Willow remained.

Reaching out as he had done a million times before during his childhood Xander tapped on the window of Willow’s room. Light quickly flooded the room as Willow jumped from her bed and ran to the window.


 “Xander…” Willow whispered brokenly as she finally saw what her oldest friend had become.


“Hey Will.” Xander said resting a hand gently on the glass that separated them, “I figured I’d take a chance to you know say goodbye. With Buff in Slay-mode now I doubt I’ll have another chance like this.”


“I’m sorry!” Willow sobbed as she held out her hand to Xander, “If I hadn’t… you wouldn’t have, I’m so sorry Xander, you have to believe me.”


“You know,” Xander said looking wistful, “looking back I don’t regret what I did, not really. I will miss you though Wills.”


“I can help you!” Willow replied determined and resolved as she reached for the latch to her window, “Please let me help you… I-I could give you your soul back, I’m sure I could figure it out just give me a chance.”


“Don’t.” Xander commanded his voice shaky and harsh.


“Xander?” Willow asked not understanding Xander.


“Don’t let me in Willow,” Xander replied his inhuman golden eye’s filled with cruel desire, “I don’t think I’d be able to hold myself back if you gave me a chance Willow… the things I would do to you; I’d destroy you.”




“No!” Xander barked his face shifting into its demonic form, “I’d take you and tear you down Willow! I’d corrupted everything good everything pure about you until there was nothing left but a monster wearing your face! Don’t you understand? I can’t do that, not to you… please, not to you.”


“I-I understand...” Willow said withdrawing her hand.


“Goodbye Willow,” Xander replied before he disappeared in a burst of speed, leaving a small wooden box sitting on Willow’s window ledge.


Grabbing the box from the ledge Willow could help but burst into fresh tear as she gazed down at the open box at the single yellow crayon that lay inside that had been broken in half.



It had been a slow two weeks for Xander apart from drinking his fill of blood a night and antagonizing the guilt ridden Buffy not to mention the other members of the Scooby Gang. Xander was sitting by the Mansion courtyard reading a manga comic book called Hellsing.


He had taken the comic from the store on an impulse really but ever since he couldn’t get enough he even bought the new issues when they came out instead of killing the owner for them or stealing them.


He found the main character Alucard... inspiring.


His quite reading was interrupted when Angelus burst into the courtyard and all but leapt into the fountain before he began scrubbing his face and body raw.


Spike rolled over in his wheelchair to watch the spectacle with a look of amusement on his face, “You might want to let up. They say
when you've drawn blood you're exfoliated.”


“What do you know about it? I'm the one who was friggin' violated. You didn't have that thing in you.” Angelus retorted angrily his voice sharp.


“What was it a demon?” Dru asked curiously as she seemed to drift towards the three male vampires.


“I don’t think it was Dru, Angelus already has one of those.” Xander answered with a grin to the amusement of Drusilla whose lip’s curled into a small smile.


“Love, it was love.” Angelus snarled as he dried himself and threw his shirt back on, “and she kissed me! Held me close and kissed me, like I was her rat eating goody too shoes lover Angel!” Angelus ranted.


“Not to worry Daddy. Soon the Slayer and her little friends will all be gobbled up.” Drusilla sang her voice child-like as she danced around the courtyard looking at the night sky as she did.


“Tell me more.” Angelus replied as he grabbed Drusilla by her arms tightly his eyes alight with an unholy glee.


“The moon’s whispering too me all sorts of dreadful things.” Drusilla answered.


“What did it say? What did the moon tell you? Did you have a vision? Is something coming?” Angelus asked trying to get a clearer answer.


“Oh yes something terrible.” Dru said with a dark smile.




“At the museum. A tomb with a surprise inside...”


“You can see all that in your head?” Angelus said as he placed his hand to her head.


“No, you ninny, she read it in the morning paper.” Spike retorted as he held the paper up. Angel took the paper and skimmed through it his smile growing by the second as he did.


“Hello Doomsday.”



Angelus stood in front of the stone slab he had his flunkies steal from the museum with an all most visible aura of excitement about him as Xander, Dru and the ‘wheelchair bound’ Spike flanked him.


“It's a big rock. I can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big.” Spike snarked.


“Do you think we could sell them this one? Pet rocks were pretty popular once upon a time.” Xander mused as he stared at the slab of stone frankly underwhelmed.



“Spike, Xander you boys never did learn your history did you?” Agnelus answered without taking his eyes off the stone slab, “Acathla the demon came forth to swallow the world. It was killed by a virtuous knight who pierced the demon's heart before it could draw breath to perform the act. Acathla turned to stone, as demons sometimes do and was buried where neither man nor demon would ever think too look, unless of course they're putting up low rent housing.”


The two minions that were standing at either side of the stone tomb took their crowbars and started to wedge the tomb open.


Inside of the tomb stood the stone form of Acathla, his face set in a horrible grimace as a sword stuck out of his chest.


“Oooh, he fills my head. . .I can't hear anything else. . .” Dru moans holding her head as Angelus approached Acathla slowly all most reverently.


“Let me guess. Someone pulls out the sword...”


“Someone worthy. . .” Angelus says cutting Spike off.


“Somehow I doubt that swords the demonic equivalent of Excalibur.” Xander joked as he watched Angelus reach out to all most touch the sword before he pulled his hand back.


“So we pull the sword out of the stone, the demon wakes up and wackiness ensues.” Spike asked summing up Angelus’ plan.


“He will swallow the world.” Drusilla said as the screams of millions echoed in her mind, the sounds of humanity’s death.


“Yes Spike we remove the sword and every creature living on God’s green Earth will be sent straight to Hell,” Angelus replied as the turned to face the other’s with a manic gleam in his inhuman tallow eyes, “My friends, we're about to make history. . . end.”


Xander was perturbed if not disturbed, while he respected Angelus both as a fighter and a vampire the elder vampire seemed to have gone off of the deep end ever since the whole possession incident at the school with Buffy and while he enjoyed causing anarchy, terror and bloodshed like any other vampire he drew the line at world ending demons. Which is why when Angelus started to outline his plan for just such a world ending event Xander had only one thought, I’ve got to tell Buffy.





Spike stood in his room alone pacing, thinking when the sound of the door to his room snapped him out of his thoughts.




Spike quickly got over his surprise and made a mad dive for his wheelchair just managing to get in it before Xander entered the room.


“What are you doing Golden Eye?” Spike asks acting confident, “The fun's about to begin, as soon as the others manage to nab the librarian to tell Angelus why the ritual’s not working that is.”


“Is that such a good thing?” Xander asked his eye staring at Spike, through him as he spoke.


“Droopy, if this works everything gonna changes Hell on Earth with us ruling over it all...” Spike replied.


“Spike, do you honestly think that the Old One’s will let one of the lowest forms of demon that exists rule over them?” Xander asked his tone full of disbelief.


Spike sat in silence for over a minute before replying in a voice that contained none of his prior confidence, “No.”


“Spike, I can’t take both Angelus and Dru on by myself and while I think both of us might be able dust them together I can’t guarantee that one of us won’t join them for their little dust nap. We need back up, we need Buffy.”


