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Mithras Chronicles

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Summary: Faith and Xander flee Sunnydale after the end of Season 3. AU, not Buffy-friendly.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic Xander(Current Donor)KCollFR181481,165,86219353327,3844 Jul 1217 Oct 14No

60. 2

”We can’t just break into a car!”

Faith grinned at her horrified looking Watcher. Damn, but the English were so easy. “Sure I can,” she replied as she glanced left and right before stepping towards the tinted windowed 4 * 4 parked down the road from the club, “I’ve been boosting ‘em for over a year.”

”That’s not what I meant and you know it!” Alison snapped.

“Look, we need a,” Faith grinned as she realised she didn’t need to mess around trying to prise the lock open, “distraction.” Instead she just grabbed the lock and tore it off. She turned and challengingly eyed her guardian up. God, she loved her, but she could be such a stick in the mud sometimes. “Unless you wanna use your car.” The Watcher shuddered. “Figured,” she smirked, “get in.”

”Oh no,” Alison shook her head. “I am not further contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.” Faith stared at the Watcher, damn why didn’t she come with a translator? “I’m driving.”

* * *

Faith groaned as she looked down through the skylight. “Figures,” she muttered as she inspected the den the demons had made for themselves, “way too many.”

There had to be close to twenty of the demons, she’d counted at least that many. But she’d also seen them pull a human male a couple of years older than her into a room towards the back, so they had one captive, she couldn’t just retreat. ‘Sides she had an advantage, the book she’d read said they had a hive mind, and if she killed the leader, the others would shut down out of shock for five minutes giving her time to free the prisoners.

That left only one problem, killing the lead demon before the others leapt on her. At least she knew which one was the lead, even if she didn’t know the chief Herpo, she smirked, imagine giving a demon a name that sounded like a STD, was the biggest, she’d have guessed it from the way the others grovelled around him. Gathering herself, she checked the demon’s position again before taking a breath, stepping back, and leaping through the skylight.

”Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker!" Faith grinned as she dropped through the air, she’d always wanted to say that, and cross-bodyed the demon across the chest, taking it down to the ground. “Hey!” she yelled in protest. “You didn’t have to fall! You saying I’m fat?”

The other demons started moving in on her. And then their stolen car crashed through the corrougated iron entrance, taking out three demons before screeching to a halt. A crossbow bolt punched its way through the driver side window en-route to crashing into another demon’s throat.

”You go Ali,” Faith enthused as she crashed several blows into the demon’s face before shoving a K-BAR deep into its left eye.

“Ahha!” The demon howled in pain as viscera juiced out of its eye, its fists crashing into her chest, flinging her across the room.

“Shit!” Faith grunted as she hit the dusty floor shoulders-first, pain raging through her as she instictively used the fall’s momentum to backwards-roll to her feet. Her agony was forgotten as she looked around to find all the remaining reptile demons stood statue-still, frozen in their positions. “It worked!” she punched the air. “It fuckin’ worked!”

”Get the others,” Alison tersely ordered, “and hurry, they’ll go wild the moment the shock runs off!”

”Watchers,” Faith muttered as she plunged into the inner doorway, squinting warily in the darkness, “never happy.”

* * *

It was Xander who broke the room’s tense silence after Tara completed her briefing. “So they’re after revenge?”

“No,” Tara shook her head, “it’s worse than that.”

“How can anything be worse than that?” Spenser gruffily demanded.

“They want to use Faith’s essence to power a spell to resurrect their master. And they’ll kill her at midnight tonight.”


“Yes!” Faith exulted as the cuffs shackling her wrists finally snapped, the chain broken by her pulling her wrists apart, ignoring the cuffs cutting into her hands and the pain burning through her shoulders from all her attempted lateral raises. “Jesus,” she rubbed at the welts on her wrists, “that was fucking hard work.”

Looking around, she laid back down on the cold stone floor, brought her knees up into her chest and began stretching her legs apart. “Jesus,” Faith cursed through gritted teeth as the cuffs cut into her ankles and her hip flexors ached, “remind me again why I’m not into bondage?”

“Oh yeah,” she continued, sweat beading down her forehead, “that dozy ass I’m datin’ would only lose the freakin’- yes!” She grunted as the chain snapped, her stronger legs making quicker work of the cuffs around her ankles.

