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Twisted Advice

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Summary: We all have heard the advice, but not in these contexts. *Open to other authors*

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - Other(Current Donor)mmooch + 2 othersFR1551,7141165,2176 Jul 123 Dec 12No

Talented by (Current Donor)Manchester

Scowling at the fleeing audience, a green-skinned behemoth standing on the otherwise empty stage of a rock n’ roll concert held out in the open desert without knowing who’d been peacefully sleeping nearby until disturbed by an annoying, off-key racket now stepped towards the deserted microphone in front of him. Opening his mouth, a being created by a gamma-bomb detonation years ago now started to sing.

The frantic stampede skidded to a halt at the incredible sound unexpectedly coming from behind them. Wonderingly turning around, thousands of people started to listen to the most magnificent bass voice they’d ever heard in their lives.

Managing to put even Bill Medley in the shade, Bruce Banner continued to croon, “Now I’ve had the time of my life/No I never felt like this before/Yes I swear it’s the truth/and I owe it all to you/’Cause I’ve had the time of my life…

A day later, the entire country’s newspapers blared from their front pages the identical two-word headline which was the only possible way to describe what’d happened then: HULK SMASH!

Author’s Note: The 1987 song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life" was composed by Franke Previte, John DeNicola, and Donald Markowitz, plus recorded by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes for the RCA label. All rights for this belong to their proper owners.
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