“I’ll help you and the Cheerleader dust Angelus but Dru’s mine I take her and skip town.” Spike replied as he stared up at Xander unwilling to bend on the subject of Dru.


Seeing Xander nod his head in acceptance Spikes confident attitude returned at full force, “Right then, what are we waiting for?” Spike asked as he stood up and kicked his wheelchair away.



Buffy was frantic the others were in the hospital and the last time she had seen Kendra had slipped into a coma after Drusilla had drained the Jamaican Slayer to the point of near brink of death before she used her vampiric strength to break the weakened Slayers back across her knee, she was currently undergoing emergency surgery to save her life.


Buffy all but set a new land speed record as she ran towards Giles apartment. “Giles? Giles?” Buffy called as soon as she opened the door which had been left ajar, the lights were off as well and she couldn’t see Giles anywhere. A cold ball began to settle into the pit of her stomach, Buffy was about to call out for her Watcher again when she saw a man dressed like a bad 80's pimp walking down the stairs.


“I don’t think he’s here.” The unidentified man answered with a slight Brooklyn accent.


“Who are you?” Buffy.


“Names Whistler,” the now identified Whistler replied.


“What are you doing here?” Buffy asked.


“Waiting for you.” Whistler replied casually.


“Why?” Buffy asked her tone sharp and unmistakably annoyed.


“'Cause I need a date for the prom.” Whistler answered with a small shrug of his shoulders.


Buffy had had enough of this guy’s attitude and pushed him against the wall and grabbed him by his throat, “I have had a really bad day, ok?” Buffy spoke her voice incredibly calm, “If you have information worth hearing then I’m grateful for it, if you’re going to crack jokes then I’m going to pull out your ribcage and wear it as a hat.”


“Hello to the imagery. Very nice.” Whistler commented looking somewhat nonplussed as he moved away from Buffy, straightening his outfit as he did so.


“It wasn't supposed to go down like this. Nobody saw you or your friend coming. I figured this for Angel's big day, I thought he was here to stop Acathla, not bring him forth. But you two made with the smootchies and now he's a creep again.” Whistler explained, “Then there’s your friend Xander man oh man, now there’s a kid with a set of brass ones. He was meant to be a nonentity, a sidekick but take one standoff with Angelus, one choice and a liberal dose of free will and now he’s a heavy hitter and the kicker is it’s for the other side too, the big guy’s up stair weren’t very happy let me tell you...”


Buffy didn’t reply she just looked at Whistler her eye’s glassy.


“What are you gonna do? What are you prepared to do?” Whistler asked.


“Whatever I have too.” Buffy replied solemnly.


“Or maybe I should ask, what are you prepared to give up?”


Buffy stared at Whistler for a moment before she scoffed, “You don't have anything useful to tell me, do you? What are you, some immortal demon sent down to even the score between good and evil?”


“Wow. Good guess.” Whistler replied honestly surprised.


“Why don't you try getting off your immortal ass and fighting evil once in a while? 'Cause I'm tired of doing this by myself.” Buffy said as she got into Whistler face.


“In the end, you're always by yourself. You're all you got. That's the point.” Whistler replied his demeanour serious.


“Spare me.” Buffy replied as she walked away from Whistler.


“The sword isn't enough. You gotta be ready. You gotta know how to use it!” Whistler called out to Buffy as she stormed out, not hearing the Balance Demons final words



Buffy crossed a street, moving quickly and keeping to herself when she was suddenly she illuminated by a pair of headlights and the flashing of police lights.


Before Buffy could react the cop is out of his car, gun drawn. He stepped closer to her, never taking his eyes off her.


“Hold it right there! Hands above your head do it!” the Cop orders.


The Cop started to move towards Buffy when something slammed into him sending him flying into the hood of his squad car; his head flopped to the side as he groaned, unconscious.


Buffy stared into the glare of the headlights trying to make out the face of her would be saviour when a figure stepped out of the harsh light.


“Hello, cutie.” Spike said with a cocky smile.


Buffy’s stunned moment quickly passed and then she lunged at Spike raining punches down on him, she managed to land a couple of hits before Spike retaliated knocking her back but Buffy was undeterred as she gets up, whipping out a stake as she did so.


“Will you hold on for a second?” Spike asked, “Hey! White flag here! I quit!”


“Let me clear this up for you. We're mortal enemies. We don't get "time-outs".”  Buffy explained to the peroxide blonde vampire.


“You wanna go around, pet; I'll have a gay old time of it. You wanna stop Angel, well, then, we gotta play it a bit differently.” Spike replied as he put his hands down.


“What are you talking about?” Buffy asked confused.


“I'm talking about your ex, love. I'm talking about putting him in the bloody ground.”


“This has got to be the lamest trick you guys have ever thought up.” Buffy said as she prepared to fight again.


“He's got your watcher. Right now he's probably torturing him.” Spike said playing his trump card to stall the blonde Slayers approach, it worked.


“What do you want?” Buffy asked.


“I told you. I wanna stop Angel,” Spike said as he put his hands into his leather coat feeling pleased with himself, “I wanna save the world.”


“Okay. You do remember that you're a vampire, right?” Buffy asked incredulously.


“We like to talk big, vampires do. ‘I'm gonna destroy the world,’ it’s just tough guy talk, strutting around with your friends over a pint of blood.” Spike replied as he sat on the hood of the police car before pulling a cigarette and a lighter from the unconscious cop's breast pocket and lit himself a smoke.


“Truth is, I like this world. You got dog racing, Manchester United and you got people. Billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs. It's all right here. But then someone comes along with a vision. With a real passion for destruction, Angel could pull it off. Goodbye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester bloody Square, you see what I'm saying?”


“Uh, sort of?” Buffy said as she started to make sense of the words coming out of Spikes mouth.


“Why don't you put that stake down?” Spike asked as he exhaled a deep breath sending smoke into the air.


“'Cause of the whole 'not believing you' issue. You might not be down with Angel but why would you ever come to me?” Buffy asked sceptical.


“Truth be told, I wasn’t gonna, but then your boy Xander offend to help me off Angelus if I’d team up with you.” Spike said as he ground out his cig on the car, “I want Dru back. I want it like it was before he came back,” Spike said before he made a disgusted sound, “the way she acts around him. . . “


“Oh, you're pathetic!”


Instinctively, Spike lashed out punching Buffy in the face only to have her punch him back with even more force than he had hit her with.


“My friends in the hospital, Kendra died...”


“I wasn't in on that raiding party...” Spike tried to protest only to have Buffy continue to talk as if he had said nothing.


“And I may lose more, the whole world could be sucked into Hell and you need my help 'cause your girlfriend's a big ho? Let me take this opportunity to not care.”


“I can't fight them both alone and neither can you!” Spike protested only to have Buffy punch him again before she managed to get control of her temper and resumed glaring at him.


“I hate you.” Buffy said her voice full of loathing.


“And I'm all you got.” Spike replies.


A tense moment passes between the two before Buffy finally relents and mutters, “Alright talk.”


Before Spike could speak the cop on the hood of the car groaned, slowly starting to come around, “Let me just kill this guy...” Spike said as he turns his attention to the Cop.


Buffy cleared her throat loudly.


