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What Goes Up

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This story is No. 7 in the series "What If?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Alternate Halloween Consequences

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Cast: Scooby GangcmdruhuraFR1511,3450103,1604 Jul 124 Jul 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters from Buffy. They are owned by those that created them. If the character has been copyrighted then it is definitely not mine.

AN: This Bunny wouldn’t leave me alone after watching a rerun of Mythbusters.

“Mr. Mayor, Deputy Mayor Finch is here to see you,” came the voice of his Personal Assistant over the intercom.

“Send him in,” responded Richard Wilkins III (and I and II).

The office door opened and Alan Finch entered, then closed the door behind him.

“I have a preliminary report on last night’s incident,” he said once he was standing in front of the Mayor’s desk.

“Quite a bit of unexpected action there,” said the Mayor. “We may need to establish contact with Mr. Rayne should the need arise for his services in the future.”

“Yes, sir,” said Finch. “I already have some intermediaries assigned to accomplish that.”

“Good for you, Alan. That’s using your initiative. Now what has been determined so far?”

“From hospital records, it appears as though there were 13 deaths associated with the incident and about 147 injuries that required something more than simple first aid. The number of other injuries that might have been treated at various homes cannot be determined, though considering the amount of mayhem it is estimated that around another 200 could have been injured.”

“As for the special concerns group, of those injured who were taken to the Emergency Room at Sunnydale Memorial, 6 have severe injuries and there was one death,” Finch continued. “Also, though not specifically part of the special group, two others that were expected to be in attendance at the appointed time were also severely injured. Given the previous turn down in attrition for the group, it still looks like there will be more than a quorum present when the time comes.”

“Excellent! Glad to hear it,” said the Mayor with a smile. “I guess Miss Summers is to be commended for ensuring we don’t fall below the necessary numbers. I really should find some way to thank her.”

“Considering that Miss Summers is one of the injured currently being treated at Sunnydale Memorial, you could send flowers or a fruit basket anonymously,” replied Finch.

The Mayor frowned a bit, then said, “I suppose it would have to be anonymous otherwise I’d have to do the same for the others being treated and I don’t think we have the budget for it since the contingency fund is already being used to clean up the mess from last night. By the way, what injury did she suffer?”

“Actually, of the nine specific causalities I mentioned, all of them were injured or killed by gunshot wounds,” stated Finch. “Miss Summers was struck in the side of the head and the bullet severed both optic nerves. She wasn’t found till earlier this morning and the prognosis is that the damage is not repairable. She’s permanently blind and fighting an infection from being outside for so long after the injury.”

“Gunshot wounds you say,” said the Mayor. “What of the other firearm victims?”

Looking at the papers in his hands, Finch replied, “There were no bullets or bullet fragments recovered indicating that they disappeared when the spell ended, but analysis of the wounds suggests a rifle was the weapon used in all cases. Possibly military. As to the injuries: an Amy Madison was hit in the right shoulder and the splintering of bone damaged various nerves causing numbness and loss of motor control for her right hand; an Aphrodesia Richards was hit in the knee which was shattered along with parts of her femur and will probably require a total knee and partial femur replacement plus months of physical therapy; an Aura Stark was hit in the abdomen and had an ovary destroyed this will result in an earlier onset of menopause correlating to a shorter time available to start a family; a Harmony Kendall was given a clitoridectomy by the bullet that went on to do extensive damage to her uterus before perforating her bowels resulting in septicemia and is in the ICU being treated with massive doses of antibiotics, it also indicates that she was in a catatonic state when brought in, prognosis is grim but if she does pull through being able to conceive may prove to be impossible; a Cordelia Chase was hit in the throat and her vocal cords completely destroyed, she would have choked to death on her own blood but a passerby, tall dark haired male dressed in black with a long black coat, did an emergency tracheotomy using a click pen tube placed below the neck injury and used pieces of her clothing to staunch the flow of blood while he got her to the Emergency Room; a Jenny Calendar received an injury similar to Miss Summers but the bullet hit her in her left eye and passed out her left cheek with the eye being a total loss; a Joyce Summer, Miss Summers mother, was hit in the lower back and is now paralyzed from the waist down; and finally, the single death for the group was hit in the heart, a Willow Rosenberg.”

“Do we know who the shooter or shooters were?” asked the Mayor.

“Not really, sir. Reports have several soldiers, police, and cowboys firing indiscriminately and the victims were spread out over a wide area. However, Miss Calendar’s injury suggests the bullet had a downward trajectory having hit the eye first and exiting out her cheek. The path of Miss Kendall’s injuries also suggests a downward trajectory.”

“Someone shooting in the air then,” mused the Mayor out loud. “Ah well. See to it that the gunshot survivors get an anonymous fruit basket and that a flower arrangement is sent anonymously to Miss Rosenberg’s funeral when it occurs.”

“Will do, sir,” replied Finch. “Will that be all, sir?”

“Tell the boys to lay off Miss Summers for about a month after she’s released from the Hospital. I think she needs a sporting chance to come to terms with her handicap, what with having to deal with a paralyzed parent as well.”

“Of course, sir,” said Finch before leaving the Mayor’s office.

In a darkened room, on a cold metal table laid a shroud covered figure with red hair.

Off in the shadows stood a lone figure just staring at the body on the table. The figure wanted to move closer but was afraid to do so. Not fear of the body but fear that he wasn’t worthy to even be in the same room with it let alone approach.

He remembered the confrontation with the ghost the night before. Little kids were possessed by their Halloween costumes and he wasn’t allowed to shoot them she had told him, so he endeavored to use the noise from his rifle to scare them off. After his third burst, the ghost got a weird look on her face, said “Oh.” and then disappeared. He’d then fought his way to a safe vantage point and waited till dawn at which time he came back to himself.

He then went looking for his friends and had been the one to find Buffy slumped in some bushes with blood on the side of her head near a small hole and took her to the Hospital. Having her wake up on the way there and exclaim that she couldn’t see had really shaken him. It was at the Hospital that he learned of the other casualties from the previous night. If his rifle had still been real upon his initial discovery of the gunshot injuries and the implications of his memories of the previous night, he’d have shot himself. As it was, when the initial horror had passed, he saw that he was still needed here to help those that were hurt.

His rifle was now a toy again and he’d heard that there were no bullet fragments found so there was no concrete proof but he knew in his heart what had happened and his part in it.

He’d been the instrument of destruction of his blood brother’s body and now he was the instrument of his life long friend’s death. Along with ruining the lives of both friends and enemies and he didn’t even hate his enemies enough to deliberately do what was done.

The End

You have reached the end of "What Goes Up". This story is complete.

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