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To Begin Again

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Summary: When Buffy dies she doesn't exactly end up in heaven. Being the Slayer complicated her life and her afterlife would be no different.

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Anime > BleachMalachiteWolfFR1524,3200121,7046 Jul 129 Jul 12No


Disclaimer: Neither Bleach or Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to me.
A/N: Yay! My second chapter! Oh and a warning this story takes place way before the TV show so you'll see characters that are somewhat familiar but many will be OC. Now on with the fic!

"Captain Shihoin!"

Turning away from where he had been watching the smoke rise from the fire caused by the recent disturbance Satoru Shihoin let his face become blank, masking his inner turmoil. Glancing down at the man from the Secret Remote Unit. "Anything to report?"

Feeling the Captain's immense reiatsu he bowed further unable to meet his gaze. "J-just that a few buildings seem to have been damaged by the lightning strikes and the resulting fires. There have been no reports of injuries so far."

Perhaps he hadn't been able to mask his irritation as well as he'd hoped, but the lack of information was frustrating. The only thing he knew for sure was that Hollows weren't involved in the light show from the sky. "That's good to hear." Realizing that in his agitated state his reiatsu had been leaking out he attempted to reign it in. "Lightning? So is that what their calling it?"

"S-sir that was the best description for what happened." Feeling the pressure in the air ease he looked up to meet the Captain's gaze.

Glad that his efforts were successful even if he was still stuttering he turned back to his office window to resume his watch. "Well lightning is as good a name for this…anomaly as anything else I suppose…still to be able to strike through the Shakonmaku means-"

"Captain Shihoin!"

Eyes widening he spun around, his ponytail smacking him in the face to see Yasuhiro running towards him out of breathe. Yasuhiro who was always calm, cool, and collected. It took a lot to make him make him flustered. Satoru would know having spent many a free hour trying to rattle his cage.

"Lieutenant Watanabe?" If Yasuhiro's state was anything to go by something major had happened, most likely connected to the recent events. He waited for him to catch his breathe wondering what new information he was about to himself Yasuhiro straightened up meeting his Captain's eyes.

Readjusting his glasses where they had become askew."A group of unseated officers from Squad 11 were found beaten and unconscious near where one of the lightning strikes hit."

Finally a lead. "Where are they now?"

"Their injuries are being seen to at the Coordinated Relief Station."

"Have any of them regained conscious?"

"No sir they just arrived a few minutes ago. I thought it better to come and inform you of this new development right away."

"Good. We'll head over there now and see what information we can get out of them and go from there. " More than likely the two events were connected. "Looks like we got ourselves a ryoka." Satoru noticing that the Secret Remote Unit member was still present turned his attention to him. "Let the Captain-Commander know that there is an intruder in Seireitei and that the alarm needs to be sounded immediately also that a meeting with all the captains would be recommended."

"Yes sir!." With a flash step he was gone.

"Captain?" Yasuhiro could only stare after his Captain as he made his way towards the door. His Captain had become grave as if the information he'd given him only confirmed something he already knew. "Do you really think there is an intruder Seireitei?"

Stopping he turned back. "It's preferable to the alternative." Seeing his puzzled expression, he elaborated. " If it wasn't a ryoka that attacked those men it means were dealing with one of our own."

"I see when you put it that way, yes a ryoka is preferable."

"Glad you understand, but it's time to go Lieutenant ."

"Yes Captain."

Exiting his office Satoru paused. "Yoruichi."


A yelp from Yasuhiro as Yoruichi appeared in front of him with surprising quickness. Ignoring his flustered Lieutenant he focused on his daughter. "I'm guessing you heard the whole conversation correct?" Barely waiting for her nod he continued. "Good. I won't waste time explaining than."Noticing the other half of the delinquent duo was missing he stopped. "Wait where is Kisuke-san?"

A mischievous grin stretching across her face Yoruichi pointed to his left. Gaze quickly coming to rest on Kisuke he wondered what he thought of the situation. It was no secret after all that he possessed one of the most brilliant minds in all of Soul Society . He'd also hadn't missed the fact that he had been staring not at the fires but at the sky. Right around the same area where the anomaly had occurred too.


"Hmm-what?" Breaking out of his trance he spun around. "Oh s-sorry Captain-"

How was it that someone so smart could be so absent-minded? Was it all an act? Now that was a terrifying thought, one that put past incidents involving him and Yoruichi in a whole new light. Waving away his apologies and those disturbing thoughts "Don't worry about it." Focusing back on his daughter he continued. "I've got an important job for you two."

An excited gleam entering Yoruichi's eyes he continued "With Omaeda-san away on a mission and this whole ryoka business to take care of I need someone to watch the barracks."Realizing who that someone was Yoruichi slumped a bit. Babysitting duty was not what she hoped for."Now don't be like that Kitten. Who knows maybe the Ryoka will try hiding in the squad barracks." Trying to keep a straight face as he said this was hard. After all his daughter was to cute (in his opinion) to pull off a proper glare.

