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To Begin Again

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Summary: When Buffy dies she doesn't exactly end up in heaven. Being the Slayer complicated her life and her afterlife would be no different.

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Anime > BleachMalachiteWolfFR1524,3200121,7046 Jul 129 Jul 12No


Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A/N: This is my first fanfic ever so please be gentle. If you see anything that needs fixing or have any advice to give let me know. Thank You!

Typically when one gives a gift they receive one in return or at the very least they get a thank you.

Death was her gift and what did she receive in return?

Eternal rest in heaven?


No Valhalla for the warrior who sacrificed herself to save her sister and the world. She wasn't even in Hell which would have made sense considering she had jumped into a portal that was connected to it. Instead she woke up in some strange world that resembled one of Xander's Kung Fu movies complete with wannabe samurais.

"Hey stop! Get back here!" That would be one of the many samurais chasing her right now. "I said stop!"

Yep a thank you would have been preferred.

Now Buffy maybe be blonde but she wasn't going to do what some idiot tells her. Not when he and his buddies were waving swords around an she was completely weaponless.

Ducking down behind some crates she stopped to catch her breathe. Her whole body ached as if she had a third degree sunburn but on the inside but that might have something to do with the whole dieing thing.

The sound of running footsteps were drawing closer, they were almost on top of her. Taking a deep breathe she sprinted from her cover.

"There she is!" "After her!" "Yeah!"

Turning a corner sharply she dashed towards a cart that had been left next to the wall. Jumping onto it then up to the tiled roof.

She froze.

As far as the eye could see (and with Slayer vision that was a lot) there were walls with tiled roofs and oriental style building in every direction. In the distance she could make out a tall white tower surrounded by more building rising from a hill that seemed to be located at the center of this nightmarish place. Asking 'where the hell am I' just didn't seem to cut it.

"Oi. Ryoka!"

Spinning around she looked down at the man with the pompadour. Feeling a sense of satisfaction at seeing the black eye decorating his face. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, get your as down here right now cause you're under arrest."

These guys were cops? And what the heck was up with their outfits? They looked like bathrobes.

The Universe must be laughing at her. How else could she end up on the wrong side of the law the moment she died?

"First of all what did you call me? Second what the hell am I being arrested for? Third make me. If Buffy happened to stick her tongue out it was perfectly understandable.

"Why you! I refuse to argue with criminals!"

"Is yelling really necessary?"

"Shut up!"

"Hey you started it buddy." His face which had been red during the conversation was now turning an alarming shade of purple. "You might want to calm down before you burst a blood vessel or something."


"A Ryoka is someone who has entered Seireitei without permission."

Glancing at the man with slicked back hair she observed that all the men were sporting weird hairstyles. Like they were representing thugs through the ages. Wait was that? Ewww it was. One of them even had a mullet.

Focusing back on Slick and ignoring their ugly hairstyles for now. "What did you call this place? Searat?

"Seireitei." Oh look Slick was starting to get frustrated like his boss.

"Oookay but I didn't enter anything. I woke up here after dieing I might add. Then you guys found me and started to harass me."

"And you gave me a black eye!"

"And you deserved it you sleaze bag!"

"Enough! You're a criminal and a liar, and I'm gonna kick your ass and than drag you to prison so you can pay for your crimes."

"Big talk for someone who got decked by a girl but if you want a fight I'm game. Just one on one right?"

"Yes, but I warn you I'm a member of Squad 11 so there is no way I can lose to trash like you."

Feeling the adrenaline course through her body she let a smirk stretch across her face. "Whatever. I'm gonna make you eat those words."

Leaping down to the ground she ducked under Loud Mouth's wild sword swing. A hard punch to the gut and he was down for the count. Turning towards the others she wanted to laugh as they all took a collective step back.

"She took Koga out with one hit." Gathering their nerves the wannabes raised their swords as they loosely began to circle her. "We'll all attack her a t once and defeat her."

Relaxing her stance a bit she shifted till Slick was in her sights. Five enemies in all. "Sometime today would be nice. I'm not getting any younger ya know?"

"Get her!"

With that they rushed her. The corridor was a bit to small for five guys to be swinging swords around something which Buffy was using to full advantage. Dodging a swipe from some one behind her, she responded by elbowing them in the throat. A gurgle and a thud was all she heard before the next guy was on her.

One down four to go.

Sweeping the legs out from under Slick he promptly fell where he ended up being trampled by his comrades.

Three to go.

These samurai had strength as evidence by the pain she felt coursing up her side where someone had landed a lucky hit, but they left way to many openings. After nearly five years on the Hell Mouth this was almost easy.

Evading Mullet as he attempted to decapitate her she spun around kicking him in the temple.

Two left.

The remaining fighters realized they might actually lose so they decided to attack together.


Charging towards her they brought their swords up for the final strike. One in front of her and one behind. Waiting till the last possible second she twisted out of the way letting their momentum do the rest of the work for her. Crashing together they collapsed in a tangled heap.

Game over.

"See? I told you I'd make you eat those words."

Walking over to where Loud Mouth lay she reached down to take his sword. Compensation for starting the fight. Wrapping her hand around the hilt she paused. The sword felt like some of the many magical artifacts she'd come into contact with back in Sunnydale. Placing it back on the ground she went to examine the others. Each one felt the same as the first. She decided against carrying a sword that gave her the wiggins. Besides the thought of taking one felt....wrong somehow.

Frustrated at the lack of weapon she stepped over Slick intending to leave when she felt a tug at her pants leg. A glance proved that he was conscious.

Struggling to sit up while still maintaining his grip. "What are you?"

If she only had a dollar for every time someone asked her that. "Me? I'm just a girl."

Shaking his head he denied that. "A girl? There's no way a mere girl coul-" Delivering a swift kick to his head she watched as he joined his comrades in dreamland.

Turning away she looked around."Lets see we got cops dressed in bathrobes, wielding magical swords, and I'm apparently a criminal. And I still don't have a weapon. What a great afterlife this turned out to be."

Hearing the sounds of what was probably another group meant it was time to motor. Heading in the opposite direction that the noise was coming from Buffy thought it best to lay low for a while. At least until she figured out what to do. Running down the corridor she could only hope nobody saw her.

A/N: Well I hope you enjoyed reading it and I want to thank jezaeiri for her inspiration. After reading her awesome fic Learning to Live I felt the desire to write my own Bleach fic.
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