Spike turned back as if to ask her what her problem was before he realised and said, “Oh, right.”


“Let's get inside.”



Buffy and Spike were about to enter her house when the front door opened, standing in the doorway was Joyce, “Buffy!”


“Mom. . . “


“Buffy where have you been? Are you okay? The police were here. Are you okay? I went looking for you but Xander talked me into coming back here and waiting for you.” Joyce said franticly.


“Mom, let's go inside.” Buffy said trying to calm her mother down.


“Who is this man?” Joyce asked her daughter before she turned her attention to Spike, “Who are you?” Joyce must have decided that Spikes identity didn’t matter all that much to her because she quickly turned her attention back to her daughter, “Are you okay?”


“MOM.” Buffy replied rising her voice in attempt to snap her mother out of her frantic shock, “I'm okay. I was. . . busy. . .doing something. And this is Spike, and he was doing it too.”


“Doing what?” Joyce demanded, “Buffy, terrible things have happened. What were you doing?”


“What, your mom doesn't know?” Spike asked shocked and amused only to have Buffy glare at him.


“Know what?” Joyce asked.


Buffy was saved from coming up with an excuse when a vampire leaped from the bushes and charged past both Buffy and Spike right into Joyce.


Joyce found herself staring into the deformed visage and feral yellow wolf-like eyes of the vampire and felt fear fill her being.



Buffy was less than a second away from tearing the snarling vampire off of her mother when a foot seemed to materialize in the vampire’s face, shattering the vampire’s nose and sending him flying away from her mother.


“NO BODY HURTS MRS. SUMMERS!” Xander all but roared as he involuntarily slipped into his game face, Xander never allowed the hapless minion to recover before he slammed a stake into its chest dusting it instantly.


Joyce watched all of this happen with wide eyes.


Spike watched the scene with a casual air before turned to Buffy and said, “One of Angelus’ boys.”


“He must have been watching me or you.” Buffy replied.


“He won't get the chance to tattle on us now.” Spike said his voice matter of fact.


“Buffy. . . what's going on?” Joyce asked shocked and feeling faint.


Buffy took a deep breath before she said to her Mom, “Mom. . . I'm a vampire slayer.”



Willow sat in her hospital bed, she was banged up but otherwise fine, a small concussion, she was currently talking to Buffy on the phone while her boyfriend Oz sat next to her bed, his arm in a cast.

“I'm okay, Buffy, really. I mean, I don't feel good, but I'm awake and I know my name and who's president and how many fingers so they don't think my brain got mushed at all.”


“Thank God. . . I'm sorry I can't be there.” Buffy replied as she stood in the kitchen of her house.


“I know. I'm sorry I didn't get to cure Angel.” Willow apologised feeling as if she had failed her best friend.


“Don't be. I just think it wasn't meant to happen. I know I'm never gonna get Angel back the way he was and, you know, it makes it easier.” Buffy said as she tried to convince herself just as much as Willow that she believed what she was saying.


“I guess. . . Any luck finding Giles?” Willow asked changing the subject.


“Yes. I got a lucky break.” Buffy answered.




“You wouldn't believe me if I told you.” Buffy said as she said her goodbyes to her friend and hung up the phone.


Joyce sat in the living room with Spike and Xander. They sat in an uncomfortable silence.


“Um, have we met?” Joyce asked Spike trying to break the awkward silence.


“You hit me with an axe one time.” Spike answered, “Parent teacher night, ‘Get the Hell away from my daughter!’. . .” Spike continued imitating Joyce’s past actions.




“Is Willow all right?” Xander asked concerned.


“She's fine, just banged up. Now talk what's the deal?” Buffy answered finding it hard to be in the same room as the undead version of her friend.


“Simple. I help you kill Angel, you let me and Dru skip town.” Spike answered.


“Angel? Your boyfriend?” Joyce asked trying to make sense of the conversation that was going on in front of her.


“Forget about Drusilla. She doesn't walk.” Buffy replied ignoring her mother’s question.


“No deal Buff, Dru walks after or Spike does now.” Xander said as he crossed his arms.


“Kendra’s fighting for her life in hospital right now and probably won’t make it the night because of what Drusilla did to her.” Buffy retorted angrily.


“Dru bagged a slayer? She didn't tell me! Good for her!” Spike crowed proudly, “Well, not from your perspective I suppose. . .” Spike said as he saw Buffy’s less than pleased expression.


“I can't believe I invited you into my house.” Buffy replied as she watched the two vampires smiling like prospective fathers.


“Slap my hand dead soul man.” Xander said as he held his hand out for a low five.


“So you didn't injure that girl?” Joyce asked relieved.


“Of course not!” Buffy replied indignantly.


“Did she explode like those men outside?” Joyce asked.


“She was a Slayer, Mom.” Buffy answered.


“Like what you are?” Joyce replied still trying to wrap her head around the concept.


“Look, this deal works one way only, full stop. Me and Dru for Angel.” Spike said his patience wearing thin. 


“Honey, are you sure you're a slayer?” Joyce asked as she tried to find a way to make her world make sense again.


“I'll take her out of the country. You'll never hear from us again, I bloody well hope.” Spike said now officially ignoring Joyce altogether.


“All right. Get back to the mansion. Make sure Giles is all right.” Buffy replied seeing that she had no choice.


“I mean, have you tried not being a slayer?” Joyce asked somewhat hopeful.


“Mom. . .” Buffy sighed before turning her attention back to Spike and saying, “Be ready to back me up when I make my move.”


“We’ll see you there Buffy.” Xander said as he exited the house.


“If Giles dies, she dies.” Buffy said her words unmistakably a promise.


Spike just glared at her before he too left.


Meanwhile at the Hostpital...


Willow had sat in silence for a few minutes before she looked up at Oz. A handful of minutes past before she finally couldn’t take it anymore and said, “I want to try again.”   


“Try what?” Oz replied.


“The curse. We never got to finish it. Maybe we can restore Angel's soul.” Willow elaborated.


“I don't like it. You're talking about messing with powerful magic, and you're injured.”


“I'm okay,” Willow said determined, “if we don’t stop Angelus he’ll end the world.”


Oz shifted in his chair, “Are you sure you want to try it again?”


“There's no use arguing with me. Do you see my resolve face? You've seen it before and you know what it means.” Willow replied, “We can help Buffy. If we turn Angel back soon enough, we can stop him from ever awakening Acathla. Can you get the things I need?”



Dawn was minutes away, Angelus stood in the same place he was for the ceremony last time Dru and Spike stood behind him while Xander was busy elsewhere.


The air grew thick with magic as Angelus began to speak the incantation to the ritual, “Acathla. Mundatus sum. Pro te necavi. Sanguinem meum pro te effundam, quo me dignum esse demonstrem.”


Drusilla steps up to Angel and hands him an athame Spike sits a bit behind watching with a cold eyes.


Angelus smiles at Dru as he takes the knife and cuts his palm with it.


“Now, Acathla, you will be free and so will we all.” Angelus continues as he takes a step forward towards Acathla.


Outside the mansion minutes earlier...


“This is going to get bad, Xander. I want you to focus on the minions and leave Angel and Drusilla to me and Spike” Buffy said as they walked towards the mansion her voice hard and commanding.


