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Settling in

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Summary: Sequel to "Careless Wish". Carol it settling in Sunnydale, and the town's mayor has noticed her...

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DC Universe > Green LanternDmitriFR731,561011,0854 Jul 124 Jul 12Yes

Faith's confessions

Disclaimer: see previous chapters

It was later that night, and Faith LeHane was on a patrol. Well, a half-hearted patrol, but a patrol nonetheless – it was helping her think.

Carol Ferris has offered her help, even though she had no obligations to – right now Ms. Ferris was little better than an average civilian, while Faith...

Faith was a Vampire Slayer – not a hero that appeared in various comic books and adventure novels, but a killing machine, a result of a deal between TPTB and a daemon queen, a creature sent to Earth to destroy the vampires, the other undead and the other minions of evil and to be destroyed by them in turn, becoming reborn in every generation-

And thinking of her first Watcher slash guardian still hurt, damn it! Maybe she should have taken the demon lord’s offer of taking that away, but – no. Faith may have been morally shady, but that way lay pure evil, about as pure as her newest boss’s was – and Faith planned to basically join him at the mayor’s own game.

“What am I becoming?” Faith spoke to herself, miserably. “I mean, it was so simple in my head, but now-“

“Considering that you let me sneak up on you in a car – I have an unflattering epithet or two,” Cordelia spoke from behind Faith.

The Vampire Slayer whirled around. “What? How?” she managed, seeing the parked car next to her.

“That’s what I would like to know,” Cordelia said, though sounding more concerned than her usual self. “Faith, what’s going on?”

Faith opened her mouth to blow Cordelia off, but did not. “Did Ms. Ferris put you up to this?” she asked instead.

“Yup. Called me, told me that our mayor – your boss – was not human, and that you were in trouble. So, here I am, to see how we can help.”

Faith’s self-control snapped and she hit Cordelia’s car, hard, and the vehicle shuddered.

“Okay, that’s scary, but not scary enough to scare me off,” Cordelia gulped, seeing the dent on her fender.

“Cordy,” Faith growled, “this isn’t a human problem – not really, not anymore. Back off.”

“No,” the other brunette shook her head. “Faith, Carol made it sound like you’re really hurting, and that what it looks to me to. Come on,” her tone turned needling, “tell auntie Cordy your story – after all, we’re friends.”

Faith blinked, stared at Cordelia as if the latter had sprouted horns and a stinging tail or something – and just fainted.

“Well, okay. That I didn’t see coming,” Cordelia muttered to herself.

* * *

When Faith recovered her senses, she was at Carol’s new home, and Cordelia Chase was there as well. Both women were looking down at Faith, looking worried.

“You all right now?” Carol asked the younger woman.

“Yes,” Faith replied, paused a bit and added: “Oh, and by the way? The mayor plans to Ascend, and the entire world is in trouble.”

There was a pause, as the other two just looked at each other, and then Cordelia exclaimed grimly: “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

The End (for now)

The End

You have reached the end of "Settling in". This story is complete.

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