Faith leapt to her feet and grimaced as she looked towards the iron barred door. A normal door would take a couple of kicks to take down, but this one was more formidable than the usual door. More to the point, she scowled, the five or six kicks it would take would only alert her captors of her attempt, and even if didn’t, she guessed the outside passageway led out past some guards. Faith looked up and the window, grimacing slightly as she noted the glass window had been bolstered by an iron grille, and seeing as she’d have raise her arms overhead to reach the damn thing, she’d not have any leverage to work it loose with.

”Door it is then,” she muttered before starting forward. Hell, she smirked grimly, it wasn’t as if she actually liked sneaking away. And she wasn’t about to sit on her pretty little tush and wait for Xan to get his act together and rescue her.

She stopped at the sound of the corridor door opening and approaching footsteps. “Damn.” Thinking quickly, she laid back down, placing her hands back behind her back. If she could take down at least one in an one on one situation and get the keys off his corpse, it would mean she wouldn’t have to kick the door down to get out, and then she’d have the advantage of surprise on her side. If she was really lucky he might have some weapon she could use.

Faith risked a quick glance to see one of the Herpos entering her prison, tail trailing behind. After a quick look around and a lick of his lips, the demon hurried over to her. “So pretty,” he muttered before running the back of his hand down her face.

Oh god, Faith’s skin crawled as she forced herself to remain stock-still, what was it with demons and a nice piece of ass? They were such men. The moment the demon lowered his head to sniff her hair, Faith opened her eyes. “Surprise,” Faith drawled. Before the demon had any chance to speak, she swung her leg up and kicked it full in the face. Blood flew from the demon’s face as it fell into the wall.

Faith leapt up and charged the demon, slamming a palm into its throat. “This is the last time,” a spin kick to the shins brought it down to its knees, “you get your rocks off,” an elbow to the head snapped its head to one side, “by hassling a hottie!” Faith growled before wrapping her hands around the demon’s head and repeatedly driving its face into her knees until her pants were smothered in its blood.

Finally satisfied it was dead, she flung it to the ground, stepped over it and crept through the open cell door. Eyes squinting in the corridor’s darkness, she flattened herself against the wall and edged towards the door, a combination of tension and the dank, close atmosphere causing sweat to bead down her, making her clothes stick to her.

She’d almost reached the doorway when it swung open, a demon stepping through it. For a split-second they stared at one another, shocked by one another’s presence. Then Faith smashed a leaping thrust-kick into the beast’s upper chest. Sneaky really wasn’t working for her today.

The reptile flew backwards and into a table, knocking cards, money, chips, and beers to the ground. Faith groaned as she charged through the doorway, crashing shoulder first into the nearest of the demons rising from his seat ringing the now flattened table.

Even as the reptile hit the floor, Faith was moving, leaping onto his vacated chair and spring boarding into a ball that carried her over the grouped demons. Landing in a crouch, she back-heeled the nearest demon in the back of his leg, knocking him into his companions.

Muscles straining, she charged for the door, ignoring the demons’ yells behind her. A gust of wind to her left signified another door opening, Faith responded with an instinctive side heel kick aimed at roughly shoulder level.

Her efforts were rewarded with a howl of pain. A grin on her face, she reached for the corrugated iron entrance. All she needed to do was flip it open and run like hell to the nearest highly populated place, then she’d-.

Just as she wrapped her fingers under the door, it swung up. She’d barely time to register the trio of Herpos stood there and they were charging her. “Shit!” She blocked a straight right on her shoulder, conscious of the demons behind charging to enter the fray. She was so screwed.

A left knee was blocked on her hip, pain raging through it at the impact, she hissed when a clawed hand snatched at her hair and yanked her onto her back. She rolled up instantly, kicking the demon back and then looked around, teeth baring in a grimace. “Ah fuck!” Faith raised her hands before directing what she hoped was a winning smile at the demons’ apparent chief. “I surrender? I hope you ain’t gonna hold a grudge about the dead one in my cell, but he did wanna take liberties.”

Looked like she was gonna need help getting out of this place after all. It was gettin’ real embarrassing.


“That’s not going to happen,” Xander growled, eyes hardening and fists clenching. The witch drew back when he looked towards her. Xander forced himself to reign in his anger in. “Sorry,” Xander glanced at his watch. Thankfully it had been past midnight when they’d been attacked, so they had just over 18 hours to find Faith, but Boston was a big city, half a million people in the city itself, and over four in the metropolitan area. People could spend a lifetime lost in the place. “But we need to find Faith and quick.”