Letting his iris’ flash gold Xander replied back shocked slayer, “I will be with you ever step of the way after I free Giles. Just make sure you can keep up Slayer.” Xander replied before they both begin to run toward the mansion.


Suddenly they heard a rustling in the leaves when they were just about to the door at least a dozen of vampires suddenly came rushing forward. Buffy attacked stake and sword lashing out with unbelievable speed, her style fluent and deadly while Xander’s was simply brutal.


His weapon was a broadsword taken from Giles stash earlier in the year severed limbs and heads from bodies as it spun through the air.


Finally the fighting was at an end and Buffy as well as Xander found themselves surrounded by dust piles. Nodding to each other Xander and Buffy burst through the mansions door sending splinters of wood crashing into the room.


“Hello, lover.” Buffy said.


Angelus stopped moving his bloody hand mere centimetres away from the sword protruding from Acathla. “I don’t have time for…” seeing Xander with Buffy Angelus snarled, “You! Oh you’re dead!”

Xander just smirked at him, “What can I say, I like the world the way it is.”

Seeing him distracted, Spike rose up from his wheelchair and smashed Angelus across the back with an iron fire poker, even as more vampires’ raced towards Buffy and Xander Spike landed hit after hit on the prone Angelus before Drusilla jumped him, clawing at his back.


Spike knocked her off before grabbing her in a headlock and quickly snapping her neck before scooping her prone form into his arms bridal style and fleeing while Angelus stayed on the floor in a daze from the pain and the shock.

Xander broke off from the fighting to go find Giles while Buffy dusted the last of the minions.


Before she could stop him, Angelus managed to get to his feet and pull the sword from Acathla chest.

Not wasting another second Buffy rushed forward to engage him, her own sword in hand.

Finding Giles wasn’t too hard, he was in a small room a few scant meters away from the stone form of Acathla, the smell of blood drew Xander to him like a moth to the flame. Giles was tied to a chair; he was pale and shaking, his face was marred with a myriad of bruises and cuts.


“Giles,” he hissed as he cut the knots on the ropes, “Giles, it’s me, wake up.”


“Mmmph?” Giles moaned his head came up, “Xander?”


“In the undead flesh, hang on; I’m here to get you out.”


“No... You’re not... they made me see things... made me see... Jenny... made me tell them... you’re a vampire...”


“Giles, what have you got to lose?”


“Good... point... let’s go...”


With that said Xander helped the man to his feet, slipping Giles right arm around his neck so that he could support the Watcher and keep his sword arm free at the same time. 


Seeing Buffy and Angel Xander could tell that Buffy was barely holding out against the vastly more experienced Angelus.  Making a decision Xander removed Giles arm from around his shoulders and placed the injured Watcher against the nearest wall.


Moving at a dead run Xander was just able to intercept Angelus’ swords strike from ending Buffy’s life; she hadn’t seen the vampires feint but he had, Xander stopped Angelus’ strike dead in its tracks.


“Well aren’t you full of surprises, Harris,” Angelus sneered.


“I guess this is round two.” With that Xander attacked his swords striking with blistering speed.


“You’ll have to do better than that,” Angelus snarled as he pushed back against Xander his vampiric strength forcing Xander to side step Angelus’ attack and slam his swords pommel into the vampires face.


Not one to let an opportunity pass her by Buffy followed Xander’s attack with a mighty kick to Angelus’ chest.


Not letting Angelus regain his senses Xander slammed an uppercut into Angelus’s chin with all his strength sending the master vampire flying, skidding to a stop near Acathla.


“I don’t know where you got this strength Harris but you’re only delaying the enviable the worlds going to hell in a few minutes anyway.” Angelus said as he got back to his feet, backing away from the advancing Buffy and Xander a few feet as he did so.


“Buffy, he’s mine!” Xander growled as a manic grin split his face before he lunged at Angelus swinging his sword as he did so.


“Your good boy, but I’ve killed men like you for centuries.” Angelus roared as he lunged at Xander, favouring his left side slightly Xander idle noted, having damaged his ribs when Xander’s threw him across the room.


“You may have been killing men for centuries, Angelus, but I’m not a man I’m a monster!” Xander roared as he blocked the Vampire’s rushed attack, locking blades with the older vampire in a test of strength.


Unfortunately for Angelus Xander had spent the night gorging himself on blood in preparation for this fight boosting his vampiric abilities to their maximum while Angelus hadn’t fully feed at all for the past two days while he puzzled over the Acathla ritual giving the younger vampire the advantage over his sire.


Pressing his advantage Xander’s fist lashed out and punched Angelus in his already damaged ribs with supernaturally reinforced strength.


Xander grinned in savage glee as he heard the vampire’s ribs shatter under the impact causing the vampire to cough up large globs of blood. Angelus’ loss of concentration cost him as Xander sliced the vampires sword wielding arm off above the elbow and caught the other blade before it fell.


“It’s over Angelus may you burn in hell.” Xander said as he crossed his swords over the vampire’s neck like an x forcing Angelus to drop to his knees before him as the vampire cradled his wounded limb.


“I’ve already won, Harris. Acathla’s going to suck world into hell anyway.” Angelus laughed madness shining in his eyes.


Xander could see the still form of Acathla come to life behind the kneeling vampire and draw a large breath causing a swirling vortex of energy to form around Acathla’s mouth that was expanding with every second that pasted.


“Buffy! Giles! How do I stop the portal?” Xander yelled never letting his eyes move from the kneeling vampire in front of him.

“Angelus’ blood and death is the key to closing it!” Xander heard Giles yell from somewhere behind him.

“Guess that solves that.” Xander quipped as he drew back the sword he had taken from Angelus to impale the still knelling vampire. Just before he could finish the strike Angel gasped in pain his eyes glowing with bright light, light that could only be created by a soul.

'Willow! She restored his soul.' Xander thought to himself.


“Xander? What’s going on? I don’t remember. What’s…?” Angel said shedding tears.


“You lost your soul, Angelus was a naughty boy and now I’m going to kill you, bye-bye.”


The sound of Buffy screaming at Xander to stop filled the mansion.

“UGHHHH! W-what?!” Xander coughed as he stared down at his chest were a sword blade had suddenly appeared.


Xander staggered as he turned to face the ashen faced Buffy her sword still embedded in his chest.


“B-buffy?” Xander asked shocked as he stared at the blonde Slayer in betrayal.


“I’m sorry Xan, I’m sorry,” Buffy cried, “it’s Angel; he’s got his soul back. I couldn’t let you, I couldn’t,” Buffy continued as tears ran down her face, “Angel’s blood, you’re a part of his bloodline… his blood and a death; it doesn’t have to be his...” Buffy said as trying to get Xander to understand, to forgive her.


She held her face in her hand, sobbing.

“You BITCH!” Xander roared as he felt himself being sucked into the portal, “Don’t you look away from me! You watch this, when you're killing me you look at me!” Xander yelled as he fought with ever thing he had to not be pulled into the portal.

Buffy looked up from her tear filled hands and what she saw broke her heart; Xander was being pulled into the portal, into Hell itself.

