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House of Zod

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Summary: Xander discovers there is something more than human about himself while on his road trip. Something Super. Xander(Zod)/Ursa

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Chapter 01- The Fall of Krypton

House of Zod
Chapter 01- The Fall of Krypton

Summary: Xander discovers there is something more than human about himself while on his road trip. Xander(Zod)/Ursa

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that is in this story. All characters from BtVS, Superman, and anything of the DC Universe are owned by their respective owners.

A.N: In the Buffyverse, everything up to the end of “Graduation Day” will stay the same. In the DC universe, I am taking stuff from several different verses in the DC multiverse, creating a new reality. Earth-K.


Kryptonian Science Council

“Will the accused step forward,” a voice rang out in the vast room. Turning to aide, the speaker said, “Read out the names of the accused.”

“General Dru-Zod, Commander Ursa, and Jax-Ur, also known as Non,” the aide stated.

“General Dru-Zod, for insurrection against this council, you and your two compatriots will be sentenced to death. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Looking at the assembled men and women, he stood proud as he answered, “I do not ask for forgiveness for my perceived crimes. I’ve done only what is in the best interest of the planet and its people. I ask that you act to save our people before it’s too late. Before our people are lost to time.”

“The evidence that you presented to this council and that of Jax-Ur before you has been debated before. You were told that your conclusions were in error and to abandon your efforts to cause chaos among the citizens. You chose to ignore our advise and incite rebellion. Your forces have been arrested and will serve the rest of their lives in the mines.”

Stepping forward, Jor-El, said, “Honored council, I ask that you spare their lives and instead sentence them to life in the Phantom Zone.”

After conferring with the rest of the council, the speaker said, “In respect for the work you have done and the work the House of El has done for this Council in the past, we will grant you this request.”

“Thank you...” Jor-El started to say.

“But you will be the one to send them to the Phantom Zone.”

“I can’t...”

“You will carry out the sentencing or you will join them,” the speaker stated. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said. “I understand. I wish to speak with General Zod before they are sent into the Zone.”


Walking over to the three sentenced criminals, he stood before Zod. “I’m sorry I can’t do more for you. I...”

“You had a chance to join us. We could have prevented the destruction of our people.”

“Violence is not the answer. We need to work with the council if our people are to survive.”

“You think I would have started open rebellion if it was just nature taking its course. I would have gathered as many of our people as I could and left. Our unstable sun is not natural. I uncovered something far worse. It was intentionally done by Brainiac.”

“Brainiac? Are you sure?” Jor-El asked. “That would mean he has broken his programming.”

“You can help our people,” Zod said. “Free us and the four of us can fight our way out of here. We can free my men and save our people. I’m begging you to help.”

“I’m sorry,” Jor-El said, sadly. "Saving your lives is the best I can do.”

“This is worse than death,” Zod hissed. “You will be condemning us to life while our people die. All we have fought for is for Krypton.”

Leaning in closer, Jor-El whispered, “Though I’ll be saving the lives of all three of you, only they will be going into the zone. The House of El has many secrets and I can give you a new life there. Your body will be de-aged to a child and you will be placed with a family.”

“Impossible,” Ursa whispered. “The council would not allow something like that.”

“The council doesn’t know many things about my House. Trust me. You will not age there.”

“How will that help,” Ursa asked. “We’ll be stuck there forever. Do you think the council will ever order our release?”

“There is always a way out.”

Looking towards Ursa, Zod said, “I would rather go to the Zone then be separated from my friends.”

Seeing the look between the two, Jor-El said, “I’m sorry my friend. I didn’t know there was something...”

“There’s nothing that concerns you,” Zod snarled. “I promise that you will pay for this.”

Sighing, Jor-El said, “I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m only trying to do what is right. I can promise you that nothing will happen to them while in the Zone. They will remain in suspended animation.”

“Your apologies mean nothing at this point. Your only chance for forgiveness is to free us. If you leave us to our fate, then there is nothing else to say. There is vendetta between our two houses. If you somehow survive Brainiac, I’ll be there in the end.”

“Enough,” the council speaker ordered. “It is time.”