“Don’t worry,” Tara soothed. “I know where they are.”

Xander blinked. Tara’s powers must be increasing if she could find Faith without even having to utter a spell. “How did you-.”

Tara grinned suddenly. “I didn’t do a spell silly!” she giggled. “It says on the essay I read about Herpos that they will never leave a home unless it has been destroyed. They’re nest-builders.”

”So all we have to do is find the warehouse Faith and her Watcher raided,” Kennedy finished for her girl-friend.

“Yeah,” Xander glanced at Spenser. “Are you in?”

The private eye shook his head as he rose. “Do you even have to ask?”

“Kinda do, yeah.” Xander paled at Tara’s meaningfully cleared throat. “After all, manners are important,” he hurriedly added.

He did not want to piss her off again. God, lesbian witches had even worse tempers than your usual woman.

* * *

Faith’s eyes widened as three of the demons brought a steel x-cross through into the hallway and rested it against the far wall. “You’re gonna crucify me?” Faith shook her head. “Big mistake, I’m no one’s idea of pure, or a martyr.” Faith looked at the impassive demons surrounding her. “Really, ask anyone. I could give you references.”

“From the killer’s flesh shall rise the one she slayed.” It was the first any of the demons had said, and as an opener hardly encouraging.

“See, that just ain’t the sorta thing you say to a girl on a first date.” Faith grunted as she caught a backhand to the mouth. You try and help a man. Faith spat blood onto the floor before eyeing the demon up. “At least buy her a drink first.”

Another punch to the head had her snapping off a retaliatory kick to the face and crashing an elbow into the face of the demon stood behind her. Out of the corner of her left eye, she spied a demon charging her and swung her leg back to crash into his face.

And then the other reptiles fell on her, beating her down to the ground with repeated blows, stamps, and kicks. She was barely conscious as her pants and shirt were torn from her, leaving her in her bra and panties, and foul-smelling paint daubed on her, a pentagram painted on her torso. Head woozy and body aching, she was unable to resist the now chanting demons carrying her limp body over and tying her limbs to the cross with barbed wire. Faith groaned as she looked at her restraints, blood from a cut to her head dripping into her left eye. Even if she managed to come around from her beating, she’d never get out of these restraints without ripping her tendons apart.

She was royally screwed. “Jesus, X,” she muttered as the demons continued to chant, “cutting it tight aren’t you?”

* * *

“This is the building?” Xander glanced at the sky, it was barely seven but already the docks were beginning to bustle into life, early-morning deliveries being made and people arriving for work.

“I think, the instructions are sorta vague and it’s a real maze down here,” Tara replied.

”You think?” Xander shook his head at Tara’s sigh. “Sorry, I know it’s a rabbit warren around here. There’s one way to find out.” He reached into the Always Pocket for his costume.

Kennedy’s eyes widened. “You’re going to use a pizza box?”

“Hey, demons have to eat,” Xander defended before turning to Tara. “Contact Spenser, check if his men are in position then get ours to the right and left of the door. If I drop the pizza box, we’re going in heavy.” Xander opened the pizza box.

”This is no time to be eating,” Kennedy pointed out.

“I’m putting my Desert Eagle inside it.” Xander shot the potential a scornful look. “I wouldn’t waste pizza on demons.”

“Oh god,” Hawk muttered from the back seat. “I’m getting the worst head ache. Is this how you always plan things?” The bald-headed black shook his head. “If you’re meant to save it, the world is doomed.”

Xander took the high road and loftily ignored the African-American as he climbed out of the car. His heart hammered as he turned towards the grey-bricked warehouse, his clammy hands wrapped around the pizza box. After a nervous lick of the lips, he exited the shadows Tara had parked in and headed towards the warehouse.

As he neared the building, he heard the eerie sound of chanting. “Definitely something going on,” he muttered, “unless it’s just a bunch of Mormons.” Stooping at the entrance, he rattled on the corrugated iron. “PIZZA!” He waited for five seconds before knocking again, even harder. “PIZZA!” Still no response. “HEY! SOMEONE ORDERED PIZZA DUDE! AND I’M GONNA KEEP KNOCKIN’ ‘TIL I GET MY MONEY! YA DIG?”