Only his head and chest were still visible now the rest of him had been pulled into the whirlpool of energy, his golden eyes stared hatefully into her, accusingly.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend Angel about how and WHY he turned me Buffy!” Xander snarled before he finally lost the battle and was swallowed by the portal before it faded from existence.

Months Later…

Buffy found herself standing alone; standing on the shore of a beach as wave’s crashed onto the shore line. She couldn’t help but smile at the beauty of it.

It was peaceful, pure, untouched by the taint of darkness. She closed her eyes and felt the suns warm rays on her skin.

“I’ve got to say, I’ve missed the sun.”

Buffy whirled around to face only to come face to face with Xander standing on the sand behind her.


“Hey Buffy,” Xander replied, “how have you been?”

“How are you here?” Buffy asked as she stared at her friend, he was dressed in a unnaturally crimson red suit and tie with a pitch black shirt but what really caught Buffy’s attention was the crown made of fire that floated above his head.

“That doesn’t matter, Buffy.” Xander said as he looked out at the ocean, “Still gotta say this sure beats the whole rivers of hellfire thing.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t have a choice it was...” Buffy tried to explain as she started to tear up.

“What do you want me to say Buffy? That after a century or two of the whole soul shatteringly painful torture thing a guy is full of forgiveness?” Xander asked as he looked down at his hand only to see it burst into flame.

“Still I do understand why you did it, I don’t forgive you but I understand.” Xander continued.

All around Buffy the beach seemed to warp, the white sand turned black and the crystal clear ocean turned into a sea of blood while the sky caught on fire.

“Home sweet hell,” Xander mused as he watched the beach warp around him, “It looks life our time here’s up; it was good seeing you Buffy but it’s time for you to wake up.” Xander said seemingly unconcerned as he was slowly consumed by fire, “I’ll be seeing you soon Buffy.” Xander said as he disappeared in an aura of flame.

In her bed in Sunnydale Buffy woke from her dream turned nightmare in a cold sweet, guilt crushed down on her as she curled into a ball and cried for the friend she had condemned to an eternity of damnation.

Meanwhile in LA…

Five cloaked vampires stood at the points of a pentagram laid into the floor.

While two other white robed monks stood with scroll in hand as they began to chant, "We have prepared an unholy place in the darkness and anointed it with the blood of the pure. We have taken gathered together His most loyal."

"As it was written they shall be the way and the very gate of Hell shall open. That which is above shall tremble for that which is below shall arise. And the world shall know the beast and the beast shall know the world." The head priest in black spoke as the earth bellow their feet trembled and shook.

Elsewhere a woman dressed in an immaculate business dress and sitting in an opulent office looked at her watch, “Showtime.”

"Five are without breath." The Priest chanted.

"Yet they live." The Monks replied.

"Five are without time." The Priest continued as he smeared blood from a chalice made of bone onto each of the five vampires.

"Yet they live."

"Five are without soul." The Priest continued as he placed a talisman onto his chest.

"Yet they live."

"Five are without sun." The Priest intones as he sat in the center of the pentagram.

"Yet they live."

"Five are dead!" With a ritual dagger the priest slit his wrists.

"Yet they live."

“Quod quinque sponte dare suus vita nam alter verus Cruentus Rex! Velut vita quod nex es non duos res tamen. In obscurum est lux lucis, in lux lucis est obscurum. Exorior! Exorior! Exorior!"

The five cloaked vampires crumbled to dust and as the earth shook, a whirlwind of vampiric dust whirled around the blood soaked priest before in poured into the dying priest trough his eyes and mouth.

Crimson light poured from the Priest before exploding out and filling the room when it cleared the priest was gone and in his place lay a naked man no older then eighteen.

Lilah walked down a long corridor, soldier’s stood by the walls ever few steps wearing body armor and holding automatic rifles in their hands.

At the end of the long corridor another man sat watching a video monitor.

“What's he been doing?” Lilah asked the man watching the view screen.

“Feeding, gorging himself on blood.” The man replied.

“Get hospitality to send down some of the Slayer blood we have in stock.” Lilah ordered before she keyed in a code into the keypad of the door.

Lilah confidently stepped inside the almost pitch black room while the door closed behind her.

The sound of an almost empty blood bag hitting the floor almost made Lilah flinch in fear before she managed to calm herself.

“Who are you?” Xander demanded as he stared at the woman in front of him, his face hidden in shadow.

“Lilah Morgan. I work for Wolfram and Hart, Sire.” Lilah replied as she kneeled before Xander her had bowed.

“Sire?” Xander asked amused.

“Yes Sire. You are the second Cruentus Rex class vampire to ever walk the Earth.” Lilah answered as she raised her head.

“Is that so?” Xander replied, “and what does the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart want with me Lilah Morgan?” Xander asksed as he ran a finger down Lilah’s throat.

Xander knew of the Three, he had heard of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart while he wandered the vast planes of Hell.

“The first Cruentus Rex Lord Amarra foretold that another of his kind would rise and be betrayed only to rise once more, Lord Amarra was a very important client of ours so when his heir… you were sent to Hell we spared no resource in brining you back.” Lilah replied.

“Well then, let’s get to business shall we?” Xander said as he stepped into the light with a smirk on his face.

Lilah rose to her feet and offered Xander a small smile as she stared into his strange eyes, she had never seen anything like them; his iris was gold a clear sign that he was a true Cruentus Rex but more than that the whites of his eyes were pitch black.

Xander looked down at the piece of parchment in his hand astonished, it was a letter from his predecessor Lord Amarra himself.

I, Lord Amarra, Master of the Crimson Order write this letter to my successor that I have seen in my visions, he who shall be slain by betrayal only to be raised up by the Hart of Darkness itself.

By the time you read this letter I will be long dead and so I am entrusting it’s keeping to the mortal emissaries of the Wolf the Ram and the Hart, who have given me their assurance that it will be held until your coming.

I have grown weary of immortality and so have decided to become mortal once again by infusing myself with the blood of a Mohra demon.

It is ironic that the same being that insured my immortality shall also usher me into my mortality as well.

I have left you all that was mine, apart from that with I shall be buried with. My vast wealth had been converted to gold by servants of the Wolf the Ram and the Hart with it I guarantee the future I foresaw for you.

I also leave you my research into the mystic art’s including my journal pertaining to the creation of my gem that rendered me invulnerable to holy symbols, sunlight and staking are now yours to keep, use them well.

Lord Amarra, Master of the Crimson Order.

“It appears that you are quite the rich young man Lord Xander.”

Xander looked at the attractive women with a small grin on his face, “It seems so. Tell me Lilah how much is gold worth these days?”

“1 hundred and 20 million give or take a few million.” Lilah replied returning the smile.

Xander smiled his eyes filled with half thought horrors, plans that he was forming that his new wealth could help him further.

“Would you care for some refreshment’s Lord Xander?” Lilah asked when a man dressed as a butler walked into her office pushing a silver cart, sitting on the cart were two wine bottles.

“Slayers blood circa 1928, served at slightly above room temperature.” Lilah continued as the butler poured Xander a glass of rich crimson blood.