Knowing that her father's mind was made up she let her glare soften. "Yes sir."

"Good now I expect the barracks to be in the same condition as I left them, so no burning, breaking, or redecorating of the buildings while I'm gone." This last part he directed at Yoruichi.

One time you try to paint the gates orange and they never let you forget it. What was wrong with the color orange anyways ? It was her favorite color and it was the squad color too. "Don't worry everything will be as you left it sir."

Not believing her innocent look for a second, but knowing he was wasting time he could only hope they kept the damage to a minimum. "Well lets go Lieutenant."

"Yes sir."

Using shunpo they left.

Arriving at the Coordinated Relief Station a few minutes later Satoru watched as his bodyguards made themselves scarce. Yasuhiro appearing soon after.

Walking towards the entrance the doors slid open revealing Lieutenant Seinosuke Yamada.

"Good morning Captain Shihoin." Giving a polite bow he straightened.

"Good morning to you too Lieutenant Yamada, but I'm sure you weren't waiting to greet me at the door just to exchange pleasantries ."

"No Captain Unohana sent me to wait for you, she suspected you'd be visiting soon."

"Oh? And whys that?" Though he had a feeling he already knew.

"Some injured members from Squad 11 that were brought in not to long ago have already regained conscious and they had some interesting things to say."

"Good. The lack of information was starting to get aggravating. I guess you're here to escort me to them?"

"Yes sir. If you'll follow me." Turning he began walking down the hallway.

Following behind with Yasuhiro bringing up the rear he let his gaze wander. The halls of the Coordinated Relief Station were plain and so was Lieutenant Yamada for that matter. A little on the tall side with back hair and eyes, but over all he was just average. Finding no distraction from his racing thoughts Satoru strained his hearing to see if he could pick anything out. Everyone knows it's almost impossible for someone from Squad 11 to be completely quite. Sure enough very faintly he could hear them.

"…at back…not…a girl!"


"…lm.. down!"

Turning a corner at the tail end of that outburst he saw Captain Unohana standing in the doorway going completely unnoticed by the arguing shinigami inside. Giving a reassuring smile to the nurse cowering behind Unohana he came to a stop beside her."Morning Captain Unohana. I hear you've been expecting me." A glance into the room and he predicted that he would have a headache before long.

"Good Morning Captain Shihoin and yes when the nurses informed me of what our newest patients were saying I knew you'd show up eventually ." Turning towards him, but keeping one eye on the rowdy group, she continued. " I hope you don't mind if I'm present while you question them?"

"Of course not Unohana-san, in fact you'd be big help getting these men under control."

A raised eyebrow was all he received for that statement. Dismissing the nurse still present she turned back only to find that the argument had escalated while they talked.

"How dare you! Just for that I'm gonna beat ya into the ground." As the man with the pompadour strained against the hold of the rest of his squad mates another man with slicked back hair stood defiantly opposite.

"For what? Everything I said was the truth and you know it." He ran a hand through his hair in agitation only to succeed in mussing up the dark strands further.

"Yeah? Why don't you come a little closer and say that again." Gritting his teeth he pulled harder at the hands holding him.

"I will-" Stepping forward to just that he was stopped by Captain Unohana.

"Gentlemen need I remind you that violence isn't permitted here?"

Entering behind Unohana he couldn't help the smirk that crossed his face as he saw them freeze up in sheer terror. Everybody in Seireitei knew that you don't piss Unohana off ever. Laughing madly (on the inside) as they all bowed with various greetings and apologies. Letting her disapproving frown fade into a smile, she continued " Captain Shihoin has some questions for you all about the ryoka you encountered earlier today, so please answer to the best of your ability."

Moving to the side of Unohana all eyes turned to him. More bowing and greetings were exchanged. Feeling their expectant gazes, he began "Okay you there." Focusing on the man with the pompadour. "Whats your name?"

"Koga. Akiyama Koga."

"Okay Akiyama-san if you'd start at the beginning please tell me about the intruder you fought and leave no detail out."

"Well sir we were patrolling like our Captain told us to when this girl appeared."


"Yes Captain."

"Describe her for me."

"Um short, blonde, and she had green eyes."

"Yeah and she packs one hell of a punch. She took Koga out with one hit." Glaring over his shoulder at the idiot who opened his big mouth he went to retort, but was stopped by Shihoin.

"Focus Akiyama, what was she wearing?"

" A white sweater with gray pants and boots."

"Good, any weapons?"

"No sir."

"Now then what happened after she came upon you?"

"Um well I…that is-" Suddenly Koga couldn't meet the Captain's gaze as he felt an embarrassed flush creep over his face.

Seeing his trouble Daisuke decided to help. "What Koga is trying to say is, she's real pretty, so he tried to make the moves on her and she turned him down flat. He got offended of course, but she just socked him in the eye and took of running."

Amber eyes narrowed. "And you pursued her?"