God, he shook his head, did all Watertowners sound like that? “No pizza,” a voice growled from inside, the chanting diminishing but not stopping.

”Hey man,” Xander kicked the still closed door, “I still need payin’.”

“Oh you’ll get paid,” the door swung up to reveal a Herpo stood glaring down at him.

”Oh yeah,” Xander muttered as he dropped his box and drew his gun, shooting the demon in the face. Blood showered everywhere as the demon crashed to the dusty floor. “You’re not human!” He shook his head as he saw Faith tied to the cross at the back of the room. “Faith,” Xander sighed as Spenser’s men rushed in. “You knew I was bringing company, couldn’t you have put some clothes on?”

Faith’s eyes impaled him in a glare. “Believe it or not, not ‘xactly my fucking choice, Harris! And you took your fuckin’ time didn’t ya!”

Xander sighed again. Why did he even try?


Faith glared at her boyfriend even as the fighting burst out around her, her uncle’s men taking on the demons who snatched her. Like she had a choice about being semi-naked in front of everyone, it wasn’t like she liked it!

Well okay, maybe just a little.

“So I’m an exhibitionist,” she muttered, “sue me.”

“If we die so must the slayer of our leader”

“Oh fuck!” Faith groaned as a demon charged her, claws held ready to maim and kill.

The demon leaned in, its breath foul against her face. “You who are the demise of our tribe shall also fall.”

“Yeah?” Faith brought her head back and then powered it forward, forehead crashing into the Herpo’s snout. “Breath mints, invest in some,” Faith advised as the reptile stumbled backwards. “Oh shit,” she grunted as it righted itself.

And then a man thrust his sword through its neck, viscera spraying her. The beast fell to the ground, body twitching, to reveal a short lithely built Italian-American stood behind it. “Wicked,” the man stared at her, “how about you get me unfastened?”

The man started at her voice. “S…sure.”

“What’s your name, hon?” Faith asked as the man stepped towards her and drew a K-BAR.

“F…Fast-Hands, ma’am,” the man gulped as he used a K-BAR to cut through her restraints.

Ma’am, from a guy at least five freakin’ years older than her. “Yeah well,” Faith’s lips brushed the man’s cheek as he cut loose her left arm, “thanks for the save. Now, it’s kinda cold in here.” The red-faced man continued to stare at her. So subtle didn’t work. “Stop staring at my goodies and give me your jacket.”

The man’s blush deepened. He cast a furtive look over to see what Xander was doing was before pulling his jacket off and passing it over. “Y…you won’t tell h…him I was s…staring will you?”

“Xander?” Faith’s brow furrowed as she slid the leather jacket on. “Don’t worry about boytoy, he’s a pussy.” She ignored the man’s shocked gurgle to let out a yell. “A late pussy!”

* * *

“I was wondering if we could speak to you in private?” Xander asked as they arrived back at her uncle’s base. “You and Hawk?”

”Sure,” Spenser glanced towards her as they walked inside, face colouring slightly at her naked legs. ““I can get one of the girls to give you-,” Spenser trailed off as Xander passed her a T-shirt and pair of jeans. “Oh the Always Pocket, forgot about that.” The private eye paused as he closed his office door behind them. “You wanted to speak to me in private?”

“Yeah,” Xander shuffled from foot to foot.

”Oh,” Kennedy interrupted before Xander had chance to get going. “You’re still going to ask him after before?”

“What happened before?” Faith asked as she pulled the t-shirt over her head, eyes swivelling suspiciously from each of the suddenly uncomfortable-looking men.

“Noth-,” her uncle and her boy-friend started to say.

“Oh, there was a huge throw down about who was to blame for you being snatched,” Kennedy cheerfully informed. “It would have gotten physical if Tara hadn’t kicked ass. My girl rocks.”


“Yes Xander?” Kenendy innocently replied.

“Shut up.”

“Don’t tell Ken to shut up,” Faith warned. “If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t know how you behaved when I wasn’t here!”

“Are they always like this?” Spenser mused. Tara nodded and sighed. “I can only apologise.”

“Anyway,” Xander shot the potential a final scorching look before looking back towards her uncle. “I’ve been thinking about the Brotherhood’s organisational structure recently.”

“Those pins you sent us?” Hawk queried.