As the blood hit Xanders tongue it was like he had been hit by lightning, power pure power filled his being the likes of with he had only felt when he drank from the body of a fallen High Devil-Class Demon Lord that had been slain by his enemy’s in the pits of Hell itself.

The demons blood had held more power of course but Slayers blood still came a nice second.

“Delicious, Lilah I do believe that this is the start of a beautiful partnership.” Xander smiled as he raised his class to salute the woman sitting across from him.

“We at Wolfram and Hart would like to think so, My Lord.” Lilah replied as she stared at the man across from her with more than a little lust.

Xander had spent the day with Lilah, planning out his new company, a specialized security firm.

Which was really just another way of saying demon hunting.

Angelus had proven that there were threats that if not stopped could very well end the world and Xander knew from firsthand experience that he much preferred the world as it was compared to Hell.

It was impossible for Buffy to protect the whole world from one small town; she and the others did well with threats from the Hellmouth sure but what about a threat on the other side of the world?

Demon hunting organization existed for a reason and plus Xander would always need a security force when he became the Hellmouth’s new ruler.

“Is that all, Lord Xander?” Lilah asked as she reread the list in her hands.

“Tell me Lilah, how long will it take for this firm to fulfill my requests?” Xander asked as he stared at the attractive woman; his eyes looking into her, his stare penetrating her.

“The fire arms and other weapons can be shipped to Sunnydale tonight with a call to resources. The platoon of US Marines and body armor as well as the extras will take a week or two for us to acquire and forge. The deed to the mansion should be in your name by midnight tonight.” Lilah replied before stalling.

“What is it?” Xander asked, “Is there a problem?”

“Not so much a problem more an inconvenience. Due to long standing bargains made by this firm with the current Mayor of Sunnydale no employee or group employed by the firm is allowed in Sunnydale.” Lilah answered.

“What bargains are those Miss Morgan?” Xander asked his voice devoid of friendliness.

“Mayor Wilkins allows Wolfram and Hart to siphon 25% of all energy that the Hellmouth bleeds off and in return he is given unconditional control of the Hellmouth, this bargain is not up for renegotiation until 1999.” Lilah explain quickly seeing that Xander was less than pleased by this revelation.

“I see.” Xander replied his mind racing.

“This does complicate matters, we would have to work through third parties to repair the mansion and upgrade it to your specifications but we should still be able to get everything up and running within three weeks.” Lilah continued trying to appease the being across from her.

“Just insure that these third parties are killed after they complete the job.” Xander replied coldly, “Now how much extra would it cost me to get an up to date report of the situation on the Hellmouth and an in depth dossier of Richard Wilkins added to my list and?” Xander asked his eyes cruel and full of anger.

“The report will be about 10 thousand but I would have to consult the records department about the dossiers but usually dossiers of clients are available for the right price, considering the importance of Mayor Wilkins to this Firm I’d say about an extra 30 million, so in total 95 million dollars.” Lilah answered after some quick mental calculations.

“Very good, tell me Lilah, who’s the richest vampire in LA?” Xander asked with a sinister grin.

“Russell Winters, his net worth is approximately estimated at 70 million. Why do you ask?” Lilah inquired curiously.

It took Xander a week to read through most of Amarra’s journals; they not only included his research into the mystical but even more enticing to Xander was Amarra’s research into his gem unfortunately that would have to wait until Xander had returned to Sunnydale since the journal could only be opened when in the presence of the Hellmouth.

Three Days later...

It took forty-five minutes from Xander’s hotel to get to the Winter’s mansion.

From information bought from Wolfram and Hart Xander had learned that Russell Winters employed a large security force of enslaved humans and actually had no demons or other vampire’s on staff.

Apparently Russell was a very untrusting vampire. Xander swaggered confidently towards the gates of the Winter’s mansion his heighten sense of sight allowed him to see the two guard standing at either side of the large gate both armed with MP5’s.

“Halt!” One of the guards called as he noticed Xander heading towards them out of the dark.

Xander didn’t even break his stride as he reached into his long black overcoat and pulled out two silenced stainless steel M1911 long slide pistols before firing on and killing the two guards before they even had a chance to do anything let alone sound an alarm.

Using his supernatural agility and strength Xander leap over the large iron fence.

“That’s ok no need to get up boy’s, I’ll just let myself in shall I?” Xander asked the two cooling corpse with a grin.

‘Duh, du-du, duh, duh, du-du. Doodledoo, doodledoo, doodle doo, doo-doo…’ Xander couldn’t help but smile as he hummed the Misson Impossible theme in his head.

He had just murdered every guard outside of the mansion… sure it wasn’t necessary for them all to die for him to get to Winter’s but sure was fun, he even drained the second last one as a small pick me up before he had killed the final guard protecting the door by snapping the man’s neck from behind when he had gone to enter the mansion.

Xander was stealthily making his way towards Russell’s office when he heard the sound of talking.

He stopped outside the door to listen.

“Lorne, Lorne, Lorne. When you came to me I thought we had an understanding, I would give you the capital you needed to start your little club and in return I would be co-owner, co-owner means I get to... interview waitressing staff.” Xander heard one of the voices say.

“I should never have come to you.” Xander heard another voice say, “Look, I’ll pay you back the capital but I don’t want to see you at Caritas again Russell.”

“That’s too bad Lorne I think that we could have been friends, if you were just a little more open minded. I guess I’ll just have to kill you instead.” Xander heard the sounds of a scuffle and decided that he had heard enough.

Deciding that stealth was no longer an option Xander smashed the office door open with an almighty kick before he causally strolled into the office, Russell was standing over the body of a humanoid demon that had bright green skin and two red horns and was dressed in a baby blue suit, a letter opener had been stabbed into the demons chest right where a human’s heart would have been.

“I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t knock first.” Xander said as he shot the older vampire in the chest and knee cap dropping him to the floor as Russell screamed in pain caused by the blessed bullets burning into his undead flesh.

“Who are you?” Russell moaned in pain as he pulled himself to his feet using his desk as support.

“I’m just a fellow monster.” Xander replied as he kept one of his guns trained on Russell.

“Do you know who I am? Your dead you hear me, dead! Look at me, I pay my taxes. I keep my name out of the paper and I don’t make waves. And in return I can do anything I want!” Russell ranted.

“I glad for you Russell, really.” Xander said right before he shot Russell in his other knee cap.

“I don’t have to listen to scum like you!” Russell screamed, “Security!”

“I wouldn’t bother their all dead.” Xander said before he put his gun away and sat on a nearby chair.

“What do you want?” Russell asked when he realized that Xander held all of the cards.

“Now that you mention it, I had the people at Wolfram and Hart draw up this little document.” Xander replied as he showed Russell a piece of paper from his overcoat.

“What is it?” Russell asked seeing his way to escape while mentally swearing revenge.

“It’s a contract stating that you will me all of your assets financial, material or otherwise. If you’d just sign on the dotted line...” Xander said offering Russell a pen as he crouched down next to him with the contract.

“Fuck you!” Russell snarled as he spat a mouthful of blood on the dotted line.

“Oh that’ll do, that’ll do nicely.” Xander said as his eyes seemed to glow for the briefest of seconds, “I did mention that it was a demonic contract right?” Xander asked smugly.

