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Twisted Advice

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Summary: We all have heard the advice, but not in these contexts. *Open to other authors*

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Meddling by ShalaDakiri

Loosely based on the Fargo Slayer House in the first chapter

Dawn winced a little from the ropes holding her to her chair but she couldn't quite bring herself to feel too badly about what she'd just done. The pictures alone would be great, but add in the rivalries involved? Priceless. Well, once she got out of this, of course.

Dawn grinned at the maroon and gold streaked hair and matching C's on the face of her captor.

"Now that's a good look for you." Dawn snickered.

"Oh, really," came the answering growl, "Then you won't mind getting a make-over of your own, will you?"

Dawn heard the refrigerator open and she twisted around, trying to see.

"What... what are you doing?" She caught the faint smell of ketchup, "Wait--"

She shrieked as the cold, thick sauce was dumped all over her hair and started dripping down her neck. A moment later, her tormentor picked up the box of Cap'n Crunch she'd dropped when she was captured and dumped the contents over her.

Dawn glared as her sister came back into view with a satisfied look, only slightly marred by her colorful appearance.

Buffy looked over her shoulder to the open door, "Ok, guys you can come back in!"

The rest of the Scoobies came into the kitchen. They took in the sisters' appearances and most of them couldn't quite hide their amusement. Ever since Buffy had chosen MSUM and Dawn Concordia, any pranks between them tended to have some kind of school theme.

Buffy smirked at her sister, "Well, Dawn, what have you learned?"

Andrew jumped in before the younger Summers could answer, "Oh, oh, I know! 'Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!"

Setting the Scoobies loose in Fargo (and by extension Moorhead) was far too good a set up to ignore.

The Concordia Cobbers have maroon and gold for colors and the MSUM Dragons red and white. The colleges are both located in Moorhead, MN and have had a mostly friendly rivalry for decades.

I don't know who came up with the affairs of dragons saying, I just have the t-shirt.
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