“Yeah,” Xander nodded. “At least that’s part of it.” Xander looked towards her uncle. “Here’s the thing. With us being the troubleshooting unit, we’re always in the line of fire, and we need back-up leadership. You know just in case. You’re perfect, experienced, there’s a blood link, yeah just perfect. I was wondering if you’d be our second. We’d have to take you around all the groups to introduce you.”

”What about my unit?” Spenser queried.

”Hey dog, I can run it for you,” Hawk grinned. “Everyone knows I do the heavy lifting around this place anyhow.”

”Sure they do,” Spenser snorted before nodding. “Okay, I’ll be your back-up. But on the condition you make sure I never have to replace you.”

”I’ll try,” Xander agreed.

”Good,” Spenser’s eyes zeroed in on her. “Can I have a moment alone with my niece please?”

“Sure,” Xander nodded as he rose, the others following suit behind him.

The moment the door closed behind the others, Spenser walked over to the desk and pulled a document out of the drawer before turning back to her. “I um,” her uncle licked his lips, “wanted to give you this.”

Faith took and stared at the proffered document, brow furrowing as she tried to make sense of the legalese. Giving up, she looked up. “What is this?”

“I had my will drawn up-.”

“Y..your will?” All at once Faith felt the air leave her lungs. “W…why?” she swallowed again. “You ain’t ill or nothing? You’re not,” she swallowed, “Dying?”

“No, no,” Spenser shook his head. “It’s just,” the private eye licked his lips. “You’ve been out of my life for so long, I wanted you to know how much having you back in it means to me.”

“Thanks.” Tears welled in Faith’s eyes, a ball of emotion wedged in her throat. “But I already knew.”

Her uncle reached out and squeezed her shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight for the meet and greet?”

Faith nodded even as she hurriedly reached up to wipe her eyes clear, her uncle having the decency to look away. “You betcha.”


“How come ya not coming with us, Xand?”

Xander smiled at his girl-friend. “I just need some alone time, you know?”

“Jeez,” Faith shook her head and winked, “you can be a moody bastard, ya know?”

“Look at who I’m dating, surely I deserve some time off?” he countered.


“Oww!” Xander rubbed his arm where Faith had punched it.

”Jeez, that was a tap,” the Slayer beauty grinned unrepentantly at him. “If I hit you properly you’d be lying on the other side of the bed wondering if someone could get you the number of the truck that ran over you.” His girl-friend’s face sobered. “Ya happy that Uncle Spense accepted?”

”Yeah,” Xander nodded. “We’ll just have to organise a meet with Gunn away from Angel to organise his stand-by status and then the tweaks are finished.”

“Then where are we running recruitment for next?”

“I was thinking possibly Africa,” Xander replied. “We’ve got no cover there.”

“Wakanda maybe?” Faith asked, eyes gleaming. “I wanna see if that Black Panther is as bad ass as everyone says!”

Xander gulped at the very thought. “Maybe.”

Faith nodded as she strode to the door. “You’ve the address if you change your mind, see you later.”

A few minutes after Faith and the others had left, Xander stood. He felt bad about ducking out of the party with Spenser’s group, but he knew how these things went. He’d be the centre of attention, at least until Faith started table-dancing, and he was always self-conscious in those situtations. He should be the wisecracker, not the leader.

Stuffing his hands in his pockets and slouching over, he sauntered out of his hotel room, heading downstairs and out into downtown Boston. Coat wrapped around him to keep out the biting fall wind, he strode through the city’s cold streets, ducking in and out of the crowds on the streets, the comforting bustle of every-day life at least partially shielding him from his worries.

The noise from a small old-fashioned bar drew him inside. Smiling slightly at the olde-world feel of its furniture and lack of a jukebox, Xander walked over to the bar. A flame-haired buxom beauty with sparkling hazel eyes hurried over to him, her ample chest bouncing hypnotically under her ruffled apron. “And what it’ll be, love?”

Xander glanced at the blackboard with the price list chalked on it stood behind the bar. “Can I have an orange juice please? Actually,” he reconsidered, “make it two so I won’t need to come back for a while. Ice, no lemon please.”

“There you go love,” the red-head beamed at him as she passed the drinks over the counter.

“Thanks,” Xander passed over a twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change.” The barmaid’s thanks ringing in his ear, he made his way over to an empty table close to the bar’s flickering fire.

* * *

“Mind if I sit down, young man?”