Russell’s already pale complexion bleached white, demonic contracts were always signed in blood when he spat on the contract he as good as signed it.

Russell never got a chance to lament his poor choice as Xander’s next bullet was to his head, dusting him instantly.

“Thanks for the donation Russ.” Xander said as he put both his gun and contract away, “So are you going to lay their all night or are you going to stop playing dead now?” Xander asked curiously.

“How’d you know I wasn’t pushing up daisies?” Lorne asked as his eyes snapped open and he sat up from the floor taking the letter opener out of his chest as he did so. “Unless I missed my guess you’re a Deathwok Demon, your hearts not in your chest.” Xander replied.

“Good guess there lamb chop.” Lorne said as he stood up, “I liked this shirt; Olivia Newton-John gave me this shirt...” Lorne continued as he looked down at his ruined clothing.

“So what’s this club that the late Mr. Winter’s was talking about before I said hello?” Xander asked curiously.

“Caritas; it’s my karaoke bar, neutral ground and violence free. Only my pal Russell was using it to get close to my waitresses before draining them dry.”

“I could sell you Russell’s half of the business if you want.” Xander offered.

“It’s kind of you to offer their Sweet Cheeks but truth be told I couldn’t really afford to buy Russell out in the first place, I just wanted to stop him from hurting my staff.” Lorne replied.

“Well then I guess were business partners then, I’m Xander Harris.” Xander said as he offered Lorne his hand.

“Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan but you can call me Lorne.” Lorne replied with a smile as he shook Xander’s hand.

“So what’s with a Karaoke Bar?” Xander asked.

“Ah, home sweet Hellmouth.” Xander grinned as he savored the feeling of darkness as it flowed over him.

“Where too now Mr. Harris?” The limousine’s chauffeur asked from the driver’s seat.

“Hellsing Headquarters, Henry.” Xander replied.

Moving quickly Xander had quickly consolidated all of Russell Winter’s business ventures, selling them off to his competitors and rivals and used the revenue it generated to create The Hellsing Corporation.

The Hellsing Corporation was on the surface a security firm that had recently undergone a change in management and a name change.

It employed mostly ex-military personal and operated all over the USA for a price.

The legitimate side of the business was run by and staffed by the holdover from the previous company and headed by a homunculus that acted as a figure head for the legitimate side of the business.

In truth The Hellsing Corporation was much more, Wolfram and Hart had merely usurped the background of a preexisting security firm whose owner the firm had organized to have die suddenly due to ‘heart failure’ before they bought the company outright.

Using its staff, offices and paper trail The Hellsing Corporation was given a legitimate face that could handle being placed under scrutiny while in reality the company’s sole purpose was to guard the Hellmouth and help Xander gain power in the demon underground while stopping all possible world ending Armageddon scenarios where ever they may occur.

Wolfram and Hart had even at his request organized for a platoon of 55 US Marines to be ‘Killed In Action’ while in Iraq during operation Desert Thunder, it had been expensive but hey presto Xander had a group of highly trained fighters at his command and with a liberal dose of mental manipulation via magic they were unquestioningly loyal to him as well.

Fifteen of the men, ten with average military experience and the five with the most experience in the platoon would be turned to serve as Xander’s Elite Squad as well as the Five serving as his personal bodyguards.

Xander's limo pulled up to the front entrance of Hellsing Mansion, it looked brand new, it was almost unbelievable that this had been the same run down mansion that Angelus and the other had used as a hideout all those months ago... Wolfram and Hart did good work.

Xander walked through the door of his new home and was greeted by a soldier standing to attention.

"My Lord, Platoon Sergeant Walter Stewarts reporting for duty.” The soldier saluted, he was in his mid-thirties, with cropped blonde hair and glacial blue eyes.

“At ease Sergeant, what’s the SitRep?” Xander asked his old instincts kicking in.

“The Platoon is squared away and currently running drills, My Lord.” Sergeant Walter replied swiftly.

“Have them assemble in the debriefing room, I want to address them.” Xander ordered as he headed for the debriefing room should be, if everything had been set out as he had specified.

A Few Weeks Later...

"Well now, son, that's a very interesting proposal, I must say," Richard Wilkins III, current not to mention former Mayor of Sunnydale said as he looked at the tall dark-haired teenager sitting across from him.

"I'm sure, now do we have an agreement Mayor Wilkins?" Xander asked as he lounged back in his massive leather chair.

"Before we get to that I hope you won't take offense at me asking you a personal question son but your aura... it is much more dense and concentrated then even the oldest of vampires that live here in town," Wilkins noted, “how did you manage to gain such power?”

“During my time in Hell I fought and drained many powerful denizens, their power was added to my own. It’s not much when compared to your power of course but I now rival the power of most middle class demons.” Xander replied calmly steepling his hands in front of him.

He knew that if Wilkins knew or even suspected that he had managed to drink from a Demon Lord let alone a Devil-Class demon or any ranking his life would be forfeit and at the moment there was no way Xander could stand against a mage of Wilkins power and hope to live.

“Did you now,” Wilkins' replied with a wide grin, “good for you! You do understand that I will require an oath from you in return for my agreement?”

“Yes, I was going to ask for an oath from you to help solidify our alliance.” Xander replied his tone unchanging, “I, Alexander Lavelle Harris do swear upon final death to take no hostile actions, now or ever, against the mortal known as Richard Addison Wilkins, current Mayor of Sunnydale.”

"I, Richard Addison Wilkins do agree to the oath sworn by Alexander Lavelle Harris and swear to take no hostile actions against Alexander Lavelle Harris for as long as we remain allied upon threat of final death,” the Mayor replied feeling his magic bind him to his oath.

“Well then Mayor Wilkins is there anything else I can do for you today?” Xander asked as he watched the older man stand up from his chair.

“No, no I think we’re done for now young man but I do have a meeting in a few minutes, so I have to get going.” The Mayor replied before he said his final goodbyes and left.

“Do you think Wilkins will honor his half of the agreement?” Sergeant Walter asked as he stepped out of the shadows.

“No,” Xander replied, “both of us had loop holes in our oaths and Wilkins isn’t dumb enough to not use them.”

“What do you want us to do sir?” Walter asked.

“Nothing for now, Wilkins won’t act yet and neither can we, I need more information on just what Wilkins is planning.” Xander replied,

“See that you find out just what he’s planning Sergeant.”

"Sir, yes sir." The Mayor wouldn’t act against Xander straight away but that didn’t mean that once Xander had out lived his usefulness that the Mayor wouldn’t dispose of him which meant that Xander was living on borrowed time.

He needed the Gem.

Amarra’s journal not only contained his research into the gem but also instructions on how to create it.

In essence the fabled stone was actually a blood gem, a powerful magical focus created by sacrificing the blood and souls of five Mohra Demon’s and binding them to a high quality quartz gemstone; it was actually how the gem gained its name, the gem of a Mohra though somewhere down the line centuries ago its name was corrupted and became the Gem of Amarra a name that its creator took for his own.

Summoning the demons wasn’t too hard, being a very powerful vampire insured that the Mohra demons; soldiers of Darkness would answer as long as Xander paid the toll.