Walking over to the console that would transport the three into the Phantom Zone, he held his hand over over the button, “I’m sorry that I could not do more. In the next life my friend.”

“This isn’t over, Jor-El!” Zod shouted as the three were sucked into a vortex.


Sunnydale, California
Sunnydale Hospital

“Tony, can you believe it,” a red-haired woman said. “Your new job, the house, and now a son. Everything is coming together.”

“I can’t wait until he is old enough to teach him how to box,” Tony said. “He’ll be the best.”

“Tony, I don’t want him fighting.”

“But Jessica, he'll be the best.” He could see it now. The awards and trophies that his son would win. His dreams were interrupted when the doctor walked in.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harris, I have some bad news,” the doctor said as he stepped in the room. “Your baby...”

“Where is Alex,” the woman cried. “Where is my baby?”

“What happened to my son,” Tony said, getting up.

“The nurse had just finished cleaning him when he started to have breathing problems. We can’t explain it. There were no indications that anything was wrong.”

“When can we see him,” Jessica asked. “When will he be well enough?”

“I’m sorry to say he didn’t make it,” the doctor said. “He...”

He stopped when the door opened and a nurse ran in.

“Doctor, the baby is alive. He just started breathing again.”

Turning to the stunned couple, he told them to wait there while he went to check on what had to be a miracle in his eyes.

The nurse quickly left and asked to leave early due to not feeling well. Her first stop was the bar where she hoped to forget anything that she saw tonight. That swirling vortex was something that she didn’t want to remember. She knew that no one would believe her.


The Higher Realms

“An anomaly has been detected,” a male voice said. “It threatens the Balance. We have no control over it. We can not remove it.”

“The Balance was already threatened,” another said. “The abominations are growing in numbers. They are protected by the Others.”

“This has been foreseen,” a third voice said. “The first of two has arrived. It will aid in the war.”

“You have see this?” the first asked. “Why have you not mentioned this before?”

“I was prevented by something until now,” the third said. “Something powerful.”

“We shall watch for now,” the second voice said.

“Agreed,” a chorus of voices stated.


Several months later
Kryptonian Science Council

“Jor-El, you were warned to stop your experiments. The planet is in no danger of being destroyed. Brainiac has run over your results multiple times and has come to the same conclusion each time. Our sun is stable.”

“My results...”

“Are faulty,” the council speaker stated. “Due to your loyal service and membership on this council, certain members of this esteemed council have voted for house arrest. You will not leave your house under pain of death. You will not spread your lies to the people. Leave us now.”


House of El
Hidden laboratory

“Lara, bring Kal-El down here,” Jor-El said, working on a small ship. “We don’t have much time.”

“How soon,” Lara asked, carrying her son down the steps.

“A matter of days, maybe even hours,” he responded. “The core is fluctuating too randomly. I had hoped to have more time to build something for all of us. The prototype ship will have to be enough. We can save our son at least.”

“He’ll be alone,” she said. “The only one of his kind. He will have powers under their sun.”

“He won’t be alone,” Jor-El admitted after some thought. “Though, I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or bad.”

“What do you mean?”

“General Dru-Zod is on Earth right now,” he said. “I used the experiment that my ancestor created. The one meant to reverse the aging of his wife until a cure could be found for her rapid cellular degeneration.”

“He swore revenge against you,” she said.

“He will be a little older then Kal-El,” Jor-El said, tinkering with some controls. “I hope that he will learn something while growing up again. Plus, I sent him to one of the energy displacement fields that our House had been studying. They will stunt his powers while on the anomaly.”

Suddenly the ground began shaking violently as the unstable sun started to affect the planet.

“Hurry,” he said as Lara placed their son in the ship. “Goodbye my son and good luck on your journey. You will need it in the future. You are the last hope of the House of El. Do us proud, my son.”

Looking at her son, Lara wiped a tear from her eye. “Know that I shall always love you, my little one. Till we meet next.”

Placing his hand over the activation console, he pressed down. Holding his wife, they watched their only son speed away to salvation as their home crumbled down around them. The ship entered a artificial wormhole just as the planet exploded.

End Chapter 01
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