Koga reminded himself to get revenge on Daisuke later. "Yes, we chased after her until she stopped on a roof."

"The roof?"

"Yes sir. that's where we managed to catch up with her. It was strange actually. When I told her to come down and that she was an intruder in Seireitei she acted like she had never heard of it before."

More questions great. "I take that's when you engaged her in a fight and promptly lost?"

It seemed that the men all found the floor to be very interesting. Several grumbled yeses was all the answer he needed. "Tell me about her fighting style."

Stepping forward the man who Koga was arguing with earlier volunteered. "A mixture of several different ones,very agile and experienced too."

"Hmm interesting. Well I thank you all for your cooperation your all free to go, so long as Captain Unohana agrees." Receiving a nod from her. "Okay dismissed ."

A chorus of "Yes sir" and they all began to file out. Closing his eyes as the headache he predicted made an appearance.

"Did you need something?" Wondering who Unohana was talking to he opened his eyes.

It was the guy that was trying to start a fight with Koga."I left something out."

Gut instinct told him this was going to be good. "Why did you do that?"

"None of the others mentioned it, so I thought maybe I was wrong."

"Wrong about what?"

"That girl, she didn't have a drop of reiatsu. She's not normal, her strength comes from something else. Another thing that she said was weird. She claimed that she died and woke up here but everyone knows that's not possible so.."

"True, but if she has a connection with the anomaly from earlier it might explain a few things." It seemed the more he learned the less he knew, but that was okay it'd been a while since he had a challenge."You're sure about this."


"Thank you..?"

Realizing he was asking for his name he introduced himself. "Matsuoka Satoshi."

"Well Matsuoka-san you've been a big help. This new information will make finding her easier." Waiting till Satoshi left he met Unohana's gaze wordlessly. Before he could ask her thoughts on what they just learned a man from the Secret Remote Unit appeared in the doorway.

"Captain Shihoin. Captain Unohana I have an urgent message from the Captain-Commander."

"He responded quicker than I thought he would. What's the message?"

"All Captains are to head to the Squad 1 barracks for a meeting as soon as possible."

Always polite Unohana thanked him before calling to her Lieutenant. Walking over to where Yasuhiro was leaning against the wall Satoru gave his instructions. "Did you hear the last part?" A nod. "You know what to do than. Hopefully the Security Force finds her before she causes more trouble."I'll do my best Captain."

"I know just don't forget she has no reiatsu so you'll have to be more thorough in your search."

"Aren't I always?"

"Yes." A chuckle. "Now off with you."

"Yes Captain." A bow to Captain Unohana and he flashed stepped away.

Meeting Unohana at the entrance he stopped to massage his temples. His headache hadn't gone away.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes just a small headache, nothing to worry about." Letting his arms drop. "Guess we'd better get going." Gesturing. "Ladies first."

She gave him a smile before flickering away. A second later he followed.

Dashing from shadow to shadow Buffy felt like she'd been running forever. Though considering the sun had barely moved it wasn't long at all.

No sign of any samurais either. With the lack of cover available she was very thankful. Following a few more twists and turns she wondered if she'd ever escape this place. Since the white tower seemed to be located in the center she decided to head as far in the opposite direction as she could. A view from the rooftop would be nice, but than those samurai police might spot her.

Passing through what looked like a gate to another area was when her luck ran out. This area actually had some greenery which was of the good but it also had a couple samurais. Slowly creeping behind the rose bushes she breathed a sigh of relief. They were to busy talking to notice her. Carefully moving along the opposite wall she came upon a door. Some type of storage shed perhaps? Testing it showed it to be unlocked. She debated whether it would be worth the risk since the plants would provide little cover and if either of the men turned they'd spot her in an instance. That's when her injuries decided to make themselves known.

Holding her left side she made up her mind. Quietly sliding the door open she checked to make sure no one saw. Still safe. Slipping in as soon as the opening was wide enough to squeeze through. Now to close it. Inch by inch until with a quite clack it was done. Releasing the breathe she didn't know she was holding she waited for her eyes to adjust. Turning she saw that the room was filled with stacks of crates. Lifting the lid on one revealed the outfits that the samurai were wearing. As she gently closed it she had an idea. If she took one of those uniforms she might be able to blend in with everyone else.

Another stab of pain raced up her side. Rest would probably be a good idea right now. No one was likely to come in here and if she slept on the top crates in the very back she was virtually invisible.

Climbing the crates she could feel the exhaustion take hold along with the pain and the hunger. Dragging herself to the top there was just enough room to lay down. Ignoring her grumbling stomach and various aches and pains she made herself comfortable. Once it was dark out she'd leave, but until then she might as well sleep. As her conscious faded away she prayed that Dawn and everyone else was okay.

A/N: I hope I haven't scared anyone away with all the OC but I promise you'll see more Bleach characters next chapter. Can anyone guess which squad barracks Buffy hid in? I left a very small clue. Thank you for reading and please review

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