Xander looked up at the voice. The speaker was definitely out of place in this working-class bar. Tall, with rangy-shoulders and dressed in a custom made black suit, the man had sharp brown eyes, a receding hairline touched with grey, and the sort of sharply angled features you could almost cut yourself on.

Xander hid a grimace as he looked around. There were a few empty tables and he did want to be alone. On the other hand, he never liked being rude. “Go ahead,” he nodded.

”Thank you,” the middle-aged man sat down opposite, “such manners are a rare find in someone so young.”

Xander nodded as he sipped at his drink, noting for the first time a strange smell, almost as if his unwanted companion had just come from a fire. Which didn’t make any sense because no way could a fire-fighter afford a several thousand dollar suit like the man’s.

When he didn’t speak, the man continued. “You look like you have the weight of the world on your young shoulders. Such a shame for one of your tender years.”

“I manage okay,” he replied before the man’s relentless chatter.

”Myself I’m in real estate,” the man smiled, “always looking to expand my holdings.”

“I imagine that could be stressful,” Xander said for something to say.

“Oh yes, I occasionally meet opposition,” the man chuckled. “No-one as persistant as you though, Alexander.”

Alexander? Xander looked up. “Do I know you?”

“Oh everyone knows me,” the man smiled. “But you, I must admit a grudging admiration for you. Demons, assassin orders, clandestine organisations, sorcerous cults, it doesn’t matter, you just sweep them away.” The ‘man’s’ smile broadened. “Relax, you won’t need that.”

Xander gasped as the Always Pocket closed before he could pull a weapon out of it. “Who are you?”

The ‘man’ chuckled. “Dear boy, do I have to spell it out?” Xander stared evenly at the creature. “I’m known by a myriad of names. Some call me Ahriman. Some call me Leviathan. Some call me Be'elzebub. Some call me Satan. I however prefer Lucifer."

Xander swallowed the ball of fear that had climbed into his throat, threatening to choke him. He wanted to deny it, demand proof, but somehow he didn’t need it. “So Lucy,” he figured he might as well get one last dig in, “I’m that big of a pest you’ve come to collect me personally have you?”

“Oh dear boy!” the devil threw his head back and laughed. “Such a wit.” The devil’s gaze impaled him. “If I wanted you dead, I’d have come in my true form and shrivelled your brain with a single glance. No, no, no.”

”What then?” Xander asked after he began to breathe again.

”You are a valued soul, one that certain constraints apply to, I cannot just take you as I would a normal mortal who balked me. No, no,” the devil shook his head. “Do you know that I alone of the Fallen can walk in this dimension? I find it such a pleasure to walk unsuspecting amongst you mortals, luxuriating in your depravities and petty cruelties.” The devil paused. “But once my forces break through into this dimension we will feast,” the devil sighed in apparent ecstacy, “oh we will feast. And I wanted to meet you before that. To talk to the one who dares to rally an army against me.”

“Maybe we’re not going to let them in?” Xander replied.

The devil smiled. “Son-.”

“Don’t call me that,” he interrupted. “My dad’s a bastard, but he’s not you.”

“As you wish.” The devil seemed untroubled by his reply. “Alexander, the plan for my legions was put into place generations ago, and you’re not involved in them. The only question is what will you do? Will you uselessly stand against me,” the demon smiled, “and watch those delicious girls of yours die horribly, hear your friends and followers scream and curse you for leading them into a slaughter, and spend a century of lifetimes being tortured and punished until you’re something even less than human?” The devil’s smile broadened. “Or will you stand aside, and allow your girls and yourself become valued governers of my new realm?”

Xander smiled. “I’m guessing this meeting was meant to intimidate me.” He shook his head. “And there was me worrying about what I was fighting against.” Xander grinned at the demon. “Give it your best shot, bring all your legions. I might not win, but my people will make you pay for your victory-.”

“You have no idea who you challenge,” for the first time the demon showed the slightest rage, teeth elongating into curved fangs and eyes flickering into golden fire.

“Oh I know,” Xander leaned back in his chair, utterly relaxed. “My ancestor kicked your sorry ass off this piece of rock, no way are you getting it back now. Send your best,” he shoved his chair back and stood, “I’ll send parts of them back to you, nicely gift-wrapped. By the way, invest in a good-quality shower-gel, it might do wonders to get rid of that smell of brimstone.” Xander shook his head. “I’d like to say it’s been fun, but you’re The Prince Of Lies, not me.”
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