The cavern under the Hellsing mansion was in truth a vast cave that had been excavated by Axxon demons, a race of large insectoid demons that resembled massive centipedes with a large mouth full of razor sharp serrated teeth taller than a human whose diet consisted of stone, soil and flesh.

A small host of them lived under Sunnydale and were responsible for the vast network of tunnels that spread for miles around the town and outside of it and for the price of a few cows had created the cavern for Xander.

Carved in the center of the cavern was the summoning seal; an array formed by a pentagram whose points existed outside of its circle; a sign of unbound magic, a powerful symbol for dark magic.

Sitting in the center was a piece of bulbous looking quartz about 2 centimeters long and as clear as glass and standing at each of the five points of the pentagram were two men, each gagged and bound to the other.

They were to be the toll of the upcoming summoning.

Seeing Xander and his elites walk into the area the bound men began to try and shout at him and tried in vain to escape their bindings.

“I would like to thank each and every one of you!” Xander said as he walked towards the circle, “your lives, your very souls themselves will serve as the bases for my ascension to immortality!” Xander continued, “And with that now said, let’s get this show on the road!”

Taking Xander’s words as a signal to begin his 5 elites stepped forward, each holding a knife to the throats of the woman in their arms.

“I know it seems a bit heartless to kill your wives in front of you,” Xander said as the men renewed their struggles, “but hey at least half of them won’t be dying tonight right?”

Xander was lying of course, his men had abducted the couples in broad daylight and once Xander had decided with ones were to be sacrificed he had allowed his men to feed of the others but they didn’t need to know that.

As soon as Xander had spoken his men’s knives sliced into the unconscious woman’s throats spilling their blood into the pentagram were it flowed throughout the array filling the demonic design.

“This temple has been sanctified in the blood of the Innocent, my toll for opening the gateway,” Xander said as sense of power filled the room, like a heavy invisible fog that clung to everything, “I Lord Alexander call upon the Darkness. I call upon the armies; the Immortals, the Mohra.”

The torches that lit the room flickered as a cold wind filled the cavern, the shadows seemed to stretch and warp until they filled the room, completely blocking out the light, “I request their aid in this hour of need, five souls wait to be claimed as my payment, five vessels await their power. I ask they serve me!”

Two large crimson eyes suddenly filled the darkness; they stared at Xander, looking at him as if he was an amusing pet that had learnt a new trick.

DEAL.” A loud and ancient voice said filling the room, the power behind it almost made Xander collapse, he could literally see the depths of this beings power and it made his look like nothing in comparison.

The sounds of muffled screaming filled the room as the shadows reseeded leaving a shaken Xander standing in the cavern with sweat covering his face, around him his men fared little better.

In the ritual array the sacrifice’s laid dead… well half of them did, their faces locked into expressions of inhuman agony, their last moments frozen upon their remains for all to see as the demons Xander summoned devoured their souls.

The other half stood, their bodies racked in seizures as demonic energies ripped their bodies apart, rebuilding and destroying them a thousand times over as the Morha demons summoned inside them set about recreating their bodies using the sacrifices as raw materials.

Finally it ended and in the place of the men stood five Morha demons each out fitted with armor and weapons, as one they kneeled before Xander with their swords held out before them.

“What is our bidding Master?” One of the Morha demons asked, not moving from were they had been summoned.

“You’re doing it.” Xander replied as he walked to the center of the circle and slammed his hands down on the ground.

Five spikes made of obsidian launched up from the ground underneath each of the Morha demons impaling their bodies until the spikes exited their mouths.

Hundreds of runes inscribed on not only the spikes but the entire cavern bathed the room with an eerie green glow as Xander held the quartz stone above his head, the Morha demons began to wail as their blood flowed from their bodies and into the quartz stone until they were little more that dried out corpses.

Only after every drop of demonic blood was absorbed into the stone did the Morha demons stop screaming, the gem in Xander’s hand had taken on a deep emerald green glow having absorbed the life’s blood of five Morha demons but it was still an incomplete stone, without something to bind it the stone would still fail and crumble to dust.

Focusing on his power, his magic into the stone Xander activated the final step.

The stone’s glow intensified until it filled the cavern as the very souls of the emaciated and dried out but still very much alive demons were ripped from their bodies and absorbed by the stone.

Now the stone was complete and Xander was steps way from completing his plan.

The ring of Amarra was a very well-known magical artifact and if Xander was seen to possess the powers attributed to it any gem stone or piece of jewelry he wore would be targeted in the hope it was the fabled gem.

In life Xander was a geek, he had even declared himself King and as such he knew well what happened if your enemies found out about your one weakness; Superman had Kryptonite, Sauron had the One ring and now he had the gem.

He needed a more sound and secure place for his gem then any ring could hope to deliver, lucky he had a solution for his dilemma born from many hours of debate with Jessie on just that subject.

Alan Pierce was a master in his field; a neurosurgeon that few could claim to be equal too.

He was the leading voice in neurological advancements; his theories had been revolutionary in the early 19th Century…

No one really knew what happened to this pioneering surgeon he just seemed to disappear overnight.

In truth he became a vampire after stumbling into the wrong alley on his way home after a night of drunken foolery and he had spent his years since honing his craft it was this dedication that gained him the attention of Wolfram and Hart.

So when Xander had contacted Lilah and asked for her to supply him a neurosurgeon familiar with vampiric biology Lilah hadn’t even so much as blinked an eye and had recommended Dr. Pierce.

48 hours later Xander was unconscious as the skilled surgeon’s blade cut away a section of his medulla oblongata; the part of the human brain responsible for the reflex centers of vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and swallowing among other things such as involuntary functions like breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

For a human to lose such an important part of their brain would mean death but in a vampire the medulla oblongata’s functions were rendered obsolete due to the demonic energy sustaining the vampire’s life so they were able to cope completely unhindered with its loss.

With the medulla oblongata all but hollowed out Dr. Pierce carefully placed the small bulbous piece of green gem into Xander’s newly created cavity and due to the status field placed over the gem it wouldn’t automatically heal the damage caused by the surgery until the status field was removed allowing Xander to keep the existence of his gem a secret.

As far as Wolfram and Hart and Dr. Pierce knew he was implanting a mystical version of a micro-bomb into an undercover operative.

Less than twelve hours later Xander was fully healed and sitting in his office going over the detailed report of Sunnydale Lilah had obtained for him when he found something that caused a malevolent smile to creep onto his face.


Xander thought she had died that night against Drusilla, he was wrong. '

Kendra had shattered her first and her second vertebrae when she had landed on her neck from being slammed to the ground by Drusilla and had died on the operating table before they managed to revive her and had since then been in a coma in the ICU of Sunnydale hospital.

It was an opportunity that Xander wouldn’t let pass him by, who knew when the Watchers or the Mayor, hell any person demon or human would decide to put the Jamaican Slayer out of her misery?

“Sergeant Walter, gather the Elites we have a mission.” Xander ordered as he stood up from his desk his golden eyes gleaming.

May be continued…

A/N: Please R/R and tell me what you thought! This is my first attempt and as such it may undergo a rewrite or may be reposted at any time. Yes before someone says it I am aware that there is no such thing as master/minion vampires in the Canon Buffy however in